Wide, of sense in sense

The artist presents/displays a series of diptyches in the hall of Caretakers 460. The official inauguration will be made tomorrow, to 20.

The series “Of sense in sense…?, of photographer Lucas Alascio, already is qualified to the public in the hall of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), although the official inauguration will be made tomorrow, to 20, with promise of “good wine and to char it?.

The creations of Alascio approach the spectator colorful fragments of the vegetal world they associate and it, through compositional resource of the diptych (combination of two images), to other fragments, this time human and in black and white.

The figures become, under a game of lights and shades, in pure abstraction, undressed of all the accessory. Through the confrontation of the images, the glance is conditioned, at the same time as the senses multiply.

The invitation to be placed in front of two photographies and to relate them to each other is provocative and desestructurante. The different images that in case single they have meaning acquire a new ready dimension to the being as if they were a unique element: they are harmonized recreating new worlds.

Lucas Alascio is graphical reporter of the newspaper the Tribuno. The photographic sample that presents/displays in this opportunity will be qualified until the 31 of March.

Festival of the Chicha

The intendant of the Boiler and some artists will become presents in this call.

Tomorrow, to 10,30, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), the official presentation of the “XX National Festival of the Chicha? will be carried out, in the locality of the Boiler.

The celebration folkloric will be developed between 12 and 14 of this month. In the press conference the intendant of the Boiler will participate, Héctor Miguel Calabró and some of the summoned artists to act in the festival.

In the occasion the accreditations of those journalists will be transacted who are interested in attending. The means that are going to transmit live will have to confirm also their participation see you tomorrow, in order to be able to coordinate pertinent the technical adjustments for their work during the development of the festival. “We hoped all the workers of press to inform the details to them into our organization and so that they clear his doubts?, Miguel Calabró declared.

He is possible to remember that Friday 12, first date of the festival, will act on the scene the Huayra, Sergio Galleguillo, and Guitarreros. On the following day the popular Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino excels in the billboard.

Also they will act Allpa Sumaj, the Marucho, Those of the Vine, among others. Sunday will be a tribute to the Pachamama, 45 tamings and sums, and will be the payador Nicholas Membriani. In addition, the last night will be closed with a traditional popular dance.

An exquisite fusion of aerobatics with music and theater

The Aeroniñas company will present/display its spectacle “Arjé? in the Teatrino.

From Buenos Aires and in It jumps for the first time, the Aeroniñas company will present/display his spectacle of dance and trapeze “Arjé?, Saturday 13, to 21,30, and Sunday 14, to 20, in the Teatrino (To turn white and 12 of October).

Besides Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13, Victory Toledo, member and director of Aeroniñas, will dictate to a seminary of hoop and trapeze.

This activity is directed to men and women as of the 10 years and the five better students of the factory will participate in the functions of “Arjé?. Information in Multiespacio Salta Dance or to telephone 4210995.

From 1999, Aeroniñas dedicates to the investigation of the aerobatics and its fusion with the theater. The company uses the trapezes, the fabrics and cords like expresivas tools, turning them into theater spaces. In its Integra presentations the circus traditional spectacle, the dance, the poetry and the theater.

This presentation of dance and aerobatics is framed within the cycle of cultural and acoustic spectacles that will throughout be realized the year in the Teatrino, the room located within the multispace Salta Dance, directed by Sabrina Sansone. The room is turning two years of its opening in our city.

Theater and sample of digital art in Jujuy

Tonight it will return to scene the Cordovan piece and the artistic exhibition.

Tonight to 21,30 the titled work will recover “the Way of the Puma? in the Theater of the Return of the Century, of Senator Perez 178.

The work is a unipersonal one of Juan Villegas and is based on works of James Arevalo Merejildo Chaski.

“Waking up of puma initiatory way? is the story of the life of kolla that undertakes the dream of being writer and to travel with winds to know all the skies, the lessons of its ancestors and the ways of its race.

The theater group the Life is a Boat was created in 2005, in the province of Cordova. At present, it reunites to several plastic actors, musicians and artists who create in the experimentation and search of new theater languages.

It shows in the Coffee
“Corpses? are the title of the sample that Rodrigo Moltoni, artist and graphical designer, it recently inaugurated in the Coffee of the Return of the Century, I mention in Senator Perez 178.

“The exhibition conceptualiza the idea of died corpses or that we have in the locker and that for some reason costs to remove to us and to dust.

These corpses, metaphorically, are those pending subjects that we cannot remove from above " explained Rodrigo Moltoni on its exhibition that has 17 pieces under the technique of the transported digital art to the paper.

It is important to emphasize that the format of each picture has as measured 1 x 0,20 M. and their technique missionary takes place on paper through the impression to red spurt, according to explained Moltoni. “Corpses? the 11 of March to 21.30 will have a reinauguración.

