The Huayra astonishes by their great call

The group will appear in the Theater of the Orchard 8 Thursday 6, Fridays 7, Saturday and Sunday 9 of May, from the 21.30.

Some years ago, the Huayra had the opportunity to appear in the outside. Thus, the folcloristas realized diverse activities in Canada.

The enormous call of the Huayra already was reflected in the ticket office of the Theater of the Orchard. In principle, the set salteño was going to offer two recitales - Thursday 6 and Fridays 7 of May, but the great demand of entrances reflected days in the last forced the organization to add two new functions - 8 Saturday and Sunday 9.

Already a time ago the local public adopted to this group salteño, something that is demonstrated in each one of the presentations that the set realizes in the capital city.

The Huayra will take advantage of the occasion to present/display the last disc, “mud Code?. The set will offer its landscaping folklore of a musical production of independent origin that synthesizes two years of elaboration.
The group is made up of Sebastián Giménez, Juan Sources, Luis Benavídez and the “Colo? Vasconcellos. Also they integrate Alvaro Plaza and Hernando Mónico.

The Huayra began their race in October of 1995, when they cantanban in festivales, cantatas and rocks of Jump, Jujuy, Tucuman, Catamarca and other provinces.

In 2005, they sent his first homonymous disc, made up of five own songs that satisfy the variable tastes more, more subjects of Horacio Guarany, Carlos Gardel and Fito Páez. In December of 2006 they signed contract with the seal EMI, that reedited its first disc and prepared the land for its second work, “the voice of the wind?.

Alicia Faltraco, one more a more mature work

The freedom, between the will of the figure and the tyranny of La Mancha. The artist will exhibit his works in Jumps.

Atelier of Alicia Faltraco is in the band of the city of Humahuaca, a paradise quebradeño that, like the one of Eva, went colonizing. For that reason there is lost no his enchantment. That way they lower who arrive walking from ways that are lost by valleys. To the bottom, the White Rock keeps the rest from an ancestral population. On one of its skirts: the image of the Virgin Maria. That farmer who lowers and the antigal covered by the mariana skirt, is a good summary of the world that Faltraco tries to desocultar by means of its creative work.

We visited it by the sample that, from this Tuesday 4, it will inaugurate in the Museum of Archeology of High Mountain, in front of the place of the city of Jumps, where the Children of Llullaillaco sleep a dream testified by thousands of visitors. She is one of the so many lines that intercross. Another one journeys the one of an European art that went extending on the centuries of American mestization and aspires, perhaps, to be fused with the objects that represent in our earth.

Faltraco has looked for that dialog, that it justifies the one of this note, from the figuration that demanded a commitment hurt of injustices, until the moment at which it beams forms to express the complexity of the Andean man, resorting to the complicity of the spots in the fabric and with the imagination accomplice of the observer. Thus it was composing a superposed world of layers that act like perspective, complementing it, but also they add dimensions that express contradictory and the rich thing of the life.

It tells us that it chose to expose now in Jumps “because it has one moved cultural very interesting one, invests money in culture much more and for that reason there are different spaces. That is an incentive to continue producing.? But to look for a new public does not influence in the selection of the works that presents/displays, because “my way within the plastic one I have already it chosen. My idea of a sample is that they know me better with one more a more mature work.?

It reflects that “I do not know if an art work thinks, in any case not at the moment at you are painting which it. Before tenés that to think, to digest it, but instead of by the alimentary canal leaves by the hand. Before it was a too figurative work and I do not want that now it is it as much. It is more time to paint, also, and that gives another experience me. One same one is changing.?

“The opinion of certain people matters to me?, says to us, “and Jujuy has very good plastics. I speak with them and many of to its I listen to them opinions I consider and them. Are people that even makes art, that has a plastic eye, when have given me with an axe. All we would want to be great artists, nobody wants to be mediocre, the subject is that to arrive at that, the way is personal.?

Speaking of its place within the Andean art, it says to us that “for twenty-three years alive in Humahuaca because interests the native culture to me, and within the native thing I have been living in an Andean zone. The same trowel of the landscapes of has here to do with my form, nonuse Caribbean strident colors, I have a trowel that is conjugated with the landscape. I look for that human figure with its characteristics, its gestures, its form to load the things, and those things are to me very interesting.?

