The sound of the guitar of Marks Fist in Jumps

The guitarist Marks Fist will appear in Jumps, Thursday 5 of November, to 21, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460. The program includes the following repertoire: Great Only Op. 14, of Fernando Sister; Mazurca and Southern Sonatina of Manuel Ponce; next the guitarist will interpret Sonata K. 11, 32 Sonata K. and Sonata K. 27 of Domenico Scarlatti; Kollavina de Eduardo Digs; Puna and Kaluyo de Gustavo Kantor; and Sevillan Fantasy of Joaquin Turina.

Marks Fist were born in Oruro in 1977. One graduated like professor of guitar in the Conservatory of Music of Montevideo, Uruguay, where it studied with Mario Payssé. In this country also he was disciple of Abel Carlevaro and Eduardo Fernandez. In addition, Eduardo Isaac (in Argentina) and Eduardo Baranzano contributed to their formation (in Spain). Fist has a postgraduate on Flamenco Guitar and interpretation of Spanish Music realized with Manuel Seeded in the prestigious Conservatory of the Grammar school of Barcelona, Spain.

Fist is winning of manifolds First Prize: Contest the International of Guitar of Zarautz (Spain, 2007); Contest the International of Guitar Caesar Curtains (Montevideo, 2003); Contest of Selection of Musical Youths (Montevideo, 1996); National contest of Classic Guitar of Bolivia (Tarija, 1994), among others

It realized innumerable concerts in cities of Bolivia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Panama, the United States, Spain, Germany and Austria, as guest to great festivales of the instrument and also like jury of national and international contests and like soloist of different orchestras.

CDs published three: Spanish concert (1998), South American Stroll (2004) and Live (2005), recorded in a successful concert in Montevideo. Like also the DVD Decacorde Guitar (2007).

General entrance to $10 for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Tonight “Taxi 2?, in the Miter Theater

The best comedy of the marplatense season is of tour by all the country.

Tonight to 22 the public jujeño will be able to enjoy the awarded comedy “Taxi, second part. History continues? of Ray Cooney in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

Jhon Smith (Fabian Gianola) has one double secret life is married official and legally with Barbarian (Andrea Campbell) and also with Mary (Adriana Salgueiro).

Jhon has in addition a son with each to his wifves. Robin (Diego Mesaglio), of 16 years, is fruit of its sentimental relation with Mary. In addition his great friend Stanley Gardner (Carlos Bald) lives like renter in the building of Mary.

Robin and Vicky, the children of Jhon, are known chateando by Internet. Tired to be in the network and, before so many “accidental? coincidences, which they discovered its lives (the father of them is called equal, he is 43 years old and she is taxi driver) decide to end to him the uncertainty and to realize the great encounter that, of course, him can complicate the life to Jhon and bring to light its bigamy…

After a successful season in Mar del Plata, the comedy carried out by recognized actors obtained seven nominations to the prizes Starfish 2009, obtaining the awards of Better Comedy and Better Actor Bald Protagónico de Comedia by Carlos.

Also it remained in the Current billboard of the Multitheater in street by eight weeks.

The entrances on sale are in the coliseo jujeño.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Today Short jujeños works in Video/Jujuy/

It continues with massive success the eighth edition of the international sample of shorts in our province.

Magnificent days with an excellent answer of the local public are lived in VIII the Short Edition of Video/Jujuy/, in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? (high of the Miter Theater) with factories and projections.

Today, from the 14, it continues the qualification of Expensive the Gustavo producer, on “Introduction to the audio-visual language? and one remembers that the factories do not have cost some give certificates; from the 14,30 it will be realized a round table with representatives of festivales of cinema and video of the rear area like the Latin American Festival of Video of Rosary, the Festival Images of Social of La Rioja, Cortopolis of Cordova and Muestra de Indigenous Cine of Chaco, among others. In the opportunity the joint between these valuable spaces of audio-visual promotion will be analyzed.

Later, to 19,30, the sample will continue more with the day waited for by all, the day in which the works of local producers, many of them in avant Premiere, will be able to be enjoyed until the 22.30.

