Expensive Malena will present/display a book of photographies

Thursday 10 of September to 19,30 in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Jumps, Expensive Malena photographer will present/display their book of photographies the Miracle of the Faith. This work, considered of excellent graphical and artistic quality, will be presented/displayed by the virreinal imaginero of Jumps Gustavo Ibarguren.

The book of this recognized photographer salteña includes in its pages not only photographies but also Aryan texts of Graciela and poems of Celia Fleming. The design of the same, was in charge of Mercedes Cataldi. It was declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province and is abre with a prolog of the Archbishop of Jumps Monsignor Mario Antonio Cargnello.

The images were caught during the celebration of the Miracle through several years, and present/display the figures of the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle, the surroundings of the Cathedral Basilica, the procession at different moments, and mainly, many pilgrims doing the way and participating in the traditional cults.

The glance of Expensive Malena knows to trasuntar the faith spirit that animates the celebration, and that is the common characteristic that it unites to the thousands of faithfuls who every year go to honor to the Employers of It jumps.

Expensive Malena was born in Jumps; one formed in Europe, the United States and Buenos Aires. From 1990 it exerts the photography like profession, mainly in the social scope and industralist, free-lance regime. It produced photographies for publicity, average graphs and editions of art. It also acted like cultural and publishing manager.

It presented/displayed his photos in individual and collective samples from 1988. It published some series of them in the form of posters. It conceives his productions not only as forms of personal expression, but also as a contribution to the putting in value and conservation of the natural and cultural patrimony of his province.

Through this book this celebration in its four chapters can be vivenciar that follow an order chronological: The Flowers, the Novena, the Pilgrims and Procesión.


In the Room of Art of the Popular Library I am qualified the sample of Painting of Sergio Reynaga from the 5 to 10 September.

The thematic one of the sample will be chapels of prov. of Jujuy. The sample will be qualified of 10 to 20 12:30 and 17 to hs.

Noa events

Noa events

The Provincial Celebration of Theater begins

Tonight it will be the act opening of the competitive encounter, that will close with the stellar presentation of the Loved ones.

Today the Provincial Celebration of the Theater begins XXV. On the one hand one prepares the allegorical parade of murgas and personages by the centric streets of our city, that will conclude in the front of the Miter Theater, and will begin to 21. They will participate murgas “Lacking a Tone?, “the Decided ones of Corchito?, “the novices of the Stop? and “Glorious madness?.

To the same hour but in Culturarte (Vine shoot corner San Martin), a performance will appear, as adhesion of the Forum of Theater Jujuy Dance to the celebration.

To 21,30 it will be the act of official opening in the Miter Theater, in which it will be realized a projection of photographies and newspaper notes of the theater production jujeña.
Soon one will appear like special guest to the celebration, the group the Loved ones of Buenos Aires, of music and action.

The provincial celebration is made every year with the purpose of to select to the three better productions jujeñas of independent theater, so that they represent the province in the Regional Celebration of the Theater. This year 15 works in competition appear, and the celebration will extend until the next Sunday.

The organization is in charge of the National Institute of the Theater Jujuy representation and the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of the Province.

Also work presentations will be realized in adhesion (that do not compete), and this edition is characterized to take to the theater jujeño to 25 cities or localities with reference to the 25 years.

The theater performance dance that announces in Culturarte, is a performance coordinated by Szeimblum Morning call, like final work of its Seminary of Contemporary Dance and Composition in Theater Dance.

They participate in this performance Veronica Aramayo, Nidia Aramburu, Bernardine Brunetti, Bethlehem Calapeña, Luciana Cancio, Mariana Echenique Cross, Alejandra Of the Castle, Marcela Gonzalez Cortes, Natacha Kepokkki, Ruben Moon, Javier Medina, Maria Cecilia Grouse, Maria Graciela Peace, Ines Porcel, Paula Recchiuto, Veronica Rosemary, Adriana Rooms, Cecilia Tarcaya, Ana Teitelbaun, Olga Toconás and Maria Angelica Toro.

