Special night for a “Dream? of opera

A group of the lyrical premises will offer a spectacle today, from the 21, under the conduction of Dafne Guardatti.

Today and tomorrow, under the conduction of Dafne Guardatti, one will appear in soothes of Pro Culture Jumps - Miter 331-, the work “Dream of opera in Jumps among others?, where the public will be able to be delighted with works of Mozart, Bellini, Beethoven and Verdi.

The production, realized by the soprano Marianela Guardatti and the Maximiliano baritone Perez Abbey, with the attendance of Carlos Ruiz Turfs, will be put in scene from the 21. It will be divided in two parts and it will include different fragments from opera, as “ci darem the hand? or “the weddings of Fígaro?, of Mozart; “In questa tomba dark?, of Beethoven; “Or mine expensive babbino? or “Mini Scythe mine house is partito?, of Puccini.

Also it will include fragments as “I saw Rawiso Loughi Ameni?, of Bellini, like thus also “Torero? or “Havanan?, of Bizet; “Nichts ist is spat und frühe?, of Bach; “Infelice! And tuo credevi?, of Verdi, or “Dunque io is?, of Rossini. In the putting in scene they will participate: Marianela Guardini, Rossana Martinez, Claudia Rivers (sopranos); Maximiliano Perez Abbey, Red Fidel, Carlos Yudi, Gonzalo Alanís (baritones); Golden Laura, Rosana Bisonard, Ana Galíndez, Ana Viltes, Mercedes Herrera, Luis Roldán, Golden Paola, in piano, and Sergio Wamba, low. The work will exhibit comedy and drama passages. It will look for to transport to the public until the original scenes of these appraised theater pieces.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

The great “Dream? of Marcela Ceballos today is made reality

The artist will present/display his last record material tonight, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard, Pueyrredón 175.

The soloist Marcela Ceballos will tonight offer a recital in the Theater of the Orchard - Pueyrredón 175-, in which it will present/display the subjects of his last record material, titleholder “Dreams?. The appointment will begin to 21 and in the occasion they will attend important special guests.

“It is my first disc as soloist and I want to share it with all my people. I recorded the last year, but just now the opportunity occurs to present/display it in a theater. I have a rare mixture of feelings, but I do not see the hour that the moment arrives. I do not have doubts that it will be a true celebration of the folklore?, indicated Ceballos.

The CD has a carpero frame, with different rates from the popular song book and with authors of expanded trajectory in the matter. The nostalgiosa can be listened “?, of Eduardo Falú and Jaime Dávalos; “Better we follow thus?, of Ternán Robert; “Cat of the chaguarales?, Paschal Ceballos and Mario Flowers; “Mentime just?, of Jorge Milikota; “When they watch your eyes?, of Enrique Cadícamo, among others.

“I already presented/displayed it in different points from the country. Just I arrived from Buenos Aires, where I realized diverse activities, which served in addition me to make press in several means of that province. Also I made contact with enemy for future presentations?, added Marcela.

And although in its race it already counts on several activities in different festivales, this time comes to leave its greater “dream?, that is the launching of its first disc, in which it included in addition a Brown tango of Piece, subject that it interprets with an enviable soltura.

“It is a personal taste that wanted to give to me, I recorded the subject `Throat with sand', of a teacher like Chestnut, that day to day enriches with its songs the repertoire of national music?.

Group Magnet

Marcela was member of the ascending group Magnet and 3 years ago it decided to follow his race like soloist: “The truth is that in this time I learned a pile, not only in the musical comedy, but also in the personnel. To face a proposal as soloist forces to you to mature more express, the responsibilities are majors, but to the same time the profits taste special?.

Ceballos is niece of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, that also it had to do with “peregrinating? musical of this artist salteña: “My uncle helped me enough, and he does whenever he can. It made participate me in many important festivales in the country. Almost surely it will accompany to me today in the Theater of the Orchard. Also they will raise the scene Mario Teruel, of the Nocheros, and the Five Voices. I do not have words of gratefulness for these artists who will be side in tonight so special?.


“The recital will mean my beginning in the summer season. Luckily, work not will lack and already are numerous activities that I will confront all over the country, between that Cosquín, Jesus Maria and the Festival of the Chaya stand out, in La Rioja. In addition, already I entered the circuit of Tucuman and several commitments in that province were added, like the Festival of Lules?. With the production of the “Chaqueño? and the participation in guitars of Juanjo Domínguez, Marcela Ceballos, this young person of hardly 23 years, will tonight present/display its first record work, titleholder to us “Dreams?.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Green snot in the Gallant

The punk grouping rock will present/display its second record work.

The punk band rock Green Snot will present/display its second titled record material “Vague of yesterday? tonight to 20, in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

In addition, in the artistic show the public will be able to listen to subjects of own responsibility that they belong to the first record material, engraving of independent form.

This musical formation, integrated by L.E.C (low and voice), “Tavo? (first guitar), “Gury? (second guitar) and “Musa? (battery), has ten years of trajectory in the local scene.

