Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances

“The Cerrillana? closes the season in the Theater of the Foundation

The spectacle will count on the presence of Marina and Hugo Jiménez.

The academy and ballet of folkloric dances “the Cerrillana? will celebrate its 20 years. With such reason it will today offer a spectacle of conclusion of activities, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps - General Güemes 434-. The appointment will begin to the 21 hours.

The academy was founded the 4 of August of 1989 on Villa Balcony, Hillocks, by Carolina Cuevas and Sergio Gramajo. They are filial of the Ballet Jumps, of Marina and Hugo Jiménez. At present it is directed by professor Rodrigo Gramajo. From year 2007 it abrió a new academy in Jumps Capital.

“In this sample of year end we want to leave in the scene the essence of the folklore ours, fused with the modern thing, for it we will cross the different regions from our country emphasizing in each place its more popular dances, embellished with figures and clothes?, affirmed Gramajo director.

Besides being celebrating the 20 years with the dance, the academy will give the title to the 4 new ones withdrawn like Professors of Argentine Dances Folkloric: Lourdes Daher, Eliana Yañez, Noelia Beltrán and Virginia Barboza.

“We will count on the outstanding presence of our Marina godfathers and Hugo Jiménez, professors and directors of the Ballet Jump and great exponents of our Argentine dances all over the world.

They would accompany to us in addition: Dance Jazz Ballet, directed by Professor Iván Barrientos, presenting/displaying a winning choreography of gold medal in interpretation; and Studio Dance, of professor Small Adriana. The tango will say present with professors Roberto Lazo and Fernanda Michel, directors of the Black Ballet Tango, and the sauce rate will arrive with the Ballet Latin Fusion, directed by professor Alexander Garci'a, dancer who participated in Dancing by a dream and in Argentine Talent, next to his ballet?, he added.

Mariana Reed presents/displays “Song Toast? in the Provincial one

Saturday 26 of December, to 22, Mariana Reed will present/display in the Provincial Theater of Jumps its great successes of songs and songs of the Calchaquí Valley. After its recent and successful tour by Europe, Mariana Reed wants to share with Jumps the art that registers. Accompanied by his Orchestra Folkloric, it will advance part of the new record material and the spectacle to present/display in the Golden wedding of the Great National Festival of Folklore Cosquin 2010.

Song toast denominates their spectacle that will be a familiar celebration for the town salteño with genuine copleros invited by the artist. There will be songs for all the pleasures: counterpoints, tonadas, stories, bagualas, vidalas and traditional songs.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater. It silverplates $40 and $30, Theater box $30.

The School of Folklore Cadences will present/display “Reflections?

The School of Folklore Cadences will present/display Reflections, Wednesday 23 of December, to 21,30, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Reflections make reference to our culture, tradition, music, dance, etc. that were inherited and transmitted by our ancestors and that we transmitted to the future generations. One of the choreographic pictures is called Mother Earth and makes reference to the ritual of the Pachamama, faithful reflection of some customs of our country.

Music includes different rates pertaining to varied regions from our country.

The School of Folklore Cadences was founded the 30 of December of 2004, by its director and professor Luciana Saldaño. It works in the Union of Ceramists (San Felipe and Santiago 1255) and counts on approximately 90 students of different ages, children, young people and adults.

In this opportunity accompanying Annual Muestra by the School will become reference to the five years of the School. In addition it will be counted on the presence of professor Matías Huanuco that will direct the pictures of malambo.

General entrance $10, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Closing of season of the Infantile and Youthful Orchestra of the Province

21,30 Tuesday 22 to hs. the Infantile and Youthful Orchestra of the Province, will realize its concert of closing of Season 2009.
They will interpret Concert for violin and orchestra 2 N° Op, 22 of Wieniawski, and the Concert for piano and orchestra N° 20 of Mozart.
Entrances on sale as of Monday 19 in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates and theater box $ 5, Pullman and Super Pullman $ 3.

The Minga will offer “Matter and Spirit Edition 2009?

