Beauty and sensuality in the series “Of sense in sense?

She continues qualified the sample Of sense in sense of Lucas Alascio. The same will remain in exhibition until the 31 of March, in the hall of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

Of sense in sense it is a series of dícticos, that associates vibrant images of fruits, flowers and vegetables to suggestive photographies of the human anatomy, in black and white.

“A kiss, can transport per years in my memory, associating much more that scents, textures and images to me. They are these some sensations and relations through my senses, my moods. My desires and pleasures… … Stimulus, stimulus. An association of images and meaning, appealing to the senses and trying to list a moment in the memory, a sensation, flavor, scent, analysis…? - it express Lucas Alascio on the sample.

Graphical journalist of profession, Lucas Alascio was born in 1966 in San Miguel de Tucuman. In 1989 he withdrew of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Tucuman where he discovered the photography. He arrived at the media first like camarógrafo of TV and after to pass through several weekly and magazines, he soon began his race like photographer in the daily Echo of the North and in the Tribuno.

Paralelamente developed its photographic work, that was changing in its thematic one from the documentary thing, the landscape, the picture, the architecture until the conceptual thing. They are possible to be staked: Landscapes of the south (1989), the Miracle in Jumps (2006), Casabindo (2007), among others

“The photography gets passionate and, basically, I distribute between the media and the photography of author who inexorably arises from those situations and places to which it takes my daily work to me? - the photographer counts.

Concert of piano in charge of David Go'mez

Organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province, next to the Ministry of Culture of Spain, Saturday 13 of 22 March to hs., will appear in the Hall Victory the Provincial Theater of Jumps the David pianist Go'mez.

The outstanding pianist that enjoys fame and international prestige, will interpret a varied repertoire integrated by the following works: French suite n.2 in smaller Do of J.S.Bach, Sonata KV 330 in Do M of W.A.Mozart, Tangos for piano of A.Piazzolla, Five valses of F.Chopin, intimate Impressions of F.Mompou, gypsy Dances of J.Turina and Spanish Suite of E.Lecuona.

David Go'mez
Been born in Wattwil (Switzerland) in 1974, David Go'mez contacted with music to very early age of the hand of Marta Christel. Later it studied with professor Emilio Muriscot and Claudie Desmeules, professor of the Conservatory of Geneva. It has extended studies with the pianist Michael Davidson in the Conservatory of Rotterdam (Holland), where it has carried out also studies of orchestral direction and Tango for piano. It has realized advanced officer training courses with different pianists, like Brave Robert, Walter Hauzig, Ramon Coll, etc.
It offered his first recital at the age of 14 years, and since then it has offered numerous recitales as soloist and of music of camera by diverse places of Spain and Europe.
It has recorded disc “A. Piazzolla. Tangos for piano? (Digital Ona), that was presented/displayed with great success in different European cities. At the moment it prepares another recording with subjects of Cuban composer E. Lecuona.
Their activities have obtained an international recognition: from the year 2000 to the present time it has realized, among others, two tours by several countries of Asia: India, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Japan; also by different countries from the Middle East: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Abu Dhabi. In Holland, aside from acting in Of Doelen de Rotterdam, it has made debut in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, one of the most prestigious rooms of Europe.
It has offered concerts in Copenhagen (Denmark), in the National Concert Hall of Dublin (Ireland), in the Opera of Cairo (Egypt), in the Cultural Chicago Center (the USA), in Manchester (the United Kingdom), in Poland (Polish Radio), Moscow (Pushkin Museum), Slovakia, Greece and Turkey. Also it has realized tours by South Africa and diverse American cities (Mexicali, Kingston, Managua, Tegucigalpa, Asuncio'n, Santiago of Chile…)
During the past and present year Martin-inthe-Fields of London has acted in the prestigious St., in Los Angeles (the USA) and several cities of Mexico, aside from interpreting the Integral of the work for piano of Mozart in Barcelona and Alcala de Henares (Classic in Alcala). Also he was invited by the President of Honduras to realize a recital in Presidential House of the country. Recently he has participated representing Spain in IX the Festival the International of Piano in Black and white in Mexico DF, as well as in other Mexican cities (Mexicali, Cuérnavaca, La Paz, Chihuahua).
He has been awarded several times in national and international contests, like for example: First prize II Contest of Piano “Miquel Ballester i Serra?, Second prize in the V Contest the International of Piano “Pío Tur? and in the National of Piano “Antoni Torrandell?, Third prize “Young Art 97?, finalist in the “Doelen Competition? (Holland), etc.

