“If the world is finished in the 2012, better not to waste the time in stupidities?

The astrologer Ludovica Squirru, famous by her predictions, will appear in Jumps tomorrow, from the 20, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps (Gral. Güemes 434).

The astrologer spoke with the Tribuno shortly before her presentation in Jumps. It needed that during his conference one will talk about the “spiritual refundación? of Argentina, because the date of birth of our country, the 9 of 1816 July, was a day “with a very bad real astrological aspectación?. Also it shared his interpretation of 21 of December of 2012, date indicated by some like the “end of the world?. And it responded in addition to the predictable question on the future to the national Selection in South Africa.

Of what salteño will consist your encounter with the public?

We are going to speak a little exceeds how he is safari in the year of the Tiger, under horóscopo Chinese, that is my specialty. I am going to give a panorama of the cosmovisión of the planet, the world, the country; of how we are and how to follow; of alignment and balance; of the I Ching… In my char them, generally, I expose, but before we go to happen video over moved that we are doing for seven years, with Foundation Spiritual of Argentina, that is something that was generated where I live, in Traslasierra (Cordova). Our objective is to return to found the country spiritually, with a good astrological aspectación, under the Mayan cosmovisión, mapuche, asirio heats and the I Ching. In this Miguel Grinberg collaborates with me, specialist in ecology. Later I am going to speak envelope which I counted before and soon I am going to listen to questions of people, but will not be an interchange of private consultations. That must be clear. The idea is not that people personalice, for that is the books.

Public your book of horóscopo Chinese from 1983, and always has been best to seller. Why creés that people are so eager for this direction?

Because I believe that people also identify themselves, or no, with certain philosophy of life. She is discovering through time that the work that I do is a self-knowledge tool. The books are written with the poetic tone that to the readers they like, and contain the descriptions of the signs who also people hope, with wonderful illustrations of plastic artists. It is a work of equipment and every year, each book is a challenge.

You define to you as “a galactic gypsy with base in Buenos Aires?. Which is your place in the world?

My place in the world, the one that I chose, is Traslasierra. There I made my house, and there alive for ten years. I come to Buenos Aires because God takes care of sometimes here, and because I have friendly and family to visit. All ways, thanks to my work I know great part the country and master Jumps, master the Argentine North. I have been going for thousand years, by work or own initiative. I have gone to the Train of Clouds, Cachi, Cafayate… To Jujuy also always I go. When it was 17 years old I went for the first time to the Gorge of Humahuaca, in my withdrawn trip of. The 26 I present/display my book in that province and also I will give to char it.

When elaborás horóscopo Chinese, to what extent take part your personal interpretations? Or it is that the stars speak single?

The two things take part. I am like a pianist that touches the piano every day, then I have much more oiled the intuition, I know more than it occurs, I know more the sincronicidad and the time… But, in any case, I have also had great contemporary teachers, another already died, as much in the I Ching as in the Mayan astrology. Also I am in permanent contact with Miguel Grinberg, pioneer of the ecology at world-wide level. Mine he is something creative and also demand much study. That mixture gives like result my books.

You found many connections between the Chinese astrology and the Mayan…

Yes. I entered the subject by the Chinese astrology. But when I was in Mexico, the Mayan Teotihuacán and routes, one awoke in me a great curiosity, fascination and interest to spread the Mayan prophecies. In addition, I am the person who brought to Argentina to Jose Arg5uelles, who is the one who brought to light these millenarian knowledge. I am in this movement for 25 years, when nobody still spoke of the 2012.

Indeed, it is spoken much of the 21 of December of the 2012, date in which finalizes the Mayan calendar, like the stated time for the “end of the world?. Which is your interpretation on the matter?

That date has to do with the purpose of a great cycle. The Mayans measure the time with periods of 26 thousand years (that are marked right in that date, for that reason is everybody so scared) and in other smaller periods. If people took the positive part from this change, instead of be so scared, she would make everything what has slope to date. Because if the world in the 2012 is finished, better not to waste the time in stupidities. First point.

Nobody knows if in that date will be the end of the world. I do not know either if that day the Earth axes will occur to return, if the poles will melt or if a meteorite bursts to us. But the idea of the 2012 in the Mayan calendar is not that one, for nothing, but of a change of it brings back to consciousness by a planetary alignment between the sun of the galaxy with our sun. That is going to produce, in the people who are doing a work of light and following a way spiritual, a jump of brings back to consciousness very important that it will allow them not to follow become attached to the useless things that tie to us in this world, because sooner or later we are going to die and to disappear.

People have forgotten to make her own trip spiritual, that is what it will allow him to be prepared more so it comes.

Thus you see the Argentine society?

The values are very trastocados. If people dedicate themselves to see all the day Tinelli, and the goal of the youngsters is to get to be vedettes or models and to dance in the sewer, and the one of the boys to only get to be soccer players, it means that the study and the formation were of side. There is principles nor no direction. If something does not become from the government or from the places where the education and the culture are channeled, it is very difficult that a town, a country or the humanity find their course. Unless you have the luck to have in your family to whom it orients to you. Those examples must come from above downwards.

Which is the then message with respect to this so special date?

The 2012 are going to you to surprise according to has been your route. It does not mean that until that date some natural catastrophe cannot happen, because also the Earth has a cycle, and imbalances can accelerate the ecological it. In addition, our sun has spots and it is said that there will be an explosion very hard, worse than all the catastrophes than happened until now. All that is feasible, but it is not necessary to scare people. It is necessary to say to him: what you did until now with your life? You are contented? If pensás that the 2012 is the end of the world dejá everything what it does not serve to you or does not make and ponete happy the batteries. That is my message.

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