Dance Jazz Ballet offers a show From the Soul

The spectacle will be carried out, from the 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

Everything is ready to today live the spectacle “From Soul 2009?, of the group Dance Jazz Ballet, that directs the dancer, professor and coreógrafo salteño Iván Barrientos. The appointment will be carried out from the 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Davalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

“This year we come however, aside from presenting/displaying choreographies that obtained first prizes and gold medals as interpreters and gold medal to the best choreography in VIII the Inter-American Contest of Dance in Jump 2009, also we obtained the first prize to the best choreography in the Modern contest Jazz, that will allow us to dance in the Luna Park stage, of Buenos Aires. In addition, we were invited again by Valeria Lynch to participate in 5º Congress the International of Musical comedies and You operate Rock, that will be realized the next year?, commented Barrientos.

The spectacle will be divided in two parts and different styles from dance will be able to be appreciated: modern, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary. Also professors Eugenia Simesen and Karina Médici will present/display choreographies.

Dance Jazz Ballet is integrated by: Gabriela Herbas, Veronica Turin Aráoz, Daniela Chávez, Eliana Aryan, Yesica Villarubia, Eugenia Simesen, Karina Médici, Julieta Teruel, Victory Morals, Fátima Gil, Paola Espinoza, Pablo Dimitracoff, Javier Villagra, Sebastián Toconás, Pablo Aguirre, Exequiel Archimot and Diego Dominate. Also students of initial and intermediate level will participate.


Iván Barrientos also will have to its position the work “They… only want to amuse itself?, to be fulfilled tomorrow, from the 22, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps - General Güemes 434-.

One is a group of boys who want to present/display a spectacle and they do not leave them end up, them persecuting the police, but “They…? they achieve its objective and is to be able to make the show in a theater. The show has choreographies, numbers of transformismo, live songs and a quota of theater, that is the nexus of desopilante history.

They will recreate musical pictures of great artists, like being: Isabel Pantoja, Dove San Basilio, Chita Creek, Sara Brigtman, Rafaella Carrá, Nicole Kidman, Cristina Eyrie, Fever, Lady Marmalade, etc.

The artists of this history are: Paul Diamond, Gustavo the Diaz, Georgina Mons, Ariel Vega and Cristan Rivas, who give life to the personages of Mine D Ricci, Lola Hawn, Shirley and Dominique Star.

Villamil solitude sings to him to the love through tangos, milongas and valses

It continues the propose celebration by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province, through the Secretariat of Culture. Framed in the Cycle the Culture nonDuer to me, tonight to 21 in Place 9 of Julio, It jumps will adhere to the celebration of the Day the International of the Tango. The salteños will have the opportunity to outdoors enjoy the presentation of the actress and singer Villamil Solitude their spectacle To die of Love. In addition, the recognized actor and Rodrigo singer of the Serna the Yotivenco will take control present of its group. This Integra spectacle a series of presentations that, within the cycle the Tango is Ours, will be realized in simultaneous in our city, Mendoza, Ushuaia, Formosa and city of Buenos Aires, organized jointly with Secretariat of Culture of the Nation.

Saturday 12, to 21, Jumps will enjoy the beauty of its dance. The Ballet of the Province will imprimirá grace and movement to our traditional Place 9 of Julio with Bolero and extracts of the Mesías.

As it closes, Sunday 13 of December, from the 19, the Night of the Museums will be realized. Museums the provincial and, those nationals, policemen and deprived that adheres, will open to their doors with free and gratuitous entrance and diverse bids for all the pleasures.

Cronogram the Night of the Museums

Museum of Anthropology of Jumps (Army of Norte and Single Ricardo)

19.30h Documentary Cinema: A world that is going away, documentary on the Wichis of the Chaco Salteño. Next Crafts of the Chane de Salta.

21h Concert of Andean Music with Pablo Maraglia accompanies, it: Alexander Uriona in guitar and charango, Claudius Ledesma in percussion. They will present/display the music CD White Wind of Pablo Maraglia.

22h Pasties and came. Toast with the public present

Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano esq. Vine shoot)

18h Opening of Sample of Argentine Artists of the patrimony of the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps

21h Action of Trio De Jazz Towers - Saluzzi - Goldstein

Museum Marries Aryan Rengel (Florida 20)

19h Presentation of the Pair Quintessence

20h Puppets position of the group Lionesses

Temporarias samples in Ground floor
Art to the plate
Of iron we are Sculptures of Pounding Velazco

Permanent samples in High Plant
Tywaras and Bambas Campomar Collection of African art
Sculptures of the Patrimony of the Museum
Bequeathed room Leguizamón Movable and sets of dishes of time

Museum of Anthropology of High Mountain (Miter 77)

The museum will distribute between the infantile concurrence alfajores and treats.

