“Only giles dies of love?, in Pro Culture

The theater work, directed by Omar Pizzorno returns to the tables, after the great success of the past year.

Tonight, to 22, in the room of Beer Culture Jumps of Pro (Miter 331), will recover the theater work “Only giles die of love?, of the director salteño Omar Pizzorno. It will return to raise the tables tomorrow, in the same place, to 21.

The work, of Caesar Brie, was released in our province in June of 2009. Altogether almost thirty presentations were made. On the other hand, that same year, obtained the fourth position in the Provincial Celebration of the Theater. “It is a work that gave many satisfactions us, the answer of the public has been wonderful?, said Omar Pizzorno to the Tribuno.

The unipersonal one, interpreted by Gustavo actor Garci'a is the story of an individual that has a discussion with he himself. That dialog finishes being the balance of the life of a man who, really, is only and he is not corresponded by the woman whom he has loved during many years. The conflicting relation that the personage has had with his parents, the solitude and the lack of affection takes it to make a tragic decision. Exactly, it is at that precise moment when the narration begins.

Omar Pizzorno coordinates and directs to the theater group Arpi. One is a list of actors who also have other professions, and that have been meeting for some time to prepare the works that present/display regularly in the province.

“Only giles dies of love? is a drama that meant a new challenge for the set of actors, since, generally, they have taken to scene desopilantes works of comedy like “the Pilot?, “the first dinner?, “Confessions in the Chinese district?, “Shaken of humor? and “red Ceilings for white zapatitos?.

Between the projects of the Arpi group for this season of theater it appears a new work, that retakes humor. “We did this unipersonal one because Gustavo Garci'a had many desire to present/display it. Now, we go to follow with task to do to laugh to public, that is one of the things that better we do?, concluded the director salteño.

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