Successful Festive beginning of XXXIV the Folkloric one of the Huancar

The launching was with an act the past Mondays, in which there were words, and activities of first level, that anticipate the encounter.

From the night of the last Monday, already everything knows to folklore, because the centric streets of old Siberia Argentina embriagan of music and songs for all time, is that the thirty fourth edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar started up, but the aged one of the festivales of its type that are realized in the territory jujeño.

Without comparison, without pride, but with unrestricted respect to the expressions that arise from the popular culture, It abra Pampas or it abrió the doors of his generous heart to receive the singers and popular musicians on the one hand, and by another one to tourists which or they overwhelmed the hotel infrastructure with the capital of the puneños, it is that the mysterious call of the Huancar and his salamancas has precise obedience of own and visitors.

The launching

As it was anticipated, at night of Monday one became serious with the tourist launching of this new edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar in a special ceremony that the municipal intendant Ariel presided over Adolph Crusher next to members of his cabinet and accompanied by the holder of the Deliberative Council, Juan Isidro Vilca, and they could not lack the workers of the culture, neighbors and an important amount of tourists.

After words of Director Municipal of Culture and Tourism, Wilfredo Viterman Valdivieso, who emphasized the importance of the extension of the activities that they half-close to the central celebration of the festivalero Huancar, was presented/displayed the person in charge of the flaming Office of Tourism, Gabriel Tolaba, son of the folklorista outstanding Alfredo Héctor Tolaba; he must stand out that with the qualification of this office the work is fortified that is realized in favor of the tourism.

Also the intendant Ariel Machaca spoke, who was thankful for the disinterested sample of support of the community abra-pampeña to the benefit of the Festival of the Huancar.

This last one weighed the commitment of the Director of Culture and Tourism, of flaming designation, indicating that Valdivieso will know to continue by the difficult footpath abierta by Facundo Raul Crusher, footpath that exactly leads to the revaluation of the cultural manifestations of the towns of the north jujeño.

The songs thrown to flight in the sweet voice of Paula Aryan, and the regional poetry next to the dances set out by dancers of the Cultural Group Takin Tusuy, comprised of the ceremony of launching of the Festival of the Huancar, which became serious with the traditional tape cut to leave inaugurated the Museum of the regional customes and the samples of photographies of the zone in charge of Raul Tabarcache and Reinaldo Alexander Waiter, exhibitions that will be qualified to the public until next Saturday.

But all the Fist waits for the night of Friday that comes, day of the first festivalera day, and the most waited for it is Saturday since the presence of the national figure of Victor Heredia, singer of the deepest truths of our nation, already causes such commotion that the hotel reserves are overwhelmed.

And nor what to think than it will be Sunday in the natural scene there that is the Huancar for the song jujeño that scatters from these heights towards all the country and this part of brown America.

A voice that “resounds' in our Jujuy and the country

The folclorista purmamarqueño will present/display east weekend, its disc within the framework of Tilcareño January.

It never stops producing, singing, publishing, recording, in the capital jujeña, its native Purmamarca, Federal Capital where they wait for every year to it, and in each corner of our province where it goes with his music and it enjoys his landscape.

Lipán takings are that, song and taste nourished reason why it and it continues it enriching to continue offering what somebody called “the song of Purmamarca?.

The past year published a new disc, from that wonderful spectacle that presented/displayed at the beginning of 2009 in Jujuy and soon it showed in Buenos Aires, “Rumblings?.

With the same title that presentation, saw the light when the year mediated that went away, the record work that will appear for the first time in our province, this Thursday and Friday. The appointment is in Cinema Municipal Hall “Jose San Martin? of the city of Tilcara, from the 21,30 two nights.

The disc includes subjects like which it gives to name to the CD “Rumblings him? (poem in off, of and by Lipán Takings), “Santa Rosa and Sacatripa? (march and morning call D.R compiled by Lipán Takings), “molineña? (zamba of Domingo Rivers and Lipán Takings), “the miner? (tonada-huayno, of Jaime Medinacelli, “the Jovita Perez (zamba of Domingo Rivers and Lipán Takings, “a tear? (bailecito of Rigoberto “Tarateño? Red Suárez), “Cueca of coyas? (of Oscar Valles and Antonio Pantoja), “Carnavalito quiaqueño? (of Lipán takings), “the Condor Happens? (Oscar Valles and Alomías Robles), “humpa? (zamba of Atahualpa Yupanqui), “popular Farmer of Florencio? (D.R compiled by Lipán Takings), “Songs?, and “the Glad ones of the Mill? (carnavalito comparsero of Lipán Takings).

