Concert Tribute to the Immigrants

Wednesday 23 of September to 21.30 in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460), the Joint Choral Art of Italian Society XX° of September will offer to a Concert Tribute to the Immigrants, with the participation like soloist of the tenor Juan Jose Sources and the direction of Luis Benavídez
The program of the concert will include works of: Steve Dobrogosz for choir, piano and orchestra of cords. Introitus, Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus and Agnus Dei will stand out. And also European pop music, of Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Greece, among others: Caruso, Poppy, Zorba, the Greek, ual Alfarashi Zahra and more…

Every year, in the first week of the month of September the day of the immigrants is commemorated in Argentina, evoking that one 4 of September of 1812 in that the First Triunvirato signs an historical decree that says: “(…) the government offers his immediate protection to the individuals of all the nations and their families who wish to determine their address to the territory (…)?. Thus, this nation abre its doors to all the citizens of the world who wish to live in this earth.

Today, almost two centuries later, we affirmed with pride that in this ground coexists, in true harmony, great diversity of originating colectivities of the recondite places but, and that watered this earth with their work, its effort and its hopes.

With such reason, Italian Society XX° of September and the Spanish Society of Mutual Aids will offer this concert to render deserved tribute to all the people who a day arrived at the country, leaving back a part of their lives, to write with great value the decorosas pages of our history.

General entrance to $ 20 in the ticket office of House of the Culture.

The Exhibition was inaugurated XIII “the Bible in Jumps?

Until the 30 of September it will be realized in the General Coordination of Libraries and Archives of the province (Av. Belgrano 1002), XIII the Exhibition the Bible in Jumps. The same is organized by the bookstore San Pablo, the Christian Ecumenical Movement of Jumps, the Biblical Society the Catholic International and the Institute for the Integration of Saber of the Catholic University of Jumps. The inauguration act was realized Monday 21 of September the past, with the presence of Felipe H. Medina, director of San Pablo; Expensive Gregorio Figueroa, general coordinator of Libraries and File of the Province of Salta and Hugo Vergara, Archdeacon of the Church.

Expensive Figueroa made mention at the beginning of this activity: “When in 1997 an individual approached the Provincial Library to offer its support to the accomplishment of a exhibition of old units, we did not doubt in giving course to the initiative. This activity register in the objective of the General Program of Libraries and Archives, of 1996 still in use, that talks about to the diffusion of the book and the reading. In his first edition, the Exhibition of Bible counted on the cooperation of Bookstore San Pablo and several religious communities, including the Catholic Church, that were summoned with the amplest criterion.

But besides the old units, partial translations could be exposed and total of the Bible in native languages of the region, which constituted not only a curiosity, but a privileged sign of the cultural multiplicity of Jumps, and an exponent of an expensive specific activity to the diffusion of the reading, as she is the one to translate.

From the following year, the same communities also participated like co-organizer in the activities that accompany the exhibition by the units of the Bible. Activities for children, women, young people became. These last ones, with the sign of music and the dance, and with the own enthusiasm of youth. We have been able to listen to conferences of excellent intellectual and religious level, and very instructive testimonies of translators and experts in some aspects of the Biblical transmission.

The six first exhibitions were organized by the Provincial Library Doctor Victorino of the Place with the cooperation of the religious communities and the two great Biblical societies of our country: the Biblical Society the Catholic International, Sobicaín, and the Biblical Society Argentina, of the other Christian churches. The works and the encounter gave rise to the culture of a certain friendship between the participants, who we understand contributed to the fortification of the ecumenical coexistence. Although it is not a direct objective of this Coordination, we see this fruit with satisfaction we also considered and it of our public interest, since another objective of the Program arrives mentioned is to contribute to the democratic coexistence and the culture of values like the tolerance.

