Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances


This Friday the 30 girls of “the 5 Voices? present/display a show of live music but with a proposal different and entertainment for the music lovers from the folklore. The additive of this show will be the live recording of a CD of the groups “Both? (Jumps) and “Melina Cabocota? (Tucuman). Both groups are revelations in the rock that “the 5 Voices? put this summer in Cosquín.

WE MAKE MUSIC Live is the proposal of “the 5 Voices? for this Friday 30 of April, to 21.30 hs. in the room of “the Teatrino?, located in the corner of streets 12 of October and To turn white.

This live show and recording promise - in addition to good music that the public salteño can be protagonist to make the music that as much enjoys. One is a proposal different for the music lovers from the local folklore.

The presentation of MELINA CABOCOTA (Tucumán) and Both (It jumps) in “WE MAKE MUSIC… prendete Live? is the possibility so that the public salteño listens, it sings, it enjoys and it makes the music that as much it likes.

The entrances anticipated of “WE MAKE MUSIC… Live prendete? already are on sale in GIECO Bar, in Vine shoot esq. Sgo. of the Matting. The cost is of $20.


This group of girls salteñas is forming his destiny with the done soul music. Their characteristics are the passion, determination, calidez and simplicity. The Five Voices were born in 1995, when five anxious adolescents begin as hobby a dream, that with the years was transformed into a form of life for its members: Veronica Marks, Issa Solitude, Calabrian Melina, Jimena Teruel and Estefanía Niewolski.

From its beginnings, they had the possibility of sharing scenes with the Chalchaleros, the Nocheros, Solitude and the Chaqueño Palavecino, among others. From the 2000 they began to face the project professionally, and innumerable presentations in scenes and national and local festivales followed one another.


Its new disc calls the Five Voices simply, being its first cut the subject: “Lofty Caminito?. This summer 2009 was presented/displayed in main the Festivales of the season throughout.

The album counts on subjects of its own responsibility and recognized authors, who conform a variable repertoire of songs where folcklóricos rates megre, Latin rates and ballads. This disc marks to a process of growth and evolution, where the girls begin to explore other styles outside folcklore, abriendo to a fan of possibilities when composing its own songs, and in the search of an own style that grants a distinguishing and particular seal to them.

The subjects that this disc includes are: Thus He will be Better (the Moor /Jimena Teruel); I do not know Dejarte Ir (Veronica Marks /Jimena Teruel); Lofty Caminito (Veronica Marks/Jimena Teruel/Issa Solitude); Quédate (Jimena Teruel /Ver ónica Marks); Who Like You (Ana Gabriel); Ana and the Sea (Dead Nature) (White Jose); Dreams of Woman (Boris Flowers); Already Never More (the Moor/Calabrian Julieta); So that You know (to Veronica Marks/Jimena Teruel/Jimena Teruel; The Reggae Ours (Jimena Teruel).

“Eternity? will today raise scene the musical comedy

Fifty actors and musicians will interpret a work on the life of Jesus.

The new school of “Supernatural? musical comedy (General Güemes 260) will replace his first called work “Eternity?, today to 22, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Previously, to 10, they will offer a function appointed the students of different schools from Jumps.

The musical comedy, directed by Silvana Rearte and Elías Guzmán, tries on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and has the intention to reflect the essence of the celebration of Passover.

“It is a work that I wrote with the aim of giving hope. I felt very identified with Jesus. Sometimes one journeys very difficult moments and there it is truly with God. , he helped me to write this text with which I want to transmit that not only the death and the resurrection of Jesus, but in addition, which was its life, are worthy to imitate?, expressed Rearte.

In the work a total of 50 actors participates and live musicians, who through song, the theater, the dance and music, will interpret the life of Jesus Christ. The group of artists is conformed by children among 5 and 11 years and young people among 13 and 25. Some already they had experience in the action, others however give with “Eternity? his first passages on a scene.

The new school of “Supernatural? musical comedy abrió its doors in February.
The first function had a great acceptance of the public, with 500 sold localities.

“Eternity? is guaranteed by the Provincial Library of Jumps, and counts on the support of the assistant director of the Symphonic one of Jumps, Jorge Lhez.

As well, the scenic putting adheres to the activities anticipated for season 2010 of the Cultural April Salteño.

The Symphony orchestra in concert next to Fernanda Morello

After the Inaugural Concert 2010 that was realized Thursday 15 for more than 1,300 people, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will eet again with its public Thursday 29 of April, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, with a imperdible repertoire.

