It will be inaugurated the Provincial Hall Photography

Monday 28 of September, to 19, it will be inaugurated in the Hall of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), the sample of VII the Provincial Hall Photography subject Jumps and its Landscape.

The same will be integrated by accepted awarded works and the 20 selected to participate in the Hall and for exhibition. In the occasion, the act of delivery of prizes will also be realized.

The First Prize is for Franc Stamboni Day by its work the Approach. The Second Prize is for the titled work Arriving at the Cone from Arita from Lisardo photographer Francisco Maggipinto.

The mentions are for Aldo Luján Zanetti by the work the Boat, Juan Carlos Basilio Wizny by Attic and Victor Notarfrancesco by Looks for the bottom of the street the hill.

Also, the court selected 4 works that consider special mentions of the Jury, those that will receive dilpomas. These are the Bell tower of the Cachi series de Alexander Griggio Etchelús, Two Tips and Throat of the Devil both of Aldo Luján Zanetti and Hileras of males in an incredibly beautiful place of Lisardo Francisco Maggipinto.

The members of the body of juries of the Federation Argentina de Fotografía Hugo Garci'a, Ariel González and Jose Luis Urbaitel, had to their position the juzgamiento of presented/displayed works.

“The angel and demon of the spectacle?

Number one of the spectacle, Jorge Rial, already arrived at the theater with a show in which it surprises.
The Newspaper of the Spectacle advances the dates to you of September, October, November and December. In addition the new presentations.

As of Friday 4 of September, the conductor initiated a tour by all the country with this spectacle that he gives that to speak.

The work, that counts on the putting in scene of the recognized playwright Manuel González Gil, music of Martin Bianchedi and choreography of Rubén Neck, is already causing great repercussion in the public who turned upside down massively to the ticket offices of the theater to obtain his ticket for the debut of Rial.

In “the Angel and Demon of the spectacle? Rial it represents a journalist who, by error, leaves the Earth before time and that is in the dilemma between counting everything what knows of the national nonsense to be able to save its life and to return to the Earth or not to do it. This fact will be the trigger for the revelation of the secrets better kept from the nonsense, with a surprising end where the public will decide the luck of the personage.

They accompany to Jorge Rial two actresses - dancing and singing in this spectacle, that in addition will have musical moments with choreographies of Rubén Neck, music especially composed by Martin Bianchedi, and the putting in scene in charge of prestigious Director Manuel González Gil. The general production is of Javier Faroni.

This next weekend, “the angel and demon of the spectacle? will be:

- Friday 25: It jumps, Theater Of the Orchard, Pueyrredón 175.
- Saturday 26: Jujuy, Cinema Theater Alpha, Patricias Argentine 360.
- Domingo 27: Tucuman, Alberdi Theater, Crisostomo Alvarez and Jujuy.

The Symphony orchestra will interpret works of Beriloz, Gounod and Massenet

21,30 Friday 25 to hs. in the Provincial Theater of It jumps, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer a concert under the baton of invited director Mario Perusso. Overture will be interpreted Roman Carnival Op.9 de Héctor Berlioz, Extracts of the opera Romeo and Julieta de Charles Gounod and Extractos of the opera Manon de Jules Massenet.
In this one occasion Enrique Folger (tenor) and Paula Almerares stand out like soloists (soprano).

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater from Monday 21: It silverplates $10 and $8, Theater box $15, Pullman and Super pullman $5.

Open and gratuitous museums for students

The Secretariat of Culture of the province informs that, in order to celebrate the Day of the Student and the Day of the Artist, 25 Friday and Saturday 26 of September the enter the provincial museums will be free and gratuitous for students of all the levels.

The museums could be visited in the following schedules:

Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992): 20 Fridays from 10 to hs and 22 Saturday from 12 to hs.

Museum of Contemporary Art - MAC - (Zuviría 90): Friday and 20 Saturday from 9 to hs.

Museum of Archeology of High Mountain - MAAM - (Miter 77): Friday and 20 Saturday from 11 to hs.

Museum House of Rengel Aryans (Florida 20): 19,30 Fridays from 9 to and 20 Saturday from 10 to 13 and from 17 to hs.

Museum of Anthropology of Jumps (Army of Norte and Single Ricardo): 21 Fridays from 8 to and 18 Saturday from 10 to hs.

In order to be able to enter, the university students will have to present/display accreditation of studies.

It is important to add that, within the framework of these celebrations and with the aim of offering an alternative option for the young people, the local group Teddy Krueguer will offer a musical show in the Museum of Beautiful Arts.

The same will be realized with free and gratuitous entrance from the 18.

Theater marathon from Monday, for all the pleasures

The official launching of both events was realized yesterday. There will be functions until the 11 of October.

As of Monday, the salteños will be able to enjoy a varied theater work fan of two events within the framework concatenated: the First National Runner of Theater “the country in the country? (from the 28/09 to the 4/10) and XV the Provincial Celebration of the Theater Jumps 2009 (from the 7 to the 11 of October). The official launching of both events was carried out yesterday, in the House of the Culture, with the presence of the secretary of Culture, Mariano Ovejero; the undersecretary, Claudius Garci'a You see, and the representative of the INT in Jumps, Cristina Idiarte. In the opportunity, the participation of the theater community stood out salteña in the provincial competition that will give to the winners happens for the regional instance. Idiarte also emphasized that the Celebration will be a propitious scene to remember the protagonists of the theater task in Jumps, “particularly to Claudia Bonini?, actress and passed away director east year.

