Reprogramó the “Recital Flute Traversa and Piano?

For reasons other people's to the administration of the Provincial Theater and to AMG productions, reprogramó for Saturday 26 of September to 22 in the Hall Victory the Theater Province, the concert of camera music Recital Flute Traversa and Piano.

“Counterpoint? returns with its Latin folklore

The band will present/display “the return?, in Beelzebul (Necochea 748).

Counterpoint, band of Latin folklore, will present/display “the return?, this Friday, after the midnight, in Beelzebul (Necochea 748).

The grouping salteña was born like an alternative proposal to Argentine music folkloric. Although it adopts the roots of this sort, it essentially strengthens his style in the fusion of rates.

It obtains it to this through the conjunction, for example, of Afro-American dyes with a farmer santiagueña. Influenced by important Argentine artists like Peteco Carabajal, Raly Barrionuevo, Dark brown Pinto Aryans, Abel, the “Cuchi? Leguizamón (of the folklore), Miguel Grandfathers, the Enanitos Green, Bersuit Vergarabat (of the national rock), “Counterpoint? seizes of that spirit and forces musical comedy to relay an energy and a particular attitude in each presentation.

The repertoire of “Counterpoint? part of songs as “She dances single?, “Girl moon? and “golden Dream?, happening through a Creole patio where they sound to powerful farmers, cats, hidden and other typical rates of the Argentine North, until ending at Latin sounds that approach the style proposed by the group.

In this short time Counterpoint one has appeared in diverse scenes, between which they stand out Pre-Cosquin 2008, in the scene Greater Atahualpa Yupanqui; and Pre-Serenade 2008, in the mythical Enchanted Warehouse. In addition it has shared activities next to Bond 4, the Changos, Luis Leguizamón and Fleecy Caschi, among others representative figures of the pop music.

Also it collaborated in convoking festivales as the organized one in honor to the Urkupiña Virgin in the city of Jumps; the Contest of the Salteña Pasty, and 2º Contest of Empanaderos Vallistos in San Carlos. Entrance of Friday: $5.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Hugo Varela will present/display “To whom it touches to him… touches to him?

… And it touched to the Argentine North, to be the center of celebrations. Hugo Varela this next one to turn 30 years of race will celebrate and them in the Provincial Theater of Jumps Friday 18 of September to 22.

“I began in the dictatorship: bad weather to walk with beard and taking strange cases of a side the other?, Varela tells Hugo, whom she defines to his work like “a fine humor that not note, that she looks for not to seem fine?.

Now, at its better moment, with thirty years of trajectory and all the I devise and the humor characterizes that it, Hugo Varela presents/displays its new spectacle to us: To that it touches to him… touches to him, a show integrated by unpublished poems, sonorous songs and devices, that were created especially for this new unipersonal spectacle of the humorist, singer, musician and luthier.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: you silverplate with location $70, $60, $50, theater box $60, they pullman and they súperpullman $25.

With you… It releases 2

The group came off itself Bandy 2. Today it looks for his own course in the moved one.

It releases 2, the grouping of tropical music that arose from the separation of some members of Bandy 2, is taking important passages in the matter of diffusion.

While they prepare its first disc, that possibly leaves for the month of next October, the young people cross different scenes from Buenos Aires where they were some days ago, and at the moment they are realizing presentations in Uruguay.

This weekend will return by Jujuy to eet again itself with their local public, the one saw that them be born, soon to continue by Brazil and Chile, according to commented to our matutinal one.
The band is conformed by Pablo Sotelo and Ismael Shock (the faces of Bandy 2 until recently time), in the voices; Sebastián, in guitar; Luis, in keyboards and choirs; Omar, in the low one; Cristian, in action; and Lechu in the animation.

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

“The Bybys? this Friday appears

Great expectation lives the public salteño by the presentation on the Mexican grouping the Bybys, that will be realized Friday 11 of September to 22 in the greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps. The Bybys is a Mexican band of cumbia, that arose in 1991, when they recorded his first titled record production Returns. Little by little the successes went away presenting/displaying with but frequency, in such a way that with his second production, Punishment, obtained great acceptance with subjects like Crying to cry, cheap Heart and That woman.

With this material they made the phrase famous of Punishment, apart from which first tour of work abrió the doors to them of South America to realize his in 1992 by Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.

Time later, record materials as You are woman and Cumbias with love have taken them to gain the distinction of “the kings of cumbia?.

In a unique occasion, It jumps will be scene of this international presentation.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $ 80 and $ 60, Theater boxes $ 50, Pullman $ 40 and Super ones pullman $ 30

Imperdible cycle of Latin American experimental cinema

of the 11 of next September to the 6 of October, one will appear in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992) the cycle of cinema and Latin American experimental video Visionaries. The entrance will be gratuitous.

