Showing to the most recent entrances with the label Theater To show the oldest entrances
Showing to the most recent entrances with the label Theater To show the oldest entrances

Three “black Women? in a scenic therapy

The work, directed by the actress Ana Maria Parodi, will be released today, to 21,30, in the Hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349).

“Black Women? are the name of the theater piece of Luis Mansilla who the actress salteña Ana Maria Parodi chose to lower of the tables and to put itself in a place that enjoys much, but that very not very often had the opportunity to occupy: the direction. An agile text that allowed to shoot its imagination and next to three great actresses like Mary Gervino, Solitude Perez the Fernandez and Graciela him Valls, who give life him to the protagonists of the work, it headed an artistic project that was developed two months ago and that, after several weekly hours of reading and tests, east weekend will be able to be enjoyed. “Black Women? will be released today, to 21,30, in the Hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349), and will recover Saturday, to 22 and Sunday, 20.

Ana Maria Parodi is synonymous of theater experienced in Jumps; an actress recognized in our means and a cultural manager who not only reopened the doors of the forgotten Hall Auditorium, but also that maintain it alive. A woman who in her years of trajectory incarnated the diverse personages and than, this time, chose to put itself across and to direct.

By third time, after “gypsy Moon? (2006) and “Hormones? (2008), she returns to the roll of director to the front of three women, Gervino, Perez the Fernandez and Valls, who developed each personage perfectly. “Itself experimenting in the direction because it enchants to me, I do not know I do if it or or not because the approval must to me give it the public. To direct is like acting: it is learned walking in the scene?, emphasized.

“Black Women? reflect about the lived thing: the frustration of the dreams, the sleeplessness, the personal devaluation and the direct relation with the sexual and existential dissatisfaction of three women: Mrs of Mández (Mary Gervino), Mrs of Godoy (Solitude Perez Fernandez) and Mrs of the Garci'as (Graciela Valls), who hide their own weaknesses after a mercy mask and devotion. The work presents/displays situations seen with a humor touch that allows “to pass the warning? over daily events lived by men and women, during many effective generations and in some homes pertaining to ancestrally chauvinistic societies. The reality and the imaginary one constructed by prejudices and repressions in each one of the protagonists and the daily conjugal insults, construct the thread of dramatic tension, to never show a violence of so common sort that always it happens inadvertent and is the mediatic news.

An agile and stirring text

“I liked much the argument of the work because she helped to shoot the imagination me. It is a quite agile text to which it is possible to be put I touch to him of humor although it does not approach a graceful subject. These problematic ones, that is so barren, if you do not pass them with humor you do not pass them?, commented Ana Maria, who in addition emphasized the commitment that the actresses assumed she summoned since them to work together. “The idea of the director is always complemented with the contributions of the actors. Like actress, it liked never me they direct that me like a puppet that she must copy to others, I always preferred to make my contribution creative?, added.

Behind the putting in scene a team of people exists that is in charge of the technical part. Manuel Omen is in charge of the illumination and Jorge Aragon of maquillaje, whereas the clothes were designed by the list.

“Arráncame the life?

One of the most successful musical comedies of the last times in Argentina, “Arráncame the life?, of Novarro Boy.

One of the most successful musical comedies of the last times in Argentina, “Arráncame the life?, from Novarro Boy, arrives at Jujuy to appear tomorrow to 21,30 in the greater room of the Miter Theater. In this new version of the spectacle, the protagonists are two of the wished morochos more of the small screen, the actors and singers, Juan Darthes and Cecilia Milone.

“Arráncame the life? is a history of love with music and boleros. The piece was released by the end of 1991 in the room of the Foundation Patricios Bank, and in his first and successful stage their protagonists were Andrea Tenuta and the own Novarro Boy. The musical comedy the same harvested applause and praises, becoming a success without precedents during several years to full theater, and the different rooms in which it imagined.

But also “Arráncame the life? is a sincere tribute to the composers and poets who knew to translate that feeling, singing to him to the heart with inspired words and beautiful melodies, that last in the soul and the memory of our towns.

