Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances

Presentation of Blind National the Polifónico Choir

With the auspice of the Secretariat of Culture of the Province, and within the framework of the celebration of the 80 years of the School of Education Espeacial Corina Canvas, Wednesday 23 of 21,30 June to hs., will appear Blind National the Polifónico Choir “Carlos Larrimbe Robert?.

This choral organism, is an institution conformed in its totality by totally blind people or with an advanced level of visual diminution. At the moment it depends on the Secretariat of Culture and Communication of the Presidency of the Nation and has his center of activities in Buenos Aires.

Throughout its artistic race, this one important grouping incorporated to its repertoire works of the universal orchestral repertoire, like the Requiem de Mozart, the Réquiem in smaller Re, Op. 48 of Fauré, the Gloria and the Magnificat de Vivaldi, or the Magnificat, of Bach, like thus also the Motete, Jesu, meine Freude, of Bach, works that have sung next to the Symphonic National in innumerable activities.

At present the Choir is conformed by the Director, Osvaldo Cesar Manzanelli, fifty coreutas, a pocal trainer, heads of cord, cotracks, among others.
In order to enter the Choir, it is essential to have musical knowledge, a minimum of vocal technique and a good handling of the writing Braille, including in this last knowledge of the Musicografía Braille. The entrance takes place through contests that are realized when there is necessity of cover of vacancies. Coreutas works especially with scores written in annotation Braille, for which, the Choir counts on a body of cotracks, that under the guide of a dictante take care to carry out this work of transcription.

The National Blind Choir owns a work repertoire “to capella? of the diverse sorts and not only they own a great interpretative quality, but also that its presentations are had with a unique emotividad.

The entrance is free and gratuitous, without location and by order of arrival. The access will be qualified as of 21 hours hs.

Shared evening folkloric, in the scene of the Theater of the Orchard

They will sing the group the Widow, the Left ones of Cueva and Gustavo Cordova.

A spectacle to pure folklore will take place in the Theater of the Orchard (Pueyrredón 175), the 19 of June, from the 21.30.

Gustavo Cordova, the Izkierdos of the Cave and the Widow will altogether offer a show, in which they will journey by his varied repertoires.

Gustavo comes appearing in several salteños scenes (Salar de Pocitos, Gaona and the Troja, among others) and has harvested many applause in the celebration of the Bicentennial in Charata (Chaco), where it realized several you encore to order of the public. Cordova will publish its second record work next and will make specific other very important projects. In this opportunity, the singer will interpret with his imposing voice his already consecrated subjects and will generate a climate of romanticism and celebration salteña.

The Izkierdos of the Cave sang, like guests, in the presentation of the new disc of the Nocheros in Jumps. Recently they were received in Cordova, with great success, in the rock of Facundo Toro and the Northern one (of Pipo, member of the Tekis).

The Widow, trio founded and integrated by Miguel Villalba (creative and ex- singer of Bond 4, harmonizing of some disc subjects of the Nocheros), Miguel Cervetto and Carlos Gerón, made her debut in the month of March, in the Festival of Chicha 2010 in the Boiler. This time, the group will offer to the spectators a show a repertoire in which they appear subjects of the best thing of the folklore.

The night of the 19, in the Theater of the Orchard, will explode then a pure celebration to zamba, farmer, huaynos and the best rates of the song book folkloric, that will make dance the public of the province.

The sale of entrances for zarzuela “Luisa Fernanda? begins

The Secretariat of Culture of the Province of Jumps presents/displays the putting in scene of zarzuela Luisa Fernanda, lyrical comedy in three acts, with music of Brown Federico Torroba and libreto of Federico Romero and Guillermo Fernandez-Shaw. The opening will be realized Friday 18 of June, to 21,30, with replacements the day Saturday 19 in the same schedule and Sunday 20, to 19, in the Greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps.

The production of this work is completely local and is organized by the Government of the Province of Jumps through Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Secretariat of Culture of the Province, the Institute of Music and Dance and the Foundation Jumps.