The spectacle will be carried out today, in the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

The study of dances the Minga will present/display his second annual sample today, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), with the spectacle “Matter and Spirit Edition 2009?. In this occasion, salteño will be the public the process of a full year of profits obtained by the students of the institution in the different areas: folklore, malambo, tango, contemporary, Arab dance and sauce. The spectacle also is an advance payment of the ten years of the study, that will be marked in 2010.

The show will be under the general coordination of professors Rocío Saavedra, Ezequiel Branches, Lucas Cardozo and Fernando Montero; and under the direction of Pablo Guantay and Diego Guantay.
One will count on the participation of dancers invited of General the Theater Complex San Martin of Buenos Aires: Jose Luis Chaile (salteño) ex- student of the Study the Minga; Agostina Escarafia, recently integrated to the Company of Contemporary Dance of the Theater San Martin; Eduardo Virasoro and Daiana Vuconich, recently integrated to the Tangokinesis company directed by Ana Maria Stekelman; Elina Marchini, that the Minga participated next to the study in 2008 in Tango x Salta, and Rodolfo Santamarina.

During the course of these years, the Study the Minga participated in events private public and to provincial and national level.

Spectacle “a Century of Dance?

Evolution, a century of dance dances, is the name of the spectacle that will release the academy of Cecilia Binda, 21,30 Monday 21 to hs., in the Greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps.
It deals with a show multimedia that will cross the evolution of the street dances and hall throughout history.
During the putting in scene, pictures of vals and Charleston will be able to be appreciated until hip hop and reggeaton, among others. In this trip through time, the public will learn on the origin of the different street rates and referring more important his.
Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates and Theater box $ 40, Pullman and Super Pullman $35.

“It changes, everything changes " in the room Gallant

It is a piece of the Nenúfares group that was made from carried out improvisations in a theater factory.

The group of Nenúfares theater will present/display the work “Changes, everything changes? to 22 tonight, in the room “Martin Raul Gallant?.

The work counts the history of Leticia, a woman who decided to order his placard and finds in him, a box with objects of its past.

These found elements will bring to the scene their memories, and histories that her grandmother next to the glance of chusmas of the town told.

This artistic initiative was elaborated from carried out improvisations in the theater factory.

The Nenúfares group arose in 2007, in the factory of theater in charge of Marcela Cura. The same form leaves from the set of proposals of the Department of Retired Cultural Extension of the Center of of Jujuy.

In that year the first titled proposal was released “Histories of Famous Women?, cradle in the biography of feminine figures of our history and, the last year, the group penetrated in humor through the piece “Eyes that do not see?, a story of Fontanarrosa. It is important to honor that the entrance is free and gratuitous, with the collaboration of diapers appointed the boys of the Hospital of Children.

The romanticism of Nicola Di Bari arrives at the Provincial one

It arrives at the Provincial Theater the legend from romantic music from years “70, the singing outstanding Italian Nicola Di Bari. In an exclusive visit, unique in the NOA, Wednesday 16 of December, to 22, in the Greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps, will present/display their great successes like Vagabond, Today volume my guitar, Rose, the days of arcoiris, Violets and the foreigner. Nicola Di Bari begins its extensive and successful race winning festivales in its province of Foggia origin in Apulia in which it practically devastated. It impelled it to this to that at the end of the? 50 one moved to Milan, city that most of agglutinated the musical movement of the time.

In this Nicola atmosphere it fits quickly getting to form his own band, today mythical Saar.

Once dissolved the group, its race like soloist begins, takes which it to the unstoppable triumph and unquestionable in which several numbers one obtained that it is considered and recognized like one of the singers greater than never had given Italy.

Double winner of the prestigious Festival of San Remo, Nicola Di Bari has prevailed with songs that today are part of best Italian music, European and world-wide. As it shows of that coarse one to mention titles like the first Beautiful thing, the heart is a gypsy, Guitar sounds more slowly, Il Mondo and Grigio Il Mondo and Blue, Agnese, last the romantic one, among others successes, that serve to him to act anywhere in the world and to be recognized.

Nicola Di Bari is, without a doubt, a fascinating personage, owner of a voice easy to identify, unique, enthusiastic, dramatic, sentimental and romantic, that the course of its particular form to live has not done more than to improve and to praise until highest.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $160, $140 and $120, Theater box $100, Pullman and Súper Pullman $70.

