Flower of the V arrives at Jujuy With “Livin the crazy widow?

Two functions of the most successful work of the summer in Carlos Peace, “Livin the crazy widow? with the protagónico of Florence of the V and a list that Emilio Disi includes to the excellent actor, announce for Tuesday 27 and Wednesdays 28 of this month, to 22,00 in center Cultural Martin Iron.

More than 120 functions during season 2010 which they attended near 65 thousand spectators, they make of “Livin crazy widow? one of ticket office works.

A young desprejuiciada woman and with desire to live the life, is widow soon after to have married with a old one who knew through facebook. In spite of knowing very little of his late husband she understands quickly that this he had been a millionaire eccentric with tastes enough individuals.

It, a widow who wants to undress of the mourning as rapidly as possible is prepared to that fortune escapes to him among its hands. This is the best opportunity to live “the great life? next to its lover.

Nevertheless around the old missing person, not only it had been in dance a numerous fortune, but also, its butler of all the life (gay) and two children, Agate (an eccentric plastic artist just arrival of the outside that does not understand or that it is what happens around to his) and Tato (unique man of the millionaire, married, with an accentuated taste by the easy women). All they with an acute interest by the money fast and easy, arranged to give fight to that is crossed to remove the best slice to him from the millionaire inheritance.

The deceased, knowing the avidity by the money his wife, her children and until of the same butler, decides to make a prank and to leave before dying a testament with a last and eccentric will that will make know all, in his mansion of summering, through a lawyer.

Around the fight by the inheritance the desopilantes tangles and situations between each one of the personages begin during the hour and a half that lasts the comedy in the open leaving the stingy interests of each one of the personages who are betrayed an a others trying to remove personal advantages to be able to remain with the best part of the inheritance in dance.

The list is integrated by Flower of the V, Emilio Disi, Santiago Almeyda, Toti Ciliberto, Dallys Ferreyra, Gabriel Almiron, Bettina Capetillo, Gabriela Mandate and Augustinian Attias.

The entrances can be acquired exclusively in Annuar Shopping to the following prices: $ 80, $ 100 and $ 120.

Fabiana Cantilo will present/display its album “In the path of the Sun?

Wednesday 28 of April, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, Fabiana Cantilo will present/display their album In the path of the Sun, within the framework of the Megatone Concert.

The successful tour that crosses Argentina, from the hand of the article network for the greatest home of the country, returns to be published east year to begin completely in the cities of the Argentine northwest; San Miguel de Tucuman and Salta.

By third consecutive year the Megatone Concert returns to leave tour, proposing to a public eager for good music, the live presentation of the best Argentine artists, all accompanied by an impressive unfolding of lights and sounds, the one that will allow to enjoy each one of the concerts that are programmed.

In the path of the Sun it is the musical continuity of Unconscious Group, work published in 2005 that surpassed the 60,000 sold units. The new album includes 15 great subjects of the national rock especially versionados in formats acoustic and interpreted by Fabiana.

The repertoire is formed by subjects of: Charly Garci'a, Almond, Spinetta Jade, Fito Paez, Andres Calamaro, Stereo Soda water, the Grandparents of the Anything, the Pericos, Leon Gieco, Celestial Carballo, Serú Girán, Attaque 77, Intoxicated and Virus.

Entrances on sale in the ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate: $120, $100 and $80; Theater boxes: $80; Pullman: $60 and Superpullman: $50. Also credit cards, debit and Megatone card can be acquired in the premises of Megatone, using until in 6 quotas without interest.

An adaptation of the Quijote raises scene

The work appeared yesterday and returns to the tables tonight and tomorrow in the room of the Factory Sensations.

“You do not forget the Quijote? it is the new work that the Factory of Theater Sensations to take to scene.

The first presentation was yesterday. Tonight, to 21,30 and tomorrow to 20, “Raul Gaínza? will recover in the scene of the room of the Factory of Theater Sensations (To turn white 384). The proposal is added this way to the program anticipated for XXXIV the Cultural April.

The work is a free version of the classic “Quijote of La Mancha?. “It is free since every day we can choose to resign to our dreams or to fight reason why we think that we deserve ourselves?, said Claudia Mendía, work director.

“You do not forget the Quijote? it is a putting in scene for all the family. “It is and an alternative to reflect on that Quijote that all we also took inside, and, a proposal to give to our senses?, added Mendía. With the activities of Osvaldo Diaz, Daniel Frisoli, Ortiz Wake, Emiliano Aguirre, Belina Figueroa and Mercedes Burgos, the funny work is based on the text that Osvaldo Diaz and Claudia Mendía wrote especially for the occasion. The general entrance will have a value of $15. For the pensioners and students, it will be of $12.

