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Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances

Varied proposals in the “Sample of Brief Theater�

With the support of the Secretariat of Culture, as of Friday 4 of September 21 lists will raise scene, of most representative of the local theater, in the traditional Sample of Brief Theater that organizes the Cultural Center Holver Martinez Borelli, employee of Secretariat of Extension of the National University of Jumps. The presentations will be realized in the following rooms: Cultural center Holver Martinez Borelli (Alvarado 551), Hall Auditorium Rafael Villagrán (Belgrano 1349), Argentina Association de Actores (Rivadavia 937), room Beer Jumps of Procultura Salta (Miter 331), the room the San Luis (San Luis 246) and Mecano room of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460).

In the Mecano room the following presentations will be realized:
Friday 4 of September to 22.30 Oniria will appear, free version of a nightmare of Martin Giner, interpreted by weight Net Theater, with the direction of the own Giner.

Saturday 5 of September to 21 Theater will raise scene the died dreams of Don Ă?nsula de Idangel Betancourt by Inverse Space.

Sunday 6 and Monday 7, in two schedules respectively: to 20,30 and 22 the misunderstanding of Albert Camus will recover, in a version of Manuel Maccarini by the Sardinera of the North.

Thursday 10 of September, to 22,30, giles will appear Only die of love of Caesar Brie, by the Arpi group Theater under the direction of Omar Pizzorno.

Friday 11 to 20 They put in scene request the word, collective creation of the group of theater Without Barriers, with the direction of Lucrecia Branches.

Saturday 12 to 20, Mario Cures presents/displays the fifth station, with the direction of Marisa Ruiz and the interpretation of the group the Attic.

Also the following presentations will be realized:

Friday 04
• 19h Inauguration - Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli
• 21h Hall Auditorium Dr.Rafael Villagrán: Oh, SARAH! of Ariel Mastandrea - Stress Group - Direction: Jorge Renoldi.

Saturday 05
• 20h Room To - Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: Old woman illusions of Eduardo Rovner - the Inde " Yes " sos Theater - Direction: Juan Nicastro.
• 22.30h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Lombrices de Pablo Albarello - Group the Labyrinth - Direction: Roxana Wolf.

Domingo 06
• 17h Room Beer Jumps - Proculture Salta - Love of chocolate of Beatriz Diebel - Group the Hucumar - Direction: Alfredo Ferrario.
• 22h Patio Parking - Cultural Center “Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: A day in the life of the unique inhabitants of the universe of Diego You will bathe - Direction: Jorge Renoldi.

Tuesday 08
• 20h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Érase once a king of Oscar I castrate - Group the Threshold - Direction: Cristian Villarreal.
• 21.30h Hall Auditorium Dr. Rafael Villagrán: The last patio and later… a candy dismissed of Hilda G. of Kubiak - Group of Majarete Theater - Direction: Carlos Delgado and Hilda G. of Kubiak.

Wednesday 09
• 20.30h Room the San Luis: The forest collective Creation C.R.I.O.S. - Direction: Maria Salomón
• 22.00h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Fitito of Cecilia Propato - Bajofondo Theater Club - Direction: Carlos Thin.

Thursday 10
• 21h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Comedy and woman? of Hilda G. of Kubiak, on own texts, of Julio Diaz Villalba and Car it Goldoni - Group of Majarete Theater - Direction: Carlos Thin.

Friday 11
• 21h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Cooking with Elisa de Lucia Laragione - Santa Rita Theater Direction: Cecilia Sanmillán.
• 22.30h Room To Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: Ponme the hand here of Hugo Men - Wall 4 Theater - Direction: Carlos Thin.

Saturday 12
• 21h Patio - Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: Rights and humans, never more of Eduardo Pavlovsky and Daniel Veronese - Group the Labyrinth - Direction: Roxana Wolf.
• 22.30h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: Fiaca of Ricardo Talesnik - Group the Delegation Theater Direction: Raul Chunco.

Domingo 13
• 20h Patio Parking Cultural Center Dr. Holver Martinez Borelli: The heiresses of Arcadia collective Creation Huacalera Theater - Direction: Georgina Parpagnoli.
• 21.30h Room Beer Jumps - Proculture Salta: Verona de Claudia Piñeiro - Group the Labyrinth - Direction: Marcela Domínguez.
• 23.00h Room of the Argentina Association de Actores: It closes Sample of Brief Theater.

In addition, there will be an act tribute to that outside her coordinator, the actress recently disappeared Claudia Bonini, counting on the adhesion of the Secretariat of Culture of the Province, the Representation Jumps of the National Institute of the Theater, the Argentina Association de Actores - Delegation Jumps, Hall Auditorium Dr. Rafael Villagrán, Procultura Salta and Room “the San Luis�.

