The Symphonic one of the UNT touches in Purmamarca

The work of Ludwig van Beethoven, the last great representative of the Viennese clasicismo, is the axis of II the Festival of Music the Region “Seven Colors, Seven Notes?, that will be realized tomorrow, in the gardens of the hotel the Region, in Purmamarca (Jujuy).

The concert will be directed by Gustavo Guersman and will count on the special intervention of the French violinista Virginie Robiliard, that will act like soloist next to the Symphony orchestra of the UNT. The proposal fuses outdoors interpreted classic music in the imposing natural frame of Purmamarca, with ancestral silence, its calm sun and the mystery of its multicoloured hills. “Before a so classic concert has never been touched outdoors?, indicated Guersman, one of the creators of the festival. And it added: “the past year the orchestra participated with one more a smaller formation (of camera). But this year we will travel all the members. And this is everything an event, because for the first time in 20 years, the Symphonic one returns to touch outside Tucuman?.

Guersman also commented that the function has much magic, because becomes to the dusk, with hills of seven colors as frame. The encounter will have, in addition, festive character, since the Symphonic one will tomorrow celebrate its 61 years of life.
Besides acting tomorrow in the Region, the grouping will appear in the basilica of San Francisco, in Jujuy, with a gratuitous concert that will be made tonight. The repertoire includes, first of all, “Italian? the Nº4 Symphony of Felix Mendelssohn. Inspired by a trip to Italy that the composer realized to the 22 years, it is a piece that adjusts to the formal procedures of the clasicismo but whose orquestration and melodies are typically romantic. In the second part the “Concert for violin? of Beethoven will be interpreted.

Gentility the Newspaper

They continue the artistic and cultural activities

Sunday 29 of November will be the election of Reina of the Flower.

Within the framework of XII the edition of the Provincial Celebration of the Flower, that gave to beginning last Monday, tomorrow from the 20, one will carry out in the General place San Martin an encounter of choirs in which vocal groups of Chicoana will participate, the Track, Molds and the local set “the Sounds of Silencio?. Saturday is programmed the accomplishment of the Festival of Mercedeños Values, that will count on the participation of an important number of musical, singing groups solitas and bodies of dance.

In as much, Monday will begin the inscriptions for the contest “the garden of my home?, that will award parquizados the more cares and the best combinations of flowers. The gardens will be evaluated by which they will exhibit his plants in the “Expo Breeding grounds?, days 10 and 11. From Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the week that comes it will be the “Expo Favor? in the sport complex. In the opportunity meals will be exposed, clothes and crafts elaborated in the town. Friday 20, from the 18, an infantile fashionable parade is predicted that also it will be realized in the sport complex. Days 21, 22, 28 will be the parades of floats and the 29 of November will be chosen to Provincial Reina of the Flower.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Pablo Roof rack presents/displays his book “an absent story?

He will be tomorrow to 19,30 in Culturarte, and will count on the words of presentation of the writer Elena Bossi.

Almost like “a breathing to the political activity?, according to his own words with likeable tone, Pablo Roof rack he announced yesterday in press conference that tomorrow to 19,30 will present/display in center Cultural Culturarte, his new book “an absent story?.

We remember that at present the writer also is delegated provincial of the UCR.
The presentation of the work will be in the hands of the writer Elena Bossi.

In this new published work, they had art and part, the young writers who three years ago conformed the Intravenous publishing house, from the magazine of the same name that has a little more time of life. Therefore they were also in the conference, Rebeca Chambi and Matías Teruel, of the mentioned group.

“From the Intravenous publishing house, we come betting to publish jujeños authors as much recognized as young. In this opportunity we are presenting/displaying to Pablo Roof rack that has one recognized trajectory in the world of the letters?, commented Job, that on the work said: “There is a sense of unit in all the book, that is complemented with the other works that it has Pablo, and it gives coherence him to everything what did until now. It does that one that handles the same subjects or lives same the daily experiences, can see the same things from another place?.

On the other hand Matías Teruel comment that the idea of the group that Integra, is besides maintaining the magazine and to give certain regularity him, “when we conformed the publishing seal, was to publish those authors that we like, aiming at a quality Literature that takes place for Jujuy and not from Jujuy. Not a Literature that it is always looking for to go away for outside. We look for Literature that works in the province and by the province?, expressed.

Consulted on the reasons took that them to choose this work to publish, Teruel spoke in personal form: “I particularly am not a poetry reader, and I enlisted with this of which the poetry of Pablo is written in prosa. They are fragments of the small histories that I feel that they go interconnected with other subjects?, it explained and it assured that for the members of Intravenous it is a pride to make this book.

The words of the author
Pablo Roof rack defined his work like “a text set that corresponds to different times, and that I have been writing in these years. The boys (of Intravenous) requested texts to me and I gave some them that he had, until he was decided to publish this book. There are many things that are in this book that I like much, are many texts that it had forgotten, and that nor I myself it knew what meant until I put myself to read them. It was simply to accommodate a little, because somehow the book was done?, commented.