The presentation, of this ninth recorded work of Lipán Takings, is framed in the programming of January Tilcareño 2010, with a spectacle of authentic village folkloric expression, as they say the twelve subjects to it that compose this CD. That is to say, a genuine sample of the song, the music and the dance of the zone.

For it, the singer will count on a select list of jujeños musicians and a pair of dance with allegorical attires. In addition he will have like guest the outstanding Group Chakra de Tilcara.
“Rumblings? were recorded in the Silver, province of Buenos Aires, between July and September of 2009 under the own seal, UKIA.

In the first part, the public will be able to listen to all the subjects that integrate the disc, and already in the second part, the Chakra group will raise the scene. One third part of the encounter with the tourist public jujeño and, will be starts off to cross the subjects of previous discs of our artist.

Lipán takings besides singing, will execute guitar, bandoneón, and other instruments. In addition they will accompany Tolaba Franc, in erke, quena and sikus; Carlos Peñalva, in charango and choir; Gustavo Rodriguez, in guitar and second voice; Juan Mamaní, in low and choir; Rodrigo Benítez, in big drum and choir; Mario Gutiérrez, in redoblante; and Solitude Cross, in voice and choirs.

Today the programming of Tilcareño January begins

Tonight it will act in the greater scene, the Tukuta Gordillo and other artists.

Today the programming of traditional “Tilcareño January? begins to be developed.
From the 10 in the central place Colonel Alvarez Prado of the city of Tilcara will be realized the official launching, with a spectacular celebration that includes erkes, cajeadas, copleadas, own dances of the local culture.

Tonight from the 20, in addition he will take place the Festival Folkloric and Rock Folkloric “Tilcareñazo? in the scene “Germa'n Walter Churqui Choquevilca?, who will culminate with a dance rock.

Between the artists who will appear tonight in the scene, they stand out, Tukuta Gordillo, Adriana Tula, Micaela Chauque, Chakras Group, Rene Tolaba and its Friendly, Group Supay Tawa, Tilcara Vive, Tarpuy Group, and Enrique Sumbaino, among others.

For the next Thursday the presentation of the concert of Lipán Takings is predicted in the hall “Jose San Martin?, where it will show the subjects of his last disc, “Rumblings?. That same day the Chalas group will do the own thing in the municipal hall. Friday will be made the presentation of comparsa “Few but Crazy?.

For Saturday 16, it is anticipated that in the greater scene from the 20, the action of the delegation of Palpalá, the Ballet Jujuy, the Zaino Fertile valley, the Creoles, the Carperos, Dark brown Aryans, Lipán Takings, Those of Tartagal, Coroico, the Copleros, Group Awariñas, the Changos Of the Huaico and Wuamani.

The proposals of this new edition of Tilcareño January will continue with more concerts of Lipán Takings (Thursday 21), the presentation of comparsa You would enjoy “Them? (Friday 22), and contest of the Yusca (Sunday 24). Saturday 23, the greater festival will present/display to Dance Wara, the Chucumas (8 dancers), Delegation of Colony Santa Rosa de Salta, Mariela Valenzuela, the Wild one You lick, the Copleros, Ballet image of Bolivia (of La Paz), kjarkas, Faba Kingar (soloist that third disc will be showing to subjects of his).

Thursday 28 “Thursday of Godsons? from the 11 in the central place of Tilcara will be celebrated, and soon the traditional lunch with the sets folkloric and the popular dance will take place.
The last night of the festival (30), will bring to the scene to Delia Kitchen garden, the Infernal ones of Güemes, the Joint Colony Santa Rosa, the Genies Salamanqueros, the Amancay, the Singers of the Dawn, the Chinito and Coroico.

Tilcareño January edition of the Marathon by the Ways of the Patrimony of the Humanity in the place of Tilcara will conclude the 31 with 6º until the Throat of the Devil and the ceremony of conclusion of this popular celebration.

Edition of the Privateerings of Flowers begins 105ª

Today the imaginary curtain of the parades will rise, when the first groupings unfold their magic before the public.

Like every year, Hillocks will receive as of today an important number of spectators who will live, from the 22, the inaugural act of the Privateerings of Flowers 2010 in 105ª edition, opening that will be in charge of the School of Dances Tames Marks of that locality.