“To be able… it can� with Arana and Scarpino

Facundo Arana and Nicholas Scarpino will present/display in Jumps the work To be able… can, of Raul Dayud, with original idea of Mauritius Dayud, Saturday 19 of September, to 21, in the Provincial Theater.

Within the framework of its tour by the rear area they will visit our province with this wonderful work that unites the laughter and the emotion, as it leaves from a same challenge. “All we lay, all we have two lives….true, about that we dreamed of boys… and the false one, with that we went out every day�.

Scarpino incarnates to Damián, that goes in search of the old Müller- mountain climber Spider to request advice to him when finding out that he is ill of gravity. In this way, both personages will spin in scene situations that will make disappear their differences and will paint deep fears, ghost common to all the human beings.

The work promises a trip, an exploration that it investigates in the bonds of these two beings, speaks of the friendship, the camaraderie and also of the limits that we put ourselves at the time of choosing our destiny.

In the text, a game of mirrors is constructed where the tragedy and humor come together in a place that is familiar. With the encounter of Müller and Damián, the author unfolds with subtility the possibility of finding the exit against a fact that no human being has been able to avoid, a mystery keeps awake that us to all.

He is possible to emphasize that $10 by each one of the entrances sold in this tour will be destined to FUNDALEU and other foundations that fight against the cancer.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $90 and $80, Theater boxes $70, Pullman and Super Pullman $60

It arrives at Jumps one of the most controversial works

Noa events
The new version of “Closer�, Patrick Marber, will raise east scene Friday, from the 22, in the House of the Culture.

Friday, at 22, within the framework from their national tour, arrives at the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture “Closer�, a work interpreted by a renewed list of actors of recognized trajectory. Raul Taibo, Emilia Mazer, Fabio Aste and Carolina Papaleo will be the ones in charge to put the body to him to the new version.

The script, that also was taken to the cinema, tries on the problems in the pair relations in the present world. Without imagining that he would become phenomena international, Patrick Marber wrote “Closer�, that mean close “more�, or “near�, in twelve urban scenes, where all personages will know euphemisms, ignore the traditional feelings and will be only able to still live isolate within the frame of relations of a great intensity.

“Closer� deals with the love; its value, which costs to secure it and the price to us that there is to pay. It deals with the jealousy and it is a touch of attention to the mentally ill and solitary world in which we lived. It deals with how we must fight to secure our place in this world next to another one, and the difficult thing that it is to recognize the moment at which finally has been it.

The protagonists of this theater piece realize mistaken elections and they are immersed in a game of deformed mirrors, where nobody is right, where all are victimarios victims and, guilty and innocent. It is directed by Marcelo Cosentino, with production of DarĂ­o Arellano.

“The state of the neutral one�

The theater putting counts on the direction of Jimena Soza Sybil.

Tonight and tomorrow to 22 the work will be presnetará “the state of the neutral one� in the Theater of the Return of the Century (Senator Perez 178).

The work written and directed by Jimena Sioza Sybil, counts on the activities of Orchard Rivadineira, Lorraine Hill, Beatriz Fernandez Salinas and Gerald AlbarracĂ­n.

It counts the history of three friendly. “The state of the neutral one� is not the history of others, nor is the great history. It is a cut of situations, materials and real bonds poetizados to be counted in theater form.

It is tried to in private renew an amount of behaviors inhibited by the vortex of the life. To return to watch the complex of the human affection. Ways to unfold vital desires. How is clear the friendship between people when nothing is terrible nor beautiful?

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

This weekend, returns to Giselle scene

After the putting in scene of Giselle next to Iñaki Urlezaga, in occasion of the Patriotic Finery of the 9 of Julio, the Ballet of the Province under the artistic direction of the teacher Leandro Regueiro and the Subdivision of the Teacher Liliana Ivanoff, it will replace this majestic one builds Saturday 5 of September, to 21,30 and Sunday 6 of 19 September to. It is possible to emphasize that it will accompany the Ballet, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps directed by the teacher Jorge Lhez.

The music of this famous work of ballet is of Adolphe Adam and the choreography, of Jules Perrot. In the putting of the Ballet of the Province, the choreographic replacement will be in charge of Leandro Regueiro and Liliana Ivanoff.

Giselle, emblematic ballet of the romanticism, in two completely different acts, explores the technique and the interpretation of a body of dance and its titular figure. The first act is of “villagers�, culminating with a scene of the madness that measures the interpretative and dramatic capacity of the protagonist, whereas the second, is “a white� act like the Sylphide, where the personages are etéreos beings called Willis.

Entrances on sale in the ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate and Theater boxes $20, Pullman and SĂşper pullman $10.

Concert with works of Berlioz, Mendelssohn and Dvorak

The Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer, Thursday 3 of September, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps, a concert under the baton of the invited director Robert Ruiz.

