Humahuqueños murals, the art in the walls

One is the contribution of the School of Arts of the historical city.

End arrives year and the artists, who in this case are educational and students of the School of Arts 2 Nº “Hermógenes Key?, work in heated form. The orders of joint with other institutions, are added, and seem to aim at a Humahuaca, provincial capital of the murals.

Three murals in the walls of the School Nº 77 are finishing, where they worked with the students of the same, is in work the one who realize in a wall of their own establishment, are beginning the works in the park of games Avoids and, to begin, on boceto already realized, another one in the Old Home of Juan Pablo II.

The art of the painting mural, that could have like regional antecedent to fresh of chapels like the one of Susques and to millenarian paintings in caves and eaves, and the Latin American art one long trajectory that the artistic expression relates, the search by cultural roots and the manifestation of social aspirations, is taking roots in Humahuaca, nourishing themselves of its esthetic traditions and enriching its image.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Pamela Sauad will present/display “thousands and the one of Pinocho?

The Academy of Arab Dances Nur Esharak directed by Pamela Sauad will raise scene thousands and the one of Pinocho, the next Friday 20 of November to 21,30 in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460). Thousands and the one of Pinocho narrate an entertained story, where a personage pícaro like Pinocho, disgusted and boring of the predilection of the children by the princess, sets out that Snow White much less does not fulfill the development of her story and that remains with the Prince.

By her side, Snow White suspecting that somebody prevents him to follow by its way, looks for aid in other personages like pulgarcita, caperucita, the 3 chanchitos, and others more than will appear so that, as all wonderful story, has its happy end.

Entrances on sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture: It silverplates preferential $22, Silverplates 20, Pullman $18.

Music in First Plane with the cycle “Blessed Music?

of Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 of November it will be realized, in the hall audience Walter Adet the Complex of Libraries and Archives of It jumps (Belgrano 1002), the Blessed cycle Music. The same, will pay tribute to the appraised art to combine the sounds from documentary of outstanding salteños producers.

Organized by the Area Audio-visual Cinema and Means and the Main directorate of Cultural Management, the cycle will be developed from the 21,30, with free and gratuitous entrance.

The accomplishments that will project are: Salteño pair 40 years of Jose Issa, I and the time of “Black? Norberto Ramirez and Cantando under the Earth of Brown Rolando. In this way, one will commemorate the Day of Music, having projected productions that transmit the intimate picture of the life of the artist.

Blessed Music proposes a first plane and a tribute to those deep notes that affect.


Wednesday 18 - 21.30
Salteño pair - Forty Years (1967 - 2007)
Address: Jose Issa

Thursday 19 - 21.30
I and the time
Address: “Black? Norberto Ramirez

Friday 20 - 21.30
Singing under the Earth - Wing of Colibrí
Address: Brown Rolando

“The Sorceress of the Oranges? and the boys of the JIM Cedems

The personage showed all songs, counting on the dance of alumnitos of the rooms of 3 and 4 of the garden.

Once again the teachers of the Maternal Infantile Garden (JIM) of the Cedems, demonstrated to the handling and the discipline that know to transmit in their small alumnitos. She was in opportunity of the presentation of the CD “the Sorceress of the Oranges, songs for you?, recorded by Angelica Simón.

The spectacle mounted with children of the JIM of salitas of 3 and 4 years, each one of as it prepared a choreography to illustrate a song of so many that integrate this work.

We remember that the songs and the history of this new personage and jujeño for the children, is the deputy director of the mentioned garden, Adriana Simón, that of this form shows the passion with which it works with its children since its race began. The educational one was beyond its education in the classrooms and from its experiences with the children, it created this fantasy that began to become reality, that the jujeñitos have a personage loved in their own earth.

This first presentation of the disc took control of a special spectacle, that in addition was the sample of the artistic factories that they have the small ones of the JIM, Theater and Music.

Pequeñines, that was preparation long beforehand and had very tried the pictures, demonstrated to have total lack of inhibition, and in many cases, aptitudes worthy to continue polishing for the dance. Without doubts it was a celebration for them, many of which rose a scene for the first time, they did and it in greatest than he has our province at the moment, as Martin is the one of the Cultural Center “Iron? of district the Pear trees.

Some were surprised pleasingly by the amount of people were watching who them, and then when they left to the tables they observed overwhelmed to see if they found some well-known. Many parents decided not to tell them that they were going to be in silverplates it, so that the boys do not feel restrained, but could not escape to the meticulous exploration who made the dancers without getting out of the step.

The spectacle counted on the live song of three of the songs of the disc, in charge of the voice of the Sorceress of the Oranges, Angelica Simón (of the pair the Simón Brothers), who characterized as the personage went with his sweet voice to all the children and to silverplates it. Also from the dance, the educational and dancing Mariela Fernandez, characterized with the same clothing the main personage. An artist singing and the other dancing, were confused and they developed in the scene, creating a beautiful illusion in the children.

The boys had opportunity to dance the most varied rates, since the disc hop includes hip, a rock, a flamenco sauce, one cumbia and up to one rumba, among others rates.