The Symphonic one dismisses its season with a imperdible repertoire of Argentine music

After to release the Traviata next to Iñaki Urlezaga in Buenos Aires, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will dismiss Season 2009, 19 and 20 of December, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps and the Municipal Polideportivo of Field Santo, respectively. Both presentations will be dedicated to Argentine music and will count on the action of luxury soloists: Juan Falú (guitar) and Rolando Goldman (charango).

Saturday 19, the concert will be directed by the teacher Luis Gorelik, whereas the presentation of Sunday 20 in Field Santo, is realized under the baton of Thin Yeny.

The repertoire that will be interpreted in the second part of the evenings, has been chosen especially to dismiss cultured Season 2009 being rendered our music and its creators.

In the first part, the public will be able to enjoy the Symphony Nº 4 in the Major, Op. 90 “Italian? of Felix Mendelssohn.

Soon the turn will arrive from Argentine music. First of all, Sanjuanino will be interpreted I am (for guitar, charango and orchestra of cords) and the Argentine folkloric Suite for guitar and orchestra of cords of Juan Falú, with orchestral adjustments of Andres To pound.

Later, one will offer a work selection of different composers with adjustments for charango and orchestra from cords realized by Juan Quintero. Under the common denominator of sonorous Landscapes of Argentina, Green rosemary of the brothers will be interpreted Prado, Dance of the mature maize of Atahualpa Yupanqui, Longing for the Carnival (Anonymous), Thinking about her of Orozco and Barrientos, Reconciled of Gustavo “Cuchi? Leguizamón and forgotten Atahualpa Yupanqui and the brothers Diaz.

The end of the program will arrive with Laurel of Juan Falú.

The entrances for the concert of Saturday 19, in the Provincial Theater of Jump, will be for sale from Monday 14 in ticket office (Zuviría 70). The concert in Field Santo will be realized with free and gratuitous entrance.

Tomorrow “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? is released

Members of Penal Unit 1, their university managers and students were united to realize this work.

Familiar tangles, humorous situations and variable generations to the passage of time, are some of the subjects that will show east Friday to 21 in humorous the piece and reflective “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? of Germa'n Zicus in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

Immersed in the dawn of other times, the actors pertaining to the factory of theater of the Penitentiary Service Unit 1 and two managers of the same, absorbed the essence of the suburb of Buenos Aires and raised in each test, the birth of an funny work of love in which are manifolds personages.

Accompanying the accomplishment by the argument and theatricality, it was added to the proposal directed by Néstor “Yiyi? Maidana, a feminine list integrated by students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and of the Department of Education.

For this reason, assembled in three acts, this piece sets out to consolidate the familiar union, but also another particular union that takes place in the theater scene and that was perceived in one of the tests realized in the coliseo jujeño.

United by the theater, the members of the artistic list were united in this artistic discipline that manages to break with the social differences and responds to the work with people who play on the scene and try to change their daily situation.

“It is a beautiful experience, with a good group that armed itself. It is to share between all this pretty work? expressed Nilda Delia Cuellar de Martinez, one of the actresses who, next to Liliana Ester Rodriguez comprise of Department of Education.

“It is the first time that I participate in theater. At the outset I was scared, fear but later many expectations. We mainly live an atmosphere on respect and patience. Later a good coexistence in these three months took place that we had tests? declared Rodriguez.

The voice of Fabian Tolaba, one of the protagonists of the work, also was made feel and defined to the theater like an art social leveller and.

“I am in theater for six years in the Penitentiary Unit, is one more a experience to demonstrate the good thing that she does the art to us like people.

First it cost to me to integrate me to the group but everything what one learns is positive. All we are human beings without distinction and we formed a good group " expressed the intern.
Also, two students of the race of Sciences of the Education the Faculty of Humanities also will act in this putting and they were happy for working in a heterogenous group.