This group, integrated by 40 dancers, will dance to the rate of the Argentine popular song book by corsódromo “Güemes?, unfolding the work “the Carnival of Oil mill Fields?, that were presented/displayed in Ferinoa, in Santa Fe and Cosquín, having given him brightness and color to the inaugural night, with the cartoons of the great sketcher already disappeared. The objective to present/display this work in the privateering is that the public reflects on the traditional elements that the new generations contribute to the culture and which they do not have to be lost.

Once finalized the inaugural act, that will count on the participation of authorities of the provincial and municipal Government, the celebration will begin to live itself with the joy of the different groupings, that will be demonstrating to their abilities carnestolendas.

Cost of the entrances

The general entrance will have a cost of $5 for majors of 12 years, minors from the 8 years will pay $2. With his entrance the spectator will be able to participate in important drawings of electric home appliances all the nights. Corsódromo will count on 4,000 chairs prepared throughout the route and also they will be able to accede to a preferential theater box.

Within the main place 10 chemical baths will settle and will be an ambulance presents/displays all the nights to take care of the possible emergencias of health.
Also one will unfold important an operative one of security, with numerous police cash affected and personal of Road Security and Transit in all the communication channels of the town.

As it is custom, the increase of units of transport is guaranteed before to the spectators and after each parade, considering the important flow of spectators that moves from the different localities from the Valley of Lerma. This way, the “Capital of the Carnival? will be transformed once again into a celebration, with dances and perfume of basil, the brightness of the groupings, the rumbling of tumbadoras and the bells of the farm managers. The parades will continue days 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 and 31 of January. For the third weekend the presence of the Rep it of the Branch announced, of San Pedro de Jujuy, with more than 150 members.


At the beginning of the past century a group of enthusiastic young people of the time had the brilliant idea to organize parades of Hillock disguises to celebrate the carnival. To the few days a few boy took a walk with their disguises by the main street, between the row of the young ladies and ladies who brought closer themselves to the paths to greet the passage of these “audacious ones?. They did not lack either who with thanks sent to flowery water and serpentines to the disguised ones.

With running of the years, the authorities of the town went taking part and helped the organization of the privateerings and they imposed the name to him of Privateerings of Flowers.

Another fundamental step in the history of the cerrillanos carnivals was the installation of the famous carps, like the one of gift Marks Tames, the popular “Chañarcito?, on the main street, that went turning into attractive irresistible for youth of past decades.

Already much more close in the time, they began to install chairs and to acquire entrance to help to resolve the spectacles and to invite to comparsas of other cardinal points.

II Encuentro of Latin American Popular Theater in Jujuy

This behind schedule to 19, the second festival organized by the groups will be realized the Pink Theater, the Shade Theater and Art Of Us.

Our province will be by second consecutive year soothes of Encuentro of Popular Theater Latin American Entepola Jujuy 2010, that begins today and it will extend until the next Wednesday.

In this edition in addition, it is possible to emphasize that the Entepola will extend to other provinces of the NOA, by express order of his artists. Thus it will arrive at Tucuman, Salta and Catamarca, that this time will act as you soothe of the encounter in Jujuy.

Surpassing widely the expectations of an artistic festival that began in 2009 and that united pieces of different countries in moved active Jujuy generating one theater one; it is that for this year it is predicted that the second Entepola with the perspective is realized of which is multitudinal and that congregates theater proposals not only, but also of diverse originating disciplines of the art.

“It is not really possible to be thought that the festival has grown as much in a year. From the public, from our companions artists and the people of all Latin America and Europe. In fact you ponés entepolajujuy in Internet and are like 30 pages with notes and new features, anecdotes and forums. For that reason the possibility is important of having everything in Jujuy, we have in the hands an international event that allows the jujeños that do not go away of vacations to comprise of this activity, to have an international festival of theater with factories, with conferences and music, that is had over-sized? explained Roman Germa'n, the chief of a main directorate of the encounter to the Tribuno de Jujuy.

One is a festival that will reunite to native Latin American companies of different provinces from our country, Peru, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia and Brazil, which they will exhibit his theater pieces in soothes power station that, like the last year, will be in the ex- station of trains. Also there will be presentations in five capital districts.

