An adaptation of the Quijote raises scene

The work appeared yesterday and returns to the tables tonight and tomorrow in the room of the Factory Sensations.

“You do not forget the Quijote? it is the new work that the Factory of Theater Sensations to take to scene.

The first presentation was yesterday. Tonight, to 21,30 and tomorrow to 20, “Raul Gaínza? will recover in the scene of the room of the Factory of Theater Sensations (To turn white 384). The proposal is added this way to the program anticipated for XXXIV the Cultural April.

The work is a free version of the classic “Quijote of La Mancha?. “It is free since every day we can choose to resign to our dreams or to fight reason why we think that we deserve ourselves?, said Claudia Mendía, work director.

“You do not forget the Quijote? it is a putting in scene for all the family. “It is and an alternative to reflect on that Quijote that all we also took inside, and, a proposal to give to our senses?, added Mendía. With the activities of Osvaldo Diaz, Daniel Frisoli, Ortiz Wake, Emiliano Aguirre, Belina Figueroa and Mercedes Burgos, the funny work is based on the text that Osvaldo Diaz and Claudia Mendía wrote especially for the occasion. The general entrance will have a value of $15. For the pensioners and students, it will be of $12.

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