“Davueltando? in Culturarte

One will project today to 19 with free and gratuitous entrance.

This behind schedule to 19, it will continue the cycle of cinema “Watched on Jujuy and Salta?, with the projection of the documentary “Davueltando (Music and celebrations in Eastern valleys of height of Jujuy) of Blas Moreau, in center Cultural Culturarte.

The entrance is free and gratuitous and like in every week, a presentation will be made subsequent to of the film and the projection, a debate between the presents.

This documentary form leaves from an investigation on musics and celebrations in Eastern valleys of height, coordinated by Radek Sanchez and an equipment of the Andean Center for the Education and the Culture Music Tilcara Hope, for the Program “the Voice of Without Voice? that counted on the technical coordination of Susana Moreau.

“Davueltando? tries to recreate the musical and festive annual calendar of Valleys, as it knows them commonly, concentrating in the daily routine of the inhabitants of the zone and in its relation with the active forces of the half-full nature by music.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Tonight they replace “the state of the neutral one?

Work of the group Pupil Zero, written and directed by Jimena Soza Sybil.

The theater group Pupil Zero presents/displays again tonight, the work “the state of the neutral one?, of Jimena Soza Sybil.

The appointment is to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century (Senator Perez 178).

The putting shows the intense privacy of women recently turned into friendly.

The author says, that “it is a personal biography and grupalà is a cut of situations, of real materials and bonds?. And the question is: “how is clear the friendship between people, when nothing terrible nor beautiful happens? ?, and without doubts it is raised with all the necessary ingredients that they count a history, of every day, without nothing extraordinary, with the tone and the subjects that at first never would finish in a play. The certain thing is that it is exactly from that novel perspective, that Soza Sybil works who in addition directs east spectacle.

The work will also recover the next Thursday and Friday to 22.

Account with the activities of Orchard Rivadineira, Lorraine Hill, Beatriz Fernandez Salinas and Gerald Albarracín.

The putting allows a capacity of 45 spectators. The sale of entrances abre two hours before each function.

Singing and giving in Jujuy 2009

It is a joy us to invite them to I SAW Edition of the Festival “Singing and Giving in Jujuy 2009?

  This festival would be realized in its edition I SAW, Sunday 30 of August of 2009 to the 18:00 hs in the Greater room of the Miter Theater of San Salvador de Jujuy, and 2da instance, Saturday 12 of September in the Church of Tilcara

  SINGING AND GIVING IN JUJUY 2009 this organized by the Kamay choirs, Prelude of the Soc.…. Española and Polifónico of the School Superior of Music, under the direction of Prof. Isolda Sanchez de Bidondo, count on the support of the School Superior of Music and the Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Jujuy.

  To choirs and orchestras of Jujuy will participate and estaran present two choirs of the Province of Jujuy, and a choir of Tucuman, that their voices and solidarity added.
  As entrance is invited to collaborate generously with scholastic equipment, worn clothes, frazadas, nonperishable foods, that prodran to be taken to the Miter Theater the 30 of August day of the festival, or the 12 of September in the Church of Tilcara, All the material of serums Destined For the children of the schools of Molulo and Long Hill (Dpto. of Tilcara)


  This festival is born from the sine of a deep love in the song and Persigue with double purpose: Solidarity for the children but needed and the idea to strengthen bows of friendship and brotherhood between the participants. in order to finalize the festival, the choirs would interpret together a bailecito.

  We hope with the generous presence and participation of all you, we came as it doing throughout These 6 years, to enjoy the power and to benefit with its song Argentine a solidarity Our Children.

  PS: To all and all that CAN contribute something of clothes or what it is for Helping the school they in center leave its grants of Students of the Faculty of Engineering that retire I them!
  We waited for them!
  Graciaaaaas THOUSANDS!