Under the direction of his Titular Director, Enrique Roel, will interpret itself, in the first part, Macabre Dance of Camille Saint Saëns and Sun Concierto for piano and orchestra of Maurice Ravel, with the solística action of the outstanding pianist Fernanda Morello.

In the second part of the evening, the public will enjoy one acclaimed work: the Symphony Nº 5 of Piotr I. Tchaikovsky.

The entrances will be for sale in ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70) from Monday 26 of April, to a value of: It silverplates $ 20 and (according to $16 location) and Pullman and Superpullman, $10.

Flower of the V arrives at Jujuy With “Livin the crazy widow?

Two functions of the most successful work of the summer in Carlos Peace, “Livin the crazy widow? with the protagónico of Florence of the V and a list that Emilio Disi includes to the excellent actor, announce for Tuesday 27 and Wednesdays 28 of this month, to 22,00 in center Cultural Martin Iron.

More than 120 functions during season 2010 which they attended near 65 thousand spectators, they make of “Livin crazy widow? one of ticket office works.

A young desprejuiciada woman and with desire to live the life, is widow soon after to have married with a old one who knew through facebook. In spite of knowing very little of his late husband she understands quickly that this he had been a millionaire eccentric with tastes enough individuals.

It, a widow who wants to undress of the mourning as rapidly as possible is prepared to that fortune escapes to him among its hands. This is the best opportunity to live “the great life? next to its lover.

Nevertheless around the old missing person, not only it had been in dance a numerous fortune, but also, its butler of all the life (gay) and two children, Agate (an eccentric plastic artist just arrival of the outside that does not understand or that it is what happens around to his) and Tato (unique man of the millionaire, married, with an accentuated taste by the easy women). All they with an acute interest by the money fast and easy, arranged to give fight to that is crossed to remove the best slice to him from the millionaire inheritance.

The deceased, knowing the avidity by the money his wife, her children and until of the same butler, decides to make a prank and to leave before dying a testament with a last and eccentric will that will make know all, in his mansion of summering, through a lawyer.

Around the fight by the inheritance the desopilantes tangles and situations between each one of the personages begin during the hour and a half that lasts the comedy in the open leaving the stingy interests of each one of the personages who are betrayed an a others trying to remove personal advantages to be able to remain with the best part of the inheritance in dance.

The list is integrated by Flower of the V, Emilio Disi, Santiago Almeyda, Toti Ciliberto, Dallys Ferreyra, Gabriel Almiron, Bettina Capetillo, Gabriela Mandate and Augustinian Attias.

The entrances can be acquired exclusively in Annuar Shopping to the following prices: $ 80, $ 100 and $ 120.

Fabiana Cantilo will present/display its album “In the path of the Sun?

Wednesday 28 of April, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, Fabiana Cantilo will present/display their album In the path of the Sun, within the framework of the Megatone Concert.

The successful tour that crosses Argentina, from the hand of the article network for the greatest home of the country, returns to be published east year to begin completely in the cities of the Argentine northwest; San Miguel de Tucuman and Salta.

By third consecutive year the Megatone Concert returns to leave tour, proposing to a public eager for good music, the live presentation of the best Argentine artists, all accompanied by an impressive unfolding of lights and sounds, the one that will allow to enjoy each one of the concerts that are programmed.

In the path of the Sun it is the musical continuity of Unconscious Group, work published in 2005 that surpassed the 60,000 sold units. The new album includes 15 great subjects of the national rock especially versionados in formats acoustic and interpreted by Fabiana.

The repertoire is formed by subjects of: Charly Garci'a, Almond, Spinetta Jade, Fito Paez, Andres Calamaro, Stereo Soda water, the Grandparents of the Anything, the Pericos, Leon Gieco, Celestial Carballo, Serú Girán, Attaque 77, Intoxicated and Virus.

Entrances on sale in the ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate: $120, $100 and $80; Theater boxes: $80; Pullman: $60 and Superpullman: $50. Also credit cards, debit and Megatone card can be acquired in the premises of Megatone, using until in 6 quotas without interest.

An adaptation of the Quijote raises scene

The work appeared yesterday and returns to the tables tonight and tomorrow in the room of the Factory Sensations.

“You do not forget the Quijote? it is the new work that the Factory of Theater Sensations to take to scene.

The first presentation was yesterday. Tonight, to 21,30 and tomorrow to 20, “Raul Gaínza? will recover in the scene of the room of the Factory of Theater Sensations (To turn white 384). The proposal is added this way to the program anticipated for XXXIV the Cultural April.