The entrance is free and gratuitous.

National festival of the Chicha in the Boiler

The Chaqueño Palavecino will act in the evening morning of the encounter that will conclude Sunday with a great taming.

XX the National Festival of the Chicha will be developed to east weekend in the beautiful locality salteña of the Boiler, counting on the action of the Chaqueño Palavecino.

Tonight from the 21, the billboard anticipates the action of the Jayitas, Guitarreros, the Huayra, Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly, of the body dances “Earth Gaucha?, Samuel Garci'a, Seedtime, Valesa Peace, the Chaya Flowers, the body of dances “Earth gaucha?, Julio Holy, the Clown Watercolor, Turns Turns, with the animation of Carmen Lía and Jose To sweep.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of the Chaqueño Palavecino, ballet “Gaucha Earth? of the Boiler; The Change, Salamanca, the Changos of Bermejo, Juan Wheel, the Ñaños, Sumaj Dawn, the Sandro salteño, the body of dances “Gaucha Earth?, the Marucho, Those of the Vine, Nicholas Membriani, Pujllay and Fernando Aimo, with the animation of Rodolfo Soria and Oscar Humacata.

Sunday at noon will be realized a tribute to the Pachamama and topamiento of comothers.

To 14,30 one will leave the great taming with forty sums and three finishing touches, counting on the special participation of the rider the Palomo Calvet, recent winner of the Diamond Festival. The encounter will be animated by the Track and the Moldeños, Nicholas Membriani (payador) and the stories of Javier Cross, the animation of Marcelo Mur. They will participate tropillas “palenque?, of Pablo Darfe; “The slippery one?, of Agustín Holes; “The nochera?, of Martin Marinaro; “The return of Martin Iron?, Sanchez and Martinez, and “the cowbell? of Rollari. The entrances for the today festival and tomorrow will cost 60 pesos the preferential ones; 45 you silverplate and the 30 popular ones. For the taming of Sunday, the general entrance paid attention 15 more to 15 pesos and for the dance.

The invitation
Days back, in Culturarte the Edition of the Festival of the Chicha appeared XX that will take place in the polideportivo complex of the locality salteña. To the details the intendant of that commune, Miguel Calabro offered them, next to people in charge of the organization, a delegation of the center gaucho “the Palenque? and the payador Nicholas Membriani. They emphasized that the festival includes skills gauchas, eaten traditional, small caldereña and an ample musical billboard. Also Calabró thanked for to the authorities jujeñas that abrieron their doors to the people of the interior of Jumps, “understanding to us like brothers, since San Antonio, the Carmen and others are brother towns of the Boiler?.

Three interesting samples are inaugurated in the MAC

Friday 12 of March to 20 in the Museum of Contemporary Art (Zuviría 90), the samples will be inaugurated Disarms Desama, of Javier the Vázquez and turns and returns, of Marta Sanchez. Also it will be qualified a exhibition that it will present incorporations 2009 the Collection the Museum.

In Low Planta, it will be inaugurated It disarms Desama, composed by paintings, photographs, music and objects of Javier the Vázquez.

This sample is the final stage of work in progress denominated Disarms Desama. Now it takes the form from installation with paintings of great format. The same work began in 2007 within the framework of another denominated project Reading room (Collective Book Project of Artist) and continued with an installation of the same name in center Cutlural Vir it of the National University of Tucuman. From the beginning, the work looks for to reflect about questions related to the antinomy love lack of affection and memory forgetfulness (taken like fundantes organizations from our knowledge and identity).

The installation altogether completes with contemporary, compound music with the musician Luis Alonso of the Bárcena. In the work, conceived for piano, electronic voice and means, random and the superposition of pianos and effects of delay are fundamental part at the time of the execution live.