It will count on the participation of the Symphony orchestra of Jumps under the musical direction of the teacher Jorge Lhez, next to the Joint Choral Art directed by the teacher Luis Benavídez, will offer three functions of this famous work of the Spanish lyrical sort. The artistic equipment is completed with the scenic direction of Jorge Renoldi, the executive production of Beatriz Casermeiro and the general coordination in charge of the lawyer Jorge Velarde.

The talent will be able to be appreciated in scene of recognized figures of the lyrical sort like Virginia Dupuy Strap (mezzosoprano) in the roll of Luisa Fernanda, Graciela Oddone (soprano) in the roll of the Carolina Duchess, Luciano Garay (baritone) in the roll of Vidal Hernando, Norberto Fernandez (tenor) in the roll of Brown Javier, Alicia Alduncin (mezzosoprano) in the roll of Mariana, Myriam Oil mill (soprano) in the roll of Rosita, Fabian Mignani (tenor) in the roll of the Saboyano and Single Ricardo Vidal (baritone) in the roll of Walnuts.

Also the participation of salteños actors Carlos Bonduri in the roll of Cross-eyed the Clubs, Sebastián Muñíz in the roll of Aníbal and Daniel Chacón in the roll of Don Florito stands out.

With the matchless Spanish enchantment, once again, the greater scene of the Theater will be adorned with exquisite scenery, primoroso clothes and a majestic and colorful putting in scene.

Luisa Fernanda

It was released in the Calderón Theater of Madrid the 26 of March of 1932.

History register in Madrid, during the final moments of the reign of Isabel II (1868). The frontier landowner Vidal Hernando and colonel of húsares Brown Javier try to Luisa Fernanda. The confrontation between both is not only loving: first it is pronounced liberal; the second, monarchist. Luisa loves Javier, but it has to the Carolina duchess that the galantea like powerful rival.

Seeing that Javier prefers the company of the duchess in the celebration of San Antonio, Luisa accepts by I disgust the proposal of marriage of Vidal. Enemistad between this one and Javier is major that never.

A rise against Isabel II has taken place. Javier, demolished of his horse by Vidal, is catched by the liberal militias and when Aníbal and Nogales, two revolutionaries, try to attack Javier, Luisa interposes and saves its life. Shortly after the monarchic troops are able to rescue Javier.

The property of Vidal, in the frontier border with Portugal. The monarchy has fallen. Awaiting his next wedding, Vidal offers a celebration for his fiance'e. In the heat of celebration appears Javier and, before the surprise of all, it kneels down before Luisa and it asks that it pardons to him. Although he rejects this one it and he requests to him that one goes away, Vidal understands which is the true love of its fiance'e and, in a generosity gesture, annuls his commitment and allows Luisa that goes away with Javier.

An exceptional occasion to listen to and to see the famous musical work, that from its opening harvests applause in different theaters from the world.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater, as of Tuesday 1 of June: It silverplates $20 and $16, Theater box $ 30, Pullman and Súper Pullman $10.

A police officer of black humor that will not happen unnoticed in Jumps

Luis Caram is an original adaptation of the director, of a text of the Venezuelan Gustavo Ott.

A police officer of esthetic black humor with a very particular one is what Luis Caram in “Pavlov promises to the director, 2 seconds before the crime?, the theater putting that will be released the 18 of June in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps (Gral. Güemes 434), with an outstanding local list.

“One is a novel, agile work and attractive from the visual, interpretative and sensorial point of view?, he anticipated the director. “In It jumps we can make theater with the same category that the one that comes from Buenos Aires, or better even in some cases?, sent Caram.

With the glance put in this horizon the novel proposal based on a text of the Venezuelan dramatist Gustavo Ott was designed.

“I released this work in Washington, like actor, several years ago. But he had esthetic the more traditional, most realistic one?, counted Caram. The putting, in the version salteña, has boldness appearances: Caram, like chief of a main directorate, and Miguel Astudillo, like art director, seted out to print the esthetic one to him of cómics of the magazines of years 50 and 60. Thus, the scenic structure will consider in three emblems, with the stage scene drawn in black and white. In resistance, the personages will have wigs and clothes of strident colors.

The action, unlike which it is visually, will be absolutely neutral. “The idea is that people put of her imagination to complete the personage, as she happens to cómic?, explained Astudillo.

The sound also will have the strong protagonism: “It will be almost the band of a film, because the work has a very cinematographic vision?, the art director added.

