Sun of Portocarrero presents/displays “Jondo, to happen flamenco?

Sun of Real Portocarrero- company of Spanish dance will present/display Jondo, to happen flamenco, the days 4 Fridays and Saturday 5 of December, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

This show, created and directed by coreógrafa Daniela Perez and inspired by texts of Manuel Rivers Ruiz, counts on the Adhesion of the Vice-consulship of Spain in Jumps and the declaration of Cultural Interest of the Secretary of Culture of the province.

This spectacle will go into in stylistic forms of the traditional flamenco dance and of the flamenco contemporary in search of the emotion that sustains by tradition the continuity in the time of this artistic expression, that although it arises in Centuries XVIII and XIX, continues affecting because its depth is in the sentimental magnificencia and evolves without stopping being he himself within a transformed and present society and, it will survive in as much and as soon as they continue having degustadores in the morning of this subtle art and whim.

Entrances for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture: It silverplates numbered $25, numbered Pullman $20.

The Sade will present/display the book today “Only poetries?

It is the anthology with the five works that Rafael Hugo wrote Kings.

This behind schedule to 19, the Argentina Society de Escritores (Sade) will only present/display the book “poetries? of Rafael Hugo Kings in the Popular Library of our city. In the opportunity, the writers Susana Aguiar and Jorge Albarracín, will analyze the production of Kings; whereas, this one last one, talks about his to make poetic.

The literary piece is integrated by texts constituted in five books. “Hours of Crystal? first production of 1948 was his and where the youthful feeling is perceived, perhaps caught to the echoes of the love; the second piece was published in 1983, with the title “Intermediate of the Way? for which Kings let pass more than 30 years, due to its profession of lawyer, educational and publicist.

Whereas “Voices of my mountains? (1986), “Drops in my Window? (1991) and “Writing down the Time? (1996) are publications that combine ample thematic and approach the love, the natural beauty, the nostalgias and reflections, among others. The glance of the author aims at the simple things of the life, but also motivations for important subjects of history and the policy exist, when it analyzes World War II or it speaks of colonialism and the government in “Policy and Exchange?.

Also it describes to Marquess de Yavi and Tojo and the death of general Lavalle, standing out his historical figures and I illustrate. In order to finalize the day, the organization of the writers will give a distinction to him and will act the Ekeco.

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Bond 4 follows step signs and presents/displays its flaming record material

Enzo Robles is the new member of the outstanding set, in replacement of Miguel “Crow? Villalba.

“Bond 4 follows more united than ever, is worth the explanation, because in the last months the rumor that ran the group had arrived at its aim. It cost to us much to position to us at national level and we are not going to throw everything by the hut?, were the words of Ramon “Chayita? Barrionuevo, one of the founders of recognized joint salteño.
“Simply we have replaced to a member. Miguel Villalba decided to move away because he thought that its cycle already was concluded here and wanted to fulfill other personal objectives, but everything was in excellent conditions. Its place Enzo Robles, a young person entered who contributes to freshness and image to him to the group?, assured.

The new companion

In spite of their youth, Oaks already count on several experiences within music. Most important it is his incursion in the Four of Jumps, next to Mariano Cow, the “Shovel? Eyrie and recently disappeared Patricio Jiménez.
Also the Flood formed the set and integrated numerous choral groupings.
“It is a joy to be able to integrate this group to me that already is recognized in all the country and has an important musical trajectory. In addition, it will help me to grow like artist?, declared to his turn the flaming acquisition of Bond 4.

“It is not easy to replace an artist like Villalba, the impact is strong, but thanks to God we had an excellent answer of people in the activities of the last weeks?, added Barrionuevo.
The quartet salteño turned 13 years to step on the most important scenes of the country. “We felt the same nerves of the first day, although we grew much like group. We manage to catch the energy that gives the public and that takes to us to be still within this so pretty circuit that it is the folklore?, maintained to Mario Market, the third voice of the set.
With the presentation of their last disc “Bond 4 + 4?, Market, Carlos Cáseres, “Chaya? Barrionuevo and Robles feel that he is “a little to return at the outset, but with more experience?.

