Purmamarca honor to the “Mother Earth?

The soloist Claudia Vilte will be one of the central numbers of the evening that will be carried out in Jujuy.

The singer and author Claudia Vilte will appear within the framework next to other salteños musicians of the Celebration of the Pachamama, to be developed in the locality jujeña of Purmamarca, next Saturday. It will be a celebration that will congregate important representatives of northern music, some of resident them at the moment in Europe, as in the case of tilcareño Miguel Key, besides Daniel Vedia, “bandoneón greater of the Gorge?; and Gladys Rodriguez, “the Bolivian Calandria? and other important names.

Vilte will present/display in the spectacular frame purmamarqueño several of the subjects of its next record work “Comparseras?, that reunites present songs of comparsas, all of its responsibility, with music composed by her as well as with originating adjustments of the old traditional popular song book. Between the subjects they appear “the sadness of Regina?, in memory of a personage of Purmamarca; “Zamba of the old man?, in tribute to its aunt grandmother Ines Walls; “mother?, subject popularized by Jorge Cafrune; “Do6na Eloísa?, a dedicated bailecito Eloísa Quival, another remarkable woman of Purmamarca; the bailecito “Always I return?, a tribute to its friendly; “Zamba of August?, among others. “Acó? Vilardel, Ramiro Torres and Sebastián (winds) will accompany the singer.

The privateerings in San Pedro come

The Privateerings 2010 that will begin tomorrow and will extend until Saturday 27 of this month.

The Sampedreños Privateerings will be lived in 10 nights of spectacles throughout 8 pictures that cover the circuit. In all their extension they will be able to be located comfortably in the confectioneries, pizzerías and bars; as well as in individual chairs and the launching slips in front of the imposing central scene.

They will be able to interact with the entertainers who in each square will cause that the participants give to the public creating an atmosphere of celebration without equal.

The 40 groupings that appear and the individual disguises, all with important locally made suits, group in different headings from comparsas artistic with from Rio de Janeiro profile to comparsas indigenous with great large masks and swarms with shining pens and suits, passing through folkloric sayas and native the IMP-IMP with ancestral roots.

The privateerings are a great total celebration of color and joy where the public amuses itself playing with foam in aerosol, pricked paper, talc and everything what he is allowed in a warm and respectful frame.

Sample of the artist Roxana D' empaire

The exhibition “Colors of the soul? can be visited in the premises 7 of the Palace Galleries (Miter 37). Free and gratuitous entrance.

“Colors of the soul? are the name of the sample that the plastic artist Roxana D' empaire at the moment exhibits in the premises 7 of the Palace Galleries (Miter 37). In her works realized in variable oil with a thematic one can be appreciated, that gives account of the relation that the exhibitor establishes with the art and its special form to appreciate she surrounds what it. The entrance is free and gratuitous, and will remain qualified until month end.

“The art is the infinite search of the internal being, of the expressions and feelings lived, shaped on a linen cloth. It is the passage of the calm to the storm, is to find new forms to be transmitted to the spectator, creating an atmosphere of communication and unit through the contemplation of the work. It sprinkles to the soul the smooth watercolor of colors that are narrating feelings and images, by means of spontaneous and personal La Mancha. Its eternal and sovereign stamp loads the oil giving life to the same life?. With this phrase, Roxana D' empaire describes the sensations that to him its dedication to the art produces.

Dedicated to the art

Roxana inherited its talent for the painting of its mother, Graciela Vercellone de D' Empaire.
In 1990 it obtained the Degree in Plastic Arts with Painting specialty. From his radicación in It jumps, it dictated classes in particular factories and it directed diverse courses in the Museum of Beautiful Arts and the Stop Noa Shopping.

During year 2001 Drawing II evolved like assistant of Chair in the subject, in the Provincial School of Beautiful Arts Takings Goatherd.

In 2002 it received the prize to the Best Ethnic Stage scene by the decoration of the program “Jumps is a song?.