The sample will be exposed until the month of April.

New proposal of the Suburban Teátrico

The work “the daughters of the aspirineta…? it will be released tomorrow, to 22, in the local Jet Seth (Necochea 737).

“The daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation? are the name of the new proposal with which Suburban the Teátrico group promises to make reflect to the spectator through humor.

The work, written by the actress and dramatist Cristina Idiarte, will be released Friday tomorrow, to 22, in Scene Jet Seth (Necochea 737, Balcarce Stroll).

“The educational incentive does not reach to us and the educandos do not do case to us. The unique thing that we have left is the brightness of the theater. That it would happen if we realize of which aspirinetas consumed throughout all our life is not as inoffensive as we thought? How we demonstrated our mental health?. This is the phrase that summarizes the sense of this work, that is to say, the relation between aspirinetas and consumes that them, in this case, the educational ones.

Diego Barrier, Gabriela Vázquez, Pablo Aguierre and Cristina Idiarte puts itself in the skin of four educational ones, like those of before, to offer a critical and humoristic glance to the educative system.

“This spectacle is impregnated of many characteristics that make it at the same time interesting and funny. Speech on the search of the power, the ephemeral thing of the fame and makes a critic to the mass media, that exert an enormous influence in our lives. History has like protagonists to four educational ones, because the idea is also to remember those teachers of our childhood, who somehow gave a course them to our lives, and at the same time to offer a critical vision of the education?, advanced the author of “the daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation?, Cristina Idiarte.

The actors who carry out this piece, that gives continuity him to the theater cycles that are being developed in Jet Seth, are integral of Suburban Teátrico for a time. Diego Barrier shared scene with Cristina Idiarte in “Therapy: comedy in three sessions and a diagnosis?; Gabriela Vázquez incarnated to the Vilca end in “80 Rococo roses? and Pablo Aguierre was coreógrafo of “Glamuuuuur, privacies of a single cow?.

Tonight, a “ace? of the subjects of gossip appears in Jumps

The young drummer will offer a clinic and will invite to raise local instrumentalist outstanding scene.

The musician, who at the moment touches in the band of Diego Towers, will include in his repertoire some own subjects.

The passion of a musician generates the necessity to take each agreed one to all the possible places.

With this motivation, the young musician Ezequiel Ghilardi will tonight offer a battery clinic, that will begin to 21 in Beelzebul (Necochea 748). “The idea of the clinic is that it is an informal encounter, but that essentially serves as incentive for all those people to whom they like to touch, so that they decide to face this profession seriously. It is important to pay attention to him to the vocation?, enunciated Ezequiel Ghilardi during an interview granted to the Tribuno.

The basic proposal is to arm a meeting between the drummer, the become fond of public and the local musicians. Ghilardi, artist supported by the Sabian companies and Evans (of subjects of gossip and patches), will touch the battery on tracks recorded with a repertoire that will include own subjects like “Buenosairean Melody?, “Free Way? and “Latinando?. Then, the spectators will be able to realize questions to him on the musical technique and its great professional experience. Also, there will be time so that the lovers of the percussion raise the scene and accompany to the musician in their battery.

He jumps is the departure point of this project. The musician assured that he wants to take the clinic by all the country. “I am going to try to travel by other provinces in the free time that I have left, after to initiate the tour with Diego (Towers). It likes to be able to offer me to people an incentive, telling my experience?, affirmed Ezequiel them.

Ghilardi is musical sesionista, that is to say, participates in different projects for which it is invited. It forces it to this to adapt to varied musical sorts, which, doubtlessly, enriches its professional race.

At the moment, the santafesino form leaves from the band of Diego Towers, to that comes accompanying for six years. As drummer of that grouping participated in the recording of the discs “MTV unplugged? and “Walking?. The next months he will on sale leave another material in which also Ghilardi took part and will begin a promotion tour.

The santafesino drummer is a mutifacético artist. He also touched for Vilma Palm and Vampires, realizing recordings in study and shows live. “With `Vilma…', I began to work in 2000, was the first work that gave the possibility me of recording a disc and of leaving tour by many places?, Ghilardi remembered.

Also it accompanied to Saline artists like Luis, Magalí Bachor and the Young Simphony Orchestra. This way, it shared scenes with Dave Weckl, Morelli J and Jorge Araujo, among others. “Very pretty things throughout my race have passed Me; I have known people who have helped me much. They are those things that spend at the right moment and the indicated place. It is necessary to be convinced of that, is necessary to believe in God and to follow ahead?, asserted Ghilardi. And it added: “The possibility of working with so many artists took to me to know much people and different cultures that helped that it abriera to new things?.