The entrance for this spectacle will be free and gratuitous.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Rock folkloric with in pair the Simple one

Several local artists for the elaboration of the first CD of the pair will act.

The pair the Simple one organized a rock Creole Patio for this Saturday from the 22,30 in the SUM of district “9 of Julio?.

In the opportunity, the attending public will be able to enjoy different artistic numbers, between which they will stand out, the feminine trio folkloric, In Song; the young musician and revelation, Darío Eyebolt; the Chijra Group that will anticipate the carnestolendos celebrations of the 2010, and will finalize the evening the pair host, the Simple one.

The objective to realize this musical spectacle is to collect bottoms for the recording of the first record work that want to undertake Gabriel Farfán and Carlos Urtado, the members of the formation.

The Simple one

The pair the Simple one formed in April of this year when Carlos Urtado and Gabriel Farfán were invited to sing to benefit. From this encounter, both decided to direct the artistic project.

Soon new members like “the Negrito? Ustares in the low one, Marcelo Coria in percussion and Edgardo Escobar in the first guitar were gotten up, always are the firm intention to make specific the dream of the first CD, that will take by title “reserved Dream?.

The pair appeared in different cultural spaces and local scenes from the province, sharing spectacles with the group Quebracho, Daniel Cisneros and “the Cat? Garci'a, among others. In their musical repertoire subjects of the national popular song book and of the compositions of Carlos Urtado are also included, like the bailecito “Imillita de Uquía?, the cat “What you are going to make my love?, bolero “I I am not the guilty? and taquirari “Jujeñita?, among others.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Of iron we are, sculptures of Pounding Velasco

In the Museum House of Aryans Rengel, Florida 20, the exhibition of iron sculptures can be visited until month end we are, of the artist salteña To pound Velasco.

Sculptor, Velasco is licensed in Plastic Arts Specialty withdrawn Sculpture of the National University of Tucuman.

At the moment, one evolves as in the School of Beautiful Arts Takings educational Goatherd in the levels baccalaureate, teaching staff and in free factories of nonformal education.

Lotufo daisy has commented its work: “The rhetoric of Pounding Velasco restores itself sustained in the slight and calm eloquence of the metal; in the resignificación of constituent pieces of industrial structures and in net volumes that play with one inspired and wise specialty.

Each structure arises conformed on the basis of the wise union of pieces that originally were construídas to comprise of machines and tools of work, whose forms were given by the utility which they rendered. Now, they are transfiguran in bodies, dresses, peinetones and they become horses, women, riders.

(...) Each sculpture speaks to us of the capacity of the artist, to aptrir of an intelligent handling of the constituent elements of the visual language, to construct imaginary worlds, to establish illusions, to create inmaterialidades to patrir of the matter, to turn into real, the unreality. “

One varied proposal to close the Factories of Theater

The Secretariat of Culture of the Province, through its Direction of Cultural Management, raises scene the closing of the Factories of Theater. Of Wednesday 25 to Sunday 29 of November the practical works of investigation of the students in the rooms will appear Juan and Mecano (Homemade 460), after an arduous year of training.

Under the direction of Lucrecia Branches, with children and adolescents, and Jorge Renoldi with the adults, the paper who play the factories of theater in our province is more and more excellent. This attests the 21 present lists in the provincial celebration of theater, of which an important percentage was formed by the population of talleristas. In the same way, the adolescent factories are a seed plot of artists, since many of withdrawn his outside continue their formation of the province, like cinema directors, actors, university professors of theater, etc.

“What we tried to instill is the passion, we inflated so them of enthusiasm and that is what they take for other places? comments the black Branches. “The theater is a visionary sort, a knowledge related to the creative thing, that it dives deep in the human emotions. We work with that material and we were discovering great talents.? Renoldi counts.

Knowing the restlessness that this activity generates, the Secretariat of Culture, every year, proposes a factory of approach to the scenic work, where east creative sort is approached. After a year of incorporation of the theoretical knowledge and physical training, the student arrives at a point where he needs to happen to another instance, the confrontation with the public.

The cronogram of presentations is the following one:

Wednesday 25

Room Juan Carlos Dávalos

17.30h - Young - collective Creation We are going all to play - Lucrecia Branches
18.30h - Adolescent 1º Level - collective Creation Histories of Navigators - Lucrecia Branches
20.30h - Adolescent 2º Level - collective Creation Small stories of love - Lucrecia Branches
22h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation Five bullets, five people - Lucrecia Branches

Thursday 26

Mecano room

18h - Adolescent 2º and 3º Level - collective Creation Blue Field - Lucrecia Branches
19h - Adolescent 1º Level - collective Creation Women - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adult - Approaches Lorquianas - Jorge Renoldi
22,30 h - Adults - In the name of God - Jorge Renoldi

Friday 27

Mecano room

19h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation Five bullets, five people - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adult - Approaches Lorquianas - Jorge Renoldi
22,30 h - Adults - In the name of God - Jorge Renoldi

Saturday 28

Mecano room

20h - Adolescent 2 º and 3º Level - collective Creation the Island - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation Almuerto - Lucrecia Branches