The train of afternoon worked in the radial program “?, in A.M. 840. It participated in numerous exhibitions and halls in the provinces It jumps, Jujuy and Tucuman. “The art is the human expression more creative nobleman and, who it satisfies totally not only to contemplates who it, but to the artist executes who it. It is the communion between two souls: spectator and emitter. The art extends opposite, creeds and spaces; it can have the real or abstract creation, but always it is expressive means that speak between us, of our present experiences and happened?, it maintains.

Divided it will touch again in Tilcara

Next the 27 of March Ricardo Mollo, Diego Arrendó and Catriel Ciavarella will present/display in our landscapes, their new disc “Poppy of the 66?.

The mythical group of rocck Contarán as it bathes support with Gallego, band jujeña conformed by Juan Acosta, in voice and electrical guitar; Vernal Luis, in low electrical; and Rafael Lohrengel, in action. They also will present/display the songs of their album, first, sent the past year.

The first presentation of Divided in Tilcara was in the year 2000, in hours of afternoon when the hills could be appraised in their maximum splendor. In the occasion the band was showing to its disc “narigón of the century?, that had been recorded and mixed completely in the Studies Abbey Road of London, with production of Green Afo.

This disc was noticeable in the history of Divided by the inclusion of new sounds, like adjustments of cords and acoustic guitars. The Best Disc of the Year in several publications was chosen.

It was the occasion in which also it knew and it touched with jujeños musicians, with that Mollo was really surprised. Its admiration by our musicians, especially Ricardo Vilca took, it to return very many times to Tilcara, to be with him and this earth had enamored that it.

It is possible to remember that Divided it invited to several of his recitales, Ricardo Vilca and Fortunato Branches, that next to them were brilliant in national scenes.

The next disc of the band will be sent right by those days in which it returns to visit Tilcara.

A presentation for the town homenajeando the Earth

The appointment is in Pumamarca the next Saturday from the 9 in the morning. Native communities will participate.

The motivation of the Vilte Memo at the time of arming a celebration, to sing or to record a disc, goes much more there of the artistic thing. If so, one is not to make a disc to sell or to promote themselves, or to make a presentation spectacular to see if hirings arrive.

For that reason the presentation of its first disc, is armed like a very special event, a celebration of its town, Purmamarca.

“The form to present/display has it to do with how the disc was done, why one sings. One does not sing enamoring to a woman, but the motivation always went the love to the Earth, from boy, I began singing songs with my friendly, and today it makes me well sing?, assures in conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The certain thing is that this disc, titleholder “the Jujeño?, is a work that comes elaborating by far time, in which it is pleasant, and in that shapes all desire to continue honoring its culture. She is a young person who knows what sings has lived, it, and from always she has showed the deep one to feel by his earth. It demonstrates every year to it with the numerous celebrations that organizes in its house of Purmamarca for the most important celebrations of our culture, and in addition with the events that organize to take our culture outside the province.

Generous with its pairs, Vilte Memo assumes a form to work joint, with the musicians, their musicians, and people.

“It does not concern the amount of people, but it matters that the friendly go, I always said that this disc was done for the friendly. The important thing are the affection, the magic that can be gotten to generate, to share with the people of the town?, explains the singer to days of the great day.

For that reason the presentation of its disc, that always was in charge to let know that it would be in Purmamarca “in the place where I learned to sing? - it explains, it will be east Saturday, and not only it will include the spectacle recital, but the activities will begin in the morning to 9 - what supervisory celebration with hoisting of flags and allusive words. In this act, the Native Community of Chalala will receive donations of books and an image of the Virgin of Luján.

They will participate in this moment, bands of sikuris, and by all means all the town.