Saturday they arrive the Backyardigans

One arrives from the animated series more popular of the channel Discovery Kid. The Backyardigans will appear Saturday 12 of September, to 19, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps. Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin, will come to share next to all the family one of his greater adventures, through creative learning and to the compass of music and the dance.

In Escape of the Magical Village, Tyrone will be the newspaper distributer that it will have to cross a new neighborhood without knowledge that the same is qualified by personages who seem removed from fantastic stories. A series of bad understood will cause that Tyrone wants to flee terrified from this “Magical Village?. The children of the public will be very important at the time of helping Tyrone to fulfill their objective.

The show is an original production of Nickelodeon. “Backyard? (patio of back) is the place dreamed for the Backyardigans. There all adventures are made reality, transforming itself into a scene that serves to them to recreate its own musical narrations and epics. Histories are focused through choreographies and hits of the series, songs that all the children know. The musical sorts go from Bossa Nova to Hip-Hop.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $80, $70 and $60; Theater boxes $50, Pullman and Súper pullman $40.

Music of Camera with a Recital of Flute Traversa and Piano

Reprogramó the concert of music of AMG camera Productions for Saturday 12 of September to 22 in the Hall Victory the Provincial Theater. In the opportunity a Recital will be offered Flute Traversa and Piano.

The concert will be interpreted by Rita Corces in Flute Traversa, Maria Eugenia Pacheco in piano and Marcelo Gutiérrez in Clarinete. Works of Johann S. Bach, André Caplet will be interpreted, Sergei Rachmaninov, Francis Poulenc and Astor Piazzolla.

AMG Productions is a emprendimiento headed and presided over by the clarinetista Marcelo Gutiérrez, next to the flautista Rita Corces. Its objective is to recreate the music of the great teachers being offered an ample phantom for the public salteño and the tourists.

This independent organism had its beginnings in November of year 2004 making presentations of outstanding performance. It has offered concerts in diverse places like the House of the Culture of the National Bottom of the Arts (Independent City of Buenos Aires), Cultural Center Holver Martinez dependant Borelli of the National University of Jumps, Museum of the City House Jose Hernandez, Foundation Jumps, Church the Vine, among others.

General entrance to $ 10 and can be acquired in the ticket office of the Theater.

Edith Piaf arrives at a scene salteño from the hand from the dance and the theater

The work “Edith? will be presented/displayed the 24 of September, with script of the writer Victor Fernandez Esteban. Also Cristina Idiarte will participate to the actress. The paper of “the Sparrow of Paris? in the dance will be to cargode Sandra Rearte.

47 years of their disappearance, the figure and the voice of Edith Piaf throughout the world continue being a symbol of the French culture and a memory unforgettable. In It jumps, “the Sparrow of Paris? also mobilized the memory and the creativity of artists who embarked in the task of rewriting - to traverse of the dance, the action and the word the life of this exceptional singer. The result: “Edith?, a dance work - theater that will release Sandra Píccolo with its contemporary ballet, the 24 of September, in the House of the Culture.

The spectacle will recover the 25 of September and the 30 of October and will count on the special participation of Cristina Idiarte, who will thread the danced sequences are her action.

The biographical story required, in this occasion, that the spectacle directed by Píccolo counted on an original script. The text is a free version of the life of Edith Piaf and takes the company/signature of Victor Fernandez Esteban.

Through the mixture of dance and theater, the public will be able to enjoy a new version of the life of “the Piaf?, personage who by these days shines in the marquees of Buenos Aires thanks to the interpretation of the singer Elena Roger.

He counts the history that Piaf was born in a culvert of Paris, in December of 1915. Daughter of

an alcoholic street singer and of an artist who left soon it, left a dark brothel to captivate to the world with his broken and strident voice.

Nothing was easy for her, nor still in the top of the fame. Besides undergoing an accelerated physical deterioration as a result of its addiction to the alcohol and morphine, “the Sparrow? lavishly squandered its love in men who never knew to correspond to him. Its solitude was dreadful in the middle of the success and the outcry of the public.

