Sergio Galleguillo presents/displays his disc “February?

Friday 13 of August, to 22, all the celebration of the carpero folklore will be lived with the presentation of Sergio Galleguillo in the Provincial Theater on Jumps. For the first time, Galleguillo, arrives at the Theater to present/display February its last record work.

Their special charisma, its song and its passion bring, it to our city to share a presentation cheers and festive.

February is a disc where is the love (zamba), nostalgia (song), the joy (saya), the lack of affection (taquirarí), the essence (chaya), and feelings (farmer), are the life summarized in a word, are the magic of the things that surround to us.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $80, $70 and $60, Theater box $60, $40 Pullman and Super Pullman $30.

Presentation of the Acquaforte Pair

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the “Elite School for Center English Studies?, a concert of Jazz and Latin American Music in charge of the Pair Acquaforte, Sunday 8 of 20 will be realized August to hs. in the Hall Victory.

The pair integrated by Marcelo Gutiérrez in clarinete and Carlos Cicconi in guitar, will interpret a repertoire of jazz, Argentine music folkloric, tango and bossa - it novates, of the composers Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Wrath Gershwin, Hoagy Charmicael, Antonio Carlos Jobin, Gustavo “Cuchi? Leguizamón, Ariel Ramirez, among others.

General entrance of $20 on sale in ticket office of the Theater.

“It jumps is a song? from the Provincial Theater of Jumps

With the conduction of Oscar Humacata, Sunday 8 to 14 hs. it will be transmitted live from the Provincial Theater of Jumps, “Jumps is a song?, televising program that transmits all the Sundays by Channel 11.

This accomplishment is possible due to an agreement between the Secretariat of Culture and the production of the mentioned program, which stipulates that once per month it will be transmitted live from the Provincial Theater of Jumps.

It is important to emphasize, that in order to spread to the song and the dance of artists of the local scope folkloric by means of the abierta television, the Provincial Theater of Jumps has its facilities to the elaboration of the same.

Also, from the Main directorate of the Theater one inquires that to optimize the work of the technical personnel, the entrance of spectators will not be allowed.

Celebrations in the provincial Museums by the Day of the Boy

In order to be celebrated Sunday 8 August the Day of the Boy, the Main directorate of Cultural Patrimony invites all the community to participate in the activities that will be realized in the provincial Museums. The entrance will be free and gratuitous.

During the day recreational and artistic activities in the Museum from Beautiful Arts will be carried out different, Anthropological Museum of Jumps, Museum of Archeology of Alta Montaña (MAAM), Museum of Arte Contemporáneo (MAC), Aryan Museum House Rengel and in museums of the interior of the province: Archaeological museum Pío Pablo Diaz - Cachi, Museum Quinquela Factory Martin (Rosary of the Border) and Museum of Cs. Natural and of Petroleum “Prof. Rodolfo Parodi Busts? - Vespucio Camping (Gral. Mosconi).

Cronogram of activities

Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps - Av. Belgrano 992 - Jumps Capital

It will abrirá his to 19 doors from 11.


1. Small Artists of the Museum: scenographic paper in the garden of the museum will extend in order that the children can express themselves. For it one will provide chalks to them of colors.

2. Teatralizada activity: mimo will accompany to the children in its artistic activity. Armed of the puzzle of the Vista work of the City of It jumps of the artist Carlos Penuti.

3. Within the framework of the project incorporated Art and Felt recently to the services of the MBAS, also a guided visit will be realized, to 12, with young playful activities to the blind ones that they want to participate in this celebration, putting itself at the disposal of them different sculptures for his exploration and discovery, as thus also the Vista work of the city of Jumps realized in relief. Also the scale model and the planes in relief of the building are to disposition in order that they can know our facilities by means of the tactile perception.

4. Puppets in charge of the Hundredth Pepelui, to 16

5. Treats will be given to the children of the Museum when coming out.

Museum of Anthropology of Jumps - Army of the North esq. Single Ricardo - It jumps Capital

It will abrirá his doors 10 to 18.


To 14 one will begin to the Contest of Drawing and Painting, with the following categories:

Category A: of 4 to 6 years

Category B: of 7 to 9 years

Category C: of 10 to 12 years

Closing of the Contest has been anticipated for the 16.30.