“The programming is of four spectacles per night, with artistic samples. Aside it is going to have activity in San Pedrito, the Falklands, Comedero Stop, Santa Rosa and Kings, trying to arrive at the districts and, in the interior, we are going to be in Tilcara, Liberator, Perico and Palpalá? mentioned Roman, also director of the Pink Theater that director of the Shade tells on the work of Gabriela Espinoza Theater and Sergio Diaz Fernandez, director of Art Of Us (ADN), coordinating of the festival next to 40 local teatreros.

“As always it is a totally gratuitous proposal where there is a previous organization. Practically a month ago we worked for this, we dedicated ourselves to this to be able to cause that people can see the 150 artists who are going to arrive at Jujuy?.

Projection of II the Entepola
Due to the success of the call in 2009, it is that the artists of Jump, Tucuman and Catamarca showed an outstanding interest in taking this festival from theater to their scenes.

According to words of the director Roman Germa'n, the spectacles that will appear in our province, also they will comprise of next the Entepolas which they will take place in the provinces of Jumps, Tucuman, Santiago of Estero and Catamarca.

“It is already announced that the third party (Entepola) is going away to do in Jujuy and we are thinking again about meetings with the governments of the provinces so that the more important international circuit of the theater in Argentina forms, where Jujuy would continue being the head and the organization. Soon one would move to Jumps and from Tucuman spectacles to the Band (Santiago of the Matting) and to Santa Maria would be derived (Catamarca). It is a phenomenon that extends opposite? indicated.

Other disciplines

Like adhesion to this theater activity, to the festival other artistic disciplines like the painting and the crafts will be added.

“Plastics Will have exhibitions of 42 that goes to expose pictures in festival, that is very important because the painter also adds itself to this moved popular to be able to arrive at people in massive form? explained Roman, whom soon he affirmed that the organizers of the fair “the Hands Do? and of the Urquiza stroll, also will realize a special fair surroundings to the ex- station. “Not only there will be theater but music, plastic, literary nights and projections of videos? it finalized.

Symbols of the salteñidad in key of absurd

Inverse space presents/displays “Work of Christmas or the appetite of Artaud?, cradle in the language of the man salteño.

A family salteña get ready to celebrate the traditional dinner of Christmas. In the course of the meeting they begin to appear the individual and social ghosts, and the weight of the symbols of myths and the identity they become unbearable. On this encounter and its consequences Work of Christmas turns the theater piece “or the appetite of Artaud?, a collective creation of the group Inverse Space, cradle in an investigation on the language and the policies of the body in the man salteño. The spectacle was released yesterday and it will recover today and tomorrow, from the 20,30, in the Attic of the Palace Galleries (Miter 37).

This performance, only apt for majors of 18 years, gives continuity him to a type of theater with which this independent list comes working for three years and that are known like “rupture theater?. In him, the one that the space and the corporal expression are over the text, and the metaphor plays an important role.

The director of the work is Indagel Betancourt, who also is put in the skin of one of the personages, next to Julio Caesar Bazan, Victor Pagano and Noelia Gana. In a self-assured and canibalesca position, the actors put in tension religious symbols and traditionalistic of He jumps with the codes of the “theater of the cruelty? of Antonin Artaud. This poet, dramatist and French actor, after to live a problematic childhood and to happen through different mental sanatoriums, invented the “theater of the cruelty?, a dramatic art that diminishes the spoken word and it lets itself take by a physical unusual sound, maneuvering by movement and elimination of the habitual dispositions of scene and scenery.

Inverse space took this conception it shaped and it in a proposal in which the metaphor prevails and that can be interpreted of different ways, according to the subjectivity of the spectator.

For that reason, “Work of Christmas…? it is an undressed piece of all type of technical artifices, where the body of the actor and the metaphor fulfill a roll very important. “Very it is played and it can get to hurt susceptibilities. We take the subject from Christmas to talk about to the evacuating of myths. Nowadays many believers celebrate this festival without knowing their true meaning?, emphasized Indagel Betancourt.

“Work of Christmas or the appetite of Artaud? is the second putting of Inverse Space, after “the died dreams of Don Insula?, released in December of 2007 and the responsibility of Indagel Betancourt.

“The argument of the work arises from an investigation that still is in process and that talks about the fatigue folkloric that prevails in the culture salteña. From the globalisation a cultural displacement that is reflected in the rituals of our earth, often used like a tourist attraction took place. Also we were based on `theater of the cruelty' of Antonin Artaud because through his works, the author undresses all those social constructions that went weakening the man of their nature?, explained the director.