The excellent understanding with the religious leaders very had an appreciated effect for this Coordination. In 1999, by means of agreement with the local Anglican community, the Primate of World-wide the Anglican Church, the bishop of Canterbury doctor George Sea turtle, it presided over in the Provincial Library the unique act witnessed by notary public during the first visit from a Primate to the diocese of the North of that Church, act which attended monsignor Blanchoud, then archbishop of Jumps. “

The Programming:

Days 22, 23 and 24 of September in hours in the morning will be realized activities with students of 6º year EGB 2, coordinated by the Shepherd David Theys (Lutheran Church), Maria Lucrecia Giudice of the Movement of the Focolares, Irma Serrudo de Villena (Church Worshippers of God) and Hugo Vergara (Anglican Church).

During those days, in the schedule from 20 to 22 the priesthood of Jesus Christ will be developed to the Biblical course - Study of the Letter to Hebrew by the presbitero the Oscar Mud wall, professor of the Catholic University of Salta (UCASAL) and of the Catholic University of Santiago of Estero (UCSE).

Also activities outside the Coordination of Archives and Libraries will be realized: Thursday 24 to 17,30 in the Great Classroom of the UCASAL, the conference Bible and Internet, the Sinaítico Codex will take place in virtual format by the presbítero Oscar Mud wall. And Friday 25 to 18 in the Chapel of the National University of Youthful Encounter Jumps will be developed to the Expo Lived Word, coordinated by the Shepherd David Theys (Lutheran Church) and Maria Lucrecia Giudice of the Movement of the Focolares

Monday 28 to 19,30 in soothes of the Coordination of Archives and Libraries, the Father Adolph Barrionuevo, Parish priest of San Jorge (Orthodox Church) will give to the conference Bible and Icons - the Word of God in images. 19,30 Tuesday 29 to, the Theologian and Episcopal Secretary of the Anglican Church Hans Breekveldt will speak on Time and Stations in the espiritualidad of the Old Testament Part I. and 19,30 Wednesday 30 to, the second part of this conference will take place.

They participate the Archbishopric of Jumps, the Lutheran Church Argentina, Anglican Church (Diocese of the Argentine North), Antiochian Orthodox Catholic Church, Movement of the Focolares, Biblical Society Argentina and the Church Worshippers of God.

They will send to the First National Circuit of Theater “the Country in the Country?

The National Institute of the Theater and the Secretariat of Culture will present/display the First National Circuit of Theater the Country in the Country. The press conference will be realized Wednesday 23 of September, to 11, in the conference hall of House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Under the concept the theater Annoys stop, the festival will bring to Jumps best theater works at national level, from the 28 of September to the 4 of October, in the House of the Culture.

Within the framework of an agreement of cooperation between the National Institute of the Theater and the Secretariat of Culture, It jumps was chosen to initiate the First National Circuit of Theater, that will approach the public the best lists at national level, extending to the provinces of Santiago of the Matting, Jujuy and Tucuman.

To be designated as it soothes of opening means, for the Secretariat of Culture, an important credit on the part of the National Institute of the Theater because it demonstrates that It jumps has suitable rooms and enthusiastic public who goes to enjoy the proposals of high level which they arrive at the city.

In this first runner, the salteños will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacles of great hierarchy and proven artistic quality, chosen carefully by specialists of the National Institute of the Theater. The Circuit is conformed by 46 spectacles of different regions from the country, that will turn by 40 you soothe of North to the South of Argentina

The agenda

Are 14 selected lists that will appear within the framework of this festival in agreement with the following program:

Monday 28|09:
- The Loved ones. Of Alexander It violates | Versus Ace
- Written in the mud. Of Andres Bazzalo | Versus Ace

Tuesday 29|09:
- Acassuso. Of Rafael Spregelburd | Versus Ace
- Brig. Collective creation | Versus Ace

Wednesday 30|09:
- I spin a top metallic. Of Heidi Steinhardt | Versus Ace
- Inclemency. Based on the Square de Marguerite Duras | Versus Ace

Thursday 01|10:
- Stefano. Of Arming Discépolo. Group Barrow | Versus Ace
- Flia. Of the Fronda and Matías Mendez. Company the Fronda | Versus Ace

Friday 02|10:
- Unfortunate delight of the destiny. Of Perinelli Robert | Versus Ace
- The invisible girl. Group Attacked… (by the art) | Neuquén

Saturday 03|10:
- Orsini Marionettes. Of Rubén Orsini | Santa Fe
- Modestly with big drums and subjects of gossip

Domingo 04|10:
- Rolling. Of Alexander Acobino and Germa'n Rodriguez
- Payasadas. Collective creation. Payasadas group| Tucuman

Special guest
JOB. Directed by Darío Pantaleón | Mexico

This work appears in Jumps as advance of a runner who begins again in our province and extends until Pachuca, Mexico.

