The Huayra presents/displays “Mud Code?

The salteños artists will arrive at Jujuy to appear for the first time in a theater, with a imperdible repertoire.

Fifteen years ago this history began. Three crossed discs in means, scenes and kilometers made of the Huayra the phenomenon that are today.

Tonight they will be appearing in Jujuy within the framework of the tour launching of “Mud Code?, his last work. A disc that maintains the diffuseness vocal to which the group has to us customary and that contributes new songs of own responsibility. Also, like in the previous, sum voices invited and classic plates of national and international music.

That is why, the native band of Jumps, offered a press conference in our city, where, it will appear for the first time in a theater. Of this form they will be able to interpret songs that never could do live, confessed Juan Jose Vasconcellos and Alvaro Place, guitarist and drummer of the group, respectively.

Advancing what could be the show of tonight, because they did not cheer up to offer too many details, the musicians glide to be with jujeños friendly and to sing great part of the songs of the Huayra, the Voice of the Wind and Mud Code, their three discográficas plates.

Indeed she is the last the one that gives name him to the spectacle. He contains 15 songs, among them a version of “Celebration? of Catalan Joan Manuel Serrat, “Every day a little? Leon Gieco and Guanuqueando of jujeño Ricardo Vilca, where the mystic of the author in the voices of the salteños rises to the sky: “we listened to when it we fell in love with the song and we wanted to contribute our version, to give him to color with our own instrument, the voice? the Colo said, they call as it to Vasconcellos.

Between the own subjects they stand out “Is necessary to wait for? taquirari typical of the Argentine North with the Tekis like guests, as well as the romantic ballad “Without decirte goodbye? the Huayra is part of the new generation of folcloristas that are taking to the young people to know a little more our music, and they feel proud. “If our music serves to approach smallest knowing the Argentine folklore and to musicians of other countries like Silvio Rodriguez, Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquin Savin, besides our own songs?, observed Alvaro. “We want to project to us, for that reason also we adopted international repertoires in Hispanic speech?, concluded Juan Jose.

“Eggs and fish?, a comedy would itch and delirious

The new production of the group Space will be released tomorrow, to 21,30, in the Foundation Jumps.

The work, whose author is Jorge Saurrales, is directed by Rafael Monti with the attendance of Danny Veleizán.

The best style than in action it is known like vodevil, a theater sort that consists of a frivolous, agile comedy and funny that gives rise to confusions and desopilantes situations, the group Space will return to the tables, after two years, to release his new production “Eggs and fish?, of Jorge Saurrales. The first function will be realized tomorrow, to 21,30, in the Foundation It jumps and second Saturday in the same schedule and place.

Seven personages, all related to each other but without knowing it, will be the protagonists of a loving tangle that, between “eggs and fish?, will have a end that will explode the laughter of the hearing.

Enrique is a vacated man maintained by his two lovers: Pamela and Alejandra. First it is married with Gerald, egg industralist, whereas second she is wife of Juan Carlos, retailer of fish. Enrique has a better called friend Adrián, who contracted nuptials with Raquel, that deeply is enamored as well with Enrique. Their lives are related, share fantasies and hide secrets, although never the faces were seen. Nevertheless one night of will put them to Friday in the open and will have to go to all type of resources to return to normality.

Space, synonymous of humor

Humor is a registered tradename of the Factory of Theater Space, that years back it took to scene the saga who began with “What we had dinner… senator? (2001-2002), it followed with “Martinez and the senator… the formula of humor? (2003) and culminated with “Martinez and the senator…. the policy is not stained? (2006). Also it realized numerous functions of the infantile piece “ferocious Caperucita?, among others productions.

“We always bet by humor, not only because he is something that we do for a long time and characterizes to us but also because we are convinced that the public needs to spend a good moment when is going to see a theater spectacle and to forget, at least by awhile, of the daily problems. In addition, in the personnel, it is a pleasure to make laugh to the others?, honored Rafael Monti, besides directing “Eggs and fished? who fulfills a roll within the work.

This time, the members of the group Space that will raise scene are Silvia González, Oscar Muñoz, Rosy Toledo, Danny Veleizán, Delia Pantaleón and Alfredo “Fat' s? Ferrario.

Picardy, humor and dynamism are the condiments that will make of this vodevil a imperdible spectacle.

Problems of alcove

As paragraph emphasized in first, “Eggs and fish? identify with sort theater well-known like vodevil (“vaudeville? in French) that, according to Monti, “characterizes to present/display tangles of alcove and acts of infidelity, in that the personages cannot be found with others and are catched within a situation of which they do not find escape and for that reason they will have to put into play all their I devise not to be shortages, although that effort is useless?.

The Chijra Group will celebrate its 15 years in the Miter Theater

Everything is ready to be part of a great evening that will begin to 22 and will count on the presence of special guests.

Today to 22 the Chijra group will appear in the greater room of the Miter theater.
During two hours the group jujeño will cross a selection of subjects especially preparations where it will remember his 15 years of history.