Museum of Contemporary Art (Zuviría90)

Guided and participating visits special
19 to 20h Projection of artistic videos
20.30h Performance of the Company of Numen dance
22 to 23h Projection of artistic videos
Body painting

Archaeological museum Pío Pablo Diaz de Cachi (Juan Calchaquí s/n. Next to the Church and to the front of the Main Place)

18.30h Meeting with the Small Friendly of the Museum to prepare a visit guided along with Jorge Cabral.

19h guided VIsita public generally and tourists in charge of a specialist of the museum. The reserve area will have its doors abiertas for a general understanding of the missions and specific functions of this museum.

20h Entrega of certificates to the assistants of the Course of Formation of Local Guides.

20.30h Toast and action of the Ballet Folkloric Joining dreams.

Music and mateada gaucha in Belgrano place

The activity will be made today and, Sunday. One will choose the Mother Gaucha 2009.

This behind schedule to 16 a gauchesca demonstration in charge of the of the same country candidates to Gaucha Mother will be carried out mateada and in the Belgrano Place.

In this activity they will be able to participate to all the mothers gauchas of our province and the public generally is invited to happen pleasant a little while in afternoon of today.
With the special support of local carperos sets, which will offer in their repertoire, the mothers gauchas will be able to demonstrate to their qualities for the dance and other own customs of our traditionalistic and Argentine culture.

For this reason, she invites herself to participate to all the population, but to the gauchaje especially of this day especially dedicated to his figure.

Also, Sunday from the 12 to the midnight the Election of the Countrywoman will be realized “the Gaucha Mother? in the facilities of the Lavalle Club of Brown the Mariano district.

The musical day will have like protagonists to groups folkloric of first level like the Strangers of the Chaco, the Carperos de Jujuy, “the Chango? Arrueta and the Salamanqueros, Alexander Towers and their Chamameceros, Aldo Quispe, Mendoza Solitude and “the Chango? Vázquez, among others.

Both activities were organized by the members of the foundation New Beginnings that the folclorista Mendoza Solitude presides over and that it has been having by objective to attend the children of our Fist from this proposal carried out for several years.
Mendoza has predicted the concretion of a show for the day of Kings Magos, with chocolate, inflatable treats, toys, clowns, magicians, castles.

“Our thought always is put in the children of the north of our province, in sad his caritas and hopeful? the organizers expressed, who requested the collaboration of the town jujeño to take nonperishable food solidarity to the facilities of the Lavalle Club.

The general entrance will have a value of 10 pesos in the mentioned sport space.

The “Chaqueño? will close the year

Also Gustavo Cordova, Sap and the Group will act Sour cherry.

The veiled one comes last from the year for the Dance Cacharpaya and the main figure will be nothing less than the “Chaqueño? Palavecino. The night folkloric Thursday 17 of December will be crystallized, from the 23, in the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800). The artistic billboard will complete with the Group Sour cherry, the soloist Gustavo Cordova and the ascending set Sap.

The occasion will be propitious to celebrate the birthday of “Chaqueño? -18 of December and surely many followers will appear themselves to happy birthday to you sing to this convoking artist salteño to him, that comes to realize two successful recitales in the Great Rex, of Buenos Aires, to full room.

The anticipated general entrances of 35 pesos will be on sale from today in the Cacharpaya - Balcarce 922-, Gieco Bar - Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting, small square IV Centuries - Alberdi and Caseros- and Integral Optica - High NOA Shopping-.

Recital of Jujeña Soul in the stops of the Miter

Its repertoire is inspired the Tekis and by other interpreters.

The youthful group Jujeña Soul will appear tomorrow (Friday) to 22 in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

The members of this grouping are Fernando Echenique (first voice), “Flat? Lucas Ruiz (second voice and first guitar), Agustín Labruna (second guitar and choir), Expensive Franc Flowers (winds and choir), Joaquin Arellano (winds and choir), Julian Ferretti (charango) and Francisco Ferretti (percussion).

Jujeña soul formed the 23 of August of the last year, in the meetings between friendly; and it takes that name to demonstrate according to his members that its song is realized from the soul and inspired by the heroic gesture of our town.

The musicians have between 14 and 15 years and, deeply feeling the roots of the folklore of our region, adopted songs with rates of carnavalitos, sayas, takiraris, huaynos, cuecas, tinkus, like thus also farmers and zambas.
Its repertoire is inspired by its main referring one that is the Tekis, although also admire several interpreters.