In “Edith?, Píccolo will try to reflect each one of the shades of the anxious life of Piaf with a structure of five scenes and ruptures generated by break weather that it pushes towards the evocation. “The route of the life of Edith includes from its childhood to its early death. The scenes approach certain landmarks of their existence, because hers has been an overflowing life?, advanced Píccolo.

During the putting the unmistakable voice of “the Sparrow? will be able also to be listened and music of classic like Mozart and Beethoven.

“Although ours it is the contemporary dance, the work also has reminiscences of the folklore and other ingredients that one is enlanzando?, explained the director.

Píccolo added that the personage of Edith was boarded from a very particular vision, frees. “Because I do not want that he is comparable - it limited. In this adventure I have the luck to be accompanied by very talented people as Victor Fernandez Esteban, Cristina Idiarte, I watch Barraza (stage scene) and Jorge Mimessi (lights)?.

Mixture of languages

It is the first time that the Contemporary Ballet of Sandra Píccolo presents/displays a guionada work. “I believe that the use of another language enriches the text much, or choreographic or literary?, it indicated the director.

On the other hand, the writer Victor Fernandez Esteban told that the script of “Edith? is written from the impact that meant for him the voice of the singer: “He is to go and to come from the memories, that are still dramatic in spite of their overwhelming brightness?.

For Idiarte, in as much, to incarnate to Edith is “an incredible pride?.

“I see a nostalgic dream in this Piaf that, for any actress, is a great challenge?, it added. He emphasized that his personage will have a deployment: “It is the Piaf that its life reviews and the Piaf that dances, incarnated skillfully by Sandra Rearte. Three, four could or thousands Piaf, because when the public sees the work it will be able to complete the final sense of this stirring history?, concluded the actress salteña.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Varied proposals in the “Sample of Brief Theater?

With the support of the Secretariat of Culture, as of Friday 4 of September 21 lists will raise scene, of most representative of the local theater, in the traditional Sample of Brief Theater that organizes the Cultural Center Holver Martinez Borelli, employee of Secretariat of Extension of the National University of Jumps. The presentations will be realized in the following rooms: Cultural center Holver Martinez Borelli (Alvarado 551), Hall Auditorium Rafael Villagrán (Belgrano 1349), Argentina Association de Actores (Rivadavia 937), room Beer Jumps of Procultura Salta (Miter 331), the room the San Luis (San Luis 246) and Mecano room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

In the Mecano room the following presentations will be realized:
Friday 4 of September to 22.30 Oniria will appear, free version of a nightmare of Martin Giner, interpreted by weight Net Theater, with the direction of the own Giner.

Saturday 5 of September to 21 Theater will raise scene the died dreams of Don ?nsula de Idangel Betancourt by Inverse Space.

Sunday 6 and Monday 7, in two schedules respectively: to 20,30 and 22 the misunderstanding of Albert Camus will recover, in a version of Manuel Maccarini by the Sardinera of the North.

Thursday 10 of September, to 22,30, giles will appear Only die of love of Caesar Brie, by the Arpi group Theater under the direction of Omar Pizzorno.

Friday 11 to 20 They put in scene request the word, collective creation of the group of theater Without Barriers, with the direction of Lucrecia Branches.

Saturday 12 to 20, Mario Cures presents/displays the fifth station, with the direction of Marisa Ruiz and the interpretation of the group the Attic.

Also the following presentations will be realized:

Friday 04
• 19h Inauguration - Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli
• 21h Hall Auditorium Dr.Rafael Villagrán: Oh, SARAH! of Ariel Mastandrea - Stress Group - Direction: Jorge Renoldi.

Saturday 05
• 20h Room To - Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: Old woman illusions of Eduardo Rovner - the Inde " Yes " sos Theater - Direction: Juan Nicastro.
• 22.30h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Lombrices de Pablo Albarello - Group the Labyrinth - Direction: Roxana Wolf.