Authors like Agustín Lara, Julio Gutiérrez, Alvaro Cheek, and other great ones of the romantic song were summoned in this history, where the plot thread arises from those own unforgettable letters, when a pair of actors is united and it separates, is and desencuentra, for the sake of its passion.

You silverplate them paid attention to $120, social gathering $80, gallery $50y theater boxes $500.

The Miter Theater sent the promotion that consists of which buying an entrance for “Arráncame the life?, the spectator can acquire two to see “the Mirasoles? the next weekend, to price of one.

Grand Ballet in the tables of the Miter

The finery will be to benefit of students who become qualified in the Theater Columbus. It will be realized tomorrow from the 21.

Tomorrow to 21 Grand will appear “Ballet? in the greater room of the Miter Theater, with choreographic versions of ballets of universal classic repertoire like Nutcrackers, Don Quixote, Giselle, Copellia, and the Sílfides, organized by the School of Dance “Fontenla Norm?. The putting will include modern dance, in a choreographic creation of Arquiza Franc, with the support of the teacher Miguel Alvarez in piano.

Also the Recovery, directed by Sebastián Canavire will be a group of tango of the denominated school. The presentation will be realized to benefit of the qualification that realizes students of the institution in the Theater Columbus and the National University Institute of the Arts of Buenos Aires. The ex- students and dancers who were invited, and to who will benefit with the putting, are Frank Arquiza, Yamil Sajama, and Rubén Ayala. The spectacle will count on the participation of students of the “Fontela Norm?, between which small ones stand out three. It is anticipated to show which is the beginning and as they evolve in the dance. The coordination of the spectacle is in charge of Patricia Toranzo, and the artistic direction of Miya Schonthal. The entrance will cost 15 pesos.

Fito Páez “Trusts?

After more than ten years Fito Páez it returns to our city to present/display new band and new disc. It trusts is the name of his last record work and it will present/display Sunday 15 of August, to 21, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, Zuviría 70.

In this opportunity, the rosarino musician will in action present/display his band integrated by Gastón Baremberg, Eloy Quintana in low, Carlos Flag in acoustic guitar, Juan Absatz in keyboards, Coki Debernardi in guitars and percussion, Dizzy Espeche in electrical guitar and Diego Olivero in charge of the musical direction and the keyboards.

This formation, allowed Páez to obtain a unique sonorous power: three guitars, three pianos, low and a battery; but in addition in all the subjects the vocal aspect has the strong protagonism: all the musicians sing and participate making choirs. This contribution is one of the great virtues of this new grouping.

The disc Trusts, has been recorded between the months of July and December of 2009, in different chosen places especially by Páez: The Summit (Cordova Argentina), Trancoso (Brazil), in the studies “Nas Nuvens? of Liminha (River of Janeiro- Brazil) and in Circus compatible Beat (Buenos Aires), places to the musician by its landscapes, their people and the musical climate who obtains making and recording music in different surroundings.

Time to the time is the first cut of the disc, located in the first positions of the radios since the beginning of February.

The repertoire of this disc, presents/displays an electrical character where the crude sounds prevail, the songs have a clear and defined sense. It is a fresh disc, with the spontaneity of the recorded song live.

The entrances already are on sale in the Ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $200, $170 and $140, Theater box $120, $100 Pullman and Super Pullman $80.

It arrives at Jumps, the personage more loved by the children.

Fishing Pipo will present/display its work “Jumping with the toad Pepe?.

It arrives at Jumps, Fishing Pipo, the great figure of the children. This time accompanied by a personage who all the children adore, the Toad Pepe. the function will be east Sunday, to 18, in the Theater of the Orchard.

“Jumping with the toad Pepe? it is an infantile musical comedy, that tells to the funny adventures of its protagonist and her inseparable friendly, the Pepas. During a day of vacations, Pepe will do everything what is to its reach to go to the theater, to see the show of the great Fishing Pipo and to travel in the papa car.