Caram maintained that “the idea was to take a subject that is very attractive: a police officer of black humor, and adds an interesting resource to him from the point of view of the dramatic art, that is that the author goes and returns in the time. The work begins with a murder, it passes to which it would be chronological the end of history and returns to a scene located two hours before the crime?, it described the director.

Theater for all

The version salteña of “Pavlov, 2 seconds before the crime? yearns for an adressee of thousand faces. “We think that the theater is for everybody, for that reason make works of very good quality and very popular?, it needed Luis Caram.

About the personages, it anticipated that they are psychologically very delimited, very marked: “Each has its symptoms and their traumas. You rule of how they had to be made up the personages were very well put, that contributed to that the actoral task was excellent?.

Caram needed that although the work has humoristic ingredients, the public leaves thinking. “A reading can be made superficial or to read between lines?, limited.

The Retirement Productions is working in this theater project for almost a year. About the challenges that the art direction raised, Astudillo specified that he was not simple to technically shape on a scene a comic strip format. “We do not want to remove a centimeter than initially we imagined. A fear that we had with Luis was what would happen with the personages which they are so exaggerated in his esthetic one, with those great wigs of cartapesta and those so exotic and colorful dresses. As we are having the objects, we realize of which everything fits. We have not had to resign to any of the artistic licenses that we devised. By all means that accompanies the actors, who adapt to work with a wig of an average kilo and in the head, or with shoes of 20 centimeters of height… Personages are really composing who are going to be for a long time in the memory of the spectators?, concluded.

Four guitars in concert

Sunday 13 of June, from the 19, students of the Degree in Musical Arts of the University School of Music UCASAL will present/display in the Hall Victory the Provincial Theater of Jumps, Zuviría 70, a concert of guitars with free and gratuitous entrance.

The student Pablo Rubelt will give beginning to this concert and will interpret epigramáticos Preludes of I read Brouwer, a work text based of Miguel Hernandez, the shone one of Guillermo Rubelt and You are the one who dissipates the lights and also closes the windows of Guillermo Rubelt based on a poem of Luis Andolfi.

Soon Darío will act Stream, that will execute a day of November of the Cuban composer I read Brouwer and Eloy Notary, who will offer to the Adelita public de Francisco Tárrega and Milongueo of Yesterday of Abel Fleury.

Finally André Rebuffi will interpret Drifting de Andy Mc Kee and Into Your Heart de Antoine Dufour.

These four students attend the Degree in Musical Arts in the University School of Music of the Catholic University of Jumps, their professors in guitar are the tucumano Pablo Gonzalez Jasey and salteño Rescuing Wheel.

Free and gratuitous entrance.

Ana Maria Parodi in Wednesdays of Theater

Within the framework of the Wednesday of Theater, next the 9 of June, 21, in the Mecano room (Homemade 460), will raise to scene the Oh work, SARAH! , unipersonal with Ana Maria Parodi, directed by Jorge Renoldi, with text of Ariel Mastandrea.
Dedicated to the memory of those who left tracks in the scenes of the world, the work is a tight synthesis of the life of Sara Bernhardt. Beyond his “life actress?, one approaches the woman, the human being, with his character, his feelings, illusions, their passion, its daily fight, that also is and was the fight of many women, above and under the scene….

Until year end, the days Wednesdays of the Mecano Room will be spent to the putting in Independent play scene different Salteño. The intention of the Secretariat of Culture, jointly with the Argentina Association de Filial Actores Jumps, is to generate the habit to see theater, a day fixed and predetermined per week.

This is the first action that makes specific the agreement signed opportunely by the Secretariat of Culture and the Argentina Association de Filial Actores Jumps, who anticipates measures like: the accomplishment of conferences, the programming of a continuous theater agenda inside the Province and the accomplishment of tending programs to develop and to strengthen the provincial and national cultural identity, etc.

General entrance to $20, for sale in the Ticket office of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

And now what, papa? , theater in Liberator

The piece will imagine in the hall the parish “Sacred Heart of Jesus?.

