“It jumps is a song? from the Provincial Theater of Jumps

With the conduction of Oscar Humacata, and with the auspice of the Secretariat of Culture of the Province, 14 Sunday 18 to hs. it will be transmitted live from the Provincial Theater of Jumps, “Jumps is a song?, televising program that transmits all the Sundays by Channel 11.

It is important to emphasize, that in order to spread to the song and the dance of artists of the local scope folkloric by means of the abierta television, the Provincial Theater of Jumps has its facilities to the accomplishment of the same.

Also, from the Main directorate of the Theater one inquires that to optimize the work of the technical personnel, the entrance of spectators will not be allowed.

The Salteño Pair raises scene

After the wonderful concerts that offered in diverse scenes of the country, the salteños will be able to enjoy the Salteño Pair again, one of the most outstanding exponents of the national folklore. They will appear Saturday 17 of October to 22, in the Provincial Theater. This legendary pair, was founded in 1967 by Chacho Echenique and Patricio Jiménez under the musical direction of the Cuchi Leguizamón. Two years later were revelation of the festival of Cosquín, there the popularity obtained in the country during the decades of “60 and? 70. The set owns a harmony based on the counterpoint of the two voices; each voice realizes a different melody, when listening to them together take place dissonances that give a very particular sound him.

In 1990, UNESCO gave to the recognition by means of the prize EARTH to them for the cultural development and are named Partners of Honor by the same organization. Outstanding Personalities of the Culture by the Government of the Independent City of Buenos Aires were declared. And the act of delivery of this distinction will be in Buenos Aires the 20 of November of the current year.

Entrances on sale in the ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $70, $60, $50; Theater boxes $60; Pullman $30.

The romantic Axel arrives at the provincial one

Friday 27 of November, 22, will raise the scene of the Provincial Theater of Jumps, one of more important singers MGP of the moment: Axel. After to realize with great success functions in the Theater Great Rex and the mythical Luna Park Stage, where she offered eight and three concerts, respectively, the singer and Argentine composer Axel will within the framework visit our city of the closing of his Universal tour Tour.

With his Tour Universe the artist crossed places such as Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Spain, being seen during nine months by more than 600 thousand people.

Without doubts this it has been a very fruitful year for the young artist since it began realizing two concerts in Argentina, one in Mar del Plata and another one generally Rock, where in each one of the presentations it reunited more than one hundred thousand spectators, which generated a call record in these cities.

Soon it realized an intense and successful tour by Latin America and Spain, sent to his plate All my universe, the new edition of Universe that became Golden record in Argentina to only three days to leave on sale whereas three months later it arrived at Platinum Disc.

Bond to remember that besides All my universe and Universe, the native young person of the Buenosairean locality of Worn Rafael published discs Today, Master, My form to love and the key for conquistarte.

Entrances for sale in the Theater: You silverplate $100 and $80, Theater box $70, $50 Pullman and Super Pullman $40.

“Song 4?, to pure folklore in the Provincial one

Song 4, the folklore group salteño that is conquering the country will return to raise the scene of the Provincial Theater of Jumps Sunday 11 of October, from the 21. Juan Peñalva, Rodrigo Villareal, Iván Vera and Facundo Rufino will present/display all the songs of their discs wounded Shade and Song 4, in a renewed show that comes filling to rooms in theaters and rocks in all the country.

These salteños been in Buenos Aires return every year to eet again itself with the public saw who them arise there per 1999 when they appeared in the cantatas and rocks of Jump. , With two discs now published and all the maturity of the crossed way the group aims to devote itself like a referring national of the new folklore.

Entrances for sale in the Theater: You silverplate $50 and $40, Theater box $30, Pullman and Súper pullman $20.

It arrives “In the bed? with Roman Gerald

Thursday 8 of October, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460) the successful theater work In the bed will appear, with text and direction of Jose Maria Muscari and activities of Roman Gerald, Anabel Cherubito, Walter Quiroz and White Lucrecia. In the bed it has been the most surprising and successful work of the Buenosairean theater billboard of year 2008. It has received the best critics on the part of the press and has had a great call and acceptance of the public.

