The Provincial one begins season 2010 with I read Give

Friday 19 of February, to 22, in the Greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps will give to beginning the season of spectacles with the show that will give the legendary singer and composer I read Give.

In an exclusive visit to our city, the idol that captivated multitudes of several generations, will present/display its unforgettable successes like Celia, there am fiance', wanted Santiago, Estelita, Free, Solterito to You and without anybody, among others.

In little more than four decades of artistic trajectory I read Give reached ten platinum discs, thirty golden records, a Grammy like better composer and many other awards often placed that it to the top of the singing popularity as of ballads in almost all the countries of Hispanic speech.

Leopoldo Dante Tévez, known artistic as I read Gives, is considered one of the most important cantautores of Latin America.

Until today he has composed more than 2,000 songs. Their subjects have been recorded in different sorts (romantic, folklore, tropical, cumbia, tango, rancheras, etc.) and also have been translated Italian, Portuguese, German, French, English and the Japanese. Famous artists have interpreted their songs, like for example Leonardo Favio, “Palito? Grouse, Ramon Ayala, Jose Jose, Ornella Vanoni, Garibaldi Group, Antonio Frame Soli's, Pedro Fernandez, Maria Martha Serra Lima, the Manzeros Santiagueños and Café Tacuba, among others.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate: $200, $160 and $120, Theater box $120, Pullman $80.

The Carnavalera in Humahuaca is abre tomorrow

The most outstanding names are added to this proposal of Jose Simón, who will extend until the next Sunday.

On the initiative of the singer humahuaqueño, Jose Simón, a new space in “the historical city? will be inaugurated tomorrow, to celebrate the Carnival.

The Carnavalera is called and will work by four days until Sunday as it soothes of the greatest celebration of the north, with most important presences. Four nights of carnival, will reunite to the most famous exponents of music folkloric jujeña.

“We hoped that it is an encounter that can be continued doing in the coming years, so that this name settles in the country like the place to live the carnival on the province?, commented in conversation with our matutinal one, “we want that people take a good memory of this rock so that she can count it in any place where she lives?.

It is thought with a billboard mainly of local artists, although also folcloristas friendly of Tucuman, Santiago and Buenos Aires will be added, according to explained Simón.

The intention is “to create a space all the jujeños artists to celebrate a celebration that stops we is very symbolic, is most important of the calendar, of something are in favor outstanding in the almanacs who give ourselves in the jujeños commerce, the dates of carnival?, comments the artist, “one that the luck had to cross different places from the country, realizes that the carnival jujeño is incomparable?.

The appointment is in street Buenos Aires 179, of Humahuaca.

Imperdible billboard

The billboard is integrated by Dark brown Aryans, Daniel Vedia, the Cat Garci'a, the Simón Brothers and Jose Simón, that will inaugurate the first night, with Thursday of Comadre. Friday, the artists in the scene will be Takings Lipán, Daniel Vedia, Elías Abalos, Tiny beast Diaz and Jose Simón. Saturday will continue the celebration with Dark brown Aryans, Jujeña Moon, Diableros, Tiny beast Diaz, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and from Tucuman, the Simple one.

Finally, the evening of Sunday will count in the scene of the Carnavalera with Gustavo Patiño, Lipán Takings, Diableros, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and the Simple one. In addition, Jose Simón commented that he exists the possibility that adds the santiagueños of Glimpse, and the Tierral of Buenos Aires.

The Enchanted Warehouse will renew all their magic

It will be possible to be enjoyed a billboard composed by artists of first level from the 15 to the 21 of February, in the scene “Single Payo?.

In only five days, in the scene “Single Payo?, of the Enchanted Warehouse, edition of the Serenade to Cafayate will rise to the curtain to 36º. From 15 Monday February to Sunday 21 of February the more important event folkloric of the NOA raises the curtain to share the spell of seven moons, in the heat of heart of the Calchaquíes Valleys.

The Serenade to Cafayate was born in 1974 by idea of Mr. Arnaldo Echart. Cafayate, blessed earth, “… the one that drinks of its wine gains dream and loses pain…?, says to Manuel poet Castile, since the locality not only is recognized in the world by its landscapes, but also by the quality of its wines.

With carnival heat by day, unforgettable nights and the traditional one to dawn to the rate of the “Chaqueño?, the Serenade is an opportunity to enjoy this earth, that gets dressed celebration year to year when the classic shout of the speaker Oscar Humacata, “Alegrate Cafayate?, returns to the Serenade to mix the dawn in the vineyards with the guitars and songs of the Enchanted Warehouse.

They will dedicate this edition to Eduardo Falú, artist salteño, by its contribution to the national culture and its trajectory (the concertista Carlos Martinez will realize part of the tribute). In addition, artists of the stature of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, Red Jorge will act, Pinto Teresa Parodi, Mariana Reed, Facundo Toro, Sergio Galleguillo, Mariana Cayón, Luciani Franc, Federico Maldonado, Takings Lipán, Abel, Néstor Garnica and the Changos.