The piece “And now what, papa? of Abel Bust Sacred Heart of Jesus? of General Liberator will be represented 22 in the hall the parish tonight “San Martin, Ledesma department.
Professor Red Alvaro will put in scene this new play that will approach in its argument the diverse conflicts that can take place within a coexistence in familiar surroundings that will be let make drowsy and seduce by the routine and the daily custom.

In the artistic production she will prevail the absence of dialogs and the escape of the reality, reason why the protagonists will prefer to take refuge in a world of fantasy or the memories of a childhood in which sometimes they were happy.

The work will be carried out by Brenda actors Castle, Arming Sotelo and Ariel Farfán, whereas Silvia Go'mez is in charge of maquillajes, the technique under the responsibility of Martin Tuma and all the production will be developed with the direction of professor Red Alvaro.

Also, the ledesmense community is invited to participate in the function that will have like wire the silencios and different daily situations.

This cultural activity is organized by the youthful group of the parish “Sacred Heart of Jesus? and the cost of the entrances paid attention to 6 pesos, for the spectators interested in being present at the putting.

Pepe Angelillo presents/displays “Quiet Now?

Sunday 6 of June to 20 hs. the Provincial Theater of Jumps, will have the honor to receive to the pianist Jose “Pepe? Angelillo, recognized long pianist of and well-known trajectory in the scope of the jazz.

In an intimate concert, it will present/display subjects of his last record work denominated “Quiet Now?.

Jose Enrique “Pepe? Angelillo, course the race of Composition in the Bellas Faculty Artes (UNLP). He studied Musical Language and musical forms with the teachers, Manolo Juárez, Sergio Hualpa and Sergio Balderrabano. One specialized in Jazz in Clinics with the teachers Dave Holland and Joe Zawinul.

Like educational, Musical Language evolved like Head of Practical works of the matter Pitch area Composition and Musical Education of the Bellas Faculty Artes (UNLP). It was Educational Language of the Jazz: Area of dependant Cultural Extension of the Face. Beautiful Arts (UNLP). Direction evolved in the Factory of Pop music jazz in the Provincial Conservatory “Gilardo Gilardi?. It was Educational individual on harmony, it forms and improvisation in jazz from year 1990.

From year 1987 Its artistic and professional activity I take, it to cross different places in all the country working in national and international festivales (It jumps, the Handbag, the Silver, Mar del Plata).

Dean, George Haslam, Paul Hession worked with national and international artists like Elton (UK). Hillard Green (the USA), Ximo Tebar (Spain) Erve Sellin (France), Cucho Arbañil and Dick Miñako Sanchez (Peru). With Gustavo? Cuchi Leguizamón?, Dino Saluzzi, Pocho Lapouble, Matías González, Quique Sinesi, Horacio Lopez, Pablo Ledesma, Jorge González, Carlos Flagstone, Oscar Giunta, Stolen Monkey, Néstor Go'mez, Sergio Poli Alexander de Mogli, Calm Marcelo, Alexander Rodriguez, Izaurralde Monkey, and Ricardo Lew, among others.

General entrance $20.

Mariana Cayón and the Ceibales sings to him to the Mother country

Within the framework of the presentation to benefit for “FOUNDATION ONCOLOGICA FOR CHILDREN SARITA OLITTE?, Saturday 5 to 22 hs., the Ceibales will present/display “the CEIBALES SING to HIM TO the MOTHER COUNTRY?, next to Mariana Cayón, that will interpret subjects of its last record work denominated “DREAMS?.

After to journey by diverse scenes of festivales folkloric, the Ceibales, within the framework offers this one cantata of the Bicentennial, where they will interpret a repertoire dedicated to the great ones that they gave his life by the Mother country: Jose of San Martin, Manuel Belgrano and Martin Miguel de Güemes, among others.

On the other hand, Mariana Cayón, will interpret subjects of its new disc and the classic songs took that it to be recognized national level.
Cayón, has been more than 18 years like aerofonista, expressing itself through wind instruments like quena, sikus and the flute traversa. It initiated his musical studies to the 10 years in the School of Music of Cafayate and continued in Jumps Capital. It gained numerous contests throughout his race, between which ROOTS can be emphasized “OF JUMPS?, “PRE- COSQUIN?, PRE DOCK, and the prize “Consecration? of the Festival of Cosquín in 2009. Also one appeared in the Festival the International of Folklore in Switzerland and numerous times in editions of the Serenade to Cafayate.