The decisions on 1º, 2º and 3 º Prizes in each category will be in charge of the designated jury and that will be the following plastic artists: professor Horacio Pagés, professor Maria Beatriz Aguilar and Carlos Calzadilla.

The delivery of prizes will take place to 17.30. Besides the settled down ones by categories, all the concurrent children will receive a flattery like memory of their participation.

Museum of Archeology of Alta Montaña (MAAM) - Miter 77 - It jumps Capital


To 17 the work of Puppets will be put in scene Head of Chorlito - Chocolate Concert Coffee in charge of the group the Morisqueta, in rooms of the Museum.

In addition company M&M will support this celebration distributing chocolates to each young visitor.

Museum of Contemporary Art - Zuviría 90 - Jumps Capital

It will abrirá his doors from 16 to 20.


From 16 to 20 h.: Projection of films

From 19 to 20 h.: Body painting

16 h.: Delivery of globes and treats to the attending children

Museum Marries Aryan Rengel - Florida 20 - Jumps Capital

It will abrirá his doors from 10 to 18.

Activities (Activity for smallest of our community)

Factory for children of printing in stencil on paper. The same will be in charge of professor Roxana D `Empaire, and it will be dictated in the following schedules: 11.30, 15 and 16.30. Material will offer the children who participate in this activity.

In addition, in permanent form, the concurrent children will have the possibility of arming in the access to the Museum a puzzle that recreates the facade of the Aryan Museum House Rengel.

Archaeological museum Pío Pablo Diaz - Cachi

It will abrirá his doors from 15,30 to 18.


The activities will consist of the presentation of a small group of titiriteros, 5 students of º degree of the Victorino School of the Place of the locality of Cachi who will relate some Stories of the Forest, of the writer Horacio Quiroga. They will be accompanied by the presentation of the Infantile Ballet Folkloric of Cachi.

Museum Quinquela Factory Martin (Rosary of the Border)

It will abrirá his doors from 14 to 20.


A contest of drawing with the students of the factory of the same will be realized, divided in three categories: of 14 years in future, of 10 to 13 years and 6 to 9 years, with three prizes by category. The prizes will be the following:

1º Category: Acrylic paintings and brushes

2º Category: Pencils of colors and témperas

3º Category: Animalitos of peluche.

Museum of Natural Sciences and Petroleum Prof. Rodolfo Parodi Busts - Vespucio Camping (Gral. Mosconi - Jumps).

It will abrirá to the public from 8 to 18.


In order to fold itself to the activity programmed by the Municipal Delegation, that will be carried out to squares of the Museum and will consist of: chocolate, treats, clowns and peloteros.

Pimpinela presents/displays “Diamond? and reviews its great successes

After the successful presentation in 2008, it returns the Pimpinela pair to the Provincial Theater from Jumps, Saturday 7 of August, to 22. Again, they will review its successes and they will first share with its following faithfuls a show integrated by songs like I, I am strange to You as much, No, Which occurs the desire you, the friendly like I, Who do not throw the fault to me, and nevertheless I want to you, Impossible, the story of Superman, Your faithful friend, Gentleman, She rises, she rises and earth I will return.


Lucia and Joaquin Gallant were born in Buenos Aires, of Spanish father and mother. From very small they knew that music would accompany all the life. In June of 1981, with padrinazgo artistic of Luis Aguilé, it began Pimpinela, name of a flower of the Caribbean one that symbolizes the protection and the success. The characteristic characteristic of the pair was the one to mix music with the interpretation, creating therefore a totally innovating style, and treating in its songs subjects about love, lack of affection, encounter, mix-ups, that is to say, histories daily, and sometimes truthful.

After to conquer Argentina and Latin America, they traveled to Spain where, in 1984 its Olvídame success and sticks the return had been listened by each corner. 1985, Pimpinela became a trio, after the participation of Dyango in one of its subjects: By that man. In Italy they realized a second trio next to Diego Arming Maradona, with the Dear song Amiga, a version in Spanish and another one in Italian, whose benefits were destined to UNICEF. The great achieveed success did that producing of cinema and television they will pay attention to them and thus a titled soap opera was carried out the Blue Genie, of which the pair was protagonist during ninety chapters, rollings in Buenos Aires and Miami during 1987 and 1988.

In 1996, the brothers Gallant abrieron to the Pimpinela Home for the childhood in the party of Vicente Lopez, Province of Buenos Aires, that lodges boys derived from the Provincial Council of the Minor and the Family.