To 10 one will begin a parade of original towns and centers gauchos by the streets of Purmamarca, and to las12 it will be the official presentation of “the Jujeño?, in a scene that will mount in the place of the town. There the young singer next to their musicians will interpret all the subjects of the disc, soon to meet with which they want to share this moment in the Enchanted House (of I drink Vilte, its father), where the celebrations are already habitual folkloric.
Already in the Enchanted House, also they will be musical protagonists of the scene and friendly guests.

Given the cultural commitment of the proposal, the celebration of the Pachamama and the Indicated one could not need, that they are predicted for the 14.30.

“I want that the children also participate purmamarqueños, proud, because the idea is to revalue our culture and that we feel proud of being quebradeños, of our things. For that reason also we invited song singers so that they are going to the house to celebrate?, continues.
Finally, from the 16, it will be the presentation of comparsas carnavaleras.

Speaking of the sense of this presentation, also it says to us: “I want to overturn in this presentation all the love by my earth that to me my father transmitted, and to do of this form a tribute to him to him, Don Bebo Vilte?.

The musicians who accompany to Vilte Memo in this project, are jujeño Joti Rooster, of Jujuy, in action; and the tucumanos Emilio Diaz, in guitar; Luciano Corbalán, in the low one; Quique Yance, in the piano: Maria Jose Demari, in violin; and Victor Juárez, in bandoneón and accordion.

Meanwhile, waiting for the great day, the Memo did not remain quiet. The past 9 of January realized the Carnival of Moderates in Purmamarca, and the 16 were in the greater scene of the National Festival of Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria.

Tristis diadem returns to the scenes with fusion and poetry

The group reconstructs with its melodies the landscapes of the Argentine northwest and it adds a special touch to them.

Tristis diadem returns tonight to the scene, to 21,30, in Pro Culture Jumps (Miter 331), after a parenthesis of two years. The musical group conformed by Fernando Medina (percussion, voice and guitar), Alexander Medina (guitar), Fernando Subelza (violin) and Carlos Go'mez (quena, quenacho and sikus) will today present/display some of the subjects that will comprise of their second disc and the poem book “Pilgrim of stations?, of Alexander Medina.

The new musical proposal of the band will conserve the instrumental style folk that characterized to its first record material “Ways of relief?, but no longer will include the style “metal? that also marked the first album. The production of Tristis Diadem “will continue indicating from where we come and which are our cultural roots?, affirmed Alexander Medina in an interview with the Tribuno.

In the presentation of the book “Pilgrim of stations? will accompany to the author poets Mercedes Saravia and Gustavo Rubens Omen. This second work of Alexander Medina offers a series of stories that illustrate the different emotional stages that the human being in the enamoramiento crosses. The psychic landscapes are painted using a parallelism with the stations of the year.

They spent two years without Tristis Diadem appeared in the scenes of the province. “We have not had long time to arm a spectacle. In addition, it is very difficult to secure a place. The majority of the premises enough is structured - in relation with the sorts at the time of choosing musical groups. But we have thought to prepare a recital for the next months?, assured the musician and writer. And it added: “We did not live on music but for music?.

In the presentation of today, the band will incorporate to Federico Fernandez, who will replace to Carlos Go'mez in the execution of the wind instruments.

A style, a history

Tristis diadem was born in 2002 on the initiative of Fernando Medina, who next to his brother Alexander they started up east project, in that mix its musical tastes. To Alexander it likes plus music celta and the European folklore; to Fernando, the traditional folklore. Thus Tristis Diadem arose, a band that at the time of composing its subjects make speak to some native instruments like charango, quena, sikus, the big drum, chaschas or toyo.

About the name Diadema Tristis, Alexander Medina indicated that “he makes reference to a calm place, a virgin place where one can reflect and, sometimes, the reflection can be returned sad or no. Sends, really, to a natural space, overwhelmed with peace?, concluded the musician.

Proposal based on the fusion of styles

In its musical proposal, Tristis Diadem uses a rich range of rates of the Argentine northwest, like vidala and zamba, but only like accessory elements: “We incorporated ingredients of our culture and our roots to a musical style that it does not have to do with the traditional thing of our province.