General entrance numbered $50.

Heavy metal in the stops of the Miter Theater

Aggressor will present/display “Spiritual Llama?, his first record material.

The band of heavy Attacking metal of jujuy will appear tonight to 21 in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

This spectacle will be realized within the framework of the cultural cycle denominated “alternative music lives in Jujuy?, supported by the Secretariat of Culture of the Province.

In the occasion the presents will be able to enjoy the presentation of “Spiritual Llama?, first record work of the local band.

Jorge González (guitar and voice), Joaquin Sword (guitar), Emilio Cross (under) and Izetta Marks (battery) are the integral musicians of Aggressor who come touching within underground from the metalera scene of the province.

The formation officially made debut the 21 of September of year 2007 in a recital outdoors and could share scene with bands of its same musical style of the country, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.
In the middle of the 2008, they manage to record demo test and they continue appearing by the interior of the province, like for example, in the Huancar, in Resisting the Rock of the Quiaca and in the Chicha Rock of San Salvador de Jujuy.

The objective of the members of the grouping is the one to pass on message on real facts, “before to sing sterile things since it makes the majority of the commercial groups?.

“We think that the things are going to change and want that people understand the one that with personal effort the planet is going to be a better place where we pruned to live all as brother as we were sometimes? they declared.

The entrance to the recital for the community inhabitant of the capital will be free and gratuitous.

Oh we swear with Pailos to laugh!

The new spectacle of the Skinny Pailos that will appear the 5 of June in our province.

Accompanied as always by its close partenaire Gustavo “Japo? Molas, Pailos makes finery and reverence to a bicentennial by very expensive humor to the feeling of the Argentineans.

The show counts on a tedious and modern putting of lights and sound like also with impeccable clothes of time.

In the Pailos show it unloads all a “humoristic revolution? of gags, sketches and jokes with the original humoristic and musical support of Molas, and the choreographic contribution of the Makumba ballet.

The mission is to amuse to the public without losing the respect of the native symbols but with the joy that characterizes to us for 200 years, it emphasizes the promotional short news item of the spectacle when maintaining that now the town will know… in question.

In the past summer season in Villa Carlos Peace and Mine Keeper of keys (Cordova), Oh we swear with Pailos to laugh! it was located between the 3 of greater success with 42 thousand sold localities.

The Skinny Pailos is number one of Cordovan humor and the jujeños, the next Saturday, will have the opportunity to enjoy their occurrences and to laugh to not being able more.

Colombian theater in Jujuy

This Saturday and Sunday, two pieces in the theater of the Return will appear.

Two proposals of infantile theater will carry out east weekend in the theater of the Return of the Century.

This Saturday to 17, the piece of puppets “the Red? realized by group Solitary Butterfly, native Caperucita will appear of Bogota, Colombia.

The artists will realize the work of puppets in mixed technique, cradle in the classic story with adaptations to the modern context in which the pacific solution of the conflicts was observed, will reinforce values like the respect, obedience and the love.

In as much, Sunday in identical schedule, the work will recreate “the country of the Friendship? of the actor, director and August dramatist Cristancho.

The artist belongs to the group Of Viaje and the Traveller of Colombia and will tell to the small spectators this work that becomes a metaphor that rescues the concept of friendship and its meaning like one of the most important values and frequently perhaps forgotten in our times.

The friendship concept moves away every time our time invites to have more attachment to the material, to prioritize the personal and economic interests, among others over the human factor.
In the work “Agucho?, it will travel by the ways in search of his friend SAR to celebrate his celebration of birthday.

To his step one is with personages who confuse to him and they make move away him of the true way. Four puppets in scene, the magical tricks, the interaction with I publish match of this work playful to lose the fear.

The anticipated entrances will have a value of 10 pesos and the general to 15 in the mentioned space.

Concert of the Symphonic one with Dark brown Fernanda like soloist

Thursday 3 of June the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer a concert under the direction of the teacher Enrique Roel and with the pianist Maria Dark brown Fernanda like soloist. Works of Schumann, Dukas and Rimski - Korsakov will be interpreted.