“The sense whereupon pinto it, hopefully are more universal, a sense that extends the localismo. That I feel with poetries of the Churqui Choquevilca, that stops being localista when it says its images. I believe that I must make a exhibition based on its poetries, because it says images and until it is saying the colors to me. I use much blue and names he it in every short while.?

“Following? in the cinema the Ledesma theater

An accomplishment of Ucumar Films, the group of theater Flame thrower and the local municipality. The opening will be tomorrow to 22.

Ucumar Films, the group of theater Flame thrower and the Municipality of General Liberator San Martin will present/display “the Following one?, a film with ledesmenses artists that was filmed in Urundel, in the middle of the past year.

“The Following one? is a film of Caorlin Marks, that will be released tomorrow to 22 in the cinema Ledesma theater and is supported by the Municipality of General Liberator San Martin, with the support of the intendant Jorge Ramon Ale.

“The Following one? is a production based on one of first stories of the prestigious writer jujeño Héctor Tizón.

For this reason, this one is the third film of Ucumar Films next to the theater group Flame thrower.

In this film it is tried to show to the experiences of “the? war and the consequent consequences in undergo those who it, directly or indirectly.

There, where the good and the evil have indecipherable limits and where the urgency requires immediate actions without mediating in them, often, the reason.
“The Following one? was filmed in Urundel (province of Jumps) during the months of Julio and August of the past year.

The protagonists

Member state the accomplishment, all the actors belongs to the theater group Flame thrower, directed by professor Alvaro Red Roman, or is neighboring with actorales aptitudes that want to contribute to the local culture.

For this reason, Juan Zelaya, Naza Ibañez, Brenda Castle, Silvia DIP, Gustavo Chaves, Mateo Crenovich, Silvia Go'mez, Juan Go'mez, Mónica Alderete, Martin Tuma and Ariel Farfán participate in this filmic work, among others.

“Edith? arrives from the hand of Sandra Píccolo

On the occasion of the closing of XXXIV the Cultural April Salteño, the Contemporary Ballet directed by Sandra Píccolo will again present/display “Edith? Friday 30 of April to 21,30 hs., in the Greater Room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps.

The spectacle has 30 dancers in scene, and is based on a free version of the life of Edith Piaf, written by Victor Fernandez Esteban. The same is organized by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province next to Pro Culture Jumps.

Through the fusion of dance and theater, the public salteño will be able to enjoy a new version of the life of “the Piaf?, that was born in a culvert of Paris, in December of 1915. Daughter of an alcoholic street singer and an artist who left soon it, left a dark brothel to captivate to the world with her broken and strident voice.

The entrance is gratuitous. To retire invitation without numeration as of Monday 26 in ticket office of the Theater.

Ana Issa presents/displays her “Songs? in the Cultural April

Within the framework of XXXIV the Cultural April Salteño, Ana Issa will present/display her show Songs, Thursday 29 of April, to 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460). She will be accompanied by local musical outstanding like Federico Towers, Claudius Ledesma, Oscar Go'mez, Leonel Goldstein and, from Between Rivers, Hernán Brambilla.

Ana Issa was tie to the Five Voices and soon she conformed the Pair Ana Issa & Luis Iacuzzi. Its repertoire is characterized by the preference by Latin American songs, with adjustments and own compositions. She was telonera of great national artists like Pedro Aznar, Javier Malosetti, Adrian Abonizio, I fight Holes, Encinar Awkward person. It had the privilege to sing with the Chalchaleros, Mario Teruel, the Five Voices, among others and represented Jumps on two ocassions in the Contest Pre Cosquin.

Third participation is his in the Cultural April Salteño: In the 2007, next to the Chacho Echenique of the Salteño Pair, it gave a concert to full room and, in the 2009, next to Coffee & Violetas and Eloy Lopez, inaugurated the Musical Cycles of the House of the Culture, with successful call. Now one appears again to delight to all followers

General entrance $25, on sale in ticket office of the House of Culture.


This Friday the 30 girls of “the 5 Voices? present/display a show of live music but with a proposal different and entertainment for the music lovers from the folklore. The additive of this show will be the live recording of a CD of the groups “Both? (Jumps) and “Melina Cabocota? (Tucuman). Both groups are revelations in the rock that “the 5 Voices? put this summer in Cosquín.

WE MAKE MUSIC Live is the proposal of “the 5 Voices? for this Friday 30 of April, to 21.30 hs. in the room of “the Teatrino?, located in the corner of streets 12 of October and To turn white.