In 2001, the Pimpinela pair turned its 20 years of race recopilatorio with its better songs celebrated and it publishing a double disc, than it included in addition four unpublished subjects. Pimpinela Gold was called. In the 2003 it on sale left To the way ours, where they are had for the first time bold to versionar songs of other artists, including only two own subjects: Nothing and Love of Woman. To the way ours it is a compendium of Italian ballads of years '60 and '70, sung in Spanish.

It follows to him Where they are the men? , published in 2005. In September of 2008 they remove Diamond on sale, a material made up of CD + DVD that celebrates the 25 years of artistic trajectory. It includes a CD with 12 new songs, bonus track plus the aggregate of a DVD with 30 of his greater successes recorded live from the Luna Park Stage.

Entrances for sale in the Ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $150 and $130, Theater boxes $120, $90 Pullman and Super Pullman $70.

Different credit cards are accepted. To consult to telephone (+54) 0387 4224515 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (+54) 0387 4224515 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, in the schedule of Monday through Friday from 9 to 13,30 and from 16,30 to 21 h or cuncurrir or personally to Zuviria N° 70. Argentina jumps -.

Reflection and glamor

Today, “Dream in the Independent Club?. Tomorrow “the hysterical ones…?.

Tonight to 22 the piece will appear “Dream in the Independent Club? in the Theater of the Return of the Century. Based on the text “Dream of district? of Fontanarrosa Robert, the work counts the history of Pendino that will be judged in the police station to dream about a woman in the boiler of the club. The piece will be recreated by the group Productions the Return of the Century with Natalia Chestnuts grove, Lydia Martinez, Ariel Posse Varela, Martin Dacal, Daniel Chachagua and Saturnino Peñalva, under the direction of Karina Oviedo.

Meanwhile, tomorrow to 22, one will put in scene “the hysterical ones we are the maximum? of group DNA, also in the Return of the Century. Cecilia Lamas, Pamela Side, Mariela Chávez and “Charlee? Pink are the four friendly that will unfold colorful clothes.

The anticipated entrances will have a value of 15 pesos for both spectacles.

“Cubistas and futurist Expression of the Structure?, images

Tonight to 20 the pictorial exhibition will be inaugurated “Expression of the Structure? of Hernán Gonza'les in the Popular Library.
Sixteen works demonstrate the construction of the value that generates the sense of beauty of the daily thing, of which arises that element so practitioner as present and direct who is the contemplation of the esthetic surroundings like vital aspect of our present.
The artist will exhibit works of subjects and situations of boarded Jujuy in a style in which cubistas and futurist pictorial styles through a personal approach come together.
The visitors to the sample will be able to be with elements of the cubism, without fulfilling the qualities strictly characteristic of that style.

From the futurismo, he comes that search and sensation of movement and dynamism generated by the use of constant diagonals and linear rates of color and form.

The sample will be qualified from today to the next Thursday in the schedule from 9 to 13,30 and from 16,30 to 23.

“Mr. Simón? in Theater of the Return of the Century

The putting in scene of this piece is constituted in the debut like director of the professor of theater and actress Noemí Salerno.

Tonight to 22, the piece will recover “Mr. Simón? in the Theater of the Return of the Century.

The work relates the sufferings of a “survivor? who before the impossibility to adapt to the system of prevailing life and the canons of the education received by his family, decides to leave to his wife and children as well as to a commercial society, to go to only live.

The putting in scene of this piece is the debut like director of the professor of theater and actress Noemí Salerno.

The personage of Simón and the personages accompany who it, reflect to the present society with the history that passes between the dreams and the reality.

The actors

Actors Omar Lafuente and Bald Cecilia, will interpret this production that has like invited actors to Germa'n Romano and Luis Femayor of the group the Pink Theater.

In addition he will make debut in scene, Mariana Basutti and Tiled Marcelo.

In the spectacle there will be visual surprises that will recreate through a specialized equipment in multimedia.

The piece was released with Luis Brandoni in 1982 under the direction of Germa'n Rosenmayer, who is one of the most outstanding authors of the national dramatic art by their expresionista art, in which the spectator and the personage share a parallel reality.

The anticipated entrances will have a value of 15 pesos and in ticket office 20 pesos in the mentioned space.
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