The opportunity will be propitious to present/display all their history, happening through his first musicians until the present ones, from the first disc where subjects like “remembered Passions will remember in a mad rush? or taquiraris of the Changos of the Huaico, and by all means the route by the five record materials that the group has in its salary.

Between its majors successes they will be “I landed on water to You?, “Amame?, “Decídete?, “You will return?, “the queen of the carnival? and as corollary the subjects whereupon cheer all the carnivals, huaynos and carnavalitos at your service.
The spectacle will happen of instrumental shades, like instruments of cane to the present group conformed by powerful bronze instruments.

The presentation of Chijra will be framed by a luminance system especially preparation and professional sound of first level.


Bond to emphasize that for this artistic evening, the presence of invited musicians is predicted, among them, Caesar Lizarazo, “Left, Dark brown Tony? Aryans, Daniel Waiter and the radial conductor Fabiana Tolaba.
Ezequiel Altamirano, Jose Luis Llanez, who are integral of the group and Pablo Quispe in charge of the encounter, is very contentments with this show.

“This it is a dream for the group?, mentioned, who consider that he is one of the most important scenes that has Jujuy. “He is something that we came gliding for a long time, and now we do not see the hour to be somehow giving back to all the affection and the support received throughout these years, with a show that surely was engraving in our hearts?, they affirm.

It is the first time that will be in the scene of the Miter, and therefore they consider that it is a great responsibility like group, as much in the musical comedy as in the putting. It is why for they come much spending time to offer the best thing.

We remember that Chijra is one of the jujeños groups that in spite of the adversities continue their projects musical, still continuous effective in people.

The members

At present the Chijra set is conformed by Jose Luis Llanez in voice, Ezequiel Altamirano in winds), Caesar Oviedo in animation and güiro, Jose Cross in the low one, Luis Sajama in bongoes, Javier Gorse in action, Carlos Gorse in keyboard, Luis first Reynoso in trombón, Daniel Vilte in second trombón and Leandro Patagua in trompeta.

The 15 years that were made feel in the capital jujeña that was reflected in the ticket offices of the theater and is why a great frame of public for this Thursday is expected where the group invites all friendly followers and public to participate in this celebration and through music to move to places and situations, accompanying crossing by all their history.


The artists, who are expectant before the presentation, began in the musical art in the factories of the Direction of Culture of San Salvador de Jujuy.
As of this moment, the musicians began to develop the songs that would comprise of their record works.

Some of the compositions are “I landed on water to You? (saya), “the horn? (cumbión), “Truste heart? (tinku), “Proud? (cumbia), “Jujeñita? (saya), “Bitter love? (saya), “Selection of carnavalitos? and “dear Fist? (saya).

These subjects correspond to the titled production “I landed on water to You?, that was recorded in 2006.
Another recognized song book of the grouping is the one that sent in 2005 under the title “Decídete?.
In this record material they included “Decídete? (saya), “I will not be able olvidarte? (saya), “Of fresh water and love? (tinkus), “In the distance? (cumbia), “Santusay? (tinku), “Dove of the soul mine? (cumbia), “Anateada? and “By love? (saya), among others compositions.

Trio QV4 returns to Jumps, with a surprising three-dimensional show

The function will be realized Saturday 24, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard.

In national tour and after a successful summery season in Villa Carlos Peace (Cordova), QV4 will return to Jumps to put in scene a show that combines music, humor and technology.
“QV4 in 3D, the new dimension of the diversion?, proposes a spectacle integral, apt for all public, in whom the tucumano trio, recognized by its artistic dowries and his awarded trajectory, will innovate in the theater scope with projections in three dimensions.

The function will be Saturday 24, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard. The entrances are on sale in the ticket office of Pueyrredón 175.

To the images in 3D that will alternate with the live putting, it will be added giving a still more novel character to the spectacle, a developed digital marionette from mix of virtual reality and an action in direct, that the interaction with the public in different passages from the work will motivate.

Multitudinal encounter of dances in the city of Palpalá

The Wild one? of the province of Santa Fe was developed within the framework of thirty and the four anniversary of the Institute “.

The Institute “the Wild one? of Santa Fe celebrated its thirty and four the last weekend anniversary, during an encounter of dances that had like scene the club High Furnaces Zapla de Palpalá. The organization of the encounter was in charge of the School of Dances Folkloric “the Antigal? of the iron and steel city that directs Marcelo Sáenz.

In the two days (Saturday and Sunday) they participated to schools of dances jujeñas, of Jumps, Santa Fe and Cordova. Of our province they were “the Antigal?, of Palpalá; “It sucks Pacha? and “the Barrow?, of Perico; “Sentry of my Mother country?, Yala; “Secret of my earth? and “the Furnace?, of Monterrico; “Inti Huaman? and “Camiri?, of San Salvador de Jujuy; “Jose Hernandez?, of the Quiaca; “Vestibule of my country?, the Huaicos; “The Captive?, of Perico, the Carmen and Monterrico; “The Reserved one?, of Santo Domingo; “To appear again?, of San Antonio and the Carmen; and “the Nazarene?, of San Antonio.