“The country in the country? will put in scene to national lists. Monday 28 will begin, to 20, with the Writing presentation “in the mud?, the Mecano Room; and “the loved ones?, to 22, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos de Caseros 460. The Provincial Celebration will inaugurate Wednesday 7 with “Rights and humans?, of the Labyrinth, to 18,30 and 20,30, in the Mecano Room; “Comedy and woman? ?, of Majarete Theater, to 17, in the Auditorium (Belgrano 1349); “Erase once a king?, of the Threshold, in the Association of Actors (Alvarado 551), to 20,30 and 22. Outside competition, the Loved ones will present/display “Rutilantes?, to 21,30, in Caretakers 460.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Gratuitous rock in the Beautiful Arts

Within the framework of the celebrations by the day of the Artist and the day of the Student, the band Teddy Kruegger will appear with gratuitous entrance, Saturday 26, to 18, in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992). Conformed by Emiliano Livelli (low and voice), Gastón Oliver (piano, sintetizadores and programming), Tote Oil mill (battery) and Facundo Urtasun (guitar), this is one of the bands salteñas with greater projection.

It began to cross the circuit of bars of the city in the 2007, and only in two years, it reached great notoriety. In January of 2009 it published Magnetic orientation, his first record work, engraving in the studies ION in Federal Capital.

Its presentation in two last editions of the live Personnel, in the microstage Delmi, as band support of artists of the stature of Street 13, I veto Cuevas and Emanuel Horvilleur, served the musicians to him to consolidate its position within the ambient local rocker.

The Salteño Pair will today appear in the coliseo jujeño

After 10 years without singing, the musicians return to the scenes and, in this occasion, to sing to him to the local estudiantado one.

Tonight to 21,30, the Salteño Pair will present/display a musical spectacle folkloric titleholder “the Salteño Pair sings to him to Youth? in the Miter Theater.

The show will be realized within the framework of the 58 Edition of the National Celebration of the Students and must by objective share music with youngest.

Integrated by Néstor “Chacho? Echenique and Patricio Jiménez, the group will act with the aim of homenajear to the students in this month.

“For us one of the most important activities is the culture. In each presentation, the participation of the public sum. The important thing is the song that releases to us and for us who we listened the public who always is nourishing to us? within the framework expressed Jiménez of a conference in which his companion “Chacho? participated, the capital intendant Raul Jorge and Alexander Aldana, by the Direction of Municipal Culture.

“As representing of the municipality it is a privilege to receive in our city to the Salteño Pair? affirmed “to Chuli? Jorge on the presentation of today that will have a shared in common aim with the Municipal School 1 “Vilte Navy? of Comedero Stop.

In year 1967 the Salteño Pair formed integrated by “Chacho? Echenique and Patricio Jiménez, under the musical direction of Gustavo “Cuchi? Leguizamón.

This formation represents one of the vanguardistas moments of the folklore salteño.

Meaning that the originality of the pair not only indicates and the harmonic plane, but also in its characteristic way to express the song, since they obtain a particular expression product of a combination of the acute and bagualero song.

In 1969 they were revelation in the Festival of Cosquin, the pair salteño has a basic formation: two voices, a simple guitar and big drum, vocal harmonies, absolute newness in harmonic terms.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

All to the scene, concert of camera music

Noa events
Wednesday 23 to 21,30 in the Provincial Theater of Jumps (Zuviría 70), will take place the gratuitous concert All to the scene, a propose innovator of the Department of Music of Camera that will give closing to the gratuitous factories dictated by Haydée Seibert and Néstor Tedesco.

The proposal consists of which the musicians and the public are in the same physical space during the concert: the scene. In an intimist atmosphere, it is obtained a experience of participation and acercamineto between the artist and the spectator, distinguishing characteristic of the camera music.

Recognized violinista and the educator Haydée Seibert, concertino of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, offers the past from Sunday in our city, factories of gratuitous music of camera, organized by the Department of Music of Camera of the Secretariat of Culture.

Néstor Tedesco, cellista outstanding and soloist of the Stable Orchestra of the Theater Columbus, also participate in the dictation of these factories that concentrate on four instruments: violin, violates, hoop and piano.

In the first part of the concert, the smaller sun Quintet Nº 4 for two violins, two violas and hoop of Mozart will be interpreted. The Martinez Haza in violins, Mariel Leloutre and Hernando will participate to Haydée Seibert and Angel Ore in violas and Martin D´Elía in hoop.

The program will continue with the action of the joint of hoops that will be integrated by Néstor Tedesco and musicians of the Symphony orchestra of Jump, the Infantile and Youthful Orchestra and the factories of Music of Camera.

The concert will finalize with the Quintet for piano, two violins, violates and hoop of Schumann. Maria Dark brown Fernanda in piano, Haydée Seibert and Angel will participate Martinez Haza in violins, Mariel Leloutre in viola and Romina Granata in hoop.
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