It said in addition that it is a pleasure to have reunited east text set, and indicated much gratitude towards the boys of Intravenous “who constitute, this of step - a very important cultural movement in our province added, that it is predicting the real more important movement in the matter of letters of the last years?.

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The Symphonic one will appear under the direction of Pedro Ignacio Calderón

Friday 6 of November, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer a concert under the baton of recognized director Pedro Ignacio Calderón. The entrances will be able to be acquired from Monday 2 of November, in ticket office of the Theater.

In the occasion, it will be counted on the outstanding action of the soprano Susana Caligaris, in the interpretation of the Illumination, of Britten Youngest child.

The program that will be offered will give beginning with Tragic Overture of Johannes Brahms, will continue with the illumination of Britten and will finalize with Symphony Nº 2, also of Brahms.

On the soloists

Pedro Ignacio Calderón

Been born in 1933 in Parana, Argentina, it is recognized like one of the most important directors of Latin America. Between his teachers they appeared Vicente Scaramuzza (piano) and Alberto Ginastera (composition).

In 1958 Director of the Orchestra of Tucuman was designated. In 1960 he traveled to Europe to study in the Academy Santa Cecilia of Rome with Fernando Previtali, granted a scholarship by the National Bottom of the Arts.

In 1963, representing the Theater Columbus, he participated in New York in the Contest Dimitri Mitropoulus and obtained the first position, evolving like attending director of the Philharmonic one of New York next to Leonard Bernstein.

In 1966 Musical Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires was designated, position that, with two brief interruptions, occupied until 1991.

From his creation in 1966 he was Director of the Musical Joint of Buenos Aires, set with which realized diverse international tours in EE.UU and all Latin America.

Frequently he is invited to direct all the orchestras of Argentina. Also he had to his position the direction of diverse titles of opera, or in the Theater Columbus like in other theaters of Argentina and the foreigner, with works of Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Wagner, Rimsky-Korsakov and Falla, among others.

Between the orchestras of the world that has directed, are the Philharmonic ones of Leningrad, Israel, Moscow, Bucharest, Milan, Bochum, National of Spain, among others.

In Argentina it was awarded by prestigious deprived organizations, like the Konex Foundation, that culminated with the Konex de Platino to the “Better Conductor of the Decade?, like thus also by the Association of Musical Critics.

On two ocassions one evolved as Chief of a main directorate and Artistic Director of the Theater Columbus and integrated during long periods the Directory of the National Bottom of the Arts. Recently it was declared Citizen Illustrious of the City of Buenos Aires.

“Here it is being developed one moved folkloric?

The pair the Yunta will present/display its new disc Saturday, in the Alberdi Theater. “We tried to learn of our errors?, indicated to Gustavo Páez and Julian Humarán.

Gustavo Paez and Julian Humaran do not become position of the place in which the Yunta thisat this moment. By vanity, humility or what is, costs to them to admit that the pair convirtia in a referring one of the moved one of the tucumano folklore, although somehow knows that it is thus. And proof of this is that together they got to publish his third disc, “Volverte to see?, through one compnia record of first level. The presentation of that production that made the Saturday in the Back room or the map course which they come following for almost 10 añs positions, them in a privileged place of national music. That is indeed the work that the pair, with many invited musicians, presented/displayedSaturday to 22 in the Alberdi Theater (Jujuy 99).
“We tried to learn of our errors, and if that serves demà to thems, estÃvery well?, Gustavo says, and to his it interrupts it compañero. “But we are not going to walk counting cuÃthey are to them our errors?, it limits, and both are based on an outburst of laughter. Both they recognize that they are moved part of one provincial one in frank growth. “Now there are many discs, people laburando hard in CosquÃn, peñas of all the paÃs?, explain Gustavo.
They say both that of as much traveling by paÃs, they finished convenciéndose of which in TucumÃn are conditions and caracterÃsticas that favor the development of a particular style. “³ n Is great formacià musical because aprehendià ³ of many cultures, and that note in the compositions that show all the informacià received ³ n to be in a very important city in regià ³ n?, assures JuliÃn. “Aquà estÃdeveloping one moved folclà ³ rich one and estÃfilling of people who make things. Complica a little by the distance, but as Miguel says to the presenter of CosquÃn Gutiérrez Angel, our province is so pretty and has so many things, that he is difÃcil to leave, costs to go away… and something of that también has?, confirms JuliÃn.
To months to fulfill 10 años together, the artÃfices of fenà ³ meno of the Yunta know clearly their objective to medium term (the one of long reach not estÃtodavÃa defined).
“We want to be able to follow the way that we initiated and to take the música of TucumÃn to where we pruned, to give us to people contÃndole of dà ³ nde we come?, señala Gustavo.