Hearing for scholarships of the Bocca Foundation

The Provincial Theater of Jumps informs that, within the framework of the program Artistic Project of Interchange that directs Julio Bocca, Ricky Pashkus and Chet Walter in the Funcación Julio Bocca, Saturday 24 of October hearing will be carried out stops to the denominated scholarships a year in Buenos Aires edition 2010.

The same are destined dancing students, actors, and singers. The requirements to appear are to have between 18 and 24 years, a base of formation in dance and to reside to more than 300 km of the Federal Capital.

Hearing consists of a class of classic dance of intermediate level and a routine of jazz (obligatory disciplines) dictated by our teachers who will travel to each city. When finalizing both classes, the student who wants to present/display a song (to take track in CD) or theater routine, can do it since this possibility is optional.

This scholarship grants to its winners a training program in the School, especially formulated for each winner, passage roundtrip to its city of residence, lodging in Federal Capital and a weekly money for its maintenance. Duration of the same: March/December.

Six cities were only chosen for this one selection. In It jumps, hearing to preselect the candidates will be realized in the Provincial Theater of Jumps Saturday 24 of October in schedule to confirm.

FINAL HEARING will be realized Sunday 6 of December to 12 in the Study Julio Bocca, soothes center: Cultural center Borges. Viamonte esq. San Martin. 3º level. Federal capital.

In order to accede to the inscription form it enters to The same also can be sent via fax to (011) the 4322-5667 or by postal mail to Foundation “Julio Bocca?, 449 Emerald 5° floor, Federal Capital (C1007ABA). For more information on this hearing of Project Interchange to go a: to This direction of electronic mail is protected against robots of Spam, needs to have activated Javascript to be able to see it.

Political theater about a human drama

The work shows the art as half for the rescue of the memory.

Three actors realize this putting of the dramatist and actress salteña Romina Chávez Diaz.

Juan Cross Cárrega (like Marbell), Gerald Milessi Diaz (Ribonetti) and Ana Sun Rizzoli (Moriana), unfolds human conflicts and of ideological contents that propose a theater, militant and esthetic drama.

The personages locate the story on the eve of the arrival of the Process of National Reorganization.

The author wrote and directed the putting with the eagerness to denounce the violation of the human rights, that at that time was as soon as an advance payment than it would come later. Exactly, that vulnerability - that narrates the death of two people it jeopardize with the human rights allows to know how they were the historical and cultural structures that Argentina institutionalized to use the selective violence.

The real death in Jumps of a political militant (Eduardo Fronda) and of the journalist investigates who it (Luciano Jaime), they are the test of how the victims chose themselves to discipline the questionings to the history of then.

The three actors represent ideas (difficult scenic work by itself), recreate political and conspirative atmospheres of the same history, show cruel plots, passions and meanness of the ambitions brought by the setentino political power. The scenic construction has force and credibility.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

The Solari Indian made explode to his public in Jumps

The spectacle was realized in the stage Marteareana Father of the neighboring city.

Total celebration. Unusual call a spectacular night with “ricotera? fever… The titles are many that could head this chronic on event more important rocker of the last years in Jumps: the action of the “Indian? Solari.

But we remained short, since the one of last night in the stage Martearena Father could be said that he was historical. Not only by the show, that it had of the best thing as far as putting in scene, a perfect sound and, mainly, a game of lights and effects of images of first level. Also by all the social movement that from previous days and in the same behind schedule of yesterday accompanied the presence by the shave artist in land of Güemes.

“He jumps is more, crazy person, you deserve to be the capital of the rock at level country. This of the Indian was colossal and I believe that in the life I am going away to forget this show? expressed Germa'n, a young person of 21 years who did not stop of vitorear to his idol.