“It is worth 4 + 4?

The new CD is the sixth record work of the group and reunites to the best material of first and the second disc more four new subjects.
“It is why we put `to him Vale 4 + 4', because it includes those musical subjects that we considered bonus tracks within this work?, asserted Cáseres.
The members of the group consider that “this last disc represents a transition for us and gives foot to a new stage for the group. From now on, Bond 4 will be changing, and that will be shaped in a disc more modern than, we considered, will become for the next year?, affirmed.

“We looked for to rearm our band with new sounds, new musical subjects and some I touch, but always maintaining the essence of the group?.
The step that follows for the boys of Bond 4 is to present/display its new work by all the country.
“Since we always did, we will be in all the festivales that are developed during the year inside the country, and in those scenes we will present/display our new work officially. In addition, we suppose that as soon as we finish with that crossed we will make a spectacle here in Jumps Capital?, concluded.

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Concert of Jazz and Latin American Music

AMG Productions will offer to a Concert of Jazz and Latin American Music to celebrate their five years of existence. Cultural America will take place Saturday 28 of November to 21 in center (Miter 23).

The musicians who will be brilliant in the scene are: Marcelo Gutiérrez (Clarinete), Daniel Tints (Piano), Matías Saluzzi (Contrabass) and Pablo Arnedo Jiménez (Percussion).

The repertoire will have works of Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Wrath Gershwin, Hoagy Charmicael, Cuchi Leguizamón, Antonio Carlos Jobin, among others.

AMG Productions is a emprendimiento headed and presided over by the clarinetista Marcelo Gutiérrez, next to the flautista Rita Corces. Its objective is to recreate the music of the great teachers being offered an ample phantom for the public salteño and the tourists.

This independent organism had its beginnings in November of year 2004 making presentations of outstanding performance. It has offered concerts in diverse places like the House of the Culture of the National Bottom of the Arts (Independent City of Buenos Aires), Cultural Center Holver Martinez dependant Borelli of the National University of Jumps, Museum of the City House Jose Hernandez, Foundation Jumps, Church the Vine, among others.

General entrance $20. It is possible to be acquired at the beginning of the concert.

Two imposing functions where the Eastern folklore will shine

Denia Isa and Daniel Gauna, directors of the companies of Raksenia ballet and To the Mansur respectively are united to present/display their closing of cycle. They will do it with two imporatnes put in scene: the Vespertine Finery Yamal To the Nil - Beauties of the Nile, and the Night in full dress of Withdrawn Malika To the Nin - Crowned of the Nile. The first Yamal presentation To the Nil will be realized Saturday 28 of November, to 19, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460. “Through mysterious world of the Eastern dance, we tried to express the joy of our children, young people shining suns that dance to the rate of maksúm, the smoothness of the Eastern boleros, the force of the percussion and the fusion with the Hindu dance? count Denia Isa.

Later, 22, in the same room it will raise Malika scene To the Nin- Crowned of the Nile. “Through this spectacle we will visit cabarets of Egypt imaginary, the mysterious centers of rituals and will enjoy the force by the roots of the Eastern folklore… culminating efforts and fruits of the group of withdrawn professors and that will enchant and crown the night? explains Daniel Gauna.

In tonight in full dress, also they will be present, like invited company, the academy Blue Moon directed by professor Natalia Gutierrez and the orchestra To the Nassib, that will accompany the dance with its presentation live.

General entrance for each function $20 for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Abel Pinto arrives at Jujuy with an incredible show

The musical outstanding will act next to the Diablero Pair and the Izkierdos of the Cave, artists among others invited.

The recognized Abel artist Pinto appears next the 4 of December in the Rural Society Jujeña next to the Diablero Pair and the Izkierdos of the Cave, artists among others invited.

According to they announced the producers of the event is predicted for the day; two defined sectors enter you silverplate with tables and exclusive and popular locations with Y-mesons chairs for more than 2500 people.