Gallego will appear today in the Hairdressing salon

“The Galician? trio jujeño will return to touch tonight in a local scene, in “the Hairdressing salon Pub?, where it will present/display an intimate show with songs new and those of his next disc.
Juan Acosta (voice and electrical guitar) Vernal Luis (under electrical) and Rafael Lohrengel (battery), explained that for the opportunity they will install a scene in the low silver of the pub, “to share with the public a more intimate climate?.
In visit announced publicly, Juan commented that the band is in plans “to sing much live? and prepares a Dark brown show next to Aryans, to be presented/displayed in Jujuy and Buenos Aires.
Gallego is a band of rock born in the province, and has been more than eleven years walking by the routes of the national rock. Music that will present/display tonight will be of fusion taking native thematic rates and.
The artists have a site in Internet from which it is possible to be acceded to biography, photos, connections to social networks, and samples of their music: www.lagallegaweb.com.ar.
Finally, Gallego will appear tomorrow in the city of Jumps, in the mythical “Zeppelin Bar?, Necochea Nº 741 (almost Balcarce).


In 2007 “Gallego? travels to Buenos Aires to record her first record work in the Galápagos studies. The production was in charge of Luis Robinson, the mixture and masterización by engineer Néstor Tinaro.
The disc contains thirteen subjects, between which they stand out “I remain here?, first simple of its album debut, and a ten of songs by far “to power?, besides counting on three taken popular subjects of the Argentine Northwest to the esthetic one of the band. As musical guests participate Ricardo Mollo (Divided), Nicholas Raffetta and Luis Robinson.
“Galician? it is a group that is looking for a space in the music of the Argentine rock, presenting/displaying a strong and compact sound, it mixes of “power trios? of years 70', but with strong influences of the music of the plateau. This is the proposal that will be able to be seen in scene tonight in the premises Turn white 526.

Daily gentility Pregon

“Jujuy?, the new subject in study of Divided

The paper clip of images of video of sample of the Gorge of Humahuaca and in particular of Tilcara, where sometimes it touched the band.

  The band led by Ricardo Mollo Term to record In the last days its new disc, is cuts Whose first “Jujuy?. One is the first work in study with the drummer Catriel Ciavarella.

  The last disc before this recording, still that does not have name, was “I come from placard of another one?, reason why the fanatics waited for several During the years this “reappearance?.

  In means, the band had registered “Alive here?, in the Great Rex.

  Other subjects of the new disc Will be “Men in U?, “a Dead? and laburar “Looking for an angel?, according to extended, Although They could change of name.

  Gentility of Tribuno de Jujuy

Cayón will arrive at the Contest of the Pasty

The artist cafayateña will contribute melody to him of quena to the spectacle. The beginning is predicted for the 11.30.

When the sweet sound of quena seizes of a scene quickly is crystallized the figure of Mariana Cayón, a woman who leaves seated the prestige well of Jumps in the festivales of greater prestige of the country.

The artist cafayateña will return to eet again with his people next Sunday during the new edition of the Contest of the Pasty, that will be carried out Civic Policeman in center.

The day will abrirá with the Leandro soloist Moon, from the 11.30. Soon it will be the turn of Cayón, that will deposit all their magic on the scene. Later they will follow one another Ricardo Lopez, winner of the student contest Young Song 2008; Gabriel Morals, second in “Operation Triumph 2009?. To 12,45, the delivery of prizes to the winners of the contest will be realized; also there will be words of authorities and organizers. At 13,30, the action will arrive from the convoking Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino. Later they will be the Five Voices and, finally, Bond 4.
“I will take advantage of the occasion to celebrate the obtaining of the prize Consecration during my participation in the last edition of the Greater Festival of Cosquín?, indicated Mariana Cayón.

In the opportunity, the artist will delight to the concurrence with his remarkable successes, and also she will take advantage of the occasion to present/display some subjects that fifth record material will include in his, that next will go out.
It is possible to remember that, previously recorded “Amalgam?, “Quena heart?, “Classic popular? and “Arming celebration?.

“I have been almost two decades tie to music and many were the efforts and sacrifices that I realized to gain a place within the popular song book. Just years ago I began to obtain notable repercussion and today I can execute my repertoire by the festivales of greater spread of the country?, added.
Mariana also counts on international experience: “I had numerous activities in other countries, and Already received much affection and affection of people. Now, already they confirmed to me that the next year and of the hand of the producer Fernando Iborra, I will travel to countries of Asia, Europe and America. The truth that will be a incalculable experience?.

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