XXIX Zonal Encuentro of the Bandoneón

A group will leave the Secretariat of Tourism to 19 to travel to Tumbaya with return once finished the festival.

Tomorrow, from the 20, Encuentro of the Bandoneón will be realized XXIX Zonal in the scene “Top Gregorio Puma? of the hall “Heriberto Vilte? (Annex of School 377 “the Future?) located to 3 kilometers National Route 9, Great Tumbaya.

In this opportunity, the evening will count on the action of Daniel Vedia, Jorge Flowers “the Bagual?, Santiaguito Aryan and its set, “Yayo? Burgos, “the Gaucho? Cativa and his carpero set, Jose Rosales, Hoober, Elías, Ismael Abalos, the Salamanqueros Genies, Dámaso Cross, Suárez Angel and bandoneonistas of the zone, among others musical.

The educational parents and of the educative institution are the ones in charge of the general organization of a festival, in which the public present will be able to enjoy an exquisite cooking supply of the zone.

This way, it will be possible to be tasted of pasties, tamales, roast of lamb with Creole Popes (cooked in mud furnace), cheese of goat, mote of bean and mote of maize of the zone.

As he is traditional in the encounter, the waited for moment more will take shape to midnight when all the participant bandoneonistas touch with the aim of promoting the education and the execution of the instrument.

The entrances will have a value of 12 pesos anticipated and they will be possible to be acquired calling to the 0388-499600, in commercial schedule.

This year the homenajeado one will be Daniel Vedia.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Fifth edition of the Serenade to Maria Queen

Gonzalo will take place in the soccer stage “Snows? of the sport complex of district.

The edition 2009 of the Serenade to Maria Queen will be realized today from the 21,30, in the sport complex of district the Tibuno. The musical moved one is organized by the parish of that district that includes an ample sector of the South zone and is directed by father Néstor Aramayo.

By the scene, that will be located in the soccer stage Gonzalo Makes snow-white (the Reason, The $andes corner) of district the Tribuno, an interesting program of artists will march past that includes convoking Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly, that return to Jumps to give to all the joy of the La Riojan carnival and the well-known songs with which they shone by the main festivales.

Also Gabriel will be of the game “the Bear? Morals, salteño that obtained the second put in “Operation Triumph?, that will arrive to present/display its songs and all their charisma. especially the subjects of its CD “I come to sing?.

To these presences another number of exceeded quality will be added: “The Izkierdos of the Cave?, dueto integrated by Tony Izquierdo and Daniel Caves will present/display the subjects of its recent disc “to enamor?, next to the main ones of its repertoire.

In addition they will appear in the scene of the South zone, the Guitarreros, releasing its new member Rodrigo Gravaruk and will unfold all their arsenal of zambas and farmers. In addition Andean music with the Kallpas and the traditional folklore with the Voices from Gerald Lopez, and the ancestry of the border song will arrive.

Humor will arrive from the hand of the clown Watercolor, that in addition will share the animation of the spectacle with the speaker Maby Pastrana.

It is possible to remember that this event is realized to total benefit of the works that takes to the parish Maria ahead Queen, under the direction of the presbítero Néstor Aramayo, “with the support of the community already we have managed to construct first salitas of pregarden and garden, in soothes of the parish, within an educative integral program for the South zone who includes EGB 1 and 2, Polimodal and tertiary institutes destined to that the children and young people of our zone they can accede to the education within the sector where they live and on step, to move away them of the dangers of the street?, expressed Aramayo father.

The entrances for the festival were determined to 5, 20 and 30 pesos.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Concert with Rescuing Wheel and Bald Robert

The appointment with music is tomorrow, and Saturday in addition a factory in charge of the Buenosairean musician will be dictated.

Tomorrow to 21 Martin will take place in the room “Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater, a special concert of guitar in charge of the musicians Rescuing Wheel of Jumps, and Bald Robert of Buenos Aires.

Within the framework of this encounter, the mentioned artists will present/display their last record works, “Hill inside? (Wheel) and “single Guitar? (Bald).

In “Hill inside? salteño includes own compositions and adjustments, and work interpretations of Argentine guitarists.

The own thing with its compositions inspired by the forms of the folklore, made Bald with its disc. It is to emphasize that “single Guitar? was ternado in the 2007 for the Gardel prizes, like better instrumental album.

