It shows the Tri-Chaco festival

The “Chaqueño?, Solitude, the Nocheros, the Tekis, the Voices of Oran and “Pitín? Zalazar will act, among others.

Between Saturday 19 and Mondays 21 of September, the new edition of the Tri-Chaco festival will be carried out, that will count on remarkable figures of the national popular song book. The convoking appointment will be developed in the locality of Santa Victoria This, in the Chaco salteño. The event, once again, is organized by Oscar the “Chaqueño? Palavecino.

The Nocheros, Pastorutti Solitude, and the “Chaqueño? the celebration will offer part of their spectacle “?. And, if celebration it is, the Tekis will arrive their contagious repertoire yet to add itself to this beneficial musical meeting.

The billboard is extensive and exceeded level it is appraised in her. They stand out: Mariana Reed, Mariana Cayón, the Aryan Voices of Oran, Paola, “Black? the Palm, “Pitín? Zalazar, the Five Voices, the Diableros de Oran, Yuchán, the Colombian Izkierdos of the Cave, Marcela Ceballos, Group Tenderness, Irises, “Hood? González and the Jayitas.

The Grenadiers to Horse also will be one of the great attractions of the festival. Delegations of Buenos Aires, Paraguay and Bolivia will concur. The jineteada one will say present with tropilla “the whinny?, of “Tito? Salusso. The Election of Reina of the Pilcomayo will be realized. The animation will be in charge of Oscar Humacata and the “Duck? Ocampo.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

It returns “the Fitito? from Bajofondo Theater Club

Bajofondo Theater Club will replace the Fitito, of Cecilia Propato, 18 Friday and Saturday 19 of September to 22 in the Mecano room (Homemade 460). Under the Thin direction of Carlos, they carry out the work Natasia Rivero, Carolina Sató, Andrea Yacuzzi, Rafael Amado and Joti Hernandez. Account with design and operation of lights of Manuel Omen and stage scene of Raul Costaguta.

This work relates passing of five personages who while “they travel?, are speaking of their daily activities and verifying when, where and how the facts happened. Its form to have a discussion is fragmented, skipped, where the digresión like esthetic speech is used.

The general entrance has a value of $15. For pensioners, students and teatristas $10. They already are on sale in the ticket office of the House of the Cultural one.

Facundo Spider in Jujuy and a commitment with the life

The awareness about the early detection of the cancer was the message that left the actor yesterday.

The early prevention of the cancer and the importance of a serious and responsible campaign to concientizar to the population were the central subject of the press conference offered by actors Facundo Arana and Nicholas Scarpino next to the president of the Association of the north jujeño Warmi Sayajsungo, Quispe Rosary and doctor Jorge Gronda.

As the actors said “we are here presenting/displaying a play, Power… can, but we are not going to speak indeed of the work?, but the intention was to insist on the campaign of awareness takes that them by all the country to speak of the prevention, the early halting of the cancer and of the importance and necessity of the blood donation. Tonight they will present/display “To be able. .se can? in the Miter Theater from the 21.30.

At noon they yesterday took contact with the press in the confectionery from the Airport the International “Horacio Guzmán?. Spider very had expressions felt by Quispe Rosary since it emphasized that “when beginning to cross this way we saw that there is much people who for years are fighting in this sense and in Jujuy we were with Rosary, that she is a person internationally recognized, name to the Nobel prize, a person who with talent, dedication, humility and the daily fight realizes a wonderful work in the north?.

Nicholas Scarpino maintained that he is wonderful what is happening to them to found with transcendental people, that does so much by the life, as much by its town and people.

Tonight in the hand program two leaves with information will be included on the cancer.