Javier Alexander Vázquez is licensed in Plastic Arts and Graphical Designer. He has worked in the field of the design and the communication. Ligature to the field of teaching and investigation and management owns a vast professional experience. It has realized numerous individual exhibitions and collective in the province of Tucuman, It jumps and Rosary.

On the other hand, in High Planta it will be qualified the sample Incorporations 2009 to the Collection of the MAC: paintings and photographies. In the same, the new incorporated works of Argentine art to their collection will appear during the 2009. Altogether, they are 45 works of the artists Leon Ferrari, Liliana Porter, Nicola Costantino, Flavors Neyman Zerda, Veronica Garci'a, Pink Pablo, Elda Harrington, Martin Santander and Chloé Henderson.

The lecture (the lesson) of Liliana Porter and Costurera de Nicola Costantino, was acquired in the Fair of Contemporary Art arteBA´09, by means of the Program Matching Funds arteBA - Zurich 2009.

Also in High Planta, it will be possible to be appreciated Of turns and returns, paintings of Marta Sanchez.

One is about an elaborated series with a sometimes sculptural image giving sometimes to the slowness sensation in a game of texture and color or a subtle loaded liviandad of dynamism. Turning on its axis, it surrounds unshakeable rocky objects and luminous metals suggesting natural forms in a subtle handling of tension and forces that tend to the concealment, beyond all anecdotal intention.

The light is a constant presence, establishing alive resistances, tridimencionalizando the forms other people's to the reality, projecting shades that play with the sense of mass in a permanent mutation in contrast between the open thing and the closed thing.

Marta Sanchez constructs to its artistic reality from the studies realized in the Provincial school of Beautiful Arts “Takings Goatherd? of Jumps, where it withdraws like Professor in Visual Arts specialty Painting in 1994. It realizes in permanent form advanced officer training courses and participates in days on the theoretical aspect of the art in Jumps, Tucuman and in Olguín (Cuba).

It puts his greater persistence in the artistic production, which is demonstrated in the great amount of individual samples that realizes.

It has also painted murals in the School Zorrilla Youngest child and in the School of Beautiful Arts of It jumps, these in joint form. Individually the Painting International participated in IV the Encounter Mural in Santiago of Cuba in 1999 and 2000 in the Second World-wide Day of Mural in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires.

The samples could be visited of Tuesday 20 Saturdays from 9 and Sunday from 16 20.

Majors information in Zuviría 90 or calling to telephone 0387 4370498/3036.

Manyines tucumanos, arranged to give chair

The humoristic group of the neighboring province will present/display its imperdible basic parade of personages and one clasede " tucumano ".

Manyines carries out in Tucuman a popular televising program that emits Saturdays, by channel 13 of CCC.

Manyines. For Tucumanos export is a humoristic group that comes hard being above in the Garden from the Republic. Between borders, they work like seven people, but the actors who put themselves in the skin of desopilantes personages inspired by their own comprovincianos are two: Miguel Martin and Gabriel Races. The key of the success of these tucumanos is a well-known formula, but that few can solve on a scene: the capacity to ***reflx mng itself of one same one. The humorists will appear in Jumps tomorrow, to 22, in Scene Jet Seth (Necochea 737). The general entrance bond $30.

“Manyín? is an own term of the neighboring province. “Besides making reference to the garronero, it looks for, to the vividor, is used it to define the delinquent and, in spite of it, for the tucumanos he is a graceful personage?, it defined Martin, the actor whom it interprets to the Hetor; to professor Sabelounpomo, expert in “basic tucumano?; and to the Gordillo official, polesía of Tucuman. Gabriel Races, on the other hand, gives life him to the Ether, the operator; The Irma, one lady who resides in a tucumana town; and to the Masi, student of basic tucumano.

Both actors come from a successful experience: “Republic of Tucuman?, another humoristic proposal of great success in the neighboring province. ? `Republic' was a program type magazine; it had music, humor, information, etc. Within that proposal éramos we a segment. We separated to direct an own project, based on humor in 100%, with sketches new ones, and to grow more in the interpretations overturning us to the production, to offer a better product ", Martin explained, in dialog with the Tribuno.