In this time, Julià saysn, mÃimportant s is that crecià ³ the confidence that they have in sà same. “We recorded a disc with hubiéramos instruments that before not animated to us to use because pensÃwe go that it was not going to sound as we are, but we did and acÃwe are. That puts contentments to us and it gives desire us to follow compartiéndolo with people?, asserts.
Part of the growth of the group perceives in quiénes estÃn like guests in “Volverte to see?. The Dúo Coplanacu participates in the cat “Santiagueña flower of the mount?; The Tekis in huayno of Gustavo “the small path? and Coroico in taquirari “Love of yesterday?, among others. “To Us it puts very happy that people to that we admired have supported us in this disc?, defines JuliÃn.
Before the question on if the Yunta or despegà ³ or estÃcarting to do it, both respond with a guffaw. “And… ³ depends on cà we see mo it. We followed by the way in whom we began and is very pretty to be able to share these things?, affirms JuliÃn.
The méritos, según Gustavo, are the consequence of the work by piece that come doing. “Almost 10 años ago we began to try to leave TucumÃn so that it is known what acà becomes, and they went away generating spaces that we managed to maintain with laburo and effort… we are learning cà ³ mo is east work?, concludes

Sergio Denis presents/displays Cycles

Saturday 7 of November, to 22, Sergio Denis will present/display Cycles, their new material and will delight to the public salteño with all successes in the Provincial Theater of Jumps. The musical race of Sergio Denis begins in November of the '69, when it arrives at Buenos Aires and it records the subject of Francis Smith I call to You to dismiss to me, who leaves in the summer of the '70 and gets to sell 250,000 plates. Later they followed successes as it enamors without giving me account to Me, By the simpleza of my people, among others. In 1975 it is broken contact with the seal H.P.S. Columbia and in the years that follow records for companies TK, Polygram (at the moment Universal), EMI Odeon and BMG.

In those companies it completes 26 productions, achieved remarkable successes that to the date they surpass in sales the amount of 6.500.000 units. In order to reaffirm it is enough to mention Whenever it leaves the sun, By you, Watercolor, How you are beloved, Giant, very small, A little crazy, When the love arrives, I want so much to You, between many others that would be long to enumerate.

As author already has recorded an amount of songs near 200. Many of them have been used in publicities of diverse companies; in the most important programs of television, like for example; Friendly are the friendly, Great Pá, Jugate with me, Having lunch with Mirta Legrand, and others. I want so much to you is the subject chosen by the fans of soccer of all America, Real and the Athletic Madrid and other fans of diverse countries.

It recorded in the most important studies of Argentina and with the most famous directors like Emilio Valley, Mario Parmisano, Puppy Lopez and Jorge Calandrelli. Also they recorded with him, musical like Abraham Laboriel, John Robinson, Paul Jackson, Eddie Montilla, Michael Thompson, Brian Monroney, Jon C. Clarke, David Boruff, Brandon prudent Fields, Gina Kronstadt and the L.A. Strings and in choirs Carl Carwell, Sue Ann Carwell, Lynn Davis and Randy Waldman, etc.

The race of Sergio Denis continues demanding an intense dedication to him, that as soon as it underwent a pause forced in May of 2007 due to a health problem. Totally recovered it produced Cycles, their new challenge and the present testimony of his use in the popular taste like creator and interpreter.

Entrances for sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates Preferential $80, It silverplates and Theater box $70, $60 Pullman and Superpullman $50.

Magician Alex Nebur will present/display the show " way "

The Ilusionist Alex Nebur will present/display the magical comedy way, Saturday 7 of November, in two functions: the first 20 a and the second a 22, in the Mecano Room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). This putting in scene is organized by the Magical Circle Argentine Branch Jumps.

Jose Garci'a in the Provincial Theater

Charismatic Jose Garci'a will appear in Jumps, in the Provincial Theater, Thursday 5 of November, to 21.30. In spite of to have participated in 2003 in the program Popular Song emitted by Satelite the Argentinísima Channel and to have winning result like vocal soloist folkloric in Pre-Cosquín 2003, Jose Garci'a just jumped to the fame from his participation in reality Operation Triumph (Telefé).

By the end of 2004 he participates in casting of the second edition of the televising program where it is preselected. April of the following year, with 22 years, Garci'a becomes the winner of the second edition of Operation Triumph and generates this way a national projection for their race.

Its disc Tracks reaches the award of Platinum and Golden record. Also two nominations to the Gardel Prizes, as Revelation Masculine Soloist of Folklore 2005 and Better Disc New Forms of Folklore, competing with artists of reputation.

At the moment it works in the production of his new material with a Latin folkloric content, with the participation of prestigious authors and producers.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates preferential $40, It silverplates and Theater box $30, Pullman and Súper Pullman $20.
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