Week of Portugal in Jumps

from the 26 to the 31 of October in the White hall the Cultural Center America (Miter 23) the Week of Portugal will be developed in Jumps, with the presence of ambassadors of this country. The same the past began Monday 26 with a conference on Contemporary Culture and Portuguese Literature dictated by Sónia Mendes Day - In charge of Cultural Subjects of the Embassy of Portugal.

In addition there will be a cycle of cinema that will be developed according to the following cronogram:

Tuesday 27
19.30 Five days, five nights (Jose Fonseca and Costa, 1996)
21,30 Word and Utopia (Manoel de Oliveira, 2000)

Wednesday 28
19.30 The dolphin (Fernando Lopes, 2002)
21.30 I return to house (Manoel de Oliveira, 2000)

Thursday 29
19,30 Lusofonia, (R) Evolução-Documentary (Artur Soares & João Xavier, 2007)
21.30 “Non? or the useless glory to command (Manoel de Oliveira, 1990)

Friday 30
21.30 The valley of Abraham (Manoel de Oliveira, 1993)

The projection of films will be accompanied by the samples: Echoes of Lisbon, photography of Gonçalo Silva and Portuguese Typical Suits.

Finally, Friday 30, to 10, the Ambassador of Portugal Joaquim Ferreira Marquess will offer a dissertation on Portugal, before and after the European Union - political Evolution - Economy, commercial cooperation and of businesses between Portugal and Salta, appointed civil servants of the Government, industralists and public. This dissertation will be carried out in the Auditorium Grand Bourg.

To 17,30 it will set out the thematic Tourist Cooperation, Cultural and Businesses between Portugal and Salta - Tourism: Like fighting the crisis? - Gastronomical Routes.

The entrance to all the activities is free and gratuitous.

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