The work is a free version of the classic “Quijote of La Mancha?. “It is free since every day we can choose to resign to our dreams or to fight reason why we think that we deserve ourselves?, said Claudia Mendía, work director.

“You do not forget the Quijote? it is a putting in scene for all the family. “It is and an alternative to reflect on that Quijote that all we also took inside, and, a proposal to give to our senses?, added Mendía. With the activities of Osvaldo Diaz, Daniel Frisoli, Ortiz Wake, Emiliano Aguirre, Belina Figueroa and Mercedes Burgos, the funny work is based on the text that Osvaldo Diaz and Claudia Mendía wrote especially for the occasion. The general entrance will have a value of $15. For the pensioners and students, it will be of $12.

QV4 explores the new dimensions of humor

The trio is made up of the artists Daniel Saldaño, Agustín Perez Albert and Gustavo Parrado.

Almost ten years of race in humor and music have taken to the trio to reap the outbursts of laughter that cannot more than to fill the rooms of each theater by which, the artists, they take his desopilantes numbers.

Once again QV4 arrives at our province, within the framework of a national tour, with the promise of being funniest of their spectacles.

“QV4, the new dimension of the diversion?, arrive at Jumps with a format without precedents in Argentina. One is a show that combines music, humor and technology, with projections in three dimensions that will introduce the spectator in the reality created by these three graceful artists. The encounter will be tonight, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

“The spectacle is going to be impressive, it is going away to mount in Jumps with all the technical characteristics that had in Villa Carlos Peace and that, the 15 of May we will take to the theater Opera of Buenos Aires, that will be the great bet of this year?, said to Agustín Perez Albert, in an interview that the trio gave the Tribuno.

The beginnings of the group go back to the 2001, when the three versatile artists of music, decided to work in a new project, being introduced segments of humor, something to which they were ventured for the first time. “Humor already was implicit in the personalities of each of us?, said Gustavo Parrado. Perez Albert added: “in fact I believe that people were the one that discovered to us like humorists. The public vió that was good wave and soon we began to work with this to make laugh?. Doubtlessly, neither the group, nor the spectators were mistaken, because today, after almost one decade of work together they have received very good critics and they have grown much. “We grew, and not only it tenth we, luckily also us say people to it?, commented Daniel Saldaño, of the form that knows better, with humor.

The musicians confront each number with much seriousness. Humor is something serious, like also is it its passion by the music, to which, altogether with the work of much people, like Pablo Of the Field, they put to the show those condiments to him that end at the uncontrollable laughter.

The show continues the line that QV4 (abbreviation of “I want bond four?) was developing throughout almost ten years of race. “Much music through humor, much humor through music and the new effects that the technology contributes?, said Parrado. In addition, a virtual marionette, directed by the Cordovan artist Adrián is added Go'mez who is called “René Garé? and that contributes (still more) diversion to him to the group. It is a spectacle that will offer to a very ample fan of personages and desopilantes histories.

“For us it is very important to make humor for all the family. It gives much satisfaction us when, for example, we on a par see a boy of five years ***reflxing mng itself of its grandfathers, of 80. The objective is to include all the “edaderiles? layers, said - between laughter Gustavo Parrado.
Tonight, the artists renew their complicity with the public of our province, that she will not have more to do than to put the “spectacles 3D? and to lie down to laugh.

“A called town Jujuy? in stops of the Miter

The theater piece of the Pink Theater will see in the cycle “Our Theater?.

Tonight to 21 the piece will appear “a called town Jujuy? of the Pink Theater in the stops of the Miter Theater.

Under the popular humorous sort the released theater production in 2003 will recreate that is directed by Roman Germa'n.

The work, that was created by Alberto Alabí, Felix Maldonado and Héctor Tizón, emphasizes those experiences of which nobody speech, those that they are hidden, those of the return of the corner.

A town has great and small histories. The citizen memory always longs for the heroic actions, but daily we lived surrounded by minimum histories that give popular identity us.

This work will be exhibited for the community generally by means of the work of the list of the Pink Theater, a group of artists who is born in Jujuy in the direction of an objective: to do theater considering the context that surrounds to us as jujeños and modifies to us.

Like premise to follow, the members of the artistic group that has been 10 years of permanence in the local scene, seted out to develop theater projects with the certainty to reflect some of the numerous plagues which they advance, destroying the man.