Choral encounter in the Church Cathedral

They will be the groupings Prelude, of Niños and Kamay.

Tomorrow to 18 a choral encounter in the Church will take place Cathedral, with free and gratuitous entrance.
During the artistic evening a variable repertoire will be listened to, that will include religious works, folkloric and popular, national, Latin American and of the universal choral repertoire.

This activity will have the objective to carry out a friendly cultural interchange between the choirs Prelude of the Spanish Society, Choir of Niños and Kamay de Jujuy, directed by professor Isolda Sanchez de Bidondo.

The encounter with choral music is one of the numerous activities that will take shape throughout this year in our province.

Without a doubt, one is an interesting proposal for the local public.

Catherine Fulop, a shared in common artist with our province

The Complex Nicholas Vitale of district the Tribuno will be the place where, the next Saturday, the scene will mount that will reunite to some artists of the local and national scene.

Saturday 24 of April, from the 18, Catherine next to other artists of the stature of Gabriel Morals, the Nocheros, Axel and Araceli González, will meet with the aim of collaborating with the Parish Maria Queen, of the South zone of the city.

In the second edition of the shared in common festival of FUNDAFA they will appear salteño Gabriel Morals, the Nocheros, Axel, Catherine Fulop, Araceli González and the journalists of “Soccer for all?, of the channel FOX.

“It is very important, from our roll of artists, to participate in this type of more communitarian workings. I am mother and the events mobilize much to me that they have to the children like protagonists?, said Catherine Fulop in an interview with the Tribuno. And it added: “It volume like a way to give back to the people of all that affection just a little bit that it gives me on a daily basis and, this time, to the people of Jumps, who always so have been educated, amiable and loving with me?.

The festival, organized by Fundación Fausto (FUNDAFA) and the Parish Maria Queen, must like objective collect money for the construction of a hall multiple uses and an infantile dining room for the Center of Integral Attention of the Boy in Situation of Risk and Incapacities, that is in the Aráoz district.

During the day, in addition, a soccer match with artists (headed by Axel and the Nocheros) versus journalists will be realized (headed by the boys of the televising program “Soccer for all?, of Fox Sports).

To 21, the honor guests: Araceli González and Catherine Fulop will sell bonds contribution to a value of $10 to collaborate with the cause, with which 2 motorcycles will be drawn for. “Our participation simply will be to stimulate people to that it buys bonds to us. Not every day `the González' and `the Fulop' approach to you so that you help with a so important cause. The idea is to be near people and power to be the bridge so that much more people collaborates?, explained “Cathy?, as they call his fans.

The wife of the “Ova? spoke of her projects for this year. She said that after the world-wide one she will initiate the third edition of Argentine Talent.

During char it with the Tribuno she remembered “the Marucho?, the small singer salteño that participated in the program the past year and that took until the tears to the voluptuous artist in repeated opportunities. “She is that he is a boy with artist soul. When somebody puts as much passion in which it does to one does not have left other than to be touched?, Fulop expressed, that has known to give to many of the participants of reality the opportunity him of which they show what they know to do. “I believe that the artists we must be permeable and able to receive what others can give us. In Argentine Talent not only I have tried to see the talent of the participants, but also the capacity to move the public and to transmit what they feel and so they do?.

Catherine also told that she is studying photography and that she has new projects to lead a program of television as of July. It also has theater proposals, but so far the priority is its family. “Sometimes it is difficult to combine the tasks of being mother, actress, conductor and vedette. I have small daughters and I do not like to lack house, interest to me to accompany them in everything?, expressed the Venezuelan who, among other things, said to feel more and more Argentine. “My home is in this country. I trained my family here and whenever I travel to Venezuela they give desire me to return house, that is here. A day my papa said `your country to me is that one that employs to you'. , Argentina employed to me and a beautiful family, so I feel `of here very'?, concluded “Cathy?.

QV4 explores the new dimensions of humor

The trio is made up of the artists Daniel Saldaño, Agustín Perez Albert and Gustavo Parrado.

Almost ten years of race in humor and music have taken to the trio to reap the outbursts of laughter that cannot more than to fill the rooms of each theater by which, the artists, they take his desopilantes numbers.

Once again QV4 arrives at our province, within the framework of a national tour, with the promise of being funniest of their spectacles.

“QV4, the new dimension of the diversion?, arrive at Jumps with a format without precedents in Argentina. One is a show that combines music, humor and technology, with projections in three dimensions that will introduce the spectator in the reality created by these three graceful artists. The encounter will be tonight, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

“The spectacle is going to be impressive, it is going away to mount in Jumps with all the technical characteristics that had in Villa Carlos Peace and that, the 15 of May we will take to the theater Opera of Buenos Aires, that will be the great bet of this year?, said to Agustín Perez Albert, in an interview that the trio gave the Tribuno.