The work, with new songs and the classic ones of always, written by Enrique Fischer (Fishing Pipo) and Analía Garci'a (Candle) lasts of 65 minutes and is thought for children of up to 6 years of age. The value of the entrances is of $90 and $70 (silverplates) and $50 (they pullman) and are on sale in Pueyrredón 175.

The flying bicycle? in the greater room of the Miter Theater

The production of the work presents/displays to the spectators the resource of black camera so that they enjoy a special effect.

Tonight the work appears “the flying bicycle? of the Company Black Theater of the Prague, to 21 in the Miter Theater.

This group theater, that uses the resource of the black camera that causes that the spectators enjoy a special effect, by which they see float in the air the elements of the scene, he was created by Jiri Srnec, and is one of most prestigious of the world.

This spectacle is thought for all the family, and speaks of the sleepy that all the men are almost, the one to fly.

The last theater production of the Pink Theater

One is a police comedy that frames in the middle of the celebration of comparsa Working Union of Maimará.

The carnival is invitation and inspiration for many in our province, almost could be said all. And in the local theater also such motivation, since the Pink Theater, group that from always considered with its puttings a search of the popular codes and the identity, present/display its new production, “To the devil has its capacity the Carnival?.

The appointment is for the next Saturday to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century (Senator Perez 178).

His director, Roman Germa'n, tell us: “Although the work passes in the middle of comparsa Working Union of Maimará, they appear some urban personages of Jujuy who identify, as they are an educational union leader, a politician, a tourist, a nun, the president of the student commission of Permanent Autarkic Being of the Celebration of the Students, a comother of Yuto, etc. to us?.

The work is a collective creation of the Rose, “and somehow each reflected in this work the images that personally lived in some carnival?, commented Roman Germa'n.

The work counts on the activities of Polish Cecilia, Balcázar Ester, Ana Cordova, Gabriel Guzmán, Nelson Calapiña and Daniel Manero, directed by Roman Germa'n. The stage scene is of Edith “Charo? Villarrubia, the maquillaje of Daniel Manero, and the design of Rodrigo Moltoni.

The Black Theater of the Prague retakes an old dream of the man: to fly

The company directed by Jirí Srnec returns to our city to present/display “the flying bicycle?. This adventure of love and magic will raise scene today, from the 21, in the Theater of the Orchard.

“The flying bicycle? is classic of the Czech company that appeared in Latin America by first and a unique time in 2001.

Fluorescent objects that float in a totally black stage scene, handled by invisible bodies. Personages who recreate histories in which the power of the imagination is able to transfer to great and small to a magical world where everything is possible when he is able to dream about the open eyes. This is the proposal that the original Black Theater of the Prague, founded by the artist Jirí Srnec, comes maintaining, of uninterrupted way, for 49 years and that cause that their permanence in the time is unique and undisputed.

In these almost five decades of trajectory, the company realized innumerable spectacles by different countries from the world, astonishing and captivating to children and adults, but it is his classic “flying bicycle? that, besides consecrating it at international level, is the theater piece and musical that it more likes to interpret. With new incorporations but respecting the original script based on a love history and fantasy, the work will arrive at Jumps in means of a tour that the Czech list is realizing by the country. The function will be made today, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard.

Fantasy and surrealismo

“The flying bicycle? is a piece dedicated to the dreams of the men, especially to the one to fly. It relates the adventures of an inventor who, fascinated with the wings of the birds, uselessly tries to make fly to a bicycle until, thanks to the intervention of Cupid, he manages to fall in love with a girl and to fulfill his great yearning. When discovering the love in a woman, the man realizes of which the power is in the interior and the noblest feelings.

The work, presented/displayed in Latin America by first and unique time in 2001, return to turn by our country with the same structure and the same technique but in a modernized version.

On the matter, Ricardo Kugler, representative in Latin America of the Black Theater of the Prague, explained that this new piece counts on a renewed list (thirteen actors altogether, of that only five are visible to the public and the rest is in charge of the manipulation of the objects), with the exception of Vladimir Kubicek, the unique member that remains stable and also it fulfills the roll of artistic director in tour. Kugler added that in this present version of “the flying bicycle? the incorporation of an element stands out that makes showy and overwhelming still more: the contemporary dance, in charge of the dancing and coreógrafa Adéla Srncová, daughter of the founder. “A captivating mixture of dance, music, theater, actors who see and that they are not seen, and objects that move magically?, it summarized.