Today they realize the launching of the Serenade to Cafayate

The act will be carried out to 11, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture.

The official launching of the thirtieth sixth edition of the Serenade to Cafayate, that will turn between 15 Monday and Sunday 21 of February, in that locality of the Calchaquí Valley is predicted for today. The press conference will be developed, from the 11, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture - Homemade 460-. It will count on the presence of Juan Esteban Ocampo, intendant of Cafayate; members of the Permanent Commission; the Girl of the Serenade; and some folcloristas that will act in the event.

“Also for today the beginning of the sale of entrances is predicted, that will be realized by Internet and in the Forum of Intendants of It jumps Capital, in Intendance of Cafayate and the commercial premises of Tucuman?, it assured Brave, integral Maxi of the Permanent Commission of the Serenade. “In this new edition, a tribute to Eduardo Falú will be realized, by its contribution to the national culture and by their trajectory?, Bravo added.

“The Calandria? maintains its voice and its use

The singer will appear tomorrow in the new edition of the Celebration of the Pachamama, in the locality of Purmamarca.

The Gladys singer Rodriguez, well-known in the artistic atmosphere like “the Bolivian Calandria?, will be one of the main figures during the new edition of the Celebration of the Pachamama, that will tomorrow be fulfilled in the locality jujeña of Purmamarca.

The appointment folkloric will summon important representatives of northern music, some of resident them at the moment in Europe, as Miguel is the case of tilcareño Key. Also bandoneón greater of the Gorge will stand out the presence of Daniel Vedia “?, and the soloist Claudia Vilte.

“It will be a pleasure to act in that locality jujeña, a province that always offered much love me. I will review my extensive repertoire, where I will include the great successes of my artistic race?, assured the singer.

Rodriguez was born in the Bolivian locality of Huacaya, department of Sucre, but from very small she took root in the province of Jumps. “When she was young it sang in the scholastic acts and familiar meetings in my native town. Just when Santa Rosa lived in Colony, I began to penetrate in the professional plane, always tie to the Bolivian folklore. Just at the beginning of `90 my son Robert impelled to me to sing tropical, and so he was not mistaken, arose in my repertoire `Pasito there tum tum', that was a success between people?, added.

She realized his first passages in music within our province next to the orchestra of Lizardo Macías. “Thanks to this masterful remembering I gathered my first experiences on a scene. I had the luck to know my country next to the song, and have forces to follow many years more?.
After the action in Purmamarca, Gladys Rodriguez will confront different commitments in the Branch jujeño. Also one will appear in the city of Oran.

The group of “the Calandria? is satisfied to Robert, its son; Victor Salvatierra, his husband; Alberto Rodriguez, their brother, and Elio Fernandez Rodriguez, their nephew.

The one of Purmamarca it is a celebration that year to year perhaps agglutinates of music folkloric, especially the northern one. But in addition the Contest of the Cheese of Goat is realized and a parade of different tropillas from the Gorge. The artistic billboard will be completed with outstanding artists of different points from the country.

Silvana Merello, a woman who thinks and feels through art

Reflected the plastic artist will inaugurate his sample “of the eternal thing?, today to 20, in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

At the time of painting its works, Silvana Merello does not have a defined technique, simply is let take reason why it feels at the moment.

The art is its pastime for several years because not only it can be expressed freely through him but also feed his sensitivity. Ever since it retook the painting, for ten years, it has been dedicated to the abstract art because it allows him to enter into a dialog of heart heart with the spectator.

“Reflected of the eternal thing? it is the name that chose for the sample, that will be inaugurated today to 20 in the Museum of Contemporary Art.

She is composed by a series of paintings and videos, and the author yearns for that next to the spectator “we undergo a trip of vibratory energies that acquired forms, colors and intensities and we let ourselves take by each color to a new horizon… either near, or distant?.

Spiritual search

Silvana Merello began to paint to the 6 years in the factory of Horacio D' Alessandro until the 12, when it entered to the National School of Buenos Aires to initiate an intellectual search. Its interest by the painting happened to background when it chose to become a professional. “To understand the miracle of the life I tried to find answers in the purely material thing. Nevertheless, all the disciplines always converged in the same lack of answers?, explained Silvana.

It study superiors in Biology and posgrados specialized in direction of companies and economy, activity to which it is dedicated at the moment. “The life is taking to you by different ways, by the obligations that we must fulfill, but at a certain moment it took hold a crisis of identity and an immense necessity to me to find me with same me. Then I decided to return to what as much I liked to do when she was young: to paint. And from everything one went there giving, the doors went away abriendo without proposing it to me?, remembered the artist, who exposed for the first time in 2002 in the gallery Stream of Buenos Aires.

“The art fills the soul to me?

“To paint it is my hobbie. I have my work and my family, who requires all my attention, but the week ends I throughout settle in my pinto factory and the day. I believe that the human being needs to undergo that sensible union of and the creative thing with the mental thing. I specialized in my profession but always I felt that I needed something, that was incomplete. To paint is an activity that fills the soul to me?, needed.