In other countries also these fusions are made of styles and native instruments are gotten up, but when varying the instruments and the rates, the result is always different from the folk music, is something completely different?, explained Alexander Medina.

The musical studies that have the members of the band surely enrich the product at the time of the creation. In relation to the musicians amateurs, Alexander Medina said: “We cannot put us in the paper to judge others and what they are doing. We think that thus they are amateurs or professional, whenever the musicians bet to the art is necessary to recognize them and to value them?.

“Cacharpaya lives? will appear on the foot of the monument humahuaqueño

The Cacharpaya group will show its new disc. After Easter, it will also present/display in the capital jujeña.

The Cacharpaya Group will present/display its new disc, “Cacharpaya lives?, this Monday in Humahuaca. It will be after Baile of the Torito and the Lights to the Virgin of the Candlemas.

One is fourth record work, considering that the first after the separation of Fortunato Branches with that they touched many years, was “Cacharpayas in Humahuaca (2006), the second “Plegarias for my earth (2007/08) and the third party of carols “Humahuaca adores to the Boy Jesus? (recorded with the voices of the Simón Brothers) in 2008.

This new work, “Cacharpaya lives? was recorded in Jumps and reproduced in Buenos Aires, and after the presentation in Humahuaca the presentation in the capital is anticipated jujeña stops after Easter, according to explained the members of the group in conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The Cacharpaya group is integrated at the moment by Daniel Alfredo Palaces, in guitar and voice; Aldo Moisés Valeriano, in charango and voice; Caesar Omar Colque, in percussion and voice; Alfredo Rolando Colque and Miguel Angel Cross, in winds, voice and animation; and Paschal Cross, in accordion and voice.

Some subjects that integrate this disc “Are dismissed jujeña? (taquirari), “Ireme then? (cueca), “Stream of the sighs? (zamba), “Yungueñita? (taquirari), “I am carnival? (bailecito); “Pampas Popcorn? (huaino); “The dawned one? (zamba); “Pretentious? (cueca); “Coyita? (taquirari), “Thus is my Jujuy? (cueca), and “Glad of Uquía? (popular reason), besides a subject of own responsibility as “My Salomé? is cueca.

The photography of the cover of the disc and the design of the cover art, is of Paschal Cross.

The Cacharpaya group was born in 1980 like the Huairas de Huamahuaca. It participated in different festivales from the zone and in 1986 it adopts the name of Cacharpaya. At some time they were in the festival of Cosquín next to Takings LIpán, Fortunato Ramos and Mónica Pantoja.

The Godsons at the time celebrate with song contests and more

The reception will be with a chocolate, cake and the presentation of the flag.

Awaited “Thursday arrived from godson?, who in the case of the Association Flower of Amancay, will be celebrated by fourteenth time, in tribute to the children and young people of the population.

Until the 13 it will be the reception of the goddaughters and godsons, to those who a chocolate will use to them. After the words of welcome and inauguration, in charge of the organizers, the donations in the theater box of the godsons will be located.

In addition the presentation will become of the Flag of the Godsons on the part of the godmother, Elvira Cheek; and the presentation of the cake for the homenajeados ones, in charge of Las Madrinas Carolina González and Sara Salazar.

Within the framework of the activities anticipated for this day the Contest of Copleros will be realized, the Contest of Recitadores and the Contest of People who carries a cane. The jury will be integrated by copleras copleros and of Jujuy and Salta.

After the delivery of the corresponding prizes, in charge of the godfathers and godmothers who realized the donations, a lunch served by the family Toconás Venencia will be realized, founders of the event that transmits the culture to the children and young people.

Later, closing the encounter in the Chorrillos, from the 14, the caravan will go to the estates of the field of soccer of the locality of Leon, where the Encounter of Godsons will be realized III, organized by the Cultural Association of Leon, founded by Mirta Calizaza.
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