The proposal includes a collaboration of 10 pesos by each entrance that is destined to Fundaleu and to another social organization, in this case, it will be for Warmi Sayajsungo. Quispe rosary indicated that “it is very important for us that two actors so recognized are here?.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Tigers in Concert

The next Sunday 20 of September to 20,30 in the room of Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460), the second edition of Tigers in Concert, a recital organized by sub will be carried out commission of hockey of Rugby Tigers club. This singular musical event in which players of the club and their relatives will be in charge of the spectacle, is one of so many organized by this institution that comes continuously working in the generation from bottoms for works of infrastructure and purchase of equipment. In all the developed events, Rugby Tigers Club look for to reproduce the values learned within the field, to the activity outside her. They stand out in each one of the events: the work in equipment, the responsibility, solidarity and the respect.

By means of this musical proposal, Rugby Tigers Club also look for to promote the art like expression way and to generate a space so that small and great they share a little while of relaxation and they are amused together.

In this occasion like in the first edition of Tigers in Concert, drawings realized by the players of the club will be exposed in the hall of the House of the Culture who give account how they live the sport that realizes.

The cost of the entrance is a Bond Contribution of $15 + 1 nonperishable element that will be given to neighbors of the San jOse District in San Lorenzo.

The Bonds Contribution can be acquired in the ticket office of House of the Culture or in Garci'a soothes of the Virgilio Club s/n Villa San Lorenzo.

Greek theater with Okypus

Saturday 19 of September to hours 21.30, the Greek group Okypus will present/display the work the incredible history of the lost suitcase and its magical adventure in the hall Miguel Wayar the Cultural Center America (Miter 23). The work counts the history of a lost suitcase that arrives at its destiny after many years. It receives it to a niñita and as he is a little peculiar….it abre it. What hides the suitcase? Unknown objects lead to a trip by Latin America and its myths. Happening through Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico.

The same will present/display some passages in the Greek language and others in Spanish, being apt for all public and of free and gratuitous entrance, especially invite to schools and schools to participate.

Then, Monday 21 of September to 19, a conference will appear in the same place on the Epidauro Theater, Greek old theater in which until today, different expressions from art appear. Also reading to poetries of Greek authors in the origin language will occur, with the corresponding translation.

These activities are organized of joint way between the Ministry of Culture of Greece, the Greek Society of Jumps, the Cultural Center dependant America of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province and the Municipality of the City of Jumps.

Blind dog touches the sky with the hands

The call to the celebration will be from the 19, with free and gratuitous entrance, in the corner of Balcarce and Ameghino.

To the morning recital the bands will be added like guests Suburbs, Sanctuary, Essential, My Karma González and Luca Makonia.

They spent 20 years and “Salchi?, “Prawn?, ““Bare? Jopo? and follow together, giving life him to “Blind Dog?, the band of “more viejita? rock of Jumps. In order to celebrate them, tomorrow, from the 19, they will offer a gratuitous recital, outdoors, in the corner of Balcarce and Ameghino. It will be a way - they say “to be thankful for to the public so many years of endurance?.

The phrase seems a place common in the many-colored world of music, but in this case the thing is literal: Blind dog has followers who have stayed faithful to their proposal and they have been renewed very generationally in spite of the attack of financial crises, mediatic fashions and bombings. Twenty years of permanence in quite traditionalistic means as It jumps (from all point of view, including music) it is not much.

Bands with arrival at national level as the Lice and the Renga also celebrated this year two decades of scenes. Blind dog has sap of the interior and it has turned that it into referring of many other groups of different provinces. The band grew between hills, supported in the mouth mouth, first, and, more recently, in Internet. Thus it extended opposite and it arrived at Jujuy, Tucuman, Rosario and Cordova, where it had opportunity to touch live.

Auscultating to try to find the secret of its long permanence, one is whereupon Dog is, first of all, a friendly project. Marcelo “Salchi? Dock (voice, second guitar and acoustic guitar), Carlos “Bare? Fertile valley (low, guitar slide, acoustics and choirs), Martin “Prawn? Eyrie (first classic guitar, slide and) and Pablo “Jopo? Zenteno (battery) is known from the secondary school.

“We joined ourselves in a factory of independent music, where it taught `Chinato' Towers and other precursors of the rock in Jump. Eramos adolescent and already then united the passion to us by music?, remembered “Salchi?, with its parsimonious style. Agreed to the own anxiety of the age, they preferred the factory to the School of Music because these spaces “more were led to form bands that to train professionals of music?, the vocalista added.