The projections will begin with “the train: Memories that resist? of director David Gutiérrez, “dry Face or? of Rolando Véliz, “Six meters under land? of Jorge Arraya,
“Crossroads? of Luis Andres Cunchila, “I if I can?. Free Tilcara of illiteracy of Maria Jose Nacci, “a unknown reality? of Cecilia Barbosa and Thorny Silvana, “School: Via and Work? of Maria Laura Foschi, “the dream of the poet? of Cristian Cesar Irigoitía, “School? a collective creation “Rasta Woman?, “Defying the silence? of Darío Raul Melano, “Destiny (things of)? of Maria Fernanda Canseco, “the Churqui? of Cristian Irigoitía, “By my veins? of Delfor Condori, “Craftsmen of Casira? of Ariel Ogando (Wayruro Popular Communication), “Latin America? of Adrián Ogando (Wayruro Popular Communication), “Burning Sins? of Adrián Ogando (Wayruro Popular Communication), “Music with Wings? of Héctor Stream and Rolando Huanca, “Sheds, spaces in movement? of Jose Gonzalo Contreras,
“Juan? of Isaac Garci'a and “the temptation of Maria Huanca? of Carlos Ramirez.

Each day the important concurrence and rotation of a very heterogenous public is the characteristic of the sample, from young people to people majors pass through the room Gallant, to observe the quality of the short ones.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

XXV Provincial Celebration of Theater

The work “In the arms of Alfredo Alcón? of Elena Bossi appears. This behind schedule to 19,30 theater lapieza “In the arms of Alfredo Alcón? in the House of the Culture of the city of San Pedro will appear. The work of the writer Elena Bossi, will be counted on the activities of Maria of the Carmen Galician Echenique and Silvia.

This activity is organized by the Jujuy Representation of the INT and the Direction of Culture of the Municipality of San Pedro, within the framework of XXV the Provincial Celebration of Theater in the Interior Jujuy 2009, denominated “the Theater of Jujuy made history. 25 years 25 cities?.

The work tries on a secret love. A promise. A route crucis. It is seductive, outlandish, inimputable. To his she will love it daughter she will hate and it; but she will not have more remedy than to do what she asks to him or to feel guilty. A history of mothers and daughters. Too painful not to ***reflx mng itself.

In Jujuy, Elsa has been having in house ashes of its mother passed away for a month. Before the death it promised to him that it would give ashes to Alfredo Alcón because loved it secretly and dreamed about acting with him in a film. However, xiste in the family a myth about that supposed secret love…

Folklore and bandoneón in “Festivaleando?

In the province of It jumps for the first time, the bandoneonista Daniel Vedia and the instrumental group Chajmiri will present/display their Festivaleando disc, Friday 30 of October, to 21, in the Mecano room (Homemade 460). Recently Daniel Vedia and the Chajmiri group recorded Festivaleando. The same will appear for the first time in the province of Jumps. It is integrated in his totality by works of jujeños authors, between whom they stand out: Pachi Alderete, Luis Valdiviezo, Daniel Vedia and Daniel Quiroga, among others.

Daniel Vedía inherited of his father bandoneón and he became one of the virtuous majors of the music that offers the North of our country. It shared scene with musicians of the stature of Face i Mule, Gustavo Patiño, Lipán Takings, Ricardo Vilca, Zamba Quipildor, Mariana Reed, among others.

Chajmiri in voice quechua means “harvesters of forgotten fruits?. At the moment it is constituted by Ricardo Maurín (voice and accessories), Cecilia Palaces (flute traversa and winds), Javier Soria (violin, charango and winds), Daniel Quiroga (Guitar), Luis Stairs (under) and Alberto Vargas (percussion).

In the 2006 they accompanied to the teacher Ricardo Vilca like group has supported in different carried out presentations in the city of Buenos Aires, between which they stand out: The Paila, Rock the Colorado, Athenian ND and Salamanca (the Silver).

They conformed the Artistic Delegation that represented the Province of Jujuy in the Festival of Cosquín (2007). They appeared inside in different realized events and outside the Jujuy, most outstanding Ceremony to Pachamama 2008 in the Blue Hall the Senate of the Nation went.

They shared scene with jujeños musical outstanding like: The Barrojo Fat person, musician and cuentista jujeño, Don Máximo bandoneonista Puma jujeño, the teacher Ricardo musical Vilca and composer jujeño, Pachi Alderete young composer jujeño and the teacher Daniel Vedia.