Domingo 06
• 17h Room Beer Jumps - Proculture Salta - Love of chocolate of Beatriz Diebel - Group the Hucumar - Direction: Alfredo Ferrario.
• 22h Patio Parking - Cultural Center “Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: A day in the life of the unique inhabitants of the universe of Diego You will bathe - Direction: Jorge Renoldi.

Tuesday 08
• 20h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Érase once a king of Oscar I castrate - Group the Threshold - Direction: Cristian Villarreal.
• 21.30h Hall Auditorium Dr. Rafael Villagrán: The last patio and later… a candy dismissed of Hilda G. of Kubiak - Group of Majarete Theater - Direction: Carlos Delgado and Hilda G. of Kubiak.

Wednesday 09
• 20.30h Room the San Luis: The forest collective Creation C.R.I.O.S. - Direction: Maria Salomón
• 22.00h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Fitito of Cecilia Propato - Bajofondo Theater Club - Direction: Carlos Thin.

Thursday 10
• 21h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Comedy and woman? of Hilda G. of Kubiak, on own texts, of Julio Diaz Villalba and Car it Goldoni - Group of Majarete Theater - Direction: Carlos Thin.

Friday 11
• 21h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Cooking with Elisa de Lucia Laragione - Santa Rita Theater Direction: Cecilia Sanmillán.
• 22.30h Room To Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: Ponme the hand here of Hugo Men - Wall 4 Theater - Direction: Carlos Thin.

Saturday 12
• 21h Patio - Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: Rights and humans, never more of Eduardo Pavlovsky and Daniel Veronese - Group the Labyrinth - Direction: Roxana Wolf.
• 22.30h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Fiaca of Ricardo Talesnik - Group the Delegation Theater Direction: Raul Chunco.

Domingo 13
• 20h Patio Parking Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: The heiresses of Arcadia collective Creation Huacalera Theater - Direction: Georgina Parpagnoli.
• 21.30h Room Beer Jumps - Proculture Salta: Verona de Claudia Piñeiro - Group the Labyrinth - Direction: Marcela Domínguez.
• 23.00h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: It closes Sample of Brief Theater.

In addition, there will be an act tribute to that outside her coordinator, the actress recently disappeared Claudia Bonini, counting on the adhesion of the Secretariat of Culture of the Province, the Representation Jumps of the National Institute of the Theater, the Argentina Association de Actores - Delegation Jumps, Hall Auditorium Dr. Rafael Villagrán, Procultura Salta and Room “the San Luis?.

“To be able… it can? with Arana and Scarpino

Facundo Arana and Nicholas Scarpino will present/display in Jumps the work To be able… can, of Raul Dayud, with original idea of Mauritius Dayud, Saturday 19 of September, to 21, in the Provincial Theater.

Within the framework of its tour by the rear area they will visit our province with this wonderful work that unites the laughter and the emotion, as it leaves from a same challenge. “All we lay, all we have two lives….true, about that we dreamed of boys… and the false one, with that we went out every day?.

Scarpino incarnates to Damián, that goes in search of the old Müller- mountain climber Spider to request advice to him when finding out that he is ill of gravity. In this way, both personages will spin in scene situations that will make disappear their differences and will paint deep fears, ghost common to all the human beings.

The work promises a trip, an exploration that it investigates in the bonds of these two beings, speaks of the friendship, the camaraderie and also of the limits that we put ourselves at the time of choosing our destiny.

In the text, a game of mirrors is constructed where the tragedy and humor come together in a place that is familiar. With the encounter of Müller and Damián, the author unfolds with subtility the possibility of finding the exit against a fact that no human being has been able to avoid, a mystery keeps awake that us to all.

He is possible to emphasize that $10 by each one of the entrances sold in this tour will be destined to FUNDALEU and other foundations that fight against the cancer.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $90 and $80, Theater boxes $70, Pullman and Super Pullman $60
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