One is a proposal desprejuiciada, funny, ironic, ferocious and painful on the bonds of pair and the conflicts of four people… four personages? , in on and around a unique disorderly sheet bed.

Sex, the erotic routine, infidelity, paternity, fantasies, the daily obsessions and all the subjects that vulnerably return to us sensible, locked up in the body of Baptist (Roman Gerald), Maruca (Anabel Cherubito), Boris (Walter Quiroz) and Sasha (White Lucrecia).

Two pairs in a same room share confessions and set out their life deprived without tapujos and hairs in the language of public, unpunished and funny way.

The public is contributor of incredible, perturbantes and insinuantes loving confessions, like voyeur, identifying itself with the funny thing, with the painful thing, bold and the pathetic thing of the same life.

On the author

Jose Maria Muscari graduate from the Municipal School of Dramatic Art, with the title of municipal actor.

Between his first assemblies were Creatures of the shades and Withered like the day, and later Women of meat rotted, that generated a boom in the street Current and the form to burst in into her with a spectacle off.

They followed Pornography, Pulgarza (in the mythical Bird Porco emotional) and soon the incursion in the commercial theater with Bled in Glamor (with Ana Acosta, Sandra Crossbowmen, Carola Reyna, Florence Rock, Marta Bianchi, Julieta Grouse) and Open Pair (With Daniel Fanego and Ana Acosta) in a free version of Darío Fo.

Its Greasy spectacle obtained Beca of the Foundation Torches, and was summoned to inaugurate the theater Social Supply Club, in the district of the Supply where it remained 2 seasons and it realized functions in tour by cities of the interior like Salta and Jujuy.

It was associated several times to the prestigious Bernardine dramatist Cappa, for the Right assemblies that remained five seasons in poster and crossed part of the country; and Crude Beauty a dramatic installation for the Festival of summer in the Cultural City Konex, carried out by Julieta Grouse, among others remarkable puttings in scene.

The entrances are on sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture: It silverplates preferential $80, it silverplates $70 and pullman $60, all with location.

The “choir Kennedy? celebrates its 25 years with outstanding invited artists

Saturday 3 of October to 21,30 hs. the Choir Kennedy will present/display its spectacle in the Provincial Theater of Jumps next to outstanding invited artists of our means.

The birth of the Choir Kennedy de Adultos data of May of 1983 and the one of Children in 1993, both created by its present director Raul Fritzsche. Its entrance to the professional plane took place in February of 1990 when Celestial Carballo and Sandra summoned it to Mihanovich to participate in their new disc. Then, Creative cycle '90 allowed him to share poster next to artists like Maximiliano War, Marcel Marceau, Mercedes Soda, Milton Nascimento and the Black Theater of the Prague.

Soon after, the Choir recorded its first cassette, with the friendly participation like Leon Gieco, Rubén Goldin, Lito Nebbia, Rubén Road and Marián Farías Go'mez.

Throughout his trajectory, it shared scene with numerous national and international artists like Paul Anka, Alexander Lerner, Charly Garci'a, Luciano Pereyra, Fabiana Cantilo, Caesar “Banana? Pueyrredón, Nito Mestre, Valeria Lynch, Ricky Martin, Enrique Churches, the Chalchaleros, Pimpinela, Teresa Parodi, Pastorutti Solitude, Juan Rodó and Maria Marta Serra Lima, Eladia Blázquez, Marilina Ross, Julia Zenko, Gabriel Ogando and ?ngel Malher among others.

They were recognized with the prize “?stor Piazzolla?, given by the city of Mar del Plata next to remarkable artists and in the 2006 it received Disco de Oro by his record production “Choral Beatles?, the first CD of choral music based on the repertoire of The Beatles.

“Routes of the Soul? initiated the project with which they realized manifolds spectacles to benefit by all the country. They recorded several record works with diverse invited artists.
The Choir Kennedy participated in political and social events, also was made present in world-wide campaigns of fight against the AIDS and by the Rights of the Boy of UNICEF, like part of an artistic and social commitment that still is reflected in its repertoire.