“The salteños do not occur to account the magnitude of this event. The Indian has own weight and is around any national idol. He jumps he has to the Nocheros, `Chaqueño' and now to `Indian'…?, limited as well a likeable Cordovan adorned with hairbands, several “piercings? and a black rower with the figure of “the Indian? idolized one in his chest.

The show began o'clock to 21,30. Previously, all the “ricotero folklore? was made in the beginning feel with force from all the sectors of the stage, doing the endurance of the show. The presence of a helicopter even generated ovaciones, because fans thought that within the ship it flew over the “Indian? Solari.

The singer, moved away of all estrellato, appeared in the scene with his simple clothes of dark pants, shirt to pictures and their typical black spectacles. With the first chords of the band this spectacular eddy of subjects began that the “bare one? unfolded in Jumps, province to which remembered like one of first where it touched in his beginnings and it was thankful for as much hospitality.

The Fundamentalists of the Conditioned air were the perfect support of Solari, that gave to subjects of its two discs soloists to which it clarified with several of “the round? stage. “He always requested subjects in the radio?, “the angel of the losers?, “the treasure of the innocents?, “charro Chinese?, “Everything a wood?, cheeps “It of the Blockbuster?, “the last curve?, “Martinies and Tafiroles?, “Jijiji?. Altogether they were 26 songs that sounded with a surprising power before a public who did not stop to dance, to sing and until “poguear? the subjects of the “Indian?.

An enormous screen LCD dominated the scene and gave multicoloured sparkles and visual effects that were confused with bengalas, the rockets and other elements pyrotechnicses that people used to adorn, next to tens of “rags?, one night historical in Jump.

The stage of the Tavella avenue for the first time receives megashow of rock, although his fans resists to this denomination. Semantic questions aside, the recital of last night had everything what it is required to describe it as impeccable.

The organization, the security, the accesses and mainly the behavior of the thousands of fanatics deserves highly favourable “10 congratulated? and marks the clear ones that when to people quality offers him mainly and security responds with good wave. Whole young people of all the ages, families and some cuarentones surrendered before this spectacular conclave of the “ricotera congregation?, that ovacionó to the great “Indian? Solari in a show that will be very difficult to forget.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

The rock stone of Paranoiac Mice in concert

Tomorrow it is the chosen day so that the boys are with one of the bands of greater trajectory in our country.

Tomorrow the “Small square of the Carriage makers? (behind RIM 20) will be the point of contact so that youth jujeña enjoys the good rock stone next to the Paranoiac Mice, within the framework of the National Celebration of the Students.

From the 14, east gratuitous youthful festival will begin that is denominated “We celebrate the Spring without Alcohol? and that, in addition, will tell on the musical presence of Gallego next to different local bands that they will give a spectacle to pure rock.

Sunday is the chosen day so that the jujeños boys eet again with the band stone with greater importance in our country.

Emblem of the national musical scene, with riff rocanroleros, hits and trajectory is some of the characteristics that gave the award him of a consolidated band that writes the history of the rock and roll in Spanish with reputation. This is the grouping of “Juanse?, “Sarco?, “Roy? and Memi, Paranoiac Mice, that make rock with own sound.

And it is that more than twenty years in music, they guarantee the trajectory of this formation that, with his last titled record work like his name “Paranoiac Mice?, it tries to return to the essential from his origins.

Tomorrow it will be the occasion so that the musicians interpret the flaming songs of an album that has the participation of the recognized Luis Alberto Spinetta in “Japanese Sacrifice?, subject that wrote and composed.

Another one of the surprises that the recent disc produced by Andrew Oldham has, is that it counts on a song of the Spanish pair Laziness, titled “I am strange to You?.
Than two decades journeyed more by the rockera footpath they speak of this formation like everything a classic one in the national industry.

For this reason, also subjects will march past that marked the success and the popularity of these native musicians of the province of Buenos Aires, like “the rock of the cat?, “Rock of the piece?, “Vice?, “Juana de Arco?, “For always? and “Continues turning?, among others hits.
Esthetic and the sound imitating to Rolling Stones takes place from the same moment at which “Juanse? decided to dedicate itself to music.