The company jujeña will within the framework participate in this cultural activity that will take place all the Fridays to 21, of the cycle “Our Theater? in the room “Martin Raul Gallant?, by reason for the Bicentennial of the Mother country. The Direction of the Miter Theater and the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture altogether organized this cultural activity that has the objective to foment and to spread the local productions and is especially oriented the students of all the educative levels.

The Huayra presents/displays “Mud Code?

The salteños artists will arrive at Jujuy to appear for the first time in a theater, with a imperdible repertoire.

Fifteen years ago this history began. Three crossed discs in means, scenes and kilometers made of the Huayra the phenomenon that are today.

Tonight they will be appearing in Jujuy within the framework of the tour launching of “Mud Code?, his last work. A disc that maintains the diffuseness vocal to which the group has to us customary and that contributes new songs of own responsibility. Also, like in the previous, sum voices invited and classic plates of national and international music.

That is why, the native band of Jumps, offered a press conference in our city, where, it will appear for the first time in a theater. Of this form they will be able to interpret songs that never could do live, confessed Juan Jose Vasconcellos and Alvaro Place, guitarist and drummer of the group, respectively.

Advancing what could be the show of tonight, because they did not cheer up to offer too many details, the musicians glide to be with jujeños friendly and to sing great part of the songs of the Huayra, the Voice of the Wind and Mud Code, their three discográficas plates.

Indeed she is the last the one that gives name him to the spectacle. He contains 15 songs, among them a version of “Celebration? of Catalan Joan Manuel Serrat, “Every day a little? Leon Gieco and Guanuqueando of jujeño Ricardo Vilca, where the mystic of the author in the voices of the salteños rises to the sky: “we listened to when it we fell in love with the song and we wanted to contribute our version, to give him to color with our own instrument, the voice? the Colo said, they call as it to Vasconcellos.

Between the own subjects they stand out “Is necessary to wait for? taquirari typical of the Argentine North with the Tekis like guests, as well as the romantic ballad “Without decirte goodbye? the Huayra is part of the new generation of folcloristas that are taking to the young people to know a little more our music, and they feel proud. “If our music serves to approach smallest knowing the Argentine folklore and to musicians of other countries like Silvio Rodriguez, Joan Manuel Serrat and Joaquin Savin, besides our own songs?, observed Alvaro. “We want to project to us, for that reason also we adopted international repertoires in Hispanic speech?, concluded Juan Jose.

The Chijra Group will celebrate its 15 years in the Miter Theater

Everything is ready to be part of a great evening that will begin to 22 and will count on the presence of special guests.

Today to 22 the Chijra group will appear in the greater room of the Miter theater.
During two hours the group jujeño will cross a selection of subjects especially preparations where it will remember his 15 years of history.

The opportunity will be propitious to present/display all their history, happening through his first musicians until the present ones, from the first disc where subjects like “remembered Passions will remember in a mad rush? or taquiraris of the Changos of the Huaico, and by all means the route by the five record materials that the group has in its salary.

Between its majors successes they will be “I landed on water to You?, “Amame?, “Decídete?, “You will return?, “the queen of the carnival? and as corollary the subjects whereupon cheer all the carnivals, huaynos and carnavalitos at your service.
The spectacle will happen of instrumental shades, like instruments of cane to the present group conformed by powerful bronze instruments.

The presentation of Chijra will be framed by a luminance system especially preparation and professional sound of first level.


Bond to emphasize that for this artistic evening, the presence of invited musicians is predicted, among them, Caesar Lizarazo, “Left, Dark brown Tony? Aryans, Daniel Waiter and the radial conductor Fabiana Tolaba.
Ezequiel Altamirano, Jose Luis Llanez, who are integral of the group and Pablo Quispe in charge of the encounter, is very contentments with this show.

“This it is a dream for the group?, mentioned, who consider that he is one of the most important scenes that has Jujuy. “He is something that we came gliding for a long time, and now we do not see the hour to be somehow giving back to all the affection and the support received throughout these years, with a show that surely was engraving in our hearts?, they affirm.

It is the first time that will be in the scene of the Miter, and therefore they consider that it is a great responsibility like group, as much in the musical comedy as in the putting. It is why for they come much spending time to offer the best thing.

We remember that Chijra is one of the jujeños groups that in spite of the adversities continue their projects musical, still continuous effective in people.

The members

At present the Chijra set is conformed by Jose Luis Llanez in voice, Ezequiel Altamirano in winds), Caesar Oviedo in animation and güiro, Jose Cross in the low one, Luis Sajama in bongoes, Javier Gorse in action, Carlos Gorse in keyboard, Luis first Reynoso in trombón, Daniel Vilte in second trombón and Leandro Patagua in trompeta.

