Week of European Cinema in Jumps

The Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Jumps next to the Delegation of the European Union in Argentina and the collaboration of Foundation COPAIPA, present/display in Jumps the Week of European Cinema, that will be developed from the 2 to the 14 of June.

In Muestra 17 originating films of different countries from the European Union will project and intends that the public salteño can enjoy the diversity of the European cinema. The obtaining of the material was realized thanks to the contribution of the Embassies of the involved countries.

The inauguration of the Week of European Cinema will be realized the day Wednesday 2 of June, to 21, in soothes of Foundation COPAIPA (General Güemes 529), with the presence of the One in charge of Businesses of the European Union, Caesar Garci'a Alvarez and the Adviser of Press of the Delegation European Union in Argentina, Branko Andjic.

It is possible to emphasize that Muestra will have a sub-office in the Cinema Municipal Theater the city of Cafayate, the same takes shape with the collaboration of the Direction of Culture of that Municipality.


- Foundation COPAIPA
Wednesday 2 of June to 21 hs
General Güemes 529

Mataharis de Iciar Bollain. Duration 95 min.

X=X+1 of Juraj Krasnohorský. Duration 15 min. 2009

- Room Walter Adet of the Building of the Coordination of Libraries and Archives of Jumps (Belgrano and Sarmiento)

Monday 7 to 21
Sweden: Creature at night of Alfredson Takings. Duration 2008 114 min.

21 Tuesdays 8 to hs
Rumania: The West of Cristian Mungiu. Duration 105 min.

21 Wednesdays 9 to hs
Italy: L'ultimo Pulcinella de Maurizio Scaparro. Duration 89 min.

21 Thursdays 10 to hs
Czech Republic: Venkovský u? itel (The country to teacher) of Bohdan Slama. Duration 113 min,

21 Fridays 11 to hs
France Lithuania: In the cords of Magaly Richard-Serrano. Duration 90 min.

Monday 14:
Portugal: It goes and it comes from João Caesar Monteiro. 2003. 179 minutes


Poland: Eneene de Feliks Falk. Dur. 95 min.
Ireland: Kings de Tom Collins. Duration 88 min.

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