Histories that they captivate

The Czech artist Jirí Srnec created his Black Theater of the Prague in 1961 when she was carrying out a practical work for the university. Today the company, conceived like a familiar company integrated by its wife and her three children, is about turning 50 years to fascinate whichever spectator would have the opportunity to see it in action.

Ricardo Kugler, that also feels like part of the Srnec family and is a great admirer of its untiring work, observed that the key of its permanence in the time is, exactly, in histories created by Srnec, beyond the consisting of technique the manipulation of puppets, the glorification of fluorescent objects and the invisibility of handles that them, thanks to the ultraviolet technology. “I believe that the secret of the success has to do with the conception that has Srnec of its spectacles and their scripts. What he does is totally surrealistic and what tries it is that the adults have something of that innocence who have the children and both are entered in a fantasy world. Perhaps they are two totally different worlds then, but as it is happening the time is understood of different ways. The boy is going who it to see today, within 10 years is going to find another thing?.

The humor of Garay Piece for Thursday

Garay piece Tour 2010?, and as always counts on the support of its friendly and musicians, Miguel Paves and Corbacho Corvalán

Consecrated in the televising program of Marcelo Tinelli, it followed his race by all the country, and once again in that frame, it will arrive at Jujuy. One is the mendocino Garay Piece, that this Thursday to 22 will make its show in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

This spectacle calls “Garay Piece Tour 2010?, and as always counts on the support of its friendly and musicians, Miguel Paves and Corbacho Corvalán.

Its first spectacle after that push, was called That way “counted Garay? and was first that presented/displayed in theater rooms, carrying out a true event in the summer of 2002 in Villa Carlos Peace.

They followed the recordings in CD and more shows, this time only, and thanks to its quality to make laugh stays in the billboard.

The entrances are for sale in the ticket office of the coliseo jujeños from $60. With the purchase of an entrance for Garay Piece, the spectator can be taken two for the opening of “the Mirasoles at the cost of one.

Sergio Galleguillo presents/displays his disc “February?

Friday 13 of August, to 22, all the celebration of the carpero folklore will be lived with the presentation of Sergio Galleguillo in the Provincial Theater on Jumps. For the first time, Galleguillo, arrives at the Theater to present/display February its last record work.

Their special charisma, its song and its passion bring, it to our city to share a presentation cheers and festive.

February is a disc where is the love (zamba), nostalgia (song), the joy (saya), the lack of affection (taquirarí), the essence (chaya), and feelings (farmer), are the life summarized in a word, are the magic of the things that surround to us.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $80, $70 and $60, Theater box $60, $40 Pullman and Super Pullman $30.

Presentation of the Acquaforte Pair

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the “Elite School for Center English Studies?, a concert of Jazz and Latin American Music in charge of the Pair Acquaforte, Sunday 8 of 20 will be realized August to hs. in the Hall Victory.

The pair integrated by Marcelo Gutiérrez in clarinete and Carlos Cicconi in guitar, will interpret a repertoire of jazz, Argentine music folkloric, tango and bossa - it novates, of the composers Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Wrath Gershwin, Hoagy Charmicael, Antonio Carlos Jobin, Gustavo “Cuchi? Leguizamón, Ariel Ramirez, among others.

General entrance of $20 on sale in ticket office of the Theater.

“It jumps is a song? from the Provincial Theater of Jumps

With the conduction of Oscar Humacata, Sunday 8 to 14 hs. it will be transmitted live from the Provincial Theater of Jumps, “Jumps is a song?, televising program that transmits all the Sundays by Channel 11.

This accomplishment is possible due to an agreement between the Secretariat of Culture and the production of the mentioned program, which stipulates that once per month it will be transmitted live from the Provincial Theater of Jumps.