It is possible to mention that this visit occurs within the framework of an interchange with jujeños musicians, since two weeks ago, they were acting in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture of Jumps, the group jujeño Chajmiri next to the teacher of bandoneón Daniel Vedia, invited by Rescuing Wheel.

Bald Robert will generally dictate in addition a factory on “vocal and instrumental? for students to music and interested Adjustments. The same will take place the Saturday from 15 to 18,30 in the School of Music (Lavalle 237). The interested ones must appear awhile before for the inscription and by majors information they must communicate with telephone 154045619.

From It jumps

Rescuing Wheel graduate from the School Superior of Music of the Province of Jumps “Jose the Giúdice?. It among others attended courses and seminaries of guitarrístico improvement in different cities of our country and Brazil, opportunities in which studied with the teachers Gustavo Kantor, Pablo Márquez, Victor Villadangos, Juan Falú and Carlé Coast.

It crossed almost all the country with his concerts and was awarded in diverse contests of guitar among Rivers and Jumps.

He is founding and artistic director of the festival salteño of guitar “Professor Rafael Branches?; and member of the organizing commission of the Seminary the International of Guitar of the Vestibule of the $andes, that Pablo Márquez in the province dictates to the teacher annually of Jumps. In addition she is head of the department of guitar of the School Superior of Music of the Province of Jumps and member of the collaborating commission of the filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps.

As far as his educational activity, it is possible to mention that he is professor of the chair of Guitar in the School Superior of Music of the Province of Jumps and in the Catholic University of Jumps.

From Buenos Aires
Bald Robert is composer, guitarist, educational arreglador and. He studied classic guitar with: Tzvetan Saveb, Lucio Núñez and Irma Costanzo; Improvisation with Javier Cohen and Armando Alonso; and Harmony and Orquestration with Manolo Juárez, Daniel Jáuregui and Lito Valley.

Throughout the years, constityó in one of the most important guitarists and arregladores of the country, being solicitd by numerous interpreters of Argentine music, to accompany them and/or to direct to its record works or the orchestras accompany that them.

By his works he obtained several prizes and distinctions, between which the granted ones by the Secretariat of Culture of the Nation stand out, in 1995 and 2002, by his subjects “Father inside? and “Rain were?. 1º Prize granted by Sadaic in year 1993, its subject “frost Horse? and 1º Prize obtained in Funes Dean (Province of Cordova), by its subject “Mother potter?, in 1999.
In addition he was scholarship holder of the National Bottom of the Arts (years 1995 and 2000).

Bald it has one long trajectory like musical director of groupings like Santaires (sexteto vowel and instruments of folkloric music), the Guitarrazo (Orchestra of the School of Guitars, integrated by more than thirty guitarists of all the ages) and, also like member and arreglador of the Quintet Gust of wind, with which it realized numerous international tours.

As arreglador and orquestador he also obtained several distinctions, between which we can mention its two nominations for the Latin Grammy Prizes, by the albums “Buenos Aires, Trip? (2005) and “the Bandoneones of Buenos Aires? (2003), that recorded, in character of musical director, arreglador and guitarist, for interpreter Adriana Nano.

At the moment he gives skillful classes in different points from the country.
The entrances paid attention to $15.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

The disappearance of the trains inspired the today spectacle

Important presentation will be lived tonight to 21 in the ex- Railway station.

Carmen Baliero, composer of experimental music, and cinema and theater music, to mention only some of its facets, is an artist without limits. This year was in a pair of opportunities at Jujuy to give a qualification to jujeños artists, and from that encounter very interesting things beyond the predicted ones arose.

One of them is the spectacle that today to 21 will appear in the ex- railway station of our capital, abrir II the Regional Encounter of Theater of the NOA Jujuy 2009, that will extend until the Sunday and that will receive the best theater productions of Jumps, Tucuman, La Rioja and Santiago of the Matting in our house.

One is a spectacle that combine numerous arts, and artists of very different profiles, in a musical putting basically will bring that us to a first plane, a subject that to the villagers still hurts to us, as it is the closing of the stations and the disappearance of the trains.

The Tribuno de Jujuy talked with Carmen Baliero, Carlos Vega and Renata Kulemeyer, that participated in the armed one of this presentation without precedents, to know details the spectacle.