The name of the band has to do with the music that their members listened in their beginnings: the blues and the classic rock and roll. “Blind Dog? was mote of a personage - a blusero that touched to the harmonica of the film “Crossroads?. Of that source they drank until satiating itself, by far of B.B. King and Eric Clapton of by means.
“Indeed, our style has influences of the classic rock and roll, the blues, the national rock of the' 80, plus the contributions that each of us did in the way?, it summarizes “Jopo? Zenteno.

“We are crossed by the city where we lived, the culture that we have. We did not censure it at the time of creating. We do not make fusion of folklore with rock; we touch rock and note that is salteño?, adds “Salchi?.

In order to continue being, clearly, an interlocutor makes lack: the public. Without return, there is no future. “The main thing is that they listen to you, then the public begins to spin fine, to recognize your style?, explained the “Bare one?.

The band already removed three discs and the quarter, that will be called “Pelafustán?, comes in way. “It will leave in order year. Pelafustán is a term of the century XVIII that served to describe to those who were outside the mercantilismo. Thus it was called to the single types that could merit in case. And we stayed thus, with I devise?, explains the bear. The band already has programmed dates to present the new material in Cordova, Buenos Aires, Tucuman, Santiago of Estero and Jujuy, and about the 2010 they think to appear in Rosary, Mendoza and Catamarca.

“Blind Dog? has grown throughout these years in the national scenes. Besides participating in the more important festivales of rock, the group was one of the few chosen ones to comprise of a documentary call “Stone Mother country?, realized by the journalist Maria Julia Oliván (of program 6.7, 8, Channel 7), where is the force of the “Stone culture? in our country.

The band bet from the beginning to the own subjects, and the perseverancia had its prize. The public follows and Korea his songs as if he was anyone of the mediatic groups that arrive from Buenos Aires. Now, with the page Web (, Dog can disembark in unthinkable places.

“For a band of the interior that does not have its discs in any disquería of the country, Internet is a window to the world?, affirmed “to Prawn? Eyrie (36), that besides touching the guitar, it is dedicated to arm to pages Web. Pablo Zenteno (36), in as much, is consulting of companies, and “Salchi? (36) and “Bare? gives guitar classes. With the oriented good prow, the boys say that “although many think that 20 years it is a ceiling, for us is `Dog' for short while?.

Of this yes is spoken

“Blind Dog? already has three discs in its salary: “Rocabola? (1996), “red Letters? (2003) and “moon Laborer? (2006). The fourth album is in process and “Pelafustán? will be called (it will leave in order year). The musicians of “Dog? say that, generally, the letters of their songs “do not look for to transmit a defined message. What the band says is something in which all we agree. We never had to discuss the wave that we are beating?, affirmed “Salchi?.

Martin precise Eyrie that the subjects speak of “experiences, that can go of the love to the hopelessness, but we are not a band that is characterized by the quarrel?. And he adds: “We have an idea formed with respect to the policy, but we did not need to speak directly of that. We determine position adhering to events that we considered significant?.

Lyrical concert next to outstanding soloists

Friday 25 of September the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer a lyrical concert with the soprano Paula Almerares and the tenor Enrique Folger like soloists. It will direct like guest the teacher Mario Perusso.

The evening will take place to 21,30 in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, with the interpretation of Overture of the Roman Carnival of Berlioz, Extracts of Romeo and Julieta de Gounod: Vals, Aryan of tenor and Pair of alcove, and Extracts of Manon de Massenet: Adieu, notre petite table, In fermant them yeux, to parloir du to Him seminaire of Saint-suplice (scene Manon - DES Grieux) and route du Le Havre (scene of Manon-DES Grieux).

The entrances will be able to be acquired from Monday 21 in ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70).

Paula Almerares

It was born in the Silver. It initiated his studies of song in Buenos Aires with professor Mirtha Garbarini. First operística presentation in the Argentine Theater did his of the Silver (Buenos Aires) in the roll of Musetta of the Bohème de Puccini. In this coliseo it interpreted, in addition, Carmen (Micaela), Don Pasquale, Manon, Romeo and Julieta and diverse choral concerts symphonic.