Perhaps by that revolt, it mixes of his personage and of his own personality, it consisted to find a company to them record that it was arranged to contract them (in its beginnings). This musical spectacle is supported by the Safe Tribuno de Jujuy, Carrefour, Lukar, Ejesa, Bank Macro, Caruso, You walk Air lines, Balut, Sport Rocha, Phoenician Hotel, Kolor Show Show, Stops of the Vine and MG Constructions.

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

Adela Guerrero and a fulfilled dream

Today from the 22, the greater scene of Jujuy will be the host of a voice that always was, but today it rises.

“This is the really good news for music?, I thought while entrevistaba to Adela Guerrero, that presents/displays its disc “To live tonight singing? to 22 in the Miter Theater, and to Jose Simón, main mentor and producer of this challenge.

And it is that she is owner of an exceptional voice, with an ample trajectory that stayed with low profile of diffusion, except for when it mentions that jujeño was part of the emblematic group of folklore, the Carriers of Yavi, with those who it remembers there to have gained the First National Festival of the Folklore of Cosquín, per 1961.

Before it had belonged to Glad the Cholitas of the Plateau, but as she says “it was to amuse to us just in carnival?.

It deserved a disc yet, but the present conditions for a recording, and the times of a woman of 72 years, were not conjugated to obtain it. Until he passed through his life Jose Simón, great connoisseur to this height of the questions of production of discs and spectacles of first then nivelà and came together the necessary conditions.

Jose, worthy to emphasize by his generosity and its work jeopardizes with music in serious, not only he lately dedicated himself to grow and to evolve from his aspect of singer, but also he was pawned on recovering those values that we have forgotten, and that they would not have to stop registering itself, because they are part of the history of music in Jujuy. Before the disc of Adela, he also recorded the one of the Simón Brothers, that to this height of their trajectory did, it for the first time.

Adela in fact, never let sing, but it could not dedicate itself completely to music, because “I chose to marry?, says also satisfied by his five children. We know that the children imply some resignations, and Adela continued singing in different scopes, but it moved away of the Carriers of Yavi. He lived in Mendoza where he was singing stable of one radio; also in Buenos Aires where he comprised of the Juglares; and of return to Jujuy, in 1969, he was singing stable of Jujuy Radio.

Although always he loved the folklore, counts like anecdote that in Buenos Aires, even sang boleros.

In the 74, it did impasse important in his dedication like singer, because it already had three children, and the familiar obligations were their priority.

To so many years of his beginnings, and with much experience in his salary, Adela Guerrero it speaks of the concretion of this disc: “It was a dream of years that I have had the possibility of doing it. Partly this time of delay was fault mine because I retired, I preferred to marry?, assures, “and today I am happy I could do because it now. Thanks to God that put in my way Jose whom it drove to me to do this. Also I had very many support of my friendly, that are musical, singing, etc.?.

The majority of the subjects of the disc is of their responsibility, and in addition it also included Atahualpa Yupanqui, recording “the Humpa?, and works of anonymous authors.

Finally, Jose Simón, commented: “This disc with Adela has been a beautiful challenge doing. The idea is born from to have gone to have dinner one night to its house, and guitar of by means we began to sing. When it abrió the mouth to sing was impressive. I already had listened to the disc of grazes that she had recorded, but had listened to never it live. It is incredible how it has conserved that voice. When it presented/displayed the list of subjects to record, two just were of her, we convinced and it that it includes more.

The spectacle

Tonight, Adela Guerrero, will have invited artists to the spectacle as they are own Jose Simón and the bandoneonista Daniel Vedia.

The musicians accompany who it are Ramon Cordova, in guitars; Eliseo Alvarez Prado, in charango; Left Tony, in action; Dario Lozano, in trompeta; Gabriel Lozano, in trombón; Javier Claure and Alomías Lizárraga, in saxofón; Pablo Aybar, in trompeta; Elías Abalos, in accordion; Jose Luis Alfaro, Jorge Guari and White Fabian, in quenas and sikus; and Luis Stairs, in low.

Gentility of the Tribuno of jujuy
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