The 15 years that were made feel in the capital jujeña that was reflected in the ticket offices of the theater and is why a great frame of public for this Thursday is expected where the group invites all friendly followers and public to participate in this celebration and through music to move to places and situations, accompanying crossing by all their history.


The artists, who are expectant before the presentation, began in the musical art in the factories of the Direction of Culture of San Salvador de Jujuy.
As of this moment, the musicians began to develop the songs that would comprise of their record works.

Some of the compositions are “I landed on water to You? (saya), “the horn? (cumbión), “Truste heart? (tinku), “Proud? (cumbia), “Jujeñita? (saya), “Bitter love? (saya), “Selection of carnavalitos? and “dear Fist? (saya).

These subjects correspond to the titled production “I landed on water to You?, that was recorded in 2006.
Another recognized song book of the grouping is the one that sent in 2005 under the title “Decídete?.
In this record material they included “Decídete? (saya), “I will not be able olvidarte? (saya), “Of fresh water and love? (tinkus), “In the distance? (cumbia), “Santusay? (tinku), “Dove of the soul mine? (cumbia), “Anateada? and “By love? (saya), among others compositions.

Trio QV4 returns to Jumps, with a surprising three-dimensional show

The function will be realized Saturday 24, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard.

In national tour and after a successful summery season in Villa Carlos Peace (Cordova), QV4 will return to Jumps to put in scene a show that combines music, humor and technology.
“QV4 in 3D, the new dimension of the diversion?, proposes a spectacle integral, apt for all public, in whom the tucumano trio, recognized by its artistic dowries and his awarded trajectory, will innovate in the theater scope with projections in three dimensions.

The function will be Saturday 24, to 21, in the Theater of the Orchard. The entrances are on sale in the ticket office of Pueyrredón 175.

To the images in 3D that will alternate with the live putting, it will be added giving a still more novel character to the spectacle, a developed digital marionette from mix of virtual reality and an action in direct, that the interaction with the public in different passages from the work will motivate.

Red Jorge presents/displays “My Voice and my Blood? in the Provincial Theater of Jumps

Days 23, 24 and 25, Red Jorge will arrive at our city to present/display his third work like called soloist “My Voice and my Blood?. Of this form, He jumps becomes one of the first provinces that will visit within the framework of their national tour.

In December of 2009, he realized the national presentation of his new disc in the city of Cordova, where delivery became of Disco de Oro. The subject “One more night? becomes the cut of promotion of this new production whose video has like protagonist the actress Laura Azcurra.

Summer 2010 finds it like central number in the most important festivales of the country, standing out like the most convoking artist of the Gold edition of the 50 years of the Festival of the Cosquin, most important of Argentina and Latin America.

Motivated by the affection and the best memories of his youth, Jorge will present/display “My Voice and my Blood?, in a spectacle for the public salteño has consecrated that it like one of the dearest and convoking artists.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $140, $120 and $100, Placo $90, $70 Pullman and Super Pullman $50.

Presentation of the official delegation of Cosquín 2010

In a spectacle to pure folklore, the academy “Salteño Memory?, will present/display 21,30 Wednesday 21 to hs. the official delegation of Cosquin 2010.
General entrance $15 on sale in ticket office of the Theater.

Encounter of dances in San Pedro

2010 of the Academy Argentina Fusion will be realized today in the vestibule of the central Church within the framework of the opening of the cycle.

Tonight, the “Rep it of the Branch? it will be scene for the presentation of the different academies from dances folkloric of the province, within the framework of the beginning of cycle 2010 of the Institute of Art Folkloric, organization groups that them. More than 200 dancers, all students of the schools of dances, tonight from the 21, they will unfold its magic and its talent in front the vestibule of the first temple, on the Miter street. The hosts in this opportunity will be the members of “Argentina Fusion?, that is also prepared to initiate this new stage in the present cycle, after to have made to important prizes and profits in the 2009 deserving. He is possible to limit that the students of the Academy of Dance Argentina Fusion of San Pedro de Jujuy, participated in a national contest realized in Villa Carlos Peace, where they obtained prizes. The contest was organized by the Inter-American Confederation of Dance (CIAD) that groups the professionals of the dance and whose president is Rodolfo Solmoirago.