“The invitation arrived to Us to be part of the work through a work in facu. What I rescue is the extension activity that allows us to know other institutions? said to Alejandra Julian who included to Cecilia Shutter in his declaration. “Since they invited to us we have many desire to act. In my case it is the first time that I participate in a play. A pretty group with spectacular people armed itself? finalized Shutter.

“The Rebellion of the Dreams?

The piece interpreted by three actors will recover tonight and tomorrow.

The theater piece “the Rebellion of the Dreams? will recover today and tomorrow to 20,30 in the museum and cultural center “Culturarte? of San Martin corner Vine shoot.

The work, that is carried out by Daniel Saldaño, Rubén Fleita and Carlos Teñeres, raises thematic deep that will take to the watching public to the reflection.

The argument analyzes discovering how the ambition without limits of being able and the necessity to reach it, takes to some few men to administer to desire of a whole town, region or country and on how the own one to be human would make any thing to arrive at its objective.

DANCE appears LIFE in charge of Silvina Galdeano

Tuesday 8 of December to 20 hs, will take place in the Greater Room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps the spectacle DANCE LIFE of professor SILVINA GALDEANO.
A spectacle where it will be possible to be appreciated Classic Dances, Neoclásicas and Modern Jazz. In the Silvina occasion, it will present/display to his withdrawn 2009 in Classic Dances Giuliana Florence Galván, that graduated under the supervision as Professor Patricia Sanchez, ex- dancing of the Theater educational present Columbus and in the Study Julio Bocca.
The 4 years and ex- received students of the study of professors of dances will participate young in all the ages as of.

The entrances will be on sale from the 18 of November in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $ 30, Theater box $ 25, Pullman and Super Pullman $ 20.

Sun of Portocarrero presents/displays “Jondo, to happen flamenco?

Sun of Real Portocarrero- company of Spanish dance will present/display Jondo, to happen flamenco, the days 4 Fridays and Saturday 5 of December, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460).

This show, created and directed by coreógrafa Daniela Perez and inspired by texts of Manuel Rivers Ruiz, counts on the Adhesion of the Vice-consulship of Spain in Jumps and the declaration of Cultural Interest of the Secretary of Culture of the province.

This spectacle will go into in stylistic forms of the traditional flamenco dance and of the flamenco contemporary in search of the emotion that sustains by tradition the continuity in the time of this artistic expression, that although it arises in Centuries XVIII and XIX, continues affecting because its depth is in the sentimental magnificencia and evolves without stopping being he himself within a transformed and present society and, it will survive in as much and as soon as they continue having degustadores in the morning of this subtle art and whim.

Entrances for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture: It silverplates numbered $25, numbered Pullman $20.

Friday and cultural Saturdays in Liberator

With the presence of local artists and other provinces in the Branch.

Tomorrow to 22 the theater work “Erase will appear once a King? of Oscar I castrate that the Threshold will interpret the group, in the central place of the city of General Liberator San Martin.

The putting in scene of the piece within the framework register of the I Theater Encounter of the Yungas, that takes place all the Fridays and Saturdays of the current month, with the participation of artists and cultural groups who from other provinces and localities occurred to appointment in the Branch jujeño.

This way, the past Saturday the spectacle was realized poetic-musical comedy in charge of Ramiro González and Maximiliano Ibáñez, in the parochial hall the Sacred church Heart of Jesus.

The recital offered by the poet and musician Ramiro González and poet Maximiliano Ibáñez, was based on the hope and the faith of the man from the religion and customs of the original towns.

Maximiliano Ibáñez recited different works, accompanied with the musical chords executed by Ramiro, that also offered his songs that made the delight of the attending public.

The La Riojan musician and the Cordovan poet were thankful for the invitation that attended Red Alvaro to him, one of the generators of this initiative, to comprise of the program that is constituted like an excellent cultural proposal for the inhabitants of the Branch.

In addition, they mentioned that for some time they come working in joint form and realizing presentations in different scenes from the country.

On the other hand, Red Alvaro remembered that during all the Fridays and Saturdays the theater moved one grew that Flame throwers take to the members of the Group ahead and that counted on the auspice of the municipality of General Liberator San Martin, by such reason it thanked for all those people who made it possible.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Green snot in the Gallant

The punk grouping rock will present/display its second record work.