Between the distinctions that received he is possible to emphasize that they were finalists in the red Instrumental Set of 29na. Edition of the Pre-Cosquín for New Values - (Cordova 2000), Revelation in the Festival of the Miner - Mine Aguilar 2000 (Jujuy), Special Mention in recognition to the Artistic work (Foundation Pregón 2000), Plate of gratefulness “… by its valuable contribution to the National culture? granted by the Congress of the Nation (2008).

General entrance $15, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Week of Portugal in Jumps

from the 26 to the 31 of October in the White hall the Cultural Center America (Miter 23) the Week of Portugal will be developed in Jumps, with the presence of ambassadors of this country. The same the past began Monday 26 with a conference on Contemporary Culture and Portuguese Literature dictated by Sónia Mendes Day - In charge of Cultural Subjects of the Embassy of Portugal.

In addition there will be a cycle of cinema that will be developed according to the following cronogram:

Tuesday 27
19.30 Five days, five nights (Jose Fonseca and Costa, 1996)
21,30 Word and Utopia (Manoel de Oliveira, 2000)

Wednesday 28
19.30 The dolphin (Fernando Lopes, 2002)
21.30 I return to house (Manoel de Oliveira, 2000)

Thursday 29
19,30 Lusofonia, (R) Evolução-Documentary (Artur Soares & João Xavier, 2007)
21.30 “Non? or the useless glory to command (Manoel de Oliveira, 1990)

Friday 30
21.30 The valley of Abraham (Manoel de Oliveira, 1993)

The projection of films will be accompanied by the samples: Echoes of Lisbon, photography of Gonçalo Silva and Portuguese Typical Suits.

Finally, Friday 30, to 10, the Ambassador of Portugal Joaquim Ferreira Marquess will offer a dissertation on Portugal, before and after the European Union - political Evolution - Economy, commercial cooperation and of businesses between Portugal and Salta, appointed civil servants of the Government, industralists and public. This dissertation will be carried out in the Auditorium Grand Bourg.

To 17,30 it will set out the thematic Tourist Cooperation, Cultural and Businesses between Portugal and Salta - Tourism: Like fighting the crisis? - Gastronomical Routes.

The entrance to all the activities is free and gratuitous.

Gratuitous choral symphonic concert in the San Francisco Basilica

Friday 30 of October, to 21,30, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer a gratuitous concert under the direction of the teacher Luis Gorelik, next to outstanding soloists and the Choir of Camera of the Catholic University of Jumps, that directs to the teacher Jorge Lhez.

This presentation will be realized in tribute to the 800 years of the foundation of the Franciscan Order.

Overture Semiramide de Rossini and Sinfonía Nº 2, Hymn of Praise, “Lobgesang? of Mendelssohn will be interpreted.

The concert will count on the outstanding action of the sopranos Maria Light Martinez and Myriam Oil mill, and of the tenor Ricardo González Dorrego. Also it will be enjoyed the action of the Choir of Camera of the Catholic University of Jumps.

On the Soloists

Maria Light Marínez, soprano

Chilean soprano, is licensed in Arts and Interpreter Superior of the University of Chile, titled with maximum distinction. Dolores has perfected itself with teachers like Maria Village, Magda Olivero, Daisy Guglielmi and Dalton Baldwin. In 1996 she gains the Amici contest there of loggionne of the Theater Scala de Milan.

She has worked with outstanding directors: Rodolfo Fischer, Maximiano Buckets, Angelo Cavallaro, Josep Vicent, Rodolfo Saglimbeni, Lutz Kölher and Luis Gorelik, among others.

Between its rolls of opera they stand out Pamina, (the Magical Flute), Liu, (Turandot), Donates Elvira, (Don Giovanni), Aurora (The one of the Grove of the Parral), Karolka (Jenufa de Leos Janacek), the princess (the cat with Boots of X. Montsalvatge) this last one released in the Real Theater of Madrid with the stage scene and clothes of Agate Ruiz of Prada, among others. Besides numerous recitales of camera with outstanding pianists such as: Dalton Baldwin, Luiz de Moura, Brave Robert, among others.

In July of 2010 one will appear in the theater Reconciled in the roll of Antonina of the opera Belisario de Donizetti, in a Lyrical production of Buenos Aires.

Myriam Oil mill, soprano

It is withdrawn of the race of Song of the Provincial Conservatory of Music with the platense soprano Elsa Paladino. Superior of Art of the Theater was perfected in the Institute Columbus.