This live show and recording promise - in addition to good music that the public salteño can be protagonist to make the music that as much enjoys. One is a proposal different for the music lovers from the local folklore.

The presentation of MELINA CABOCOTA (Tucumán) and Both (It jumps) in “WE MAKE MUSIC… prendete Live? is the possibility so that the public salteño listens, it sings, it enjoys and it makes the music that as much it likes.

The entrances anticipated of “WE MAKE MUSIC… Live prendete? already are on sale in GIECO Bar, in Vine shoot esq. Sgo. of the Matting. The cost is of $20.


This group of girls salteñas is forming his destiny with the done soul music. Their characteristics are the passion, determination, calidez and simplicity. The Five Voices were born in 1995, when five anxious adolescents begin as hobby a dream, that with the years was transformed into a form of life for its members: Veronica Marks, Issa Solitude, Calabrian Melina, Jimena Teruel and Estefanía Niewolski.

From its beginnings, they had the possibility of sharing scenes with the Chalchaleros, the Nocheros, Solitude and the Chaqueño Palavecino, among others. From the 2000 they began to face the project professionally, and innumerable presentations in scenes and national and local festivales followed one another.


Its new disc calls the Five Voices simply, being its first cut the subject: “Lofty Caminito?. This summer 2009 was presented/displayed in main the Festivales of the season throughout.

The album counts on subjects of its own responsibility and recognized authors, who conform a variable repertoire of songs where folcklóricos rates megre, Latin rates and ballads. This disc marks to a process of growth and evolution, where the girls begin to explore other styles outside folcklore, abriendo to a fan of possibilities when composing its own songs, and in the search of an own style that grants a distinguishing and particular seal to them.

The subjects that this disc includes are: Thus He will be Better (the Moor /Jimena Teruel); I do not know Dejarte Ir (Veronica Marks /Jimena Teruel); Lofty Caminito (Veronica Marks/Jimena Teruel/Issa Solitude); Quédate (Jimena Teruel /Ver ónica Marks); Who Like You (Ana Gabriel); Ana and the Sea (Dead Nature) (White Jose); Dreams of Woman (Boris Flowers); Already Never More (the Moor/Calabrian Julieta); So that You know (to Veronica Marks/Jimena Teruel/Jimena Teruel; The Reggae Ours (Jimena Teruel).

“Eternity? will today raise scene the musical comedy

Fifty actors and musicians will interpret a work on the life of Jesus.

The new school of “Supernatural? musical comedy (General Güemes 260) will replace his first called work “Eternity?, today to 22, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Previously, to 10, they will offer a function appointed the students of different schools from Jumps.

The musical comedy, directed by Silvana Rearte and Elías Guzmán, tries on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and has the intention to reflect the essence of the celebration of Passover.

“It is a work that I wrote with the aim of giving hope. I felt very identified with Jesus. Sometimes one journeys very difficult moments and there it is truly with God. , he helped me to write this text with which I want to transmit that not only the death and the resurrection of Jesus, but in addition, which was its life, are worthy to imitate?, expressed Rearte.

In the work a total of 50 actors participates and live musicians, who through song, the theater, the dance and music, will interpret the life of Jesus Christ. The group of artists is conformed by children among 5 and 11 years and young people among 13 and 25. Some already they had experience in the action, others however give with “Eternity? his first passages on a scene.

The new school of “Supernatural? musical comedy abrió its doors in February.
The first function had a great acceptance of the public, with 500 sold localities.

“Eternity? is guaranteed by the Provincial Library of Jumps, and counts on the support of the assistant director of the Symphonic one of Jumps, Jorge Lhez.

As well, the scenic putting adheres to the activities anticipated for season 2010 of the Cultural April Salteño.

The Symphony orchestra in concert next to Fernanda Morello

After the Inaugural Concert 2010 that was realized Thursday 15 for more than 1,300 people, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will eet again with its public Thursday 29 of April, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, with a imperdible repertoire.

Under the direction of his Titular Director, Enrique Roel, will interpret itself, in the first part, Macabre Dance of Camille Saint Saëns and Sun Concierto for piano and orchestra of Maurice Ravel, with the solística action of the outstanding pianist Fernanda Morello.

In the second part of the evening, the public will enjoy one acclaimed work: the Symphony Nº 5 of Piotr I. Tchaikovsky.

The entrances will be for sale in ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70) from Monday 26 of April, to a value of: It silverplates $ 20 and (according to $16 location) and Pullman and Superpullman, $10.
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