Theater and sample of digital art in Jujuy

Tonight it will return to scene the Cordovan piece and the artistic exhibition.

Tonight to 21,30 the titled work will recover “the Way of the Puma? in the Theater of the Return of the Century, of Senator Perez 178.

The work is a unipersonal one of Juan Villegas and is based on works of James Arevalo Merejildo Chaski.

“Waking up of puma initiatory way? is the story of the life of kolla that undertakes the dream of being writer and to travel with winds to know all the skies, the lessons of its ancestors and the ways of its race.

The theater group the Life is a Boat was created in 2005, in the province of Cordova. At present, it reunites to several plastic actors, musicians and artists who create in the experimentation and search of new theater languages.

It shows in the Coffee
“Corpses? are the title of the sample that Rodrigo Moltoni, artist and graphical designer, it recently inaugurated in the Coffee of the Return of the Century, I mention in Senator Perez 178.

“The exhibition conceptualiza the idea of died corpses or that we have in the locker and that for some reason costs to remove to us and to dust.

These corpses, metaphorically, are those pending subjects that we cannot remove from above " explained Rodrigo Moltoni on its exhibition that has 17 pieces under the technique of the transported digital art to the paper.

It is important to emphasize that the format of each picture has as measured 1 x 0,20 M. and their technique missionary takes place on paper through the impression to red spurt, according to explained Moltoni. “Corpses? the 11 of March to 21.30 will have a reinauguración.

The sample will be exposed until the month of April.

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