The proposal of Inverse Space turns surroundings than it is known like “rupture theater?, that is located within the “experimental theater?. “This type of theater insists on the sign codes. We did not follow a dramatic art classic but we worked from different codes. `Obra de Christmas or the appetite of Artaud' has different structures, parts in which it is not used a verbal language but sounds with tonadas of the north?.

Antonio Rivers will act in Jumps

To the inaugural evening Amalia Granata and one come comparsa among Rivers.

They only reduce some days so that the curtain of the Privateering of Stars rises. The beginning is predicted for next Saturday, to 22,30, in the avenue Juan Pablo II (to the flank of the stage Father Ernesto Martearena). The celebration will extend until the 16 of February. The inaugural evening will count on the presence of the Antonio teacher Rivers, the mediatic Amalia Granata and one comparsa among Rivers.

“It will be an honor abrir this beautiful celebration of the salteños, that surely will be a full successful. In addition, in the occasions that I traveled to that province they tried to me to wonder. People are very warm and respectful. It seems that the emprendimiento of the industralist Red Javier aims to have a good level, and I do not doubt that this man bets to a great project to future?, observed Antonio Rivers.

“The past year had been called on already me to live an unforgettable experience in Jumps, when I accompanied to the group Sour cherry, in the Provincial Theater. I was really touched with the affection that the public offered me and promised to return. Luckily I am going to fulfill my promise?, added.

On the other hand, Red Javier, the organizer of the event, confirmed: “We are going to count on the presence of comparsas of Gualeguaychú and Corrientes, besides national figures like models, actors and bands?.

The Museum “Terry? and the program for this January

Musical, plastic, photographic proposals, and until projections of films, are some of the options in Tilcara.

There are things that, in Tilcara, are fulfilled accurately: Passovers, first of August, All the Saints, Christmas, the Carnivals. In the same way, and always in due time, Lito Sandoval gives to the programming of the Regional Painting Museum “Jose to us Antonio Terry?. Perhaps whoever silence and art in the middle of fárrago noisy that is synonymous to be in January in Tilcara, only need to cross the doors of that colonial large house that is abre to two inner patios and to their exhibition halls.

Saturday the photographies of Daniel Roitenburd centered under the title of “Women? will appear, and the work of Horacio Calcina, a painter del that already we know its language strong colors and bodies reconstructed with a personal proportion that, perhaps, reflects one of the passages of the Bohemian tilcareña. 13 Wednesday Leaño Oar will present/display an own song book, an approach from the verse written to the experience of the song.

Thursday 14, engineer agrónoma Magda Choquevilca, coordinator of the Tecnicatura in Regional Kitchen and Nourishing Culture of Tumbaya, will be in charge of char it on the regional kitchen quebradeña. Its long experience to walk rescuing ancestral cultures and to study its derivatives, is guarantee of not losing itself more before a question that, seeming simple, is perhaps very complex, when the regional thing is confused with the tourist thing or it is tried to extend the millenarian.

The 21 the musical spectacle “Charangos of the Soul? appears. Of it, it tells to Severe Huarita Colque, that “in Bolivia, when we went to the Congress the International of the Charango, that was realized in Potosí, and the Guiness record became where they touched 1,270 charanguistas, touching together seven melodies us of famous Bolivian composers?. The musician told that with Elio Gutiérrez and Miguel Vilca Angel they were ovacionados by the students of charango. “When lowering of the scene they said to us: ' what pretty that touched the diablitos, Mr. Warita, touched with the soul', and for that reason it happened oneself to us to put that name to him to the concert. We are going to participate musical in Maimará, Tilcara, Purmamarca, and one is going away to feel pure charango. The strong number is going to be with Elio Gutiérrez and Miguel Vilca Angel, and later they are going to be passing the rest of the charanguistas?, commented.

Saturday 23 they will be the sculptures and paintings of the entrerriano Alfredo Carvoni titled “Oils on carpets and ceramic?, and the photographies “Colors that Fly? of the group Dove of Kevin Zaouali, Luis Calizaya, Balthasar Ramos and Américo Vilte. Thursday 28 will appear By the Ways of the Malón of La Paz, a documentary one realized by Bettendorff Solitude and Diego Rosemary, of the group Our Deep America. Following with the films, Friday 29 will see “Hermógenes Key? and “Medardo Pantoja?, of Jorge PreLoran.

Already closing January, the Mixture inaugurations “and Other Grass? will take place, it shows plastic of Carlos Guerrero, and “Time, Earth and Color?, of Yurquina Marks, that will be until February.
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