“Eternity? will today raise scene the musical comedy

Fifty actors and musicians will interpret a work on the life of Jesus.

The new school of “Supernatural? musical comedy (General Güemes 260) will replace his first called work “Eternity?, today to 22, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Previously, to 10, they will offer a function appointed the students of different schools from Jumps.

The musical comedy, directed by Silvana Rearte and Elías Guzmán, tries on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and has the intention to reflect the essence of the celebration of Passover.

“It is a work that I wrote with the aim of giving hope. I felt very identified with Jesus. Sometimes one journeys very difficult moments and there it is truly with God. , he helped me to write this text with which I want to transmit that not only the death and the resurrection of Jesus, but in addition, which was its life, are worthy to imitate?, expressed Rearte.

In the work a total of 50 actors participates and live musicians, who through song, the theater, the dance and music, will interpret the life of Jesus Christ. The group of artists is conformed by children among 5 and 11 years and young people among 13 and 25. Some already they had experience in the action, others however give with “Eternity? his first passages on a scene.

The new school of “Supernatural? musical comedy abrió its doors in February.
The first function had a great acceptance of the public, with 500 sold localities.

“Eternity? is guaranteed by the Provincial Library of Jumps, and counts on the support of the assistant director of the Symphonic one of Jumps, Jorge Lhez.

As well, the scenic putting adheres to the activities anticipated for season 2010 of the Cultural April Salteño.

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