Similarly this at night contemplated musical an imposing scene, professional lights and sound of great quality to be able to enjoy to plenary session of a new presentation in our province, of the more important young artist of the last years.

The anticipated entrances are on sale in 690 Belgrano and Local Colonial Gallery 9, of our capital city.

Its race
Its beginning as singing one goes back to the seven years of age in a tribute to Jose of San Martin realized in his primary school. In this act was the delegate of the city, invited that it to the commemoration of the one hundred years of that locality after it to have listened to sing.

In this commemoration he realized three subjects: one of Victor Heredia, another one of Leon Gieco, and the third party of Horacio Guarany. After this action the invitations, and thus, their incipient artistic race began.

In its first album “to sing I have been born? (1997), Abel is in charge to show all their force and its talent as young singer. The 25 of January acted in the greater scene of Cosquín, where it realized the presentation of his first disc.

. In 1999 it on sale removes to his second record work under the name from “Every day a little? and in the 2001 it presents/displays “Things of the heart? made up of thirteen subjects. The 16 of March of 2004 on sale leave “Senses?, fourth material in their race and first for the record BMG.

In the 2006 it returns to the studies to realize a new real “Reflected? disc, the material includes own subjects in letter and music giving a new passage within its race

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Friday and cultural Saturdays in Liberator

With the presence of local artists and other provinces in the Branch.

Tomorrow to 22 the theater work “Erase will appear once a King? of Oscar I castrate that the Threshold will interpret the group, in the central place of the city of General Liberator San Martin.

The putting in scene of the piece within the framework register of the I Theater Encounter of the Yungas, that takes place all the Fridays and Saturdays of the current month, with the participation of artists and cultural groups who from other provinces and localities occurred to appointment in the Branch jujeño.

This way, the past Saturday the spectacle was realized poetic-musical comedy in charge of Ramiro González and Maximiliano Ibáñez, in the parochial hall the Sacred church Heart of Jesus.

The recital offered by the poet and musician Ramiro González and poet Maximiliano Ibáñez, was based on the hope and the faith of the man from the religion and customs of the original towns.

Maximiliano Ibáñez recited different works, accompanied with the musical chords executed by Ramiro, that also offered his songs that made the delight of the attending public.

The La Riojan musician and the Cordovan poet were thankful for the invitation that attended Red Alvaro to him, one of the generators of this initiative, to comprise of the program that is constituted like an excellent cultural proposal for the inhabitants of the Branch.

In addition, they mentioned that for some time they come working in joint form and realizing presentations in different scenes from the country.

On the other hand, Red Alvaro remembered that during all the Fridays and Saturdays the theater moved one grew that Flame throwers take to the members of the Group ahead and that counted on the auspice of the municipality of General Liberator San Martin, by such reason it thanked for all those people who made it possible.

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Concert of piano of the teacher Rodriguez Castle

The artist will appear from the 21, in Alvarado 551.

The Direction of the Cultural Center Holver Martinez Borelli invites to the concert of piano that Oscar will offer to the teacher today Rodriguez Castle, from the 21, in room “B? of the mentioned Cultural Center, Alvarado 551. The evening is fitted within the framework of the cycle “Seeding Culture III?.

To the artist it was born in It jumps, in 1951, and it withdrew of the Conservatory of Buenos Aires in 1975 like Professor Nacional de Música, specialized in piano. It had like teachers to Marine Neda (piano), Jesus Gabriel Segade (organ), Juan Francisco Giacobbe (counterpoint); by a scholarship of the OAS it received the ranks of Magíster 1978 and Doctor in Musical Arts 1980 (in the Catolic University of America Washington D.C, the United States).

From November of 1990 he is titular professor of the Chair of Body, in the Department of Music and, organista of the Symphony orchestra of the National University of San Juan.

He was director of the Choir Polifónico de Salta (1971-73), of the Catholic University of It jumps (1976-77), and the Stable one of the Province of Tucuman (1984). The entrance is gratuitous.

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