Symbols of the salteñidad in key of absurd

Inverse space presents/displays “Work of Christmas or the appetite of Artaud?, cradle in the language of the man salteño.

A family salteña get ready to celebrate the traditional dinner of Christmas. In the course of the meeting they begin to appear the individual and social ghosts, and the weight of the symbols of myths and the identity they become unbearable. On this encounter and its consequences Work of Christmas turns the theater piece “or the appetite of Artaud?, a collective creation of the group Inverse Space, cradle in an investigation on the language and the policies of the body in the man salteño. The spectacle was released yesterday and it will recover today and tomorrow, from the 20,30, in the Attic of the Palace Galleries (Miter 37).

This performance, only apt for majors of 18 years, gives continuity him to a type of theater with which this independent list comes working for three years and that are known like “rupture theater?. In him, the one that the space and the corporal expression are over the text, and the metaphor plays an important role.

The director of the work is Indagel Betancourt, who also is put in the skin of one of the personages, next to Julio Caesar Bazan, Victor Pagano and Noelia Gana. In a self-assured and canibalesca position, the actors put in tension religious symbols and traditionalistic of He jumps with the codes of the “theater of the cruelty? of Antonin Artaud. This poet, dramatist and French actor, after to live a problematic childhood and to happen through different mental sanatoriums, invented the “theater of the cruelty?, a dramatic art that diminishes the spoken word and it lets itself take by a physical unusual sound, maneuvering by movement and elimination of the habitual dispositions of scene and scenery.

Inverse space took this conception it shaped and it in a proposal in which the metaphor prevails and that can be interpreted of different ways, according to the subjectivity of the spectator.

For that reason, “Work of Christmas…? it is an undressed piece of all type of technical artifices, where the body of the actor and the metaphor fulfill a roll very important. “Very it is played and it can get to hurt susceptibilities. We take the subject from Christmas to talk about to the evacuating of myths. Nowadays many believers celebrate this festival without knowing their true meaning?, emphasized Indagel Betancourt.

“Work of Christmas or the appetite of Artaud? is the second putting of Inverse Space, after “the died dreams of Don Insula?, released in December of 2007 and the responsibility of Indagel Betancourt.

“The argument of the work arises from an investigation that still is in process and that talks about the fatigue folkloric that prevails in the culture salteña. From the globalisation a cultural displacement that is reflected in the rituals of our earth, often used like a tourist attraction took place. Also we were based on `theater of the cruelty' of Antonin Artaud because through his works, the author undresses all those social constructions that went weakening the man of their nature?, explained the director.

The proposal of Inverse Space turns surroundings than it is known like “rupture theater?, that is located within the “experimental theater?. “This type of theater insists on the sign codes. We did not follow a dramatic art classic but we worked from different codes. `Obra de Christmas or the appetite of Artaud' has different structures, parts in which it is not used a verbal language but sounds with tonadas of the north?.

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