The evening will be realized in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, to 21.30. It will be possible to be enjoyed the following repertoire: Concert for Piano and Orchestra in the Op minor. 54 of Robert Schumann, the Apprentice of Wizard of Paul Dukas and Scheherezade de Nicolai Rimski - Korsakov.

The entrances will be able to be acquired from Monday 31 of May in the Ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70). The same have a value of: It silverplates $20 and $16, Theater box $30, Pullman and Súper Pullman $10.

One remembers that pensioners, disabled and students can accede to a 50 percent of discount in the value of the entrances crediting properly, in ticket office, their quality of such with the corresponding instruments (membership cards, certainties of students, etc). This discount get ready by means of Resolution Nº 84 - 09 of the Institute of Music and Dance, which also runs for the rest of the artistic bodies of the Institute.

This resolution on the other hand, promotes the subscription in particular agreements with institutions official or deprived properly credited and representative of disabled pensioners, students or, in order to allow the gratuitous access more to the needed sectors.

Maria Dark brown Fernanda

Pianist and Argentine educator, formed in the pianísticas schools of Fanelli and Scaramuzza, where their training teachers Martha left Pariente and Antonio De Raco.

Its growth as pianist were parallel to the one of the formation of young people in the interpretation fields and music of camera. It never stopped working for the young people. Between the outstanding aspects of his educational work and production, it is possible to be mentioned to the Cycle of Concerts of Music of Camera and Soloists. The same, was throughout realized in the Metropolitan Museum where the pianist directed the Association Angelus Artisn, presenting/displaying to instrumentalist and singing young people a year.

Later, with the generous collaboration of the program In a personal view of Victor Hugo Morals and the management of the Association Scene, young people who had not had the opportunity to touch in great scenes, acceded scholars to interpretation classes soon, appearing in the Museum White Fernandez.

During several years Maria Dark brown Fernanda he showed the position of Runs of the Beethoven Conservatory that the Teacher directs and eximia pianist Pía Sebastiani. There, he developed a program of skillful classes called musical Forms.

Young talents happened through their chair. Some have already reached important places in the musical scene and have successfully fulfilled the objectives of their teaching. Among them, it is possible to be mentioned to Fernanda Morello, Federico Gold, French Staciuk and Alan Kwiek, names recognized in the Musical Society of Buenos Aires.

It had to his position the chair of Music of Camera of the IUNA in the National Conservatory of Music during several years.

At the moment it resides in Jumps where she is Director of the Department of Music of dependant Camera of the Institute of Music and Dance of the Province. It organizes periodically festivales of music of camera, cycles of concerts, masters classes and factories.

Projections and theater cycle in “Culturarte?

This behind schedule local productions realized by Wayruro will be seen Popular Communication. Tomorrow there will be theater.

Today to 19 the projection of videos will be realized coordinated by Wayruro Popular Communication in the museum and cultural center “Culturarte?.

The audio-visual ones that will be able to be appreciated will be “In the Height?, “Purmamarca, Land of songs?; “Tacit? and “Potters of Casira?, within the framework of the impressive denominated sample “the Biodiversity in the Bicentennial? that summons National Parks.

This exhibition sets out to show spectacles of several artistic disciplines.

In this frame it is that tomorrow to 20, will imagine the piece “In the arms of Alfredo Alcón? a work of Elena Bossi, that was winning of the Celebration Province of Theater 2008.

The argument turns around a history of mothers and daughters and are placed in our province.

It is seductive, outlandish, inimputable. To his she will love it daughter she will hate and it; but she will not have more remedy than to do what she requests oà to him to feel guilty.

Elsa has been having in house ashes of its mother passed away for a month, before the death promised to him that it would give ashes to Alfredo Alcón, because loved it secretly and dreamed about acting with him in a film, reason why exists in the family a myth about that supposed hidden love.

In the opportunity, Silvia Galician and Maria will act of the Carmen Echenique, assistant of direction Rubén Iriarte, design of lights and technique Leopoldo Grandson. The proposal will renew the next Saturday to 21, the function of “Osito fulfills years? in the mentioned cultural space. It is important to mention that all the activities are of gratuitous character.

Presentation of “the Sorceress of the Oranges?

