Villamil solitude sings to him to the love through tangos, milongas and valses

It continues the propose celebration by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province, through the Secretariat of Culture. Framed in the Cycle the Culture nonDuer to me, tonight to 21 in Place 9 of Julio, It jumps will adhere to the celebration of the Day the International of the Tango. The salteños will have the opportunity to outdoors enjoy the presentation of the actress and singer Villamil Solitude their spectacle To die of Love. In addition, the recognized actor and Rodrigo singer of the Serna the Yotivenco will take control present of its group. This Integra spectacle a series of presentations that, within the cycle the Tango is Ours, will be realized in simultaneous in our city, Mendoza, Ushuaia, Formosa and city of Buenos Aires, organized jointly with Secretariat of Culture of the Nation.

Saturday 12, to 21, Jumps will enjoy the beauty of its dance. The Ballet of the Province will imprimirá grace and movement to our traditional Place 9 of Julio with Bolero and extracts of the Mesías.

As it closes, Sunday 13 of December, from the 19, the Night of the Museums will be realized. Museums the provincial and, those nationals, policemen and deprived that adheres, will open to their doors with free and gratuitous entrance and diverse bids for all the pleasures.

Cronogram the Night of the Museums

Museum of Anthropology of Jumps (Army of Norte and Single Ricardo)

19.30h Documentary Cinema: A world that is going away, documentary on the Wichis of the Chaco Salteño. Next Crafts of the Chane de Salta.

21h Concert of Andean Music with Pablo Maraglia accompanies, it: Alexander Uriona in guitar and charango, Claudius Ledesma in percussion. They will present/display the music CD White Wind of Pablo Maraglia.

22h Pasties and came. Toast with the public present

Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano esq. Vine shoot)

18h Opening of Sample of Argentine Artists of the patrimony of the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps

21h Action of Trio De Jazz Towers - Saluzzi - Goldstein

Museum Marries Aryan Rengel (Florida 20)

19h Presentation of the Pair Quintessence

20h Puppets position of the group Lionesses

Temporarias samples in Ground floor
Art to the plate
Of iron we are Sculptures of Pounding Velazco

Permanent samples in High Plant
Tywaras and Bambas Campomar Collection of African art
Sculptures of the Patrimony of the Museum
Bequeathed room Leguizamón Movable and sets of dishes of time

Museum of Anthropology of High Mountain (Miter 77)

The museum will distribute between the infantile concurrence alfajores and treats.

Museum of Contemporary Art (Zuviría90)

Guided and participating visits special
19 to 20h Projection of artistic videos
20.30h Performance of the Company of Numen dance
22 to 23h Projection of artistic videos
Body painting

Archaeological museum Pío Pablo Diaz de Cachi (Juan Calchaquí s/n. Next to the Church and to the front of the Main Place)

18.30h Meeting with the Small Friendly of the Museum to prepare a visit guided along with Jorge Cabral.

19h guided VIsita public generally and tourists in charge of a specialist of the museum. The reserve area will have its doors abiertas for a general understanding of the missions and specific functions of this museum.

20h Entrega of certificates to the assistants of the Course of Formation of Local Guides.

20.30h Toast and action of the Ballet Folkloric Joining dreams.

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