The punk band rock Green Snot will present/display its second titled record material “Vague of yesterday? tonight to 20, in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

In addition, in the artistic show the public will be able to listen to subjects of own responsibility that they belong to the first record material, engraving of independent form.

This musical formation, integrated by L.E.C (low and voice), “Tavo? (first guitar), “Gury? (second guitar) and “Musa? (battery), has ten years of trajectory in the local scene.

The entrance for this spectacle will be free and gratuitous.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

One varied proposal to close the Factories of Theater

The Secretariat of Culture of the Province, through its Direction of Cultural Management, raises scene the closing of the Factories of Theater. Of Wednesday 25 to Sunday 29 of November the practical works of investigation of the students in the rooms will appear Juan and Mecano (Homemade 460), after an arduous year of training.

Under the direction of Lucrecia Branches, with children and adolescents, and Jorge Renoldi with the adults, the paper who play the factories of theater in our province is more and more excellent. This attests the 21 present lists in the provincial celebration of theater, of which an important percentage was formed by the population of talleristas. In the same way, the adolescent factories are a seed plot of artists, since many of withdrawn his outside continue their formation of the province, like cinema directors, actors, university professors of theater, etc.

“What we tried to instill is the passion, we inflated so them of enthusiasm and that is what they take for other places? comments the black Branches. “The theater is a visionary sort, a knowledge related to the creative thing, that it dives deep in the human emotions. We work with that material and we were discovering great talents.? Renoldi counts.

Knowing the restlessness that this activity generates, the Secretariat of Culture, every year, proposes a factory of approach to the scenic work, where east creative sort is approached. After a year of incorporation of the theoretical knowledge and physical training, the student arrives at a point where he needs to happen to another instance, the confrontation with the public.

The cronogram of presentations is the following one:

Wednesday 25

Room Juan Carlos Dávalos

17.30h - Young - collective Creation We are going all to play - Lucrecia Branches
18.30h - Adolescent 1º Level - collective Creation Histories of Navigators - Lucrecia Branches
20.30h - Adolescent 2º Level - collective Creation Small stories of love - Lucrecia Branches
22h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation Five bullets, five people - Lucrecia Branches

Thursday 26

Mecano room

18h - Adolescent 2º and 3º Level - collective Creation Blue Field - Lucrecia Branches
19h - Adolescent 1º Level - collective Creation Women - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adult - Approaches Lorquianas - Jorge Renoldi
22,30 h - Adults - In the name of God - Jorge Renoldi

Friday 27

Mecano room

19h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation Five bullets, five people - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adult - Approaches Lorquianas - Jorge Renoldi
22,30 h - Adults - In the name of God - Jorge Renoldi

Saturday 28

Mecano room

20h - Adolescent 2 º and 3º Level - collective Creation the Island - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation Almuerto - Lucrecia Branches

Domingo 29

Room Juan Carlos Dávalos

17h- Children 2º Level - collective Creation Focom… Socom… Colon! - Lucrecia Branches
18.30h - Adolescent 2º Level - collective Creation Small stories of love - Lucrecia Branches
19.30h - Adolescent 2º and 3º Level - collective Creation Blue Field - Lucrecia Branches
21h - Adolescent 3º Level - collective Creation the Machine To dream - Lucrecia Branches

Mecano room

22.30 - Adolescents 2º and 3º Level - collective Creation the Island - Lucrecia Branches

General entrance to $5, for sale in the ticket office of the House of the Culture.

Works of Mozart and Devienne in a concert of camera music

Sunday 22 of November, to 19,30, in the Hall Victory the Provincial Theater of Jumps (Zuviría 70), the Department of Music of Camera will offer a gratuitous concert with a showy repertoire integrated by works of Mozart and Devienne.

One will count on the special action of the Quartets for Flute and Cords and Fagot and Cello, integrated by Dante de Simone (flute), Facundo Stonecutter (fagot), Bethlehem Hernandez (violin), Tetyana Larina (violates) and Martin D'Elía (hoop).