It will be carried out of the celebrations of the week of the gardens within the framework.

Today the presentation of the disc will be realized “the Sorceress of the Oranges? to 10, 15 and 19 in the Miter Theater.

It is important to emphasize that the two first functions will take place for schools and gardens.

“The Sorceress of the Oranges? will arrive from the forest of the Blue Pines, perfuming the air of orange blossom and prepared with her basket of oranges to sing dancing and enjoying a special day next to the children of our province.

Inspired by the personages of her paradise and those of our reality, the sorceress composes her songs in pop music and world-wide, since she happens from classic to popular cumbia and reggaetón.

The sorceress is accompanied by different voices, where the boys of the room of 4 years of the Jim Cedems stand out, “Songs for? counts with 11 subjects and two play back to you, with which the boys can sing in their houses next to the sorceress.

All the subjects are of responsibility of Adriana and Angelica Simón, except for “the five young donkeys?, (song of cradle of Javier Villafañe with music of anonymous responsibility).

Diverse histories will be sung through the voice of this sorceress, interpreted by Angelica Simón, who also evolves as the folclorista premises elevating the subjects of an pleasant form.

This spectacle will be carried out like part of the celebrations of the week of the Kindergartens.

The entrances on sale are 20 pesos, in the mentioned cultural space.

Today they will sound to the chords of the guitar of the “teacher Luis?

It is the second time that the concertista recognized one, of 72 years, touches in a scene of our city.

The flamenco one is one of the musical styles more passional than they have been known throughout history. Jose Antonio Luis González knows those feelings, because he has dedicated all their life to take this music more to the variable public. The “teacher Luis?, in addition, has dedicated part of his time to the violin and guitar classes that has dictated from young person in our country. Tonight, the musician will delight once again to the salteños. The appointment is predicted for the 21, in Pro Culture Jumps (Miter 331).

The guitarist appeared for the first time in our province the past year and, according to she said, he is very anxious to share his music again. “I am very contented to be in Jumps. I feel a special affection by that province, because my woman, who passed away 6 years ago, was salteña. In addition, it is a precious city and I believe that to the people of it likes much the flamenco one there?, said Luis González, in an interview with the Tribuno.

González was born in Oviedo, Spain, the 29 of 1938 July. The flamenco one is something innate in this artist, who from very small felt that to make music it was his vocation. In 1957, being nineteen years old, it left from Spain next to his parents for our country, to which it adopted as his place of residence and improvement, continuing during six years his studies of classic guitar with the teacher Alvaro Hussey. To González the flamenco one means a great passion to him.

“Also I touch to tango and folklore, but what I like with all the soul is the flamenco one?, the musician commented. In the last years he has dedicated himself to only touch. It is that González feels that obtains major musical expresividad when on the scene are only he and its guitar. “The concerts with other musicians can complement what I do, but generally is something that lowers the level to them to my interpretations, because in addition, it happens that the melodies cover an a others?, explained.

The musician dedicates itself to flamenco the traditional one. With respect to the fusions with other rates, to which many of the contemporary musicians are ventured, he said that he considers that “they deform the styles, sometimes are obtained good results, but he cannot continue being called them of the same form?. The appointment for one night to pure flamenco will be then today, in Miter 331.

It returns the Ballet from the Province with an Argentine good spectacle

Monday 24 of May, from the 21,30, the Ballet of the Province will raise the scene of the Provincial Theater of Jumps to present/display Stamps of my country, an Argentine good spectacle that will be realized within the framework of the celebrations by the Bicentennial of the Mother country.

Stamps of my country will be realized under the artistic direction of the teacher Leandro Regueiro, with music of Jose Luis Castiñeira de God, choreography of Rodolfo Lastra and clothes of Alicia Gumá.

In order to create the choreography, Rodolfo Lastra was inspired by a series of situations and characteristics that evoke the identity of the different regions that conform our country: Mountains and Valleys, Matting and Rivers, Solitude, River plate Candombe, In the Farm, a Social gathering and Plains.

The entrances will be next on sale in ticket office of the Theater (Zuviría 70).