In the contest delegations of the provinces of Chaco participated, Formosa, Jumps, Jujuy, Currents, Neuquén, San Luis, Mendoza, Chubut, Buenos Aires, Between Rivers, Tierra Del Fuego, Cordova and Jujuy with a good competitive level. Between the 270 numbers of dance of the participant provinces Argentina Fusion obtained three first prizes and one second.

Satisfied by the obtained profits, professors and parents of the Academy Argentina Fusion they will tonight receive dancers of all the schools of the province inviting to live an evening in which Argentinean and dances of other countries will walk their enchantment in pentagrama folkloric.

The educational Pink Maria Martinez referred that Argentina Fusion was born in November of 2008 and its name makes reference to the conjunction of the different cultures that arrived to settle down themselves in this Argentine ground, bringing not only its customs but in addition all their heap. Next to their daughter Agostina Sayas, Arab professor of dances, maintains that the dance is an expression of the soul through body, if one feels in soul a cat, a tango or any other expression is going to dance.

We think that fusing of the dances she does at the level of the student. For that reason to the student who does folklore we incorporated other rates to him like the Arab, classic, sauce, among others. We fuse the dances so that the body is expressed in all the senses ".

“Only giles dies of love?, in Pro Culture

The theater work, directed by Omar Pizzorno returns to the tables, after the great success of the past year.

Tonight, to 22, in the room of Beer Culture Jumps of Pro (Miter 331), will recover the theater work “Only giles die of love?, of the director salteño Omar Pizzorno. It will return to raise the tables tomorrow, in the same place, to 21.

The work, of Caesar Brie, was released in our province in June of 2009. Altogether almost thirty presentations were made. On the other hand, that same year, obtained the fourth position in the Provincial Celebration of the Theater. “It is a work that gave many satisfactions us, the answer of the public has been wonderful?, said Omar Pizzorno to the Tribuno.

The unipersonal one, interpreted by Gustavo actor Garci'a is the story of an individual that has a discussion with he himself. That dialog finishes being the balance of the life of a man who, really, is only and he is not corresponded by the woman whom he has loved during many years. The conflicting relation that the personage has had with his parents, the solitude and the lack of affection takes it to make a tragic decision. Exactly, it is at that precise moment when the narration begins.

Omar Pizzorno coordinates and directs to the theater group Arpi. One is a list of actors who also have other professions, and that have been meeting for some time to prepare the works that present/display regularly in the province.

“Only giles dies of love? is a drama that meant a new challenge for the set of actors, since, generally, they have taken to scene desopilantes works of comedy like “the Pilot?, “the first dinner?, “Confessions in the Chinese district?, “Shaken of humor? and “red Ceilings for white zapatitos?.

Between the projects of the Arpi group for this season of theater it appears a new work, that retakes humor. “We did this unipersonal one because Gustavo Garci'a had many desire to present/display it. Now, we go to follow with task to do to laugh to public, that is one of the things that better we do?, concluded the director salteño.

Citizen music with the Mainetti-Angeleri pair

The tango spectacle, with guitar and bandoneón, will be carried out today, from the 21,30, in the room of Miter 331.

The public salteño will be able to enjoy an attractive spectacle of tango today, in charge of the outstanding Mainetti-Angeleri pair, within the framework of the Cultural April. The show will begin to 21, in the room Beer Jumps of Pro Culture, Miter 331.

Caesar Angeleri is inheriting of the Argentine guitarrística tradition, directed to the spectacle “Red Tango?, with the actress and singer Cecilia Rossetto. One evolved like member in groupings of citizen music, under the direction of prestigious teachers, like Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Atilio Stampone, Antonio Agri and Oscar Cardozo Ocampo.

At the moment he concentrates his activities in the Quintet of Daniel Binelli, who with the Tangometrópolis company crosses the European scenes. In addition, Integra the Quintet Gust of wind.

On the other hand, Pablo Mainetti is bandoneonista, composer, arreglador and orquestador. By weight own, it is the most outstanding figure of the tanguera renovation of the last years. He develops his activity like bandoneonista in different orchestras, under the direction of teachers like Atilio Stampone, Osvaldo Berligieri, Daniel Binelli, Néstor Marconi, Julio Pane, Raul Garello, Leopoldo Federico, Orchestra Juan de God Filiberto, Two Quintet of the Foundation Astor Piazzolla, Tango For Ever, Tango X and Gustavo Santaolalla, among others. The repertoire of tonight will be varied, with great classic of citizen music.

“Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? in the Miter

The appointment is east Sunday to 21 in the greater room of the coliseo, with this putting that arrives from the National Theater Cervantes.