Columbus in 1993 with Stories of Hoffmann (Antonia) next to the tenor Alfredo Kraus and the baton of Julius Rudel made debut in the Theater, action that was worth the prize to him to the Best Argentina Singer granted by the Association of Musical Critics of Argentina. Later in that coliseo he interpreted the Bohème (Musetta) next to Mirella Freni, Romeo and Julieta, Don Pasquale, Falstaff next to the Teacher Renato Bruson, Manon de Massenet and several concerts.

He gained the International Contests Belvedere (Vienna, 1993) and Traviata 2000 of Pittsburgh (the USA) and participated like Violetta in the representations of the Traviata with the direction of Lorin Maazel. This contest marked the beginning of its international race.

Domingo in the reinauguración of the Reconciled Theater of Buenos Aires and in the Centennial Stage of Montevideo sang next to the Placid tenor. Later amore in Washington was invited by this Great Artist to interpret L' to elisir d'.

The Fenice of Venice in Orfeo made debut in Europe in 1995 in the Theater ed Euridice. In that continent and the United States it sang, in addition, I puritani, L' to elisir d' amore, Don Pasquale, the Bohème, the Traviata, Rigoletto, the barber of Seville, among others.

Numerous works of symphonic camera and had it to chorales like protagonist. Assiduously Claudius Scimone with I Solisti Veneti is invited by the Teacher with that realizes tours by all Europe with works of Mozart, Haendel, Albinoni, Merchant, Schubert, among others.

He took part, in addition, in the Festival of Summer in the Greek Theater of Epitauro, he sang the Ninth Symphony of Beethoven in the Theater Columbus next to the Philharmonic one of Israel under the baton of Zubin Mehta.

Their recordings include Giulietta and Romeo de Vaccaj (Bongiovanni Italy) and the twenty-five years of the Quartet of Almerares Cords published by Classic Magazine of Buenos Aires, DVD - Orfeo ed Euridice (Bernadette Manca I gave Nissa - Paula Almerares) orchestral Direction Gustav Kuhn - Theater San Car it of Naples.

In 2007 him the prize to “Better national singer 2006? was granted by the Association of Argentine critics. It realized concerts with the Symphonic National; the personage of Violetta (the Traviata) in the Argentine Theater of the Silver interpreted obtaining highly favourable critics.

“Festife song to Maria?

The festival folkloric will be carried out Friday 25 of September. There will be an interesting artistic billboard.

Animaná is prepared to receive the folklore in its maximum expression. The convoking Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino will be the “flagman? of the attractive artistic billboard.
Friday 25 of September, from the 21,30, the first edition of the “Festife will be carried out song to Maria?, in the estate of the Club Sportivo Animaná, organized by the local municipality and within the framework of its Supervisory Celebrations in honor to its Virgin Employer of the Favor.

The presence of the “Chaqueño? already woke up enormous expectation in the Calchaquí Valley, and surely many supporters will concentrate themselves in the mentioned stage to sing and to dance to the compass of the man of the Chaco salteño.

Before Animaná, Palavecino will have another great commitment: the Tri-Chaco festival, that he himself will organize between Saturday and next Monday in Santa Victoria This. There they will be artists of the stature of the Nocheros, Solitude Pastorutti, the Tekis, the Aryan Voices of Oran, Pitín Zalazar, Mariana Reed, Mariana Cayón, Paola, the Izkierdos of the Cave, among others. Also there will be place for tropical music with Group Tenderness and the Colombian Irises.

Returning the colorful town of Animaná, also it will have artists of recognized trajectory, like the Five Voices, the Salteños, the Jayitas, Those of Cafayate, Nahuel Ruiz (the Marucho, ovacionado in Talents Argentine), and Grass of the Plateau. Humor will be in charge of the tucumano “the hood? González. The conduction will be responsibility of the speaker Oscar Humacata.
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