Domingo 29

Room Juan Carlos Dávalos

17h- Children 2º Level - collective Creation Focom… Socom… Colon! - Lucrecia Branches
18.30h - Adolescent 2º Level - collective Creation Small stories of love - Lucrecia Branches
19.30h - Adolescent 2º and 3º Level - collective Creation Blue Field - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation the Machine To dream - Lucrecia Branches

Mecano room

22.30 - Adolescents 2º and 3º Level - collective Creation the Island - Lucrecia Branches

General entrance to $5, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

The first CD of the pair Huku Mallku appeared

With an overwhelmed audience, the pair Huku Malku integrated by the musicians Jose “Bear? Martinez and their small Mallku son, presented/displayed the first record material titled “ancestral Song?, in the great classroom of soothes university of the Quiaca.

“This work is what I have dreamed since was a boy, and with the arrival of my son I have been able to make specific this dream, because thanks to his musical talent, it pushes and it forces I could make specific this dream?, expressed Martinez when beginning to touch the subjects including in the compact disc for the delight of all the public present.

The artistic pair is recognized in the border city, given to its participation in the festivales and cultural encounter, “Art by and for all?, organized by the Municipality of the Quiaca in different districts from the city.

In these presentations the pair demonstrated to its talent, gaining the admiration and the affection of people, since he is not usual to see a small one like Mallku execute the percussion and sing in rate and tone with much diversion.

In the presentation outstanding people participated, like the intendant of the Ernesto city Daniel Suárez who was thankful for the support and participation of people in this presentation.

“We have the function of being facilitators of situations that have considered to us throughout this management. Two years ago we began?, honored the communal head when indicating that “the gesture of Mallku, a prodigious boy in which does what it likes. So we decided to give a small aid him because we know that the work of them this position here, the concerted effort of them is put in this CD, hopefully who have very many luck, knows that it to be useful?, it referred more ahead.

The civil servant also indicated his will to continue supporting initiatives artistic-musical comedies in the city.

“Today he touches you, Huku Mallku, and surely tomorrow he will touch to another one; the idea is to be able to be always present, to be a facilitator for our culture?, concluded the head of the commune quiaqueña.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Educational artists of Purmamarca expose in the Lavalle Museum

He is in the last room of the old large house in that they killed Juan Lavalle, today museum. There, a group of educational of Free Factories of Arts and Crafts of Purmamarca exhibit their works, for the first time, in collective form. Bond to say: not them works of its students nor of their factories, but those that they themselves, artists and craftsmen as well, generate. The fact, then, has its importance.

One treats, first of all, to show that, after education, there is a love by the matter that is transmitted and that, for this reason, teaching is not only one labor exit but the possibility of transmitting the art that is exerted. Secondly, it is possible to be seen as the same crafts are touched, also, by the distinguishing quality of the art.

It is not that the art is superior to the crafts. During generations, numerous craftsmen of our earth are exercise full offices of dignity, contributing to their communities those elements that, been born from the same roots of our culture, were not supplied by another means. Then, when the industrial metal pots and weaves lowered the price of the necessary materials for the daily use, the work of weavers and potters was decreased.

For many craftsmen, and for many of which they want to rescue the crafts of his ancestors, the art was the form to give back a social sense to its works. But, clearly, he is not only that, because besides resignificar the social function of an office, is an own esthetic necessity of the human being who looks for the purely beautiful thing in the surface of the culture in which he was bred.

Thus, the brief sample of the educational-artists of Free Factories of Purmamarca, that by brief it is doubly good, is, this is precisely why, a possibility of finding us with the beauty. The carpets of Ricardo Alancay load, at the same time as the framework of our looms, a personal synthesis of forms and emergent colors of the landscape and of millenarian symbols, whereas the ceramics of Hope Cross appears recreating own imagery and vasijeria, rescuing and enriching simultaneously.

Carlos scholastic, from its work with picote, and Maurín Norm, from the weave to two needles, hangs in dummies works of which its primary article sense could be become lost in thought to dress to see itself, in themselves, like pictures, without for that reason stopping being articles. Severe Huarita Colque has hung in the room its works of fur shop, where the image is let play in the surface of the hairs, clarifying the design with its own tones against the lights, and their art, modest and delicate, it would seem to consist only of desocultar it of the dice.

Ariel La Rioja took his pictures, where it annoys a spiritual question that takes, like our same town, of it has nourished what it throughout the centuries: a search of the sense of the universe in the same world in which it lives, and a search of the sense of the life in the religious stories, both in one, without dividing lines. Amelia Cordova, on the other hand, disturbs beautiful where coquetea his oniria with the iconic expression that another Amelia Cordova, thousands of years back, him left implanted in a cave.

That I myself, who writes this note, it has put one of my police novels in one of the display cabinets next to works of my companions, than another thing is due more to the pride to belong, somehow, to this heterogenous group of creators who, by means of the Free Factories, we turned upside down on the populations to contribute, and so we know, that to the office of the craftsmen follows alive in its search of the shaping thing and the beautiful thing.

The sample will be able to be visited see you tomorrow.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy
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