In the year of the Bicentennial, the Miter Theater chose for the official Opening of its Season 2010, the presentation of the work “Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? of David Vines, with the unipersonal action of I move away the Pinto Garci'as, and the direction of Jorge Graciosi.

The work narrates the last hours of the author of “Operation massacre?, “Who killed to Rosendo? and “Last hours?, Graciosi says, the director “that in fact could be those of any O-Man woman that in those Seventies were jeopardizes with a project of different country?.

The putting in scene of Jorge Graciosi values of almost onírica way, and until deluded, to a personage cornered by those beings who dedicated themselves to threaten from the power and the terror. The preparation of its last and perhaps greater denunciation against the terrorism of State translated in the historical letter to the Meeting, is the trigger of this one story.

The direction attendance is in the hands of Marcelo Méndez and original music is of Malena Graciosi.

The entrances are on sale to $30, with discount for schools and students.

Oh, SARAH! with Ana Maria Parodi it arrives at House of the Culture

Within the framework of XXXIV the Cultural April Salteño, the Stress Group will present/display the Oh work, SARAH! , of the Uruguayan Ariel Mastandrea, Saturday 17 of April, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460). Ana is a unipersonal spectacle in charge of the actress Maria Parodi, under the direction of Jorge Renoldi.

Dedicated to the memory of those who left tracks in the scenes of the world, the work is a tight synthesis of the life of the Bernhardt. Beyond his “life actress?, one approaches the woman, the human being, with his character, his feelings, illusions, their passion, its daily fight, that also is and was the fight of many women, above and under the scene….

Always, at all the times, to lay ways was very difficult: the putting in scene proposes a tribute to the actresses for all time. The life of Bernhardt SARAH will be a vehicle to find places common where the time it seems not to have passed: the same fights, dreams, ambitions are reflected and human relations, the same worries and fleeting brightness of actors and actresses of today and of always, who create a reality different from the daily one and despite, give to their public the emotion of their own existential states.

It is a recognition to all those that made of the theater a life form, and which they left to tracks on the scene, sacrificing loves, families and personal happiness. Behind each applause, the artist always is only, with his creation and its madness, its fears and their faults; doubts and certainties. Is the theater a mirror of the life? It is the life the one that teaches to us to act? The public applauds or boos, ensalsa or criticism… who really knows the life that occurs behind the mask?

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Beatriz Spelzini, protagonist of the distinguished work of Martin Sherman

Few directors have known to take with lucidity to the tables events of history. In the same way, few actors have known to incarnate to personages surrounded in overflowing stories of emotion. It is not the case of Agustín Alazzo and Beatriz Spelzini, that in this opportunity, brings to our province the multipremida theater work “Rose?, that adventure to tell to the history of a Jewish woman and its sufferings during the war, the discovery of the love, the suffering of nazism, I exile, its success in the United States and their unconditional commitment with the Hebrew culture. This, first the unipersonal one of the actress, will raise scene tomorrow, to 22, in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175).

How it was the process of composition of the personage?

Next to the director of the work, Agustín Alezzo, we seted out to see if we could present/display the extensive text of “Rose?. Soon we undertook a brief investigation on the thematic one, saw many documentary and entrevistamos us with survivors of the Holocausto. Finally, I began to imagine to Rose. I was paying attention what things of a woman of 80 years could serve to me. I thought much about my mother, who today are 81 years old, and about which remembered of my grandmother. It was a search that much work demanded, but a very pleasing experience.

How it is Rose?

Rose is somebody that is making a ceremony of duel. Like all great woman, it is lost in the story of his life, but it realizes a route by the great events of the century, leaving to glimpse how she is victim of those events. This woman, without knowing very either why, is always of the side of or, of the love, the brotherhood and solidarity. He is somebody that at the end of its life continues believing in all that, turning his pain into a life lesson.
The interesting thing of its history is that it is not only the story of a Jewish woman. In the work many other women and many other exiles can be seen; in a story that leaves a space for humor.

I imagine that she must be very particular to interpret a work with as much history behind. The work is very emotional and it allows itself to work with the humor, nevertheless is very respectful of the thematic one on which it turns the narration…

Yes, the truth that is a work that we assumed with much seriousness. For that we resorted to historians and journalists who advised to us. Also we read much on the subject.
For us it was very important, in addition, that Rose could repel not only in whom they belong to the Jewish colectivity, but in many other histories of life.

We could suppose that the emotional thing is an important factor at the time of incarnating to this personage?