Beyond the musical diversity and the sorts taken root in the different cultures from the world “the musical language is one only?, defined the drummer. “You go to another country and although you do not know to speak to a foreign language you ponés to listen to music with anybody of there and the rest flows?, explained.
The opening like slogan

A sesionista musician must be preparation to penetrate in different rates and to participate to each other in completely different projects. Ghilardi has that capacity, we have seen for that reason it working in different musical proposals with equal enthusiasm. “Obvious one always feels an inclination towards a certain sort. Always there is a part that throws more. In my case, I like much music fusion, mixture of jazz, rock and MGP, and the Latin music of the coast this of the United States. My disc, that will leave in the next months, follows the line of those styles?, anticipated the artist.

“In this race always there are moments at which one classifies within certain sort or style, but arrive a little while in that unfailingly must look for other ways?, it added.

Ghilardi spoke of the necessity to face different projects that allow the musician to adapt e, even, to be changing its profile. Also, it emphasized that it is very important to know itself integral of a set. That is to say, “to be placed in relation to the other, to touch knowing that one does not only touch and that are other instruments with which it is coexisted. It is necessary to learn to listen?, affirmed Ezequiel Ghilardi.

The artist finishes finishing recording his first record material, that will leave on sale in the next months. “It is an instrumental disc where I conjugate all the music that I have listened and with which I have grown. He is a mix of jazz, fusion and MGP. It is the result of a long year of work?, said the rosarino drummer.

Tonight, Ezequiel Ghilardi disembarks in Jumps to share its music with the local public. The invitation is done, the advice is not to fail to take advantage of it.

The good folklore moves to the Boiler

The entrances anticipated already are sold in Pesao Gym. The “Chaqueño? will be the central attraction.

Past Monday began the sale of entrances for the twentieth edition of the National Festival of the Chicha, in the locality of the Boiler, that once again will count on important figures of the popular song book. The appointment will carry out between the 12 and the 14 of March.

The entrances are being sold in avenue Belgrano 870 - gymnasium Pesao Gym- and the prices are the following: Friday and Saturday, preferential, $60; you silverplate, $45; popular, $30. Domingo: general $15.

As it is custom, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino will be the main attraction at night of Saturday and surely it will arrive with his contagious repertoire to animate to the celebration caldereña.

Many people remained with the desire to listen to in Cafayate the artist of the Chaco salteño, and surely this one will be a superb opportunity to fulfill the assignment.

On the other hand, Friday 12 will arrive chaya at the Boiler, with the presence of the La Riojan Sergio Galleguillo, a permanent entertainer in the festivales of greater prestige of the country. Without doubts, it will not lack the flour in the action of this artist.

The public also will arrive in great number to be present at perfomance of the Huayra, a set that already has followers all over the country. Luis, Juan, Sebastián and the “Colo? will return to mix themselves enters their people.

Guitarreros will share with the assistants their prize Consecration of Cosquín. The young salteños artists come lately raising “cloud?.

A luxury establishment will have the animation of the Festival of the Chicha. First guarded it will count on the presence of Carmen Lía and Jose To sweep, whereas on the following day the figures of Rolando glimpse Soria and Oscar Humacata.

Sunday a great one will be carried out jineteada and also it will be realized a tribute to the Pachamama and a topamiento of comothers. It has been anticipated that will be 40 sums, with three finishing touches carried out by the most outstanding riders of the country.

The celebration will begin from the 14,30, with the presentation of several artistic numbers.

The accreditations of press must be confirmed until the day Tuesday 9 of March, via email to prensacaldera@yahoo.com.ar, with note directed to Carlos Funes, ordered of press of the municipality. In her name is due to brief, national identity document, means, task (journalist, operator, producer, etc.), telephone and email of contact.

The Boiler prepares its great celebration

The “Chaqueño?, the Huayra and Sergio Galleguillo will act.

With the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, the Huayra and Sergio Galleguillo, a new edition will be lived on the Festival of the Chicha, in the locality of the Boiler. The great celebration of the folklore will be developed between 12 and 14 of March.

The festival of the Chicha has managed to be inserted in the calendar of the most important encounter folkloric of the country and represents an immense pride for the town of the Boiler.

Figures of the stature of the Nocheros, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, Red Jorge, Tamara Castro, the Kjarkas and the Chango Grandson, accompanied by local artists, appeared in the scene Jorge Cafrune, during the first 19 years of the festival.

For that reason, when being fulfilled 20 years the commitment renews of a whole town to continue spreading not only to the pop music but in addition its customs, roots, landscapes and gastronomy and to obtain in this way that the Boiler is present as much in the provincial memory as in the international national and.
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