Concert on the occasion of the Bicentennial

Within the framework of the activities of the Bicentennial of the Revolution of May, Sunday 23 to 12 hs. one will appear in the Provincial Theater of Jumps the Orchestra and Youthful Choir of the Bicentennial, directed by the Mtro. I move away Perez.

This presentation is organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Government of the Province of Jumps, together with the Ministry of Education of the Nation, with the aim of deepening the policies of inclusion for children and young people who participate in the projects of orchestras and choirs, promoting in this way the access to cultural goods that try one better quality to them of life.

This orchestral grouping this conformed by originating musical young people of all the country, and will realize a cronogram of presentations that includes the provinces of Jujuy, Tucuman, Catamarca, Santiago of the Matting and Jumps.

The entrance is free and gratuitous, without location and by order of arrival. The access will be qualified as of hours 11:30.

Orchestra and youthful choir of the Bicentennial

Musical young people and coreutas of all the country will offer their art today.

The orchestra and national and youthful choir of the bicentennial directed by the teacher I move away Perez will appear tonight to 21 in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

On the other hand, the youthful choir will interpret “Immortal Bach? of Joan Sebastian Bach; (adjustment K. Nystedt) (1915), “the Hambo? of Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (1963); “Or mágnum misterium? of Morten Lauridsen (1943); “31 Song and Song 4? of Fernando Moruja (1960-2004); “Mátrai képek? of Zoltan Kodály (1882-1967); “Field Outside? of Carlos I gave Fulvio (adjustment Eduardo Ferraudi) (1962); “Sacha pear? of Abel Pinto (adjustment Fernando Moruja) and “mareao? of A Rodriguez (adjustment Fernando Moruja).

The concert will finalize with both formation artistic on the scene, having combined its talent in a repertoire symphonic-chorale.

The Montagues and Capuleto de Giuseppe Verdi (1913-1901), “Goes Pensiero? of the Opera “Nabucco?

The Georges Bizet (1838-1875) 2 Choirs of “Carmen?.

Jujuy will within the framework receive the visit of these groupings of the activities of the bicentennial of the May revolution, within the framework of a cycle of concerts in charge of the orchestra and national and youthful choir, conformed by originating musical young people of all the country.

Through this initiative, the children and young people who participate in the national program, incorporating to its families and their groups of reference and promoting the access to cultural goods that try one better quality to them of life.

The concerts of the orchestra and the national and youthful choir will be realized in five stages, this month will take shape in the region of the Argentine Northwest, in June will be the Argentine Northeast, in New July Whose and Cordova, in Patagonia October and November Santa Fe, Between Rivers and Buenos Aires.

The invited directors will be the teachers I move away Perez, the Ignacio Spanish Garci'a Vidal and Stefano Lano. The director of the choir in all the concerts will be the Teacher Mariano Moruja and the musicians and singers who participate in the project are smaller of 25 years.

For the tour of the Argentine Northwest the invited director will be the teacher I move away Perez and the members of the choir and the orchestra come from the city of Buenos Aires and of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Cordova, Formosa, Jujuy, the Pampas, Mendoza, Neuquén, It laughed Black, It jumps, San Juan, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe and Tucuman.

The entrance for the public will be free and gratuitous, with insignia.

Maximum Quartet Jazz in stops of the Miter Theater

The set will offer a gratuitous spectacle next to special guests.

Tonight to 20 the band will appear Maximum Quartet Jazz in the scene of the “Martin Raul Gallant?, within the framework on the cultural cycle “alternative music lives in Jujuy?.

In the occasion, Top Sanchez Bustamante (guitar), Alomías Lizárraga (saxo), Vernal Luis (under) and “Bacho? Auad (battery) will interpret diverse musical styles like swing, hardbop, bossa novates, funky, rhythm and blues and soul.

In addition they will count on the participation of musicians invited like Fran Limme (trombón) and “Toti? Rivers (trompeta).

According to the collective thought of the artists, not only the improvisation is the unique characteristic that it defines to the jazz, but is this freedom in the interpretation able to turn it into music more attractive than it is possible to be touched.

“The jazz cannot happen fashionable and verify that it is impossible to hear the same subject twice and not to feel anything new?.

It is important to emphasize that the members of this set jujeño will record live their first record material next.

The entrance for the public will be free and gratuitous.
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