It is important to emphasize, that in order to spread to the song and the dance of artists of the local scope folkloric by means of the abierta television, the Provincial Theater of Jumps has its facilities to the elaboration of the same.

Also, from the Main directorate of the Theater one inquires that to optimize the work of the technical personnel, the entrance of spectators will not be allowed.

Pimpinela presents/displays “Diamond? and reviews its great successes

After the successful presentation in 2008, it returns the Pimpinela pair to the Provincial Theater from Jumps, Saturday 7 of August, to 22. Again, they will review its successes and they will first share with its following faithfuls a show integrated by songs like I, I am strange to You as much, No, Which occurs the desire you, the friendly like I, Who do not throw the fault to me, and nevertheless I want to you, Impossible, the story of Superman, Your faithful friend, Gentleman, She rises, she rises and earth I will return.


Lucia and Joaquin Gallant were born in Buenos Aires, of Spanish father and mother. From very small they knew that music would accompany all the life. In June of 1981, with padrinazgo artistic of Luis Aguilé, it began Pimpinela, name of a flower of the Caribbean one that symbolizes the protection and the success. The characteristic characteristic of the pair was the one to mix music with the interpretation, creating therefore a totally innovating style, and treating in its songs subjects about love, lack of affection, encounter, mix-ups, that is to say, histories daily, and sometimes truthful.

After to conquer Argentina and Latin America, they traveled to Spain where, in 1984 its Olvídame success and sticks the return had been listened by each corner. 1985, Pimpinela became a trio, after the participation of Dyango in one of its subjects: By that man. In Italy they realized a second trio next to Diego Arming Maradona, with the Dear song Amiga, a version in Spanish and another one in Italian, whose benefits were destined to UNICEF. The great achieveed success did that producing of cinema and television they will pay attention to them and thus a titled soap opera was carried out the Blue Genie, of which the pair was protagonist during ninety chapters, rollings in Buenos Aires and Miami during 1987 and 1988.

In 1996, the brothers Gallant abrieron to the Pimpinela Home for the childhood in the party of Vicente Lopez, Province of Buenos Aires, that lodges boys derived from the Provincial Council of the Minor and the Family.

In 2001, the Pimpinela pair turned its 20 years of race recopilatorio with its better songs celebrated and it publishing a double disc, than it included in addition four unpublished subjects. Pimpinela Gold was called. In the 2003 it on sale left To the way ours, where they are had for the first time bold to versionar songs of other artists, including only two own subjects: Nothing and Love of Woman. To the way ours it is a compendium of Italian ballads of years '60 and '70, sung in Spanish.

It follows to him Where they are the men? , published in 2005. In September of 2008 they remove Diamond on sale, a material made up of CD + DVD that celebrates the 25 years of artistic trajectory. It includes a CD with 12 new songs, bonus track plus the aggregate of a DVD with 30 of his greater successes recorded live from the Luna Park Stage.

Entrances for sale in the Ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $150 and $130, Theater boxes $120, $90 Pullman and Super Pullman $70.

Different credit cards are accepted. To consult to telephone (+54) 0387 4224515 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (+54) 0387 4224515 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, in the schedule of Monday through Friday from 9 to 13,30 and from 16,30 to 21 h or cuncurrir or personally to Zuviria N° 70. Argentina jumps -.

Reflection and glamor

Today, “Dream in the Independent Club?. Tomorrow “the hysterical ones…?.

Tonight to 22 the piece will appear “Dream in the Independent Club? in the Theater of the Return of the Century. Based on the text “Dream of district? of Fontanarrosa Robert, the work counts the history of Pendino that will be judged in the police station to dream about a woman in the boiler of the club. The piece will be recreated by the group Productions the Return of the Century with Natalia Chestnuts grove, Lydia Martinez, Ariel Posse Varela, Martin Dacal, Daniel Chachagua and Saturnino Peñalva, under the direction of Karina Oviedo.