The strategy of Manyines is based, essentially, in the caricaturización of certain common personages, of district, explaining faithfuls of the tucumano dialect. The “harvest? of linguistic material - Martin-not counts demands too much effort. “People contribute very many through anecdotes. The day to day in Tucuman always adds to you at the time of writing a script. The tucumano is very ocurrente with the nicknames and, at the time of answering or discussing, sometimes is very desopilante. Obvious - separate humility one must have a high sense of observation to be able to arm a history in paper and soon to act it?.

Guest to give a pair of examples of “basic tucumano?, the actor of Manyines proposes, defines and puts in use: “Chuy, expression of cold, `Chuy, tá helao'; Tuy, extreme heat expression, `Tuy, tá that peels'; Ramiá, to drag against the pavement a person does not burnish, `You vuá ramiá of the wicks'?.

With respect to the spectacle that will offer tomorrow, Martin offered diversion guarantee. “To salteño they enchant to him and he ***reflxes mng himself much of the forms that the tucumano has. Sometimes also they bother a little to him - we are going to be sincere, but generally we fall to them well, although the Buenosaireans of the north call `to us'?, adds ironic. And he returns to the subject: “He will be very dynamic, with videos and sketches of the Operator, who has a love history complicated good wave. Also we will learn `tucumano basic' and we will see a police situation between Gordillo (polesía) and the Irma?.

Finally, consulted about which it is the key of the humor of Manyines, Miguel Martin summarized: “I believe that the routine character and the simpleza of sketches. These resources cause that people feel identified. There is the secret of this success: we try to show a reality but with humor?.

Martin Zambrano turns “scrap irons? into art works

The plastic artist will set out his new series of iron sculptures with metal recycling in the gallery of Mamoré art.


In his necessity to find an identity within the art, the young plastic artist Martin Zambrano Echenique discovered in the work with the metal an ideal form of expression, mainly because it is an element that allows him to play to create animal sculptures with a deep and interesting esthetic sense. The last year, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, exhibited “Between roosters and midnight?, a sample of figurative pieces in iron with metal recycling of great expressive level and interesting dynamics; now it will exhibit his works in a reduced scope more, like the gallery of Mamoré art. The artist chose to call to this new exhibition, composed of five sculptures of fish of medium format, with his same name, Martin Zambrano Echenique because “through these works I look for my own essence?. The inauguration will be tomorrow, to 20,30, in Carolinos 407 (Three district Cerritos).

He makes a pair of years, Martin Zambrano Echenique discovered in the metal an element with a great esthetic potential and ductility. “The metal always drew attention to me but I began to use it two years ago when I realized of which uniting one or more pieces of chatarrería could create an interesting work of art. But beyond the plastic effect, the challenge is to resignificar the object in disuse without it loses his beauty nor its form. The idea is to add value to him, that is to say, that what one adds or the use that one gives him is always in search of the beautiful thing, opposite case is better than the object follows its way as it is, without modifying not even to use it?, expressed the artist, who followed the passages of his mother, Ines Echenique.

For his new proposal, Martin changed the roosters by the fish because simply he feels a special affection towards this species. “I enlisted with the animal by different questions, one from them because I always liked and because I believe that somehow the human beings we felt identified with them. I began with these `almost tiny beasts' like a game, like a diversion in my free short whiles, but to little by little it was absorbing me. From the beginning I realized of which it amused much to me making this type of work and that helps me to that everything flows more easily?, added Zambrano.

It crosses “chatarrerías? like that goes to the supermarket. The idea to turn a simple left piece and oxidized in an art work because gets passionate to him while gives him form to those objects feels that it is discovered to itself. “One as artist is looking for the type of technique that it has left more comfortable. It is a search that can take all the life to you but when you discover what you like to do, leaves to you better, you feel to you more comfortable and you put more enthusiasm to him. In my case, my work identifies with the metal and the sculptures that arise from the union of the different pieces?, emphasized Zambrano, whose sample will be qualified in the Mamoré galleries (Carolinos 407) until the 10 of April.

A life with great profits

Withdrawn of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Catholic University of It jumps, Martin Zambrano followed the passages of his mother Ines Echenique and he was committed with the plastic arts from very small.