One will intepretará Benvenutto Cellini de Hector Berlioz, Concert for violin and orchestra Nº 2 in my minor of Felix Mendelssohn with the solística action of the Swiss violinista Mirjam Tschopp and Sinfonía Nº 7 of Antonín Dvorak.

The entrances will be able to be acquired from Monday 31 of August in ticket office of the Provincial Theater, ZuvirĂ­a 70.

Mirjam Tschopp - Violin

From its debut like soloist to the 13 years of age, Mirjam Tschopp (been born in Zurich in 1976) has enjoyed one varied international race like violinista and violista, being both equally excellent instruments in its activities.

Its interest concentrates mainly in the music of last the one hundred years. It works next to present composers and it has released numerous works, many of dedicated or written them for her.

Their recordings have received excellent critics of the international press. The Symphony orchestra of the WDR, Symphonic of Berlin, Philharmonic of Dresden, Camerata Saint Petersburg has appeared like soloist with orchestras such as and National Symphony orchestra of Argentina, among others.

Unique winner in Berlin of the Max Rostal Viola Competition in 2000, is also winning of the special prize in the Curci Competition Violin in Naples in 2006, finalist in the Concert Artist Guild International Competition in New York and creditor to the Prize of the Swiss Ambassador.

Tschopp studied violin with AĂ­da Stucki Piraccini and Franco Gulli and violates with Christoph Schiller, and has deepened its studies next to Thomas Brandis, Rainer Kussmaul and Herman Krebbers. Shortly after finalizing his secondary studies in languages, it received with the highest distinctions his diplomas of concertista and soloist.

From 2007, Mirjam Tschopp teaches violin and violates in the Tiroler Landeskonservatorium in Innsbruck (Austria), and international skillful classes. Superior of Music of Lyons is member of the jury in the National Conservatory and of the Swiss Youth Music Competition.

Robert Ruiz - Director

Founder and titular director of the Orchestra of Camera of the Municipality of the Silver, initiated his musical studies in the country, that include their formation in Choral Direction with Luigi Castellazzi and Robert Shaw; in Orchestral Direction with Mariano Drago; in Harmony, Counterpoint and Composition with Erwin Leuchter and Francisco Kröpfl and in piano with Lucia Maranca.

Later he obtained a scholarship of the government of France that allowed him to reside two years in Europe being followed advanced officer training courses in Orchestral Direction in the Conservatory and the École Normale de Musique of Paris, with Robert Blot and Pierre Derveaux, respectively. Soon with the great Frank teacher Ferrara in the Chair of Orchestral Direction of the Academy Chigiana de Siena, in as much he followed courses of Interpretation and Musical Analysis with Nadia Boulanger and Max Deutsch.

Its name mainly appears associate to the Orchestra of Camera of the Silver, the Symphony orchestra of the National University of San Juan (to the front of which it was during nine seasons) and the Argentine Theater of the Silver, of which he was Titular Director of the Stable Orchestra, Artistic Director and Chief of a main directorate and Artistic alternatively. It has directed the majority of the orchestras of the country, including the Stable Orchestra of the Theater Columbus, the Symphonic Philharmonic National and of Buenos Aires.

Its action has extended to important musical centers of the world. The chapter of choral music occupies a space significant in its trajectory, having to be indicated in first term its work in front of the University Choir of the Silver during twenty years and with the Choir of Camera of the same university from 1985 to the present time.

It has received important national and international distinctions.

QV4 returns to Jujuy with the new show “Déjà vu�

After to exhaust localities in the month of April, tonight it is a new opportunity to see them…

Tonight 22 the spectacle “Déjà will imagine in special function vu� of QV4 in the Cinema Theater Alpha.

For trio QV4, each daily situation it involves a new humoristic possibility. The shrewdness in the observation of the reality and the music that emerges naturally with fundamental resources in the creative process of the group.

In the work, three tucumanos protagonists connect artistic abilities they present/display and them in scene through humor that recalls the things of every day accompanied of the music that already evokes the lived sensations.

Gustavo Parrado, from its magnificent imitations, in a single song summons artists of diverse sorts and happens of the folklore to the rock, of the melodic one to the quartet… Agustín Perez Albert, once again shows its musical virtuosity in the execution of the guitar and Daniel Saldaño evokes to the dumb cinema in a putting based on sign humor, where its particular histrionismo stands out.

The presentations in the theater did not prevent that QV4 participated in important festivales in terrotorio national, as the Festival of Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria, to whom they were summoned by third consecutive year and also to the Celebration of Colectivity of High Grace, encounter among others prestigious, where they received the warm reception of the public.

In addition, trio QV4 was distinguished in past season 2008/2009 of Villa Carlos Peace by this spectacle with two Carlos Prizes in “Better Sound equipment of Spectacle� and in “Better Musical Humoristