Musical festival in “8 of March?

The assistants to the programming will enjoy a day that will count on the presence of diverse artistic numbers.

The next Monday an artistic festival will be realized in capital district “8 of March? within the framework of a new anniversary of its creation and to celebrate the Day the International of the Woman.

This way, all the community of Comedero Stop is invited to participate in the program of activities that were organized by the directive commission of the Social and Cultural Sport Club of the mentioned district, next to the Federal Penitentiary Institute “Our Lady of the Rosary of River Blanco and Paypaya? (Unit 8), of the Penitentiary Service Federal Argentinean with seat in Comedero Stop.

It is predicted that to 9,30, Santa Misa will be realized and, to 10, different sport and recreational activities will be made within the framework from the celebration.

This way, there will be feminine infantile marathon, básquet, soccer (gulls, Unit Regiment 7, U8, “Magpies?), voley and dance of people majors.

For the 18, the Band will appear Police of the province and soon to the prizes and certificates to the participants will be given.

To 19, the reception to the authorities will be organized and special guests and later the honor toast will be realized.

Later, to 19,40, the festival will take place artistic-musical comedy that will present/display a great unfolding of different artists of the dance and music.

For this reason, members of the institute will appear art superior choreography and deports “Foundation Huayra Huasi?, the Arab dance will arrive at the scene through ballet “the Antigal?; all the tanguero suburb will be in charge of the ballet “San Salvador? and the national folklore next to the ballet “Freedom?.

As far as the musical numbers, it is important to mention that also it will act the Bambis group, all the folklore with “the Aztec Chaqueña? and its set and rates that will be in charge of the mariachi “Sun of Mexico?.

The folclorista “Memo? Vilte also will rise the scene, besides the groups Accomplices and Ideals that will interpret cumbias.

Later, it will act the Pair Rodriguez of “8 of March?, the group Without Borders, Kasandra and the Strangers of the Chaco.

The sets that want to participate in this encounter, will have to communicate to telephones 405641 (Penitentiary Institute Federal Unit 8); or to the 4056325 of the Social and Cultural Sport Club of district “8 of March?.

The Five Voices, in night of intimismo

The set salteño will appear today, from the 22,30, in the corner of Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting.

The Five Voices will meet tonight with their people. “Many friendly and supporters proposed to reunite to us to us with a musical aim and we looked for a short time to please the order?, indicated to Veronica Marks, one of the members of the group salteño.

The recital will be carried out today, from the 22,30, in the premises of Gieco Bar (Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting).

The profile that has these interpreters bases, mainly, in the good vocal and musical adjustments, that have become their seal already.

The girls demonstrated a remarkable growth in the last seasons, obtaining to amalgamate modern voices and adjustments in classic subjects like “Merceditas? or “Farmer of the farm?.

But without doubts, the greater explosion occurs when they interpret own subjects like “Spell? and those that share company/signature with “the Moor? - mother of Jimena and wife of Mario Teruel of the Nocheros-, between which they excel Thus “will be better?, “Already never more? and “Full stop?.

On this challenge that they already undertook several years ago, they say convinced that they are doing what more they like, because they have the privilege to work with music. “For us it is a luxury to come to sing to them and to give everything to them what we come offering?, indicated Marks.

From their beginnings, the Five Voices had the possibility of sharing scenes with the 4 Chalchaleros, Nocheros, Zamba Quipildor, Bond and the Tekis, among others.

The Great Dance of Small Carnival

The invitation was realized by comparsas of the town quebradeño.

Tonight, from the 20, in the Municipal Shed of Maimará, the Great Dance of Small Carnival will be carried out, giving him to a frame of closing to the celebrations carnestolendas of this year.

For this, the activities of Bandy2, the Timid ones, Group Inheritance, America, the Quebradeños and Sonido are predicted Miracle.

Group Inheritance.

The group conformed for several years has been coming proposing the best Andean folklore in the province.

Its first disc that contains thirteen subjects, among them cuecas, carnavalitos and huainos, reflects the calidez of the voices of the members of Inheritance: India Mariela, first voice, Alejandra Go'mez, percussion; Natalia Go'mez, low and second voice, Andrea Lopez, wind; Gabriela Go'mez, guitar and third voice and Gisela Vantage point, charango.

The celebration in the mythical scene “Single Payó? untied

Sergio Galleguillo and Nacho and Daniel were the people in charge of the outbreak of joy in the Enchanted Warehouse.

How beautiful serenatera moon was lived in the Enchanted Warehouse! The night vió “empachada? of good folklore with artists who stood out on the scene “Single Payo?. It was not needed the phrase Alegrate, Cafayate! The public danced and sang until the dawn.

Zambas, farmers, huaynos, carnavalitos and chayas sweetened the ear of the presents. Accidentally, this last La Riojan rate was the one that untied to the celebration in its maximum expression in the estate “Hunting Caesar?. Everything dyed of target between the foam and the flour that flew by the air in the middle of an overflowed concurrence of joy. Sergio Galleguillo, who is a classic one in the most important festivales of the country, did not keep anything and unfolded his carpero repertoire to the maximum.

The folklore in addition was represented with one of his more genuine exponents: the pair Nacho and Daniel (ex- Guaraníes). The artists left in clear why they gained as much respect within the circuit of the popular song book. They showed his recent elaborations and also they brought to the memory to the Singers of the Dawn, interpreting unforgettable the classic ones of remembered joint salteño.

The first ovación was for Paola Aryan, that with its charisma put in the “pocket? to the presents. When “the Gauchita? took leave of its action and the speakers prepared themselves to present/display the next number, people reverted the situation and, asking twice, the native young person of Rosary of the Border returned to the scene to give another subject.

From the Fist jujeña lowered legendary the Lipán Takings to sentence that the use is its “permanent partner? and who, while its voice resonates between hills, it will continue plotting the course in the festivales.

ace of La Rioja

What singer the “Sorceress? Salguero! The La Riojan did not have disadvantages in conquering the silence and the respect of the Enchanted Warehouse. Although it counts on a remarkable trajectory on his backs, very not very often its figure glimpsed in this part of the country. Without doubts, now it will be noticeable with a label of “great?.

Also Toledo caused to joy the return of the “Tufa?, who for years took root in Commodore Rivadavia. Its voice follows intact and added widely to the spectacle.

The public encariñó also with Nando “the Salteño?, but the great guarded surprise of third was the young person Federico Maldonado, to whom did not concern the schedule nor the fatigue to him of people. The singer salteño raised with the first light of the day and returned to ignite the celebration in the estate. His first experience in the Serenade did not weigh to him for anything, quite the opposite: it showed soltura and it enjoyed this magical evening.

The billboard was completed with Pancho Acosta, Echoes of my Earth, Yalo Cuéllar, Copleros, the Yunta, Inti Kari, Yacones, Quorum, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

Today they will act Red Jorge and the Huayra

Fifth guarded from the Serenade to Cafayate it will be tempting for any lover of the folklore, since the scene they will today raise to Red Jorge and the consecrated group the Huayra. In addition, the billboard will be completed with important artists.

From its separation of the Nocheros, its race as soloist were widely successful. It was born in Cutral Co, Neuquén, but from small salteño moved next to its family to the Chaco. Fan to music and the folklore, grew in a family of singers and poets, reason why from boy he was undergoing all the feeling of national music. Surrounded by zambas, farmers, vidalas and bagualas, it began to dream and to sing for its people.

It participated in a called pair Those of the Hill, but it was just in 1992 when the Nocheros knew the group, integrated then by Rubén Ehizaguirre, Quique Eyrie and the brothers Kike and Mario Teruel. All the nights one delighted with its presentations in the General Rock Güemes and one imagined that it was member of the group. For that reason great it was its surprise when one of its members, Quique Eyrie, decided to leave the set and was invited to replace it. Its first great emotion was in 1994, when the Nocheros obtained the greater aspiration of all artist folkloric: the consecration in Cosquín. But a day got tired to share poster and decided to direct like soloist, being obtained innumerable successes.

In as much, Luis Benavídez, Juan Sources, the “Colo? Vasconcellos and Sebastián Jiménez also will contribute his tonight to the Serenade. Surely many supporters will arrive from different provinces from the NOA, since this set, in the last years, gained the label of convoking. The billboard also will count on: Rafael Love, Mariana Reed, Marcela Ceballos, the Group Magnet, the Bandeños, Nicholas Mathey and his set, Rosita Jiménez, Leandro Robin, the Gold Mariachis, the delegation of Jujuy, Contempo, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

The Faranda will release “Question of I devise?

The company of puppets will present/display its new work the next Saturday 20, to 19, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture.

The company of puppets the Faranda will release a new work. One is “Question of I devise?, a creation of Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock. The theater piece will raise for the first time scene Saturday 20 of this month, to 19, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture. Next, to 22, the titiriteros will replace “Of iron?, recommended for majors of 10 years.

The opening of “Question of I devise? will comprise of the program of functions that the group has thought to realize the next weekend. Friday 19, to 19, will present/display “One of love and another one of adventure? and then, to 22, will be the turn of “Fedro and the dragoon, a medieval tragedy?.
“Question of I devise? is a spectacle of small format that contains all those elements that characterize to this separate company, that is to say the putting in scene of dolls articulated and complete (with hands and feet) in a stage scene acclimated within a laboratory.

Claudia Peña and Fernando Arancibia always prevail new challenges with regard to the creation of the personages and to the elaboration of histories that soon take to the schools and theaters. This time the one will be Fernando that will manipulate the protagonists of “Question of I devise? and Claudia will be in charge of the direction.

“The work poses a problem that could only be solved if it is used I devise. History is carried out by an inventor and his young daughter, besides other personages who will take part in this relation between father and daughter. Everything will be developed within a mechanical factory?, explained Rock, to which it added: “This it is our first spectacle in small format using new mechanisms to give expresividad to our puppets?.

The Faranda is integrated solely by Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock, a pair of titiriteros that dedicate their life to him to this activity. Considered of the more talented theater groups of It jumps, the Faranda harvested sinfín of applause in 2009. It presented/displayed his spectacles in important scenes, the National Celebration of the Theater in the Chaco, the Circuit 11 Circularte in the province of Santa Fe, the National Circuit of Theater the Country in the Country (Misiones and Buenos Aires) and the Cultural April in Tarija (Bolivia), among others.

Young actors of Tucuman present/display a work in Jumps

The piece “Rotary, exclusive theater for partners? will raise scene tonight and tomorrow in the House of the Culture.

A group of students of the fourth year of the race of Theater of the National University of Tucuman will raise the scene today and tomorrow, from the 22, in the Mecano Room, of the House of the Culture - Homemade 460-.

The young people will interpret “Rotary, exclusive theater for partners?, who are a work of Hernán Mora'n, directed by Sergio Prina. He tries on a group of artists who one night, while they return from an art sample, talk on their dissatisfaction with respect to which they see in the different rooms that, unfailingly, do not surpass their expectations. From there, they decide to form innovating an artistic movement that does not group in fact to that they are producing works, but, this new group produces nothing either, only criticism. It is an irony on the world of the art. The work counts this history through daily and desopilantes situations that, besides making laugh, they invite to the reflection. The script leaves space for the improvisation, does not have a defined text, reason why the resolutions of each one of the situations maintain the expectant public. “We enjoyed very many this work because beyond the great repercussion that we had in Tucuman, the work amuses much to us and it allows reírnos us of we ourself?, the actor expressed Guillermo Katz.
The group of young actors is integrated by Car it Breslin, Rodrigo Herrera, Illuminato Flora, Guillermo Katz and Flavia Rodriguez. “We are companions from first year and come making several things in the faculty, but it is the first time that we left to show a work outside Tucuman. We are very contentments because in addition we are consolidating like group?, said the actress Car it Breslin.

A challenge

The work is the result of the final examination of the chairs Practical of Action I and Theater Direction, that the actors rendered in the Faculty of Arts of the UNT. The examination consisted of three functions that offered the public and which they had very good results, because besides obtaining a good qualification, they were praised and many applause of the tucumano public took.
“In Tucuman there is one moved of very interesting theater and that, for example, allows that we pruned to resolve the expenses that imply to mount a work and thus we pruned to undertake projects like this one, to come to act to It jumps?, commented the Flavia actress Rodriguez.

The clothes and the stage scene are designed and produced completely by the group of students who tonight will act for the first time in a scene salteño.
The first function is predicted for tonight from the 22, in Caretakers 460. The general entrance will be of $15.

Topamiento of comothers in the eve of the carnival jujeño

The comothers of the Branch jujeño, will concentrate in the Audio Cable corner Vision to live the traditional “topamiento?.

Like every year, the comadritas, after a year of silence and arduous work, will give loose rein to the joy and will arrive with their colorful presence, dancing to the rate of anatas. Native Comadres who integrates different comparsas next to others from the department, would arrive until the corner of San Martin and Páterson to reedit the encounter in his 18° edition.

After to pass through FM Satellite, where the first part of the Topamiento will be fulfilled, they will arrive having danced until the scene chosen from 18 years, where it waits the Cipriana Mamaní next to its compadrito Alexander Montero.

There it will be the topamiento, that like every year, congregate to one nourished and enthusiastic concurrence, that infected by the overflowing joy of the comadritas is added to the festive encounter in which it does not lack the basil, the serpentine and the perforated paper

The comothers take like every year, besides their friendship and respect, the infaltables offerings: sweet and salty breads symbol of the work gained with the effort and the conjugation of joys and sadnesses; the branches of basils and flowers; chicha of maize; the serpentines and the paper pricked in each “chuspa?. All this for the interchange between the moved songs, counterpoints, hugs and desires of well-being for the course of the year.

The Chilean group Gondwana touches today in the Saltá Reggae

The celebration “rasta? will begin to 21,30 in the Station Mega. Also Reggae will act Holy, of Formosa.

With more than 20 years of race, in which it consolidated like one of the great names of reggae in Latin America, the Chilean band Gondwana will arrive at Jumps to participate in a new edition of the Saltá Reggae, one of moved more important of the culture “rasta? of the NOA.

The festival will have as scene to the Station Mega and will start to 21,30 with the Holy action of the group Reggae, of Formosa. Also there will be live music in charge of DJ Morokiox, classic of moved reggae salteña.

The anticipated entrances are on sale in Cachimbo Da Peace (Alvarado and Pellegrini), Pony (Virrey Toledo 490), M 51 (Alberdi 222), Morrison (San Martin and Buenos Aires, the premises 2), Soul Mater (Pellegrini 125) and Chaco (Cordova 235).


For a pair of weeks, the musicians of Gondwana are realizing a tour by the country to promote their first DVD, that was registered in August of the past year live, in Buenos Aires, and to integrate grilla of bands that will touch to this weekend in the tenth edition of the Cosquín Rock.
Gondwana was born like a band from reggae in a peripheral population from called Santiago from Chile the Pincoya, where it was known this musical sort very little. The artists joined themselves for the first time in 1987, but just in 1998 they published its first album, titleholder “Gondwana?, whom soon they followed “Phat?, “Praise? and “Made to him in Jamaica?.

New singer

With his fifth disc “Grows? consolidated its international presence. In 2007, the band lassoed its last album, “Resiliente?, and made debut a new vocalista, Maxi Vargas.

With more than 1,000 concerts, Gondwana - at the moment integrated by “Yayo? Loyola, Ronni Alvarez, I read Dread, Luco Duck, I Locks, “Cat? Branches, Maxi Vargas, Hugo Prado and Fabian Cordova is one of the Chilean groupings with more international presence.
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