Produced by Cultural Itaú and with the auspice of the Museum of Beautiful Arts of It jumps, the UNSa and the Area of experimentation and spreading in Culture and Arte (AEDCA), this muetsra presents/displays 73 works organized in nine programs, including the countries of Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela.

Visionaries are the result of an investigation process and curaduría in charge of: Arlindo Machado (historical anthology), Elias Levin (Mexico, America Central and the Caribbean), Jorge the Fer it (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay), Marta Vélez (Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela) and Robert Moreira S. Cross (Brazil).

This itinera sample by different countries between which are Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico.

The presentation of Visionaries will count on Presencia de Jorge the Fer it, (Professor of the University of the Cinema and the GRAPE) and Ana Claudia Garci'a (Professor of the School of Cinema of the UNT).


11 of September - 18,30 hs
Presentation of Jorge the Fer it

• Program: Stories in the Border. Curador: Jorge the Fer it

12 of September - 11 hs.
Conference of Ana Claudia Garci'a

• Program: Imaginary machines and. Curador: Jorge the Fer it

• Program: Paradigms of the Experimental thing. Curador: Arlindo Machado

22 of September - 19 hs.

• Program: Paradigms of the Latinidad. Curador: Arlindo Machado

• Program: Altered states. Curadora: Marta Vélez

29 of September - 19 hs.

• Program: Of Public Dominion. Curadora: Marta Vélez

• Program: In the Zapping. Curador: Elias Levin

6 of October - 19 hs.

• Program: Other Convergences. Curador: Elías Levin

• Program: Audio-visual tropical. Curador: Robert Moreira S. Cross

About Cultural Itaú

Cultural Itaú is a for charity tie institution to Itaú Bank. It was founded on 1987 and from 2008 he is present with activities in Argentina. The artistic activity includes/understands all the disciplines and has national reach. Throughout these years it has been transformed into one of the main cultural institutions of referring Brazil and of Latin America.

Yusa in concert from Cuba to Tilcara (VIDEO)

The singer is one of the new exponents of Cuban, modern music, without resigning to his rich tradition.

The 23 of this month the Cuban singer Yusa in concert will appear to present/display his new titled disc “Haiku? to 21 in Music Tilcara Hope (Belgrano 547).
Yusa represents the new wave of Cuban musicians, those able ones to sound to 21st century without resigning to the rich tradition of its country.

Discs of Ben Harper, fresher Blades War less weeping, Cassandra Wilson, Gemma & Pavel the disciple and, the Pedro, the Rubén Gods Most tropical their like Lenine, first the Stevie Wonder… have a style similar to Haiku, the third disc of Yusa.

Able abrir the record work with choirs by African root because Cuba has a foot in Africa, Yusa began to walk writing a luminous disc, of slow cadence but continuous rate.

The song “Walking Heads? is sung in English, since the artist publishes east work in England and has been years there touching and by France, although continues living in Havana. Listening of everything and assimilates with naturalness… a prescription that improves in direct.

Haiku is Latin music embracing others, without fear to the rubbing with the jazz or to raise a rythmical base that sounds to ferocity rock.

Its proposal makes think about Brazil, the Latin corner that better mixture its music with the Anglo-Saxon sounds and, not by chance Haiku, was mixed in Rio de Janeiro in co-production with Alé Siqueira, producer of the Tribalistas project and discs of Marisa Monte.

Yusa is the new Cuban music and its album discazo MGP with passport of international emotion.

The entrances will have a value of 20 pesos.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Painting sample of Jose Manuel Lopez

Friday 11 of September to 20, House of Rengel Aryans will be inaugurated in High Planta of the Museum (Florida 20), a work sample of the artist Jose Manuel Lopez.

Jose Manuel Lopez was born in Jumps and realized its plastic studies in the Provincial School of Beautiful Arts Takings Goatherd. Like almost all the artists of our means, he develops his plastic activities next to teaching that exerts for more than two decades.

From his beginnings he shows to his work in different exhibitions, individual, collective and provincial halls so many as regional ones in which his very particular plastic expression, of a clear ingenuous naturalismo without arriving at naif, has deserved diverse prizes.

The human figure is the central point of attention of the artist who generally it shows surrounded by landscapes where the green ones and the blue ones of the sky filter through the figures.

Many things have been said of their work, among them who the clean and tedious colors that are distributed between the planes are the sample of a desire really, of authenticity in a corrupted society where it does not know that he is the correct thing or the incorrect thing.

The order, uprightness, the transparency arises in the style of the artist and is absent values in their daily life. There is an accused preoccupation very so that somehow they are made visible in this so chaotic world that day to day becomes more difficult.

The artist works in great dimensions. In some cases their works become bidimensional. A skyline works the space always maintaining and carefully is covered with the figures of way like are not empty nor too extensive surfaces.

The personages show a smooth one modeled where the sign of the brush does not notice. Metaphorically its image incorporates the meaning of classic mythology. *

* Extracted of the book: “Plastic Life Salteña?. Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Jumps and responsibility of the artist.
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