Meanwhile, tomorrow to 22, one will put in scene “the hysterical ones we are the maximum? of group DNA, also in the Return of the Century. Cecilia Lamas, Pamela Side, Mariela Chávez and “Charlee? Pink are the four friendly that will unfold colorful clothes.

The anticipated entrances will have a value of 15 pesos for both spectacles.

“Mr. Simón? in Theater of the Return of the Century

The putting in scene of this piece is constituted in the debut like director of the professor of theater and actress Noemí Salerno.

Tonight to 22, the piece will recover “Mr. Simón? in the Theater of the Return of the Century.

The work relates the sufferings of a “survivor? who before the impossibility to adapt to the system of prevailing life and the canons of the education received by his family, decides to leave to his wife and children as well as to a commercial society, to go to only live.

The putting in scene of this piece is the debut like director of the professor of theater and actress Noemí Salerno.

The personage of Simón and the personages accompany who it, reflect to the present society with the history that passes between the dreams and the reality.

The actors

Actors Omar Lafuente and Bald Cecilia, will interpret this production that has like invited actors to Germa'n Romano and Luis Femayor of the group the Pink Theater.

In addition he will make debut in scene, Mariana Basutti and Tiled Marcelo.

In the spectacle there will be visual surprises that will recreate through a specialized equipment in multimedia.

The piece was released with Luis Brandoni in 1982 under the direction of Germa'n Rosenmayer, who is one of the most outstanding authors of the national dramatic art by their expresionista art, in which the spectator and the personage share a parallel reality.

The anticipated entrances will have a value of 15 pesos and in ticket office 20 pesos in the mentioned space.

“Asulunala? raises scene within “Wednesdays of Theater?

Within the framework of the cycle Wednesday of Theater, organized by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province and Argentina Association de Actores, Delegation Jumps, will raise scene the work for Asulunala children, the next Wednesday 4 of August, to 16, in the Mecano room (Homemade 460).

On text, direction and action of Luciana Rajal and Pablo Dragone, the work counts the beginning of a friendship. Lola and Pancho are known in a waiting room and from its fantasy of children, they transform that cold and boring place into a magical world of games and adventures.

Until year end, the days Wednesdays of the Mecano room are spent to the putting in Independent play scene different Salteño. The intention of the Secretariat of Culture, jointly with the Argentina Association de Filial Actores Jumps, is to generate the habit to see theater, at least a day fixed and predetermined per week.

General entrance to $20, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture. Discounts to delegations.

The piano of Julia Botchovskaia in the bicentennial of the natalicio of Chopin and Schumann

The appointment is from the 22 in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

This Wednesday, within the framework of the programming of season 2010 of the filial Mozarteum Jujuy, the concert of the Ukrainian pianist Julia Botchovskaia will appear.

The appointment is from the 22 in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

The study in the Russian capital extended soon until 1993, in the famous Tschaikovsky Conservatory, with the classes of Gornostaeva Side. In that time, Julia Bochovskaia gave concerts in diverse places of the old Soviet Union with different orchestras and like soloist.

Later one changed towards the west continuing his studies in Hamburg where it resides at the moment and where she is professor in the School Superior of Music, besides fulfilling his task like concertista.

Throughout his race it received diverse international prizes and it realized tours by Europe, Japan, America of the Sud and the United States.


In Jujuy, the pianist will offer a special program of interpretations that includes works of Frederic Chopin and Robert Schumann, when commemorating itself the two hundred years of the birth of both composers.

In the beginning also works of Ludwig Van Beethoven will be listened to.

Noble Iván will present/display its hearing aid in the Miter theater

The soloist will tonight arrive at the greater scene from the coliseo jujeño with new and recognized songs.

Tonight to 22, Noble the Iván soloist will present/display its musical spectacle with a special repertoire in the Miter Theater.

In conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy, the artist expressed that there will be an unfolding of songs in an acoustic show where will show compositions of all discs like soloist of the sort.

“I am going to present/display an acoustic show of all discs soloists, with a return to its origins, to the pure sounds?, anticipated.