With very good rate, without spaces in target, good stage scene and environment adjustment, and a great clothes unfolding in each group of boys, “the Sorceress of the Oranges? took her first step, to show the disc (that so far is only obtained in the establishment of the JIM on Lamadrid street). It will be necessary to hope to see whereupon she surprises this new friend more to us.

The disc was recorded in the studies of Arming Peloc that it had it jeopardize work in the production of the work, and also counted on the voice of Jose Simón in some of the subjects, and a choir of children of salitas of 4 years that also participated in the recording of the disc. One is a record work of great musical quality, that sets out to sharpen the ear of the boys, in an ample variety of styles.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Estefanía Parentis presents/displays its show of dances

The academy of professor Estefanía Parentis will present/display its annual spectacle, after a year of arduous work. It will take place Tuesday 17 of November, to 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460. The Students will put in scene square of Arab Dances Folkloric, Classic, Jazz, Salsa and Reggeton. Children from both years of age will show their talent on the tables in all the sorts mentioned, exhibiting the learned thing during the academic year.

The colorful clothes, design of professor Parentis, accompany the choreographic unfolding by the young people, framing a shining musical selection.

Entrances on sale in the ticket office of House of the Culture: It silverplates with $25 location and Pullman without location $20.

Music in First Plane with the cycle “Blessed Music?

of Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 of November it will be realized, in the hall audience Walter Adet the Complex of Libraries and Archives of It jumps (Belgrano 1002), the Blessed cycle Music.

The same, will pay tribute to the appraised art to combine the sounds from documentary of outstanding salteños producers.

The Nocheros will animate the Dance Cacharpaya

Also the consecrated Facundo soloist will appear Toro. The Diableros pair will complete the artistic billboard.

People ask that they act and they do not refuse to do it. The Nocheros the next Thursday will return to rise the scene of the Dance Cacharpaya, from the 22, in the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800).

As if this outside little, also will participate in the veiled Facundo Toro. The artistic billboard will complete with the pair jujeño Diableros.

Previous Thursday this proposal folkloric reunited more than 1,000 people in that premises of the zone of the Balcarce.

In the opportunity, the La Riojan Sergio Galleguillo, the pair the Changos, the ascendant “Gaby? Morals and the tropical singer David Leiva acted. The concurrence enjoyed to plenary session of the spectacle and, surely, it remained with desire to return…

For that reason already he anticipates himself that this Thursday a great amount of people will accompany the new program folkloric, that will have like main attraction the “black men?.

Rubén Ehizaguirre, Mario, “Kike? and Alvaro Teruel will sing their people again to him.
Some weeks ago they offered a recital in the Dance Cacharpaya, but before the insistence of the public they decided to program a new concert.

On the other hand, Facundo Toro will spread its new record material in its province. The last week, the artist salteño inaugurated a rock in the city of Cordova.

Logically, Facundo also will make a review of all great successes.
The anticipated entrances are sold in Gieco Bar (Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting) and in the Cacharpaya (Balcarce 922).

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

An unforgettable opening, that served to declare

Today five puttings of different provinces that the pain is worth to enjoy, in different jujeños spaces will be put in scene.

“This it is an encounter of artists where we can be clear, see us, to grow, because we create and I hope that the time us of the reason, to be constructing the map of the Argentine theater?, expressed Raul Brambilla, executive director of the National Institute of the Theater (INT), that was present next to numerous national authorities, provincial and municipal, in the act of opening of II the Regional Encounter of the Theater of the NOA Jujuy 2009, that the past took place Wednesday, and that will extend until Sunday.

In the beginning, also it spoke to Rodolfo Pacheco, representative in Jujuy of the INT, being thankful to which they made this organization possible.

Before presenting/displaying the spectacle especially preparation for this occasion, also spoke to the secretary of Tourism and Culture of Jujuy, Jorge Noceti, who gave the welcome in the name of the province to all the artists who visit to us and invited to enjoy this celebration.

As of that moment and until the twelve at night, it was possible to be enjoyed in the ex- Railway station a spectacle that brought to the scene a memory and a hope in all the jujeños, with respect to the closing at the menemista time of the railway branches, and to the still latent desire of which sometimes they return to work.

The spectacle counted on the participation of local artists (musical, actors and copleras); national artists like the actress Mirta Busnelli, music Carmen Baliero and the contrabajista Carlos Fertile valley; and children of the factories of theater of the infantile dining rooms and Youthful the Infanto Orchestra of Maimará, actors of different works from Jump, Santiago of the Matting, Jujuy, Tucuman and Catamarca, among others protagonists.

The proposal had from copleras that greeted the public and the teatristas that comprise of this celebration and after concluding the opening, also sang the truth of the railroads; happening through musical numbers (among them an exciting one and interpreted tribute to Ricardo Vilca with its work very well “the last train? in charge of the mentioned orchestra under the direction of Nora Benaglia); and arriving like it could not be of another way at the theater moments to represent true testimonies of people who lived the time on the fence trains, and also to present/display the productions of each province.

And in the end, an exciting interpretation of the version of “Aurora? that proposes Carmen Baliero, titled “Azulunala? and that speaks of a defeated mother country, with contrabasses doing the sound of so yearned for trains, and with women shouting with desperation the names of the towns that have been forgotten with the closing the stations.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy
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