Doubtlessly. Perhaps because I interpret, that I am an actress who has a very great emotional volume. Perhaps if another actress did, the personage would journey by another way.

Nothing says in the script than it must happen with those emotions, is to let itself take. At those moments the forms to work of the interpreter and the director are conjugated. I have always felt the freedom to let take to me with the personage, which is not a easy task.

What happens to him to the actor and the personage with a work like this one, that has remained as much time in billboard? It has a little while in that they are re-invented?

That happens in all the works. In the case of “Rose? I believe that the putting in scene has been gaining much with each presentation. They are 85 minutes in which I am single and I must journey by different touching moments.

There are many things that they have to do with this and that they are basic, like being rested well, for example. An artistic and emotional energy makes lack very great, but the theater is always in constant movement. The theater is the kingdom of the actor, the spectator is seeing the actor, directly. Clearly, there is a director, who in this case is magnificent, but is a different work. The theater is born and dies every night, which also means a risk for the spectator. It is a ceremony that is alive and that happens every night of different way.

You are an actress who always has pronounced yourself very worried about the social thing, it considers that it has taken this to his work?

In a sense yes. I have always tried to do my work by far respect towards the spectator.

I believe that thus I contribute to that the true office of the actor stays effective. That respect is to collaborate, somehow, to the construction of one better society. I have not worked in works that were against ideologically to which I create. There are things in which there are to agree, although that means to resign an economic benefit.

Before Rose said to me that has something of its grandmother and her mother, it also has something of Beatriz?

Yes, mainly because my mother and my grandmother comprise of my own history and my experience.

My grandparents also went immigrants, did not belong to the Jewish colectivity but they came from Italy escaping of the hunger. All that is very present in the work. I am a woman, who like Rose, has known the pain and the love. I have known reírme of many things that were happening, because when llegás to certain age empezás to watch the life of another way. I imagine that to the 80 he must have another glance, for that reason also I have dedicated myself to observe much mother, to approach me the 80 without having them, and the public has responded very well.

How lives the experience to realize its first unipersonal spectacle?

He is very pleasing, because I am living on the theater that I create and I am not needing to make other things. But I believe that I am going away to give account of all this when it stops doing it, because now it seems to me very natural to go to the theater and to be single. Perhaps it seems rare to me to return to work with other actors.

Which are their next projects, Beatriz?

I have many desire to continue making theater, my life it is the theater, it generates much pleasure to me.

Now we have decided to take “to Rose? to cross the country, after it to have had in the Buenosairean billboard by more of a year. It is the first time that I make a tour in Argentina and certainly I am fascinated. I was already in Chaco and Formosa; these days I am going to be in Tucuman and Salta. In addition, it interests much to me to know the atmosphere artistic from each place that I travel, although is minimumly. On the other hand, there are projects to make a film and a new work, but for that they are going to have to hope.

Inaugural debut and concert 2010 Symphonic of its new director

The Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer, Thursday 15 of April, the first concert of Artistic Season 2010. It will be, without doubts, an evening for the memory, since the new director Enrique Roel will realize his debut in front of the grouping and the public salteño.

The appointment is to 21,30 in the Provincial Theater of Jumps. The public will enjoy the interpretation famous works of the universal repertoire, selected especially for the Inaugural Concert.

Firstly, Overture will be interpreted the Hébridas de Felix Mendelssohn, will follow Spanish Whim to him of Nikolai Rimski Korsakov, will close the first part. In the second part, Symphony of the New World of Antonín will be interpreted Dvorak.

From Monday 5 of April, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps, tries daily in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, under the baton of its flaming musical conductor. Roel declared to feel great expectation facing the beginning of activities and said to feel to taste with the Orchestra, with which it has obtained empathy and communication.

It also advanced, that in May will be able to announce the annual programming, with the fundamental objective to establish the system of installments that wishes to implement and that outside announced weeks back in press conference.

The entrances for the inaugural concert will be next on sale in Ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70).

One remembers that pensioners, disabled and students can accede to a 50 percent of discount in the value of the entrances crediting properly, in ticket office, their quality of such with the corresponding instruments (membership cards, certainties of students, etc). This discount get ready by means of Resolution Nº 84 - 09 of the Institute of Music and Dance, which also runs for the rest of the artistic bodies of the Institute.

This resolution on the other hand, promotes the subscription in particular agreements with institutions official or deprived properly credited and representative of disabled pensioners, students or, in order to allow the gratuitous access more to the needed sectors.
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