Week of Tribute to Carlos Gardel

The Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Jumps through its Main directorate of Cultural Management, organize the Week of Tribute to Carlos Gardel, to carry out itself from the 21 to the 27 of June, with multiple activities that will be developed mainly in the House of the Culture and also in COPAIPA, Place France and Pasionaria.

This initiative intends to obtain the participation major of the tanguera community salteña, taking care of the necessity to offer to char them, conferences, qualifications, samples, milongas and spectacles of quality that accentuate our great cultural diversity, with an attractive proposal as much for the public salteño as for which it visits to us.

One is framed as first on the activities of the project I lived Tango - 2010 that will allow us to create the atmosphere adapted for the accomplishment in Jumps for the first time, of the Sub-office of 8º World-wide of Tango 2010 Jump, in next July.

Plastic associations, musicians, singers, poets, dancers, artists, fashion and milongas, will participate in this great call through their art, favoring the fact to position to Jumps in highest at national and international level.


21 to the 27 of June in First stage of the House of the Culture

It shows Photographic Tango in Jumps of Ossian Lindholm.
Sample of Tango in sculptural carving in charge of Safe Sandra.

From the 21 to the 23 of June in the Mecano room

Class of Teachers
Two classes per day in charge of a professor different from our city, with thematic a specific one. For all the levels. The cost will be of $10 by person and class.
Mecano room (Homemade 460)

Monday 21:
19 to 20.30: Technique of walked - Hug - Musical quality - in charge of professor Soledad Jiménez.
21 to 22.30: Figures of Tango Hall - Musical quality - Rate - Compass, in charge of professor Caesar Ferreyra.

Tuesday 22:
21 to 22.30: Technique of hooks and boleos - by professor Roberto Bow.

Wednesday 23:
21 to 22.30: Armed of sequences - by professor Jose Garci'a.
21 to 22.30: Techniques of scene - in charge of professor Gustavo Zelaya.

Tuesday 22 of June

21 - Foundation COPAIPA (Güemes 529)
Char it Carlos Gardel, histories and videos in charge of Natalia Bustamante and Horacio Omar Fernandez.

Friday 24 of June

12 - France place (San Martin and Buenos Aires)
Act Tribute. Organized by the Permanent Commission of Tribute to Carlos Gardel.

17 - Home of Old San Vicente de Paul (Homemade 108)
Tango in your place. Spectacle of song and dance with the intention of recreating, motivating, to share and to approach the tanguera popular culture our society.

19 to 20,15 - Mecano Room
Class of the Dancer Juan Carlos You win
With the public selected in editions of Class of Teachers. Without position and with limited quotas.

Friday 25 of June

16 - Hirpace (Santiago of Matting 1951)
Tango in your place. Spectacle of song and dance with the intention of recreating, motivating, to share and to approach the tanguera popular culture our society.

19 to 21 - Mecano Room
Class of the dancing Johana Copes
Only for tango professors.

21 - Mecano room
My histories. Char it in charge of the dancer Juan Carlos You win.

From the 23 - Pasionaria (Balcarce 658)
Milonga in Pasionaria

Saturday 26 of June

22 - Room Juan Carlos Dávalos
Night in full dress in tribute to the Creole Zorzal with the action of Johana and Juan Carlos You win, recognized like referring of the tango scene that tell on an ample trajectory national level. The different associations, dancers and singers of our city will participate, doing a sample of the high level of the tango salteño.

They participate:

- Association Salteña de Tango - President: Juan Carlos Herrera
- Club Friendly of the Tango - President: Edith Ordo'6nez Muñoz
- Permanent Commission of Tribute to Carlos Gardel - President: Jose Dante Mazzaglia
- Commission of Culture of Foundation COPAIPA - President: Francisco Garci'a
- Corporation North Tango - Director: Caesar Ferreyra
- Bad Ballet Meeting - Director: Solitude Jiménez - Victor Acho
- Latin American School of Art and Dance - Dirtector: Lito Moon
- Cultural Factory Expensive Rosary - Rosary of the Border - Director: Expensive rosary
- Zelma Bethlehem - Singing
- Horacio Valdez - Singing
- Hugo Cardozo - Singing
- Ernesto Medina - Singing
- Luis Duránd - Singing
- Raul Reartes - Singing
- Frank Omar - Singing
- Even of dance:
- Natalia Bustamante - Horacio Omar Fernandez
- Jiménez Solitude - Victor Acho
- Patricia Mutuan - Pablo Diaz
- Patricia Padilla - Jose Garci'a
- Ana Mud - Carlos Vilte
- Lorraine Tolaba - Gustavo Zelaya
- Fernanda Michel - Robert Bow
- Johana Copes - Juan Carlos You win
- Navarrese Gabriela Strap

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