On the occasion of anniversary his 25°, was recognized like “Cultural Patrimony? by UNESCO due to its artistic, shared in common, social and cultural trajectory.

His shows counts on the diverse resources: black theater, interactive songs with the public, musical comedies, language of signs for deaf people and other elements that give frame to a spectacle outside the common thing. Music puts in movement, generating a sonorous and visual alternative that is unpublished for the artistic and choral world.

At the moment, the Choir Kennedy with his more than 500 members, continues crossing the country under the project “Routes of the Soul?, realizes communitarian programs with a deeply social connotation and supports monthly to infantile dining rooms contributing foods, clothes and footwear so that more than 400 children they can satisfy his basic needs.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $50, $45 and $40, Theater boxes $40, Pullman and Superpullman $25.

Attractive symphonic agenda

The Symphony orchestra of Jumps will appear Friday 2 of October, to 21,30, next to the German pianist Moser Youngest child and Thursday 8, will accompany the talented violinista Sami Merdinian.

Under the baton of the titular director Luis Gorelik, both concerts will take place to 21,30 in the Provincial Theater of Jumps (Zuviría 70) and will interpret works that will comprise of the repertoire that will appear 11 and 13 of October in the Musical Week Llao Llao de Bariloche.

The concert of Friday 2 will be realized within the framework of Season 2009 of the Filial Argentine Mozarteum Jumps, with the following program: Symphony Nº 40 of Mozart, Concert for Nº piano the 2 of Chopin and Preludes of Franz Liszt. Moser Youngest child will act like soloist the virtuous German pianist.

For Thursday 8 of October, the following repertoire is prepared: Concert for flute and ARPA of Mozart, Scottish Fantasy of Bruch and Sinfonía Nº 6 of Dvorak. In this opportunity, it will be counted on the participation outstanding of the violinista Sami Merdinian. Cruel Carolina (ARPA) and Cecilia Ulloque (flute) also will act like soloists.

Entrances for sale in ticket office of the Theater.

Moser youngest child

Been born in Munich in 1981, in a family of musicians, Moser Youngest child it studies with professor Klaus Hellwig in the University of the Arts of Berlin. It participates at present in the Masters Programme. It obtained, in his years of study, several prizes in different contests, among them, first of the Contest of Piano Arthur Schnabel of Berlin and was granted a scholarship by the Deutsche Studienstiftung and Germa'n Music Council, that allowed him to appear in prestigious series of concerts for young distinguished artists of Germany.

Moser youngest child was awarded in the prestigious Tchaikovsky Contest of Moscow in June of 2007. It also obtained the Prize of the Public and the distinction to the Best Interpreter of the music of Chaikovsky. In January of 2007 it had gained the first prize along with the eight special prizes of the “Young Concert Artists International Auditions? of New York. This had like result its presentation in recital in the Gulbenkian Center (Paris), Kennedy Center (Washington) and the Zankel room of the Carnegie (New York) besides three years of representation in North America.

Char it on Video Art in the Beautiful Arts

l Monday 28 of September to 19, will be realized in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992), char it on video art Aim at the Argentine video, in charge of the specialist Graciela Taquini. The entrance will be free and gratuitous.

In the same, the following subjects will be approached: the video in Argentinean: a contemporary platform, historical particularities, examples, videos in the 80 and the 90: the digital revolution, and the present video.

Graciela Taquini was born in Buenos Aires, she is Professor and Lawyer in History of the Arts and from mid the decade of the 80 has specialized in contemporary art and new means.

Curadora of national and international samples was awarded by the association of critics by its action multimedia.

As artist gained the First Prize of the Festival Video Brazil 2005, and their works are collected in the mediateca of the Caixa Forum, the Ivan of Valencia, the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires and the Castagnino Macro of Rosary.

He is educational of the Masters of Electronic Arts of the Untref, Professor consults of the University Maimonides and Porfesora of the Enerc.

She has published texts on his specialty.

She travels to the North invited by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain.
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