The Department of Music of Camera was created in June of 2004 and is directed by the pianist Maria Dark brown Fernanda, is a pedagogical and artistic organization that space to musicians of levels gives initial, average and superior, of all the ages, that wish to penetrate in groupings such as pairs, trios, quartets, quintets and small joints.

Ballet Theater of Jujuy next to the outstanding coreógrafo Raul Gatto

once again director Fulvia de Gruber summoned to first figures to engalanar her samples of year end.

The Ballet Theater of Jujuy that directs professor Fulvia Chagra de Gruber announced for this weekend, three functions that mark the closing of cycle 2009 of their academy.
The appointment is in the greater room of the Miter Theater, with the presentation of three works: “Sylvia or the Nymph of Morning call? (Suite), “Interplay? (Ballet Classic Neon), and “Arlequinada?.

Every year, the director summons to a national or international figure to engalanar these annual samples, and in this opportunity it will be the coreógrafo Raul Gatto (ex- First Dancer of the Ballet of the Theater Columbus).

Also it was summoned like invited dancer, to Miguel Klug Angel (of the Institute Superior of Art of the Theater Columbus), that will accompany to the jujeños artists in the putting.
It is possible to mention that the spectacle proposes 96 artists in scene, who will be brilliant tonight to 22, and tomorrow and Sunday to 20.

“Sylvia or the Nymph of Morning call? counts on music of I read Delibes, choreography of Aída Amicon, and with Raul Gatto like repositor coreógrafo. The argument of the work is based on a mythological subject, gathered of Torcuato Tasso in " Aminta?, and it was released in the opera of Paris during the season of 1876.

In the main papers Daniela Saenz and Miguel act Klug Angel.
“Interplay? is a neoclassic ballet with music of Morton Gould and choreography of Bassilis Lambrinos, whose replacement is of Gatto. In this case also the list is headed by Daniela Saenz and Miguel Klug Angel.

Finally, “Arlequinada? counts on music of Aram Kachaturian and original choreography of Gatto. The action of this ballet passes in carnival. The personages of “Arlequinada? come from the Commedia Dell' Art. The melancholy of Pierrot in its vain search of the love. The glad Arlequín to whom the masks coquetean: Columbian, Chiarina, Star, Coquete, Papillon, in a succession of attractive and romantic scenes.

A coreógrafo of luxury

The Tribuno de Jujuy talked with Fulvia Chagra de Gruber and Raul Gatto, this last one just arrived from Buenos Aires to participate in the general tests and to be present at the spectacles.

The work process began after to have concluded the vacations of July, when Gatto was in Jujuy to mount three works. It tells that it returned in October to otmar examinations in the study of Gruber, and now to participate in the last tests and preparations.

He commented mainly that the level of the dance in this ballet “is very high, considering that' Interplay' for example is a difficult choreography that we transferred exactly as Columbus becomes in the Theater, and students could assume the jujeños it very well technically?, commented.

It is not the first time that works in Jujuy, on the contrary takes a relation with our artists that dates from thirty years back, when they remember next to professor Gruber, was first dancer of the Ballet Theater of Jujuy to make “Sílfides? polovtsianas dances of the opera “Prince Igor?. “Then the coreógrafo of my ballet was Ricardo Novich, and he decides to bring to Gatto that was like first dancer soloist of the Theater Columbus?, Gruber remembers.

As of that moment they followed its sporadic participation with the students of the study of Gruber, until this year again surprises with its choreographies and replacements of repertoire choreographies, for this artistic grouping of great importance and trajectory in our province.

From always, Fulvia Chagra de Gruber worried to offer to its students, the possibilities of working with artists of first level, with ample trajectory, and at that they pointed its efforts.

Raul Gatto danced in the Theater Columbus from 1973 until he retired, was coordinating artistic and technician of the Argentine Theater when he reopened, and at the moment is coreógrafo and repositor coreógrafo, besides director of several ballets and their own academy, because he considers that “the race of the dancer always has a continuity after the dance, when one sets out to transmit the knowledge.

Besides his activities like coreógrafo, he dictates courses in the interior and in the outside of the country, he is sworn international of contests of dance, director of Hill the Official Ballet of Zamora, of the Infantile Ballet of the School of Dances of the silver, educational of three chairs of the School of Dances of the Silver, director of his particular study, and examiner in different places from the country.