Under the conduction and advising of great teachers of the folklore jujeño among them the brother mystics Chañi Amaranth, Luis and Foro, realized his first steps and still they continue kind to its advice.

Also they received in the School of El Salvador where they concur to classes, in the Factories of Native Instruments the contribution of the professor Loving Fidel and children, director and creator as well of the Symphony orchestra of Andean Instruments.
Jujeña soul appeared in different scenes from the province.

Tomorrow “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? is released

Members of Penal Unit 1, their university managers and students were united to realize this work.

Familiar tangles, humorous situations and variable generations to the passage of time, are some of the subjects that will show east Friday to 21 in humorous the piece and reflective “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? of Germa'n Zicus in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

Immersed in the dawn of other times, the actors pertaining to the factory of theater of the Penitentiary Service Unit 1 and two managers of the same, absorbed the essence of the suburb of Buenos Aires and raised in each test, the birth of an funny work of love in which are manifolds personages.

Accompanying the accomplishment by the argument and theatricality, it was added to the proposal directed by Néstor “Yiyi? Maidana, a feminine list integrated by students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and of the Department of Education.

For this reason, assembled in three acts, this piece sets out to consolidate the familiar union, but also another particular union that takes place in the theater scene and that was perceived in one of the tests realized in the coliseo jujeño.

United by the theater, the members of the artistic list were united in this artistic discipline that manages to break with the social differences and responds to the work with people who play on the scene and try to change their daily situation.

“It is a beautiful experience, with a good group that armed itself. It is to share between all this pretty work? expressed Nilda Delia Cuellar de Martinez, one of the actresses who, next to Liliana Ester Rodriguez comprise of Department of Education.

“It is the first time that I participate in theater. At the outset I was scared, fear but later many expectations. We mainly live an atmosphere on respect and patience. Later a good coexistence in these three months took place that we had tests? declared Rodriguez.

The voice of Fabian Tolaba, one of the protagonists of the work, also was made feel and defined to the theater like an art social leveller and.

“I am in theater for six years in the Penitentiary Unit, is one more a experience to demonstrate the good thing that she does the art to us like people.

First it cost to me to integrate me to the group but everything what one learns is positive. All we are human beings without distinction and we formed a good group " expressed the intern.
Also, two students of the race of Sciences of the Education the Faculty of Humanities also will act in this putting and they were happy for working in a heterogenous group.

“The invitation arrived to Us to be part of the work through a work in facu. What I rescue is the extension activity that allows us to know other institutions? said to Alejandra Julian who included to Cecilia Shutter in his declaration. “Since they invited to us we have many desire to act. In my case it is the first time that I participate in a play. A pretty group with spectacular people armed itself? finalized Shutter.

“The Rebellion of the Dreams?

The piece interpreted by three actors will recover tonight and tomorrow.

The theater piece “the Rebellion of the Dreams? will recover today and tomorrow to 20,30 in the museum and cultural center “Culturarte? of San Martin corner Vine shoot.

The work, that is carried out by Daniel Saldaño, Rubén Fleita and Carlos Teñeres, raises thematic deep that will take to the watching public to the reflection.

The argument analyzes discovering how the ambition without limits of being able and the necessity to reach it, takes to some few men to administer to desire of a whole town, region or country and on how the own one to be human would make any thing to arrive at its objective.

The recital “Rock by Mariana?, tonight in Beelzebul

My Karma González, Giroscopo and Teddy Kruegger will act.

For the musicians of My Karma González, Teddy Kruegger and Giroscopo the one of today it will be one night special because they will meet in the scene of Beelzebul to help a friend. “Rock by Mariana? is the name of the recital to benefit that the three bands salteñas will offer today, from the 21, in Necochea 748.

During the show drawings will be realized and all the collected one will be destined to the medecine purchase for Mariana Barttolotta, that suffers lupus.

Mariana Barttolotta is 31 years old and suffers of lupus, a disease that it does not have cures but that can be controlled with remedies of by life which nowadays they are very expensive. It is why their friendly were united to organize this moved that it has like objective to contribute a sand granite so that the young person can bear his daily fight.

My Karma Gónzalez is integrated by salteños musicians who touch reggae and other styles. On the other hand, Teddy Kruegger, integrated by Emiliano Livelli (low and voice), Gastón Oliver (sintetizadores), Tote Oil mill (battery) and Facundo Urtazun (guitar), finishes publishing its first album “Magnetic orientation?.
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