The Huayra closes season 2009 of the Provincial Theater of Jumps

After a full year of successful presentations the Huayra Mud Code will appear their last record work “? 21,30 Wednesday 30 to hs. in the Provincial Theater of It jumps.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater. It silverplates $ 80 and $ 60, Theater box $ 70, Pullman and Super Pullman $ 40.

“The Cerrillana? closes the season in the Theater of the Foundation

The spectacle will count on the presence of Marina and Hugo Jiménez.

The academy and ballet of folkloric dances “the Cerrillana? will celebrate its 20 years. With such reason it will today offer a spectacle of conclusion of activities, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps - General Güemes 434-. The appointment will begin to the 21 hours.

The academy was founded the 4 of August of 1989 on Villa Balcony, Hillocks, by Carolina Cuevas and Sergio Gramajo. They are filial of the Ballet Jumps, of Marina and Hugo Jiménez. At present it is directed by professor Rodrigo Gramajo. From year 2007 it abrió a new academy in Jumps Capital.

“In this sample of year end we want to leave in the scene the essence of the folklore ours, fused with the modern thing, for it we will cross the different regions from our country emphasizing in each place its more popular dances, embellished with figures and clothes?, affirmed Gramajo director.

Besides being celebrating the 20 years with the dance, the academy will give the title to the 4 new ones withdrawn like Professors of Argentine Dances Folkloric: Lourdes Daher, Eliana Yañez, Noelia Beltrán and Virginia Barboza.

“We will count on the outstanding presence of our Marina godfathers and Hugo Jiménez, professors and directors of the Ballet Jump and great exponents of our Argentine dances all over the world.

They would accompany to us in addition: Dance Jazz Ballet, directed by Professor Iván Barrientos, presenting/displaying a winning choreography of gold medal in interpretation; and Studio Dance, of professor Small Adriana. The tango will say present with professors Roberto Lazo and Fernanda Michel, directors of the Black Ballet Tango, and the sauce rate will arrive with the Ballet Latin Fusion, directed by professor Alexander Garci'a, dancer who participated in Dancing by a dream and in Argentine Talent, next to his ballet?, he added.

Mariana Reed presents/displays “Song Toast? in the Provincial one

Saturday 26 of December, to 22, Mariana Reed will present/display in the Provincial Theater of Jumps its great successes of songs and songs of the Calchaquí Valley. After its recent and successful tour by Europe, Mariana Reed wants to share with Jumps the art that registers. Accompanied by his Orchestra Folkloric, it will advance part of the new record material and the spectacle to present/display in the Golden wedding of the Great National Festival of Folklore Cosquin 2010.

Song toast denominates their spectacle that will be a familiar celebration for the town salteño with genuine copleros invited by the artist. There will be songs for all the pleasures: counterpoints, tonadas, stories, bagualas, vidalas and traditional songs.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater. It silverplates $40 and $30, Theater box $30.

The School of Folklore Cadences will present/display “Reflections?

The School of Folklore Cadences will present/display Reflections, Wednesday 23 of December, to 21,30, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Reflections make reference to our culture, tradition, music, dance, etc. that were inherited and transmitted by our ancestors and that we transmitted to the future generations. One of the choreographic pictures is called Mother Earth and makes reference to the ritual of the Pachamama, faithful reflection of some customs of our country.

Music includes different rates pertaining to varied regions from our country.

The School of Folklore Cadences was founded the 30 of December of 2004, by its director and professor Luciana Saldaño. It works in the Union of Ceramists (San Felipe and Santiago 1255) and counts on approximately 90 students of different ages, children, young people and adults.

In this opportunity accompanying Annual Muestra by the School will become reference to the five years of the School. In addition it will be counted on the presence of professor Matías Huanuco that will direct the pictures of malambo.

General entrance $10, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Concert of the Choir Kamay de Jujuy

A special concert for the jujeños faithfuls to days of Christmas.

Tonight in the cathedral jujeña the Choir Kamay de Jujuy, that directs lsolda Sanchez de Bidondo, will interpret “the Creole Misa? from the 21. The choir will count on the support of instrumentalist guests. This concert is realized within the framework of Tourist, Cultural and Shared in common the Cycle “For Christmas?, that organizes the Bishopric and Municipal Tourism.

Closing of season of the Infantile and Youthful Orchestra of the Province

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