Political theater about a human drama

The work shows the art as half for the rescue of the memory.

Three actors realize this putting of the dramatist and actress salteña Romina Chávez Diaz.

Juan Cross Cárrega (like Marbell), Gerald Milessi Diaz (Ribonetti) and Ana Sun Rizzoli (Moriana), unfolds human conflicts and of ideological contents that propose a theater, militant and esthetic drama.

The personages locate the story on the eve of the arrival of the Process of National Reorganization.

The author wrote and directed the putting with the eagerness to denounce the violation of the human rights, that at that time was as soon as an advance payment than it would come later. Exactly, that vulnerability - that narrates the death of two people it jeopardize with the human rights allows to know how they were the historical and cultural structures that Argentina institutionalized to use the selective violence.

The real death in Jumps of a political militant (Eduardo Fronda) and of the journalist investigates who it (Luciano Jaime), they are the test of how the victims chose themselves to discipline the questionings to the history of then.

The three actors represent ideas (difficult scenic work by itself), recreate political and conspirative atmospheres of the same history, show cruel plots, passions and meanness of the ambitions brought by the setentino political power. The scenic construction has force and credibility.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

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