“I Always liked music and I had a special attraction by the plastic arts?, comments when we consulted by its vocation and the discovery to him of the same. He tells that he began to secretly study dances, and assures that the recognition and the acceptance of its father (that were against at first) arrived when Columbus obtained to his place in the Argentine Theater and in the Theater soon.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

The propose interesting theater offers to the public

The works will raise scene in the Argentina Association de Actores, in the Hall Auditorium and in the Foundation It jumps.

Attractive theater proposals will be able to be enjoyed the weekend in different rooms of the capital salteña. Bajofondo Theater Club will replace the work “fitito?; group n will return to the Hall Auditorium with “Cleaning?, while in the Foundation It jumps will continue the I Provincial Encounter of Theater for Adults Majors.

“Fitito?, of Cecilia Propato, will recover today and tomorrow, to 22, in the room of the Argentina Association de Actores (Rivadavia 937). Under the Thin direction of Carlos, they carry out the work Natasia Rivero, Carolina Sató, Andrea Yacuzzi, Rafael Amado and Joti Hernandez.

On the other hand, the theater piece “Cleaning?, carried out by group n, will return to the scene of the hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349). The work, of the tucumano Carlos Maria Alsina, will appear today and tomorrow Saturday, to 22, and Sunday, to 20.30. “Cleaning? is based on a real fact, when, before the arrival of Videla, governor de facto Bussi ordered to do an operative one of “cleaning? in Tucuman, that consisted of removing to all the paupers from the city and leaving them in the middle of a mount of Catamarca.
Also, in the continuity of the theater for adults, from the 21,30 in the room of General Güemes 434, the work “Acordate of the letter? will be put today in scene, a collective creation, of the group of theater Fullness, under the direction of Fat' s Ferrario. The encounter will extend until next Monday.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

The Symphony orchestra of Salta and Iñaki Urlezaga will put in scene “the Traviata?

Thursday 19, 20 Fridays and Saturday 21 of November to 21,30, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps next to Iñaki Urlezaga, Eliana Figueroa and the Ballet Concert, will release in the Provincial Theater of Jumps the Traviata, complete ballet in two acts. Entrances for sale.
With these three functions, the public salteño will have the opportunity to appreciate a unique putting for ballet of the famous opera of Giuseppe Verdi, previous to his opening in Buenos Aires, that will be realized in December.

With choreography of Iñaki Urlezaga and symphonic adjustment of Luis Gorelik, they will be protagonists Iñaki Urlezaga, Eliana Figueroa, Franc Cadelago, the Ballet Concert that directs Lilian Giovine and the Symphony orchestra of Jumps, under the direction of the teachers Luis Gorelik (19 of November) and Jorge Lhez (20 and 21 of November).

It is important to emphasize that the Ballet Concert is the unique deprived company of Argentina that from the year 2000 presents/displays in uninterrupted form its season in the Theater Columbus of Buenos Aires. Important works have been created especially for this Ballet.

The grouping has presented/displayed its spectacles in important international scenes and has received praises of the specialized critic and a total acceptance of the international public. In addition, the company enriches its repertoire summoning international coreógrafos, as well as theatrical designers and teachers who perfect the different styles that are interpreted.

The entrances will be able to be acquired from Wednesday 4 of November in ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70). The price of the same is Theater box and Silverplates Preferential $60, Silverplates $40 and Pullman and Súper Pullman $20.

The Traviata

The Traviata (“the misled one?) is an opera of Giuseppe Verdi. The text, of Francesco Maria Piave, is based on the novel of Alexandre Dumas (son) the lady of the camellias.

With the Traviata, Verdi reaches a mature style, with greater depth in the description of the personages, major solidity in the dramatic constructions and one more a more important and rich orchestra.

It is an atypical work within the production of Verdi by his realistic character. It does not refer great historical facts as Nabucco nor is based on tragedies like Macbeth, but is a psychological drama of intimist character.

The Traviata conforms a short list of operas that finished consecrating to Verdi.
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