It sang like soloist under the direction of teachers A. Balzanelli, M. Of Rose, P. Calderón, (Versus. Ace.), E. Curled Alonso, J. Lhez, F. lzcaray, (It jumps), E. Bucci, (Santiago. of the Matting), M. Perusso, A. Della Rocca, E. Saúl, D. Mazza, M. Gilardi, J. Lazarte, R. Sbrocco, A. Mijaislovsky, G. Guersman, E. Buffo, (Tucuman). Like soloist, with the symphony orchestras of Columbus, Stable of the Province, Symphonic of the UNT, Orchestra of Camera of the Foundation Bank Industralist, Camerata Lazarte in Tucuman and Orchestra of Camera of the North in Santiago of the Matting Jumps, Philharmonic of Buenos Aires, Stable of the Theater.

He interpreted the protagónicos rolls of the Operas the Traviata, II Trovatore, Rigoletto, the Bohéme, L' Elisir d' Amore, Rita, Magical Flute, Weddings of Fígaro, the Telephone, Servo Padrona, Juana Loca and Putzi of E. Curled Alonso, Luisa Fernanda, (zarzuela).

In 1995 he interpreted in the theater Columbus of Versus. Ace. reina at night of the Magical Flute, roll gained by contest. In 1998 Iris was awarded with the prize “Marl? by their contribution to the lyrical theater. In 2001 she was selected to represent the Argentine Northwest in the Contest Federal Prize organized by the C.F.I. The 8 of March of year 2005 were awarded to consider it Woman Representing of the Tucumana Culture.

Ricardo González Dorrego, tenor

It was born in Buenos Aires. It realized studies of piano and musical language. It studied song with Ricardo Catena and White Marta, with that continues perfecting itself. It attended the Degree in Music, with specialty in choral direction in the Faculty of Musical Arts and Science of the UCA.

It has integrated diverse choral groupings.

In 1997 it entered by contest to the National Choir of Young people and in 1998 National the Polifónico Choir, in which one evolves at the moment like cord head. Integra, in addition, the Choral Study of Versus. Ace, whose director is Carlos Lopez Puccio.

It has interpreted rolls in the operas Dido and Eneas, the Magical Flute, Fidelio, Carmen, L' enfant ET them sortileges, Rigoletto, Gianni Schicchi and Wozzeck, among others.

In their solístico repertoire Magnificat and Misa in If smaller stand out, of Bach; The Mesías and Israel in Egypt, of Händel; The Creation of Haydn; Requiem, of Mozart; Ninth Symphony of Beethoven; The first night of Walpurgis de Mendelssohn; The Seven Last Words, of Frank; Stabat Mater, of Rossini; Carminic Burana, of Orff; Cantata, of Stravinsky and Requiem military, Britten, among others.

It has acted in the main theaters of Buenos Aires and the rear area. In addition it acted like soloist in the cities of Rome and Toulouse, releasing works of Argentine composers.

It has been directed by the Franz teachers Paul Decker, Karl Martin, Alexey Izmirliev, Rodolfo Fischer, Neat Gabriel, Pedro Ignacio Calderón, Andres Spiller, Antonio Russo, Mario Perusso, Mario Benzecry, Robert Ruiz, Carlos Lopez Puccio, Néstor Zadoff, Oscar Galvez Vidal and Roberto Luvini, among others.

It arrives “Brothels? from the hand of Eleonora Cassano

It arrives at the Provincial Theater from Jumps a luxury spectacle: “Brothels? build carried out by Eleonora Cassano, with the participation of the Argentine Ballet of Julio Bocca and Ricky Pashkus. The work counts in addition on the action to Cecilia Figaredo, plus the Orchestra “Cruel China? and the singer Karina Levine.

In an imposing show, the history of the tango is related from its birth, product of an accidental mixture of several European folkloric rates that a group of immigrants represents gladly in some hotel near the port of Buenos Aires by the end of century XIX, and that end at a sensual rate and melancholic that preannounces the erotic and fatalistic character of this new dance. Thus also its passage by the brothels at the beginning of century XX is reflected, moving later to the great halls the high society, with the consequent jump to Europe and the United States.

A great show on the history of our citizen music with the talent of Eleonora Cassano.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $ 80 and $ 70, Theater box $ 70, Pullman $ 60, Super ones pullman $ 50
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