Baliero tells us then: “When they invited abrir the regional encounter to me with my music, they said to me that it could be and so I make with Carlos Fertile valley (contrabajista), or with musics for theater, that I did many. The subject is that was to me very uncomfortable that position, because it seemed to me very centralist and monopolistic that a regional festival abra a Buenosairean to it.

It seemed to me an upsetting, then I remained thinking about how it could be an opening in which the region took part and that was a subject that us nucleara, and arose the closing from the trains. There yes we are united, because although the one was a La Riojan closed that it, continues being the state the one that decides to annul all possibility of meeting for a reason spurious ".

With all this introduction, Carmen shows to a sense of solidarity and the commitment with our province and our region to us, that knew to traslucir in its idea, leaving of side the vedetismo to say “invited to touch to me in?.

By this it thought about doing it in the ex- station, to work on the thematic one of the trains, to include local musicians. “A thing that we also did in the factory was the musicalización of scenes as a form different to face the composition and the music, that is through noise and of the sound nonwell-known, nonconventional, nonmethodical, and then all that converged in which the boys are going to touch zampoña, and go to make the noises of the trains with the contrabasses?.

Finally, Baliero only accepted to make two subjects of its repertoire, “but because they agree with the subject of the station? - it clarifies. One is “Azulunala?, an own of “Aurora? but put version in the mirror, that is the other way around.

All the music is the other way around of the original one and the letter is also transformed into a defeat, to tear it to the wing, the eagle burning fire with the fire, etc. Is a reading of the mother country in decay “and the station seemed to me that a good place to do it, since the train does not exist, today is almost like a n. There is much silence around all that, and a personal abandonment of the state to everything what it was relegated for economic reasons of some companies. As it is an enterprise thought, I am against, and in the factory we agreed?, comments.

The other subject of its repertoire that it included is “Red Rooster?, song anonymous anarchist of the Spanish Civil War.

Like declaring its motivation, Carmen says to us: “What happens it is that sometimes in Buenos Aires, it seems that when the problems pass kilometers no longer they are own. Then burning fire a jail in Buenos Aires and is a scandal, Cromañón burning fire and is a scandal, but they burst to all the tufas of the country and they are annulled to the towns by an economic subject and nobody says nothing because the country finishes in General Paz?, and follows “then seemed to me interesting to create a general situation. It does not unite the love, but the fright to us, but it unites to us?.

On the other hand, the contrabajista, Carlos Fertile valley, were united to the project of Carmen, and it was happened to participate to him with jujeños contrabajistas that are their students, “because there is as a confidence with them and I knew that they were going to have desire to do something?, commented the musician, who each as much gives qualifications in Jujuy.

“By the same reason by that branches are closed, aspects of the culture and the knowledge are closed. This is something that is for here, for the theater, to this we are going it other to leave for the bar, for the bowling alley, and they are really shelves that we do not have because to accept?, it assures, “in fact the first surprise which I took with the jujeños musicians, was that not only they touched the contrabass very well, but also touched sikus and quenas?, comments trying to explain the spirit of this convergence of arts that thought for this opening.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

“The game of the fear I SAW?

The terror arrives again at the great screen with a macabre film.

The game of fear 6 (Saw I SAW, 2009) is, assumes, anteúltima gives of the saga more spectacular Gore of the last years. They follow the games, flashbacks confused and the suffocating siege of a dangerous serial assassin macabre still died.

Before the death of Strahm agent (Scott Patterson) and the emergent figure of the Hoffman detective (Mandylor Coasts) like natural successor of Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), all the mortal riddles will have a little more sense. Nevertheless, before the persecution of the Brigade of Criminal Investigation one will commit Hoffman to start up a searched carefully game that will provide ideological solutions to the problems of the meat.

The thinking human being has the capacity to get tired before the repetition. Meals, colors, scents, relations, routines and, by all means, images are some of the people in charge of the exhaustive deterioration of the factor surprise. In this case, the game of fear 6 evaporates any sign of newness betting to the safe thing: human masacramiento and enigmas without solving.