Different characteristics will have this presentation that it will cross in one more a more intimate version of those classic songs of his repertoire with the subjects with the aim of returning to ashes from already known. “The show is going to be trim in the songs with a letter very set out, that before that way was lost with the presence of other instruments of the band. Generally I when I compose deal with who the song is undressed, that is what I want to show? explained the artist.

As far as the repertoire, the spectators will be able to listen to subjects pertaining to different stages from their race like musician.

“We are going to offer the most well-known songs of my CD in the days of Horsemen of the Burning fire where they are going away to listen “Oxidized?, “a minute before quererte? and “Toad of another Well?, among others subjects, but also many new ones that have other messages? announced.

At present, Nobleman is tour in the heat of, reason why, consulted by our newspaper, he commented that until the moment the answer that always received from people was the best one.

“The public celebrates a little to know the songs from another place, where one is more relaxed, so that this jujeño is going to be an encounter with the very particular public?, maintained.


Noble the Iván singer was the leader of the Horsemen of the Burning fire between 1990 and the 2002.

Soon one turned upside down towards the action (a film participated in several televising strips and) and published “mistaken Questions?, his first disc soloist, in March of year 2003.

In 2006 the Martin won Iron to the Best Subject Original Music by “Lying down?, composed for “the Criminal? series carried out by Diego Peretti and Ines Estévez. “Inclemency? was published at the beginning of 2007.

“This disc is marked by the paternity, because all the subjects do not speak of my son, but because it is impossible that, after receiving the happiest news of your life, that is not strained in everything what you write? mentioned on the CD that, as it cuts diffusion had to “Olivia?, a compound subject imagining that his baby would be baby.

Finally, “Said and done? (2009) it is a disc of compilation, but recorded live in the Studies Beat Circus.

The Coplanacu Pair appears in Jujuy

Next to them the Changos appears, in an ideal evening so that the lovers of the good folklore enjoy to plenary session.

Tomorrow two great ones of the regional folklore will share the scene of the Complex Jose Hernandez in a musical show denominated “2x2?, from the 22.

The Coplanacu Pair and the Changos appear in an evening that promises to be unforgettable. The anticipated ones can be obtained in Annuar Shopping.

The Coplanacu Pair is conformed by Cantos Robert and Julio Peace, together crosses the way of music from 1985. With a great trajectory and several discs in their salary, these artists whenever they visit to us just a little bit leave of their soul and its Santiago us in each subject. The Pair a conjunction of sounds and feelings obtained through his varied instruments manage to above amalgamate of the scene not only the harmony of their voices but also, many of so simple them that it is what causes that moment is magician.

The Changos

In As much the Changos, they united its voices and between huaynos, farmers and one or two romantic subject, they leave the best thing us of if in each presentation.

Their songs reflect the love and the tenderness with that broken breeze of and mounts warms up that when conjugating itself it manages to paint the landscape saw that them be born and it demonstrates that as much Luis to us as frank they are two great artists.

Wagner, Brahms and Mozart, the today repertoire

The concert will take place today, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater. It will direct Roel, with Karina Mora'n like soloist in fagot.

With works of Wagner, Mozart and Brahms will return to raise today the scene of the Provincial Theater (Zuviría 70) the Symphony orchestra of Jumps.

The concert will take place to 21,30, under the direction of Enrique Roel and with Karina Mora'n like soloist in fagot. This presentation will mark the beginning of a cycle that will extend during the season, whose objective will be to emphasize the work and professionalism of the integral soloists of the Orchestra.

After to have realized, to full room, the Patriotic Finery and the Réquiem de Verdi, the grouping returns to the scene to interpret Overture Tannhaüser de Wagner, the Concert for Fagot and Orchestra of Mozart with the solística action of Mora'n and, Symphony 4 of Brahms.

The entrances for the concert can be acquired in the ticket office of the theater: it silverplates $20 and $16, theater box $30, pullman and superpullman $10. Pensioners, disabled and students can accede to a 50% of discount with the corresponding accreditation (membership cards, certainties of students, etc).

This benefit had by means of resolution -09 of the Institute 84 Music and Dance.
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