In its located house right in the center of Federal Capital it installed its factory. There Saturdays in the evening it is locked in to paint and, although it is not surrounded by beautiful landscapes and silence practically does not exist, manages to move imaginary towards other places, to connect itself with she herself and to let itself guide by its emotions.

The result is abstract works with intense colors and much luminosity.

“The abstract art, that is to say that one that does not present/display elements of the reality, can or not affect the spectator. At the time of painting I especially transfer to the linen cloth a message, but the spectator perhaps can interpret it of a totally different way, because everything is in the subjectivity of each. The abstract thing is more of heart heart, moves to you or it does not move to you?, defined.

A dialog of heart heart

“Reflected of the eternal thing? it is an audio-visual sample integrated by oils and videos that the public will be able to visit until month end of Tuesday Saturday, 9 to 20, and Sundays, from 16 to 20, in the ground floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

“I do not like much to put name to them to my samples because I believe that conditions the glance of the spectator; but the meaning of `Reflected of the eternal thing' is related and so I want to show. I believe that the eternal thing is in that bond of soul to soul that occurs with the spectator?, emphasized Silvana, that will expose for the second time in the MAC.

“Trip of the spirit towards its essence?

On the work of Silvana Merello, the poet, essay writer and critic of art Rafael Squirru expressed: “To accompany Silvana Merello in this, its trip to its own interioridad, supposes to dare us to the own transfiguración of our interioridad. Planes that disappear, veils that reveal, silencios that speak, each painting are a testimony of the trip of the spirit towards their own essence. Silvana thinks and feels through art?.

Students present/display their photographies

Besides the exhibition of Silvana Merello, today it will be qualified in the ground floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art the sample of the works carried out by the students of the course factory of Photographic Expression dictated by Jorge Barbatti, during the last months of the past year.

They will exhibit his photographies Ana Mabel Caesar, Carolina Rodriguez, Car it Fuster, Elías Vestibule, Emiliano Arranz, Gabriel Kosiner, Javier Maggiotti, Julieta Robino Falcon, Patricia Omen, Santiago Gordillo and Valentina Robino Falcon.

Jorge Barbatti systematized a series of experiences developed throughout his trajectory in the photographic expression, as much artistic as documentary, that he looks for to give answer to the increasing demand of specialization in the photographic language in Jumps.

XXII Celebration of the Pachamama and XXIII Contest of the Cheese of Goat

A new edition of these encounter will tomorrow take place from the 10 in the morning in Place 9 of Julio of the locality of Purmamarca.

The organization is in charge of the Purmamarca Association and the Popular Library Viltipoco.

In the inaugural act and after the hoisting of the National flag, the welcome words will be in charge of the president of the organizing association, Natalia Cross. The encounter will continue with songs sung to are of the boxes, in reference to the Mother Earth.

To 11 gauchas will begin the parade gaucho around the place with the participation of the groupings the Antigal and the Orejano.

The Concruso of the Cheese of Goat will soon be developed in the facilities of the Club Santa Rosa, with the participation of artisan queseras of all the province. The interested ones will be able to register until the moment of the beginning.

The jury will evaluate the flavor and the texture of the cheese made in artisan form, to give important prizes soon to the winners.

After the competition a lunch will be served to all the participant queseras, that will be brightened up by musical groups folkloric.

The ceremony to give to eat to the Pachamama will be from the 15 on the foot of the Barrow. After which one will become indicated of the cabritos and the enflorada one of the property, that will finish with the copleada one to are of boxes, erkenchos and anatas.

During afternoon it will be developed also a Carpera Rock in which one will count on the activities of the Mulato Tomás and its set, and Carpero Feeling. And finally from the 20, the Great Festival Folkloric of the encounter will take place, with the activities of Daniel Vedia, and his set, Feeling Carpero, the Youthful Orchestra of Purmamarca, the Jujeño Elías, Miguel Key, and Gladis Rodriguez “the Bolivian Calandria, to amuse itself dancing until the dawn.

The Faranda will replace all their repertoire

The company of puppets will tomorrow offer several functions and Saturday, to 19 and 22, in the House of the Culture.

Before the opening of its new work “Question of I devise?, the company of puppets the Faranda will present/display all their repertoire, during this one and the next weekend.

Tomorrow and Friday, to 19 and 22, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture love works “One of and one of adventures? and “Fedro and dragoon? will recover, respectively.

On the other hand, the next Friday and Saturday, in the same schedule and place, it will return to offer functions of “One of love and another one of adventures? and “Fedro and the dragoon?, next to “Of Iron? and the opening “Question of I devise?.

“Fedro and the dragoon? is a tragedy acclimated in the Average Age. Fedro, the main personage, is a young enthusiastic escudero that dreams about being a horseman, but something will make change its destiny and will have to face the danger and the treason. In this work, Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock they use a giant mechanical dragoon. In “One of love and another one of adventures? two histories are counted. In the one of love, a good looking prince will be forced to marry with a frog; and in the one of adventure a tiger will look for a man to be moderate with him. A putting in dynamic scene that will serve to amuse to smallest.
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