In case outside little, in January the shooting of seventh (yes begins, read well 7) that it will come in 3D (definitively it goes towards the visual resonance and the lost one of the form). The popular voices are divided between the abuse and the yield in the entertainment. Considering that Friday 13 has 16 versions (telling all spin-off) and Halloween 9, we think that the Game of the Fear goes in that plan and this one is, with the clarified reservation of which every time it is more for fanatics of the sort and not a popular film, to go towards an eternity legitimized by the villain and his tasks. Jigsaw is the major responsible for the perpetuation of a series that could have finished in a sequel (or at the most, in a trilogy).

In this delivery some questions are responded that have been floating in previous films. The game of fear 6 proposes to close problematic tangential that they came maintaining in liters from lymph and sadistic gratuity.

The film in himself does not give breathing until the last scene. Director Kevin Greutert (old publisher of all the saga of Saw) gives to a visual spectacle superior us to the 5 (that nebula where everything looks like and little it clarifies) and a trepidante rate in the 90 minutes of the film. That cannot refuse, avoiding the mentioned factor surprise, the film responds to the expectations of the lover of the terror cinema.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Midachi, two functions in Jujuy - one in Jumps

The humor trio will appear in Liberator and this capital.

“Midachi of film? is the spectacle that arrives this week at Jujuy. Wednesday to 21 Ledesma Theater will appear in the Cinema de General Libertador San Martin, and Thursday to 22, in the Miter Theater of the capital jujeña.

The entrances for both scenes are on sale.

Agreeing with the 25 years of the group, this new show proposes a renewed putting completely but maintaining the essence of Midachi that generated an impressive success of call in each of its presentations to length of its history.

“Midachi of film? is a stroll by a gallery of desopilantes personages in a spectacle with the technical and artistic unfolding to which the trio already has customary its followers. It promises great filmic production and of special effects.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

A stellar action of the special group of dances Third Millenium

One will appear tomorrow, from the 21, in center Cultural America.

The tradition of a town is it identifies what it and differentiates from the others. Something own and deep. For that reason tomorrow, to celebrate the Day of the Argentine Tradition, the special body of dances folkloric Third Millenium, integrated by people with different capacities, will make its presentation stellar Cultural America in center (Miter 23), to 21.

This event is different because the group will dance before its artistic godfather, recognized the payador Gustavo Guichón. On the matter, Adrián Tenth, integral one of Third Millenium, commented that “when the first Celebration of the Young bull in Atocha was realized in past May, we knew this payador of international fame, that was pleasingly surprised with the action of our group?. She added that “he was then that our professor, Ilda Quispe, she asked for to him that she supported to the body of dance in the finery of the 10 of November and it acceded tasteful?.

Another one of the recognized artists who will be at night of the tradition, in center Cultural America, is the bagualero Tomás David Vásquez, that makes shine songs in all the events and surely this one will not be the exception.


Bond to remember that the folklore factory arose in the Foundation Third Millenium in 2006, as a form to stimulate to the people with special needs.

They passed through the factory professors Silvia Caquis and Mariela Chávez, until in 2007 she took the reins from the group Ilda Quispe. To her the students could conform this body of special dance that shows to its technique and enchantment in the varied spectacles and celebrations in which he appears.

“The dance makes us feel healthy and equal?, they defined.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Midachi arrives for the first time at General Liberator San Martin

The humoristic trio will be showing its last production “Midachi of film? with an important unfolding.

Midachi arrives at General Liberator San Martin for the first time, and Ledesma Theater will appear in the Cinema. It is until the moment, the spectacle of greater spread than ramaleña has had its space in this legendary room of the city.

This presentation is obtained thanks to the effort of the present management of in charge one of this space, Enzo Cravacuore Moschetti de Nam Productions.

The appointment is the next Wednesday to 21, to present/display “Midachi of film?.

Agreeing with the 25 years of the group, this new show proposes a renewed putting completely but maintaining the essence of Midachi that generated an impressive success of call in each of its presentations to length of its history.

“Midachi of film? is a stroll by a gallery of desopilantes personages in a spectacle with the technical and artistic unfolding to which the trio already has customary its followers.

In this opportunity, it will present/display to the public a spectacle multimedia with all the technology, an impressive putting and an artistic unfolding where Miguel, Chinese Dady and will return to make laugh.

The entrances are for sale from $70 for the function in Liberator, and can obtain in some qualified commerce of a city (some even receive credit card), in the House of the Culture of San Pedro and in the House of the Culture of Oran.
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