Of She jumps, was “the Chúcaro? (Metán); of Santa Fe, “Beats of my earth? (Romang) and of Cordova, the School of the National Festival of the Malambo (Laborde).

The central acts carried out Sunday at noon in the central place of Palpalá, where after the entrance of the flags of ceremonies and the intonation of the Hymn, words of welcome of Marcelo Sáenz were listened to, to close the act the words of the national director of the Institute “the Wild one?, Catherine Murphy de Fiordelmondo.

After the retirement of the pavilions, it was possible to be appreciated in the one of the local arteries dance of a cat and a farmer who the delegations gave to the public present, to go next to the Club High Zapla Furnaces stops to 13,30 to give beginning to the second and last day.

Exquisite musical styles showed each one of the present schools, as much in traditional, streamlined dances and malambo, deserving a special paragraph the excellent level of the jujeños malambistas and the delegation of Laborde. To 20, already in the closing of the encounter, paisanita to the girl Bethlehem Fores of the School of Dances was chosen Folkloric “the Reserved one of Santo Domingo?; whereas the title of donosa fell on the Ailén young person Marshal, of the School of Dances Folkloric “Vestibule of my country?, of the Huaicos.

The final words were in charge of national director Omar Fiordelmondo, who was thankful for the shown effort by the families who compose the organizing school. Soon the moved message of Marcelo Sáenz was listened to, in which it put of relief “the privilege of to be chosen to be the organizer of the celebration of this anniversary?.

The delirium untied when the teacher of CarlosTasca ceremonies revealed who will take the slug in 2011: the School of the National Festival of the Malambo de Laborde, Cordova.
And all promised to attend this “patriada? of the Bicentennial.

Gratuitous concert of the Joint of Cords Caesar Houses

Thursday 22 of April to 19,30, the Joint of Cords Caesar Houses will offer a gratuitous concert in the Museum House of Hernandez (Alvarado and Florida). The same, will be realized the direction of the Antonio teacher Montero.

Divertimento Nº 1 in Greater Do of Mozart will be interpreted, Ouverture I SAW of Bach, the Blow of Joplin and the tango Blue Small room of Mariano Mores.

The entrance will be free and gratuitous.

To break the Ice: Compiled of Argentine, Swedish and Norwegian videos

Thursday 22 of April to 17,30, will be realized in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992), the program To break the Ice, compiled of videos of Argentina, Sweden and Norway. The same, will be coordinated by Graciela Taquini.

To break the Ice is compiling of Argentine, Swedish and Norwegian videos, of an hour and a half duration, selected by Kalle Brolin (Sweden), Anna Martine Nilsen (Norway) and Graciela Taquini, (Argentina).

This presentation is within the framework of the project Parallel and Dazzling: encounter of contemporary artists of extreme geographies, itinera project that by different provinces and that comienaza in Jumps.

Cronogram of activities:

Thursday 22 of April

Projection of the program of videos To break the Ice. Presentation in charge of Graciela Taquini and the group To break the Ice. Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps.

Friday 23 of April

Encounter with artists
Artists of the group To break the Ice with artists of Tucuman and Salta. Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps. From 10 to 14 and from 16 to 20.

Saturday 24 of April
Celebration multimedia. Guarda, space of visual arts. From the 22.

Graciela Taquini is professor and lawyer in History of the Arts and from mid the decade of the 80 has specialized in contemporary art and new means.

Curadora of national and international samples, was awarded by the association of critics by its action multimedia. As artist gained the First Prize of the Festival Video Brazil 2005, and their works are collected in the mediateca of the Caixa Forum, the Iván of Valencia, the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires and the Castagnino Macro of Rosary. He is educational of the Masters of Electronic Arts of the Untref, Professor consults of the Maimonides University and Professor of the Enerc.

Red Jorge presents/displays “My Voice and my Blood? in the Provincial Theater of Jumps

Days 23, 24 and 25, Red Jorge will arrive at our city to present/display his third work like called soloist “My Voice and my Blood?. Of this form, He jumps becomes one of the first provinces that will visit within the framework of their national tour.

In December of 2009, he realized the national presentation of his new disc in the city of Cordova, where delivery became of Disco de Oro. The subject “One more night? becomes the cut of promotion of this new production whose video has like protagonist the actress Laura Azcurra.

Summer 2010 finds it like central number in the most important festivales of the country, standing out like the most convoking artist of the Gold edition of the 50 years of the Festival of the Cosquin, most important of Argentina and Latin America.

Motivated by the affection and the best memories of his youth, Jorge will present/display “My Voice and my Blood?, in a spectacle for the public salteño has consecrated that it like one of the dearest and convoking artists.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $140, $120 and $100, Placo $90, $70 Pullman and Super Pullman $50.
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