Gratuitous seminary of Production of Independent Cinema

Organized by the Area Cinema and Audio-visual Means of the Main directorate of Cultural Management, from the 3 to the 5 of June it will be developed a Gratuitous Seminary of Production of Independent Cinema dictated by the realizadora and Marine producer Zeising. The same will be realized in the Mecano Room (Homemade 460), from 18,30 to 22.30.

The qualification must like object provide with practical and conceptual tools about the Production of Independent Cinema, approaching it from the development of the work to its commercialization.

The Seminary is destined to audio-visual producing producers and, social, educational signallers and students of compatible races and to the public interested in the thematic one. The quota is limited and the inscriptions are realized personally in the Main directorate of Cultural Management (Homemade 962) of Monday 31 of May of Wednesday 2 of June, in the schedule from 10 to 13, or sending a mail to This direction of electronic mail is protected against robots of Spam, needs to have activated Javascript to be able to see it

The Seminary

The Seminary of Production of Independent Cinema will be developed in three distributed modules of the following form:

Module 1: The Development of the Project and the Search of Financing.
Removal of the script, the budget, financial and economic plan, design and strategy of the development, private search of financing in the outside, international bottoms, encounter of co-production and clinics of projects.

Module 2: The Cinematographic Production: Pre-production, Running and Postproducción.
Until the Off-line until copy and Postproducción, Postproducción, the running, the pre-production COPY subtitled for Festivales.

Module 3: The Diffusion and Cinematographic Commercialization and its windows of operation: CINEMA, TV, DVD, Sales and others.
Festivales of cinema, sales and distribution, commercial launching, windows of operation, the commercialization, new technologies and means of exhibition, statistics and tendencies, reflections and conclusions.


Thursday 3 of May from 18,30 to 22.30
The development and search of financing

Friday 4 of May from 18,30 to 22.30
Pre-production, Running and Postproducción

Saturday 5 of May from 10 to 14.
Diffusion and Commercialization.

Zeising navy

Producer of cinema and audio-visual realizadora. Graduated in the race as Design of Image and Sound of the University of Buenos Aires, it has been working for more than 10 years in audio-visual means. From the 2002 to the 2008, it worked in the cinematographic producers Aquafilms, and Morocha Films among others, in the production of 16 largometrajes between documentary fiction and. In the 2005 it worked in Festivales of cinema in Barcelona. From the 2008 one evolves like independent producer developing to cinematographic projects for cinema and TV of Jorge Gaggero, among others directors and of his own responsibility. He was educational in the GRAPE, CIC, Observatory of Documentary and at the moment it dictates a Seminary of Independent Cinema, of his own responsibility, in different cities. In March 2009 it obtained Beca Ibermedia like unique Argentina representative, to attend III the Graduate one of Production of Panama in relation to his operates developing premium the duels of Peace. Paralelamente realizes video art.

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