Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances

“A History of Revolution? in the streets of Liberator

The work was written on the basis of the investigations Osvaldo Soriano and Felix Moon.

“A History of Revolution? is the theater work that will appear tonight to 21 on Belgrano street in front of the municipal building, like part of the official program of acts of the Week of May within the framework of the Bicentennial of the Mother country.

The cooperative school and the direction of press of the local municipality are the ones in charge to take to scene the artistic piece of Red Alvaro, who will include 60 people acting, between educational, parents, students and ex- students of the institution.

In addition putting in scene, that includes a town hall that reaches the six meters in length by three meters of stop, counts on the main directorate of Red Alvaro, the choreographies of Analía Giménez, the live music of Fabian Go'mez and the stage scene of Juan Zelaya next to educational of the institution.

This cultural encounter is supported with the support and auspice of the municipality of General Liberator San Martin.

Mozart, Bruch and Beethoven and a violinista outstanding

The next concert of the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will be realized Thursday 20 of May, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps. Under the direction of the teacher Enrique Roel, one will interpret works of Mozart, Bruch and Beethoven and will be counted on the action of recognized the violinista Marcelo Rebuffi.

The concert will begin with Overture the Magical Flute, of Mozart and will continue with the Concert for Violin and Nº Orchestra 1 Op. 26, of Bruch, with the solística action of the violinista Marcelo Rebuffi. Finally, in the second part the Symphony Nº 6 will be interpreted “Pastoral?, of Beethoven.

The entrances will be for sale from Monday 17 of May, in the Ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70). The same have a value of: It silverplates $20 and $16, Theater box $30, Pullman and Súper Pullman $10.

One remembers that pensioners, disabled and students can accede to a 50 percent of discount in the value of the entrances crediting properly, in ticket office, their quality of such with the corresponding instruments (membership cards, certainties of students, etc). This discount get ready by means of Resolution Nº 84 - 09 of the Institute of Music and Dance, which also runs for the rest of the artistic bodies of the Institute.

This resolution on the other hand, promotes the subscription in particular agreements with institutions official or deprived properly credited and representative of disabled pensioners, students or, in order to allow the gratuitous access more to the needed sectors.

Marcelo Rebuffi is a young violista violinista and of intense international concertística activity.

As member of the Quatrotango quartet one appeared in concert halls of all the continents.

In 2005 it obtains the prize Carlos Gardel next to the Quintet Car it Pugliese by the CD “the Life and the Storm?, live engraving in Japan (2004). Other 2 discs with this grouping received nominations of the same award.

Been born in 1977 and also withdrawn of the Conservatory Juan Jose I castrate, it began its violinísticos studies to the 6 years, with the Teacher Ljerko Spiller and took skillful classes with Alberto Lysy, among others.

Concert of piano and violin in Miter Theater

Two Eastern artists will delight to the public jujeño with their special repertoire organized by the filial Mozarteum Jujuy.

Tonight the concert of the native pianist of Taiwan, Moli Chiang will appear to 22 and the Chinese violinista, Qian Zhou in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

The two artists who own a remarkable musical trajectory will visit our province to delight to us with their art.

The pianist Moli Chiang was born in Taiwan and Argentine is naturalized. It received his musical and pianística formation in Buenos Aires, withdrawing of the National Conservatory of Music “Carlos Lopez Buchardo? like professor superior.

It worked with distinguished masterful, among them, Leon Fleisher, Ellen Mack, Enrique Graf and Yoheved Kaplinsky and gained different international contests.

On the other hand, the violinista Qian Zhou received his first musical formation in the Conservatory of Shanghai.

In 1985, it traveled to the United States where it completed his studies with Berl Senofsky in the Peabody Conservatory.

At the age of 18 Long-Jacques Thibaud in Paris appeared in the world of music with a shining triumph in the Marguerite Competition.

Qian Zhou has been in the first rank of the international violinistas of its generation. Frequently it acts in recitales and like soloist with orchestra in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa. Past commitments include concerts with different orchestras from world-wide prestige in Europe, China, Japan and the United States, among others. Their activities gained the approval of the international critic, reason why it has numerous national and international prizes; also it is important to honor that it recorded several CD " s and it touches in 1757 a Guadagnini violin, in loan of the gentleman and Mrs. Rhine Kei Mei.

“Kolla Bicentennial? in the Miter Theater

Mónica Pantoja, Micaela Chauque and Rogelio You will back water will present/display a spectacle without east precedent 22 Wednesday to hs.

Mónica Pantoja, Rogelio Ciares and Micaela Chauque will be the referring artists of our province who will be united to remember the history of our town in relation to the bicentennial revolution.

To the great voice of “zagala of Humahuaca? tilcareño through the instrumentalist Micaela Chauque will be added in the sound of the wind and the essence of huancares of Abra Pampas will move to valleys next to “runa pacha?, Rogelio You will back water.

This way, the history of our mother country will be sung by referring own of our earth, but also counted by the historian and professor humahuaqueño Enrique Cross will explain how kolla took part the town, in the revolutionary deed, within the framework of char it pleasant.

This encounter between the art and history, without doubts, will reflect a deep glance same, contemplating what we were, which we are and what we must be in projection to future.
The entrances on sale are in the coliseo jujeño.

Brightness and sensuality in the Regional XIº Encuentro of Arab Dances

Sunday 16 of May, to 21, will be realized in the Provincial Theater of Jumps the Regional XIº Encuentro of Arab Dances, with the participation of recognized explaining of Arab music: Saida, Yamil Annúm, Laksmi Devi, Ballet Yasmine Mesi To the Fayr, Ilahum Ballet and the Orchestra the International of the Teacher Mario Kirlis.

Mario Kirlis is the referring maximum of Arab Music in all Latin America. Its music arrived at Egypt, the cradle of Arab music, and is listened to in all the countries of the Middle East. During their race, their melodies transferred the borders of the Arab Community, to be known by a much more ample public. It developed an important activity within the Armenia colectivity next to the great singer Arthur Kouyoumdzian with whom realized record recitales and works like musician and arreglador. Within the Jewish colectivity, one appeared next to international singers like Iehiel Nahari, Sion Hegeskel, Gaby Fallak and others.

With eleven years interrupted, this convoking encounter, reunites to the lovers of the sort of our province and all the NOA, to unify and to celebrate the Arab culture.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $50, $45 and $40, Theater boxes $35, Pullman $30, and Super $25 pullman.

It returns DYANGO to the Provincial Theater from Jumps

“Magical Heart Tour 2010, Great Successes? denominates the tour that the romantic one of the song will realize in Argentina. In our city this awaited show in the scene of the Provincial Theater will be able to be appraised of Jumps.

Dyango, returns to the Provincial Theater from Jumps to share its successes it did since it in season 2008 when I present/display its record work “?. The appointment is 22 Monday 17 to hs. and the entrances already are on sale in ticket office of the Theater.

Great expectation generates the presentation of the legendary singer, since i