In its short incursion in the art Format was summoned to present/display its work in the Medium hall the Museum of Beautiful Arts “Claudius L. Sempere? (Burzaco); in VIII Annual Hall 2003 the Association Plastic Artists (Quilmes); in the university hall the Popular University of the Mouth; among others. In He jumps exhibited his works in the Provincial Hall Photography 2001; in the Museum of the City; in the School of Notary publics and the House of the Culture; among others spaces.

The sample was inaugurated “Women of the Mother country?

One is the images of different heroins that marked national history.

In a simple act, it was generally inaugurated for the public the sample “Women of the Mother country? in the hall the Popular Library.

“In this sample they are all the women who marked history and who were very representative, some are hidden heroins and, that from the foundation, we have brought to light and we want to show them? expressed.

Organized by the foundation “To pound Bermúdez?, this cultural activity has the objective to pay tribute to the feminine figure, remembering those women who left their legacy in our mother country from the virreinato of the River of the Silver to the present time.

For this reason, the pictures of Bernardina Mexía Mirabal, Gregoria Matorras, Mariquita Sanchez, Carmen Puch, Manuela Pedraza, Magdalena Güemes, Juana Manuela Gorriti, Paula Albarracín, Maria of the Remedies Scaled, Incarnation Ezcurra, Manuela Pink, the Delfina (company of Francisco Ramirez), Dolores Blackberry of the Fertile valley, Eva Perón, Alfonsina Storni, Rosary Peñaloza Side, Ocampo Victory, Alicia Moreau, Laura Ana Merello (“Tita?), Mothers and Grandmothers of Place of May, Mercedes Sosa and Luciana Aymar, are exhibited in this exhibition that commemorates to the “Day the International of the Woman?.

Awards of “Woman Action?

Continuing with the tributes by the week of the woman, the foundation “To pound Bermúdez? will behind schedule make delivery this to 17,30 of the denominated distinction “Woman Action 2010? in the institution located in the street San Martin 236.

The community generally will be able to participate in this activity where it will be clear the women who stood out by their work year in the last: in the political scope, educative, Literature, social, militancy and in the sport activity.

Flowers to the watercolor, of the artist Ines Landlord Coasts

The painter will present/display her pictorial works, after nine years of absence in the rooms of our province.

Today, to 19, Ines Landlord Coasts will present/display in the Space of Art of the Airport Martin Miguel de Güemes de Salta a series of paintings to the watercolor. They are nine paintings in which the artist developed this technique to develop the thematic one that - according to the artist commented during an interview with the Tribuno- is his specialty: the flowers.

Ines Landlord Coasts was born in Mar del Plata, but great part lived on its life in Jumps. At the moment it lives in Buenos Aires where, besides dedicating itself to the painting, it is dedicated to the clothing design. The painting is an activity that comes developing for twenty years.

At the moment, the artist is overturned of almost exclusive way to the painting of flowers in watercolor, even though between some of his works they can be contemplated naked to the oil. “I always preferred to paint in watercolor because it is the technique that it more has to do with my personality. It attracts the smooth thing to me is transparent, it and clean it of this technique?, it commented Ines Landlord Coasts. And it added: “Most of my work has to do with the flowers and the glass transparencies. The flowers leave to me single, is because I coexist with them. For me it is very important to have the real models at the time of beginning to paint, that adds movement to him to the image, even though the design already is in my head?.

The painter exposed for the first time in Jumps in 2001. She was one of the first times that showed their works, remembers. From she realized exhibitions every two years in galleries of Buenos Aires and Punta del Este, and sent pictures to Chile and to some cities of Europe there, among others.
Every day Ines rises and she spends four or five hours to him to the painting. The artist considers that it is an activity that requires of certainty and daily dedication.

The inspiration - he maintains in change is something risky. “The worse moment is when the paper is in target. Sometimes I go by the freeways of Buenos Aires and I am imagined the painting, I am creating?, commented Landlord Coasts.

The artist began his pictorial formation in Jumps, in the Provincial School of Beautiful Arts “Takings Goatherd?. Later he continued his studies with teachers of watercolor like Peter Malenchini and Guilllermo Roux. Also, in several opportunities he has dictated factories on the technique of the watercolor.

The sample will be open to the public as of today. Simultaneously a exhibition of the watercolorist will be qualified in the Space of Art of the Airport salteña Salty Susana.
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