The beginnings of the group go back to the 2001, when the three versatile artists of music, decided to work in a new project, being introduced segments of humor, something to which they were ventured for the first time. “Humor already was implicit in the personalities of each of us?, said Gustavo Parrado. Perez Albert added: “in fact I believe that people were the one that discovered to us like humorists. The public vió that was good wave and soon we began to work with this to make laugh?. Doubtlessly, neither the group, nor the spectators were mistaken, because today, after almost one decade of work together they have received very good critics and they have grown much. “We grew, and not only it tenth we, luckily also us say people to it?, commented Daniel Saldaño, of the form that knows better, with humor.

The musicians confront each number with much seriousness. Humor is something serious, like also is it its passion by the music, to which, altogether with the work of much people, like Pablo Of the Field, they put to the show those condiments to him that end at the uncontrollable laughter.

The show continues the line that QV4 (abbreviation of “I want bond four?) was developing throughout almost ten years of race. “Much music through humor, much humor through music and the new effects that the technology contributes?, said Parrado. In addition, a virtual marionette, directed by the Cordovan artist Adrián is added Go'mez who is called “René Garé? and that contributes (still more) diversion to him to the group. It is a spectacle that will offer to a very ample fan of personages and desopilantes histories.

“For us it is very important to make humor for all the family. It gives much satisfaction us when, for example, we on a par see a boy of five years ***reflxing mng itself of its grandfathers, of 80. The objective is to include all the “edaderiles? layers, said - between laughter Gustavo Parrado.
Tonight, the artists renew their complicity with the public of our province, that she will not have more to do than to put the “spectacles 3D? and to lie down to laugh.

“A called town Jujuy? in stops of the Miter

The theater piece of the Pink Theater will see in the cycle “Our Theater?.

Tonight to 21 the piece will appear “a called town Jujuy? of the Pink Theater in the stops of the Miter Theater.

Under the popular humorous sort the released theater production in 2003 will recreate that is directed by Roman Germa'n.

The work, that was created by Alberto Alabí, Felix Maldonado and Héctor Tizón, emphasizes those experiences of which nobody speech, those that they are hidden, those of the return of the corner.

A town has great and small histories. The citizen memory always longs for the heroic actions, but daily we lived surrounded by minimum histories that give popular identity us.

This work will be exhibited for the community generally by means of the work of the list of the Pink Theater, a group of artists who is born in Jujuy in the direction of an objective: to do theater considering the context that surrounds to us as jujeños and modifies to us.

Like premise to follow, the members of the artistic group that has been 10 years of permanence in the local scene, seted out to develop theater projects with the certainty to reflect some of the numerous plagues which they advance, destroying the man.

The company jujeña will within the framework participate in this cultural activity that will take place all the Fridays to 21, of the cycle “Our Theater? in the room “Martin Raul Gallant?, by reason for the Bicentennial of the Mother country. The Direction of the Miter Theater and the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture altogether organized this cultural activity that has the objective to foment and to spread the local productions and is especially oriented the students of all the educative levels.

History, experiences and memories of the Fist

Presentation of the book “the flowery Old Quiaca? of Don Justo Diaz.

The Right author Diaz, quiaqueño of origin, in this opportunity presents/displays the second edition of his book “the flowery Old Quiaca?, history of the Fist, experiences and memories.

It is one more a more complete work and a Annex of the first edition.
Diaz emphasizes that to the first she realized it edition in the 2008 and when happening the time felt the necessity to complete the history of the Fist with more stories.

In the opportunity the author will present why from silence she felt the necessity to count the history of the Quiaca, the Fist where the Independence of the Mother country was developed.

To this he took it work to compile and to study near six years and in addition for being witness to the development puneño, also of the injustices and his tenacity to relate the history of his town.

The book includes histories like the first chapel of the Old Quiaca, the Exodus Jujeño, the customs, the culture, the mining in Argentina and Bolivia, the railroad: the first train to the Quiaca, pack animal roads, their family, songs, among others subjects illustrated with old photos.

It relates that the Old Quiaca has a history very little counted; as well as the first establishment that was Yavi where the independence of the country was developed and in this 2010 the value of those men is not clear who gave their life by the Nation and today he has them to history forgotten.

“If God wants this work will be for always. I hope serves for consultation of the future generations since the unique way is to respect our principles, knowledge of where we come and to take care of ours?, expressed the author.

This book also will appear in the new edition of the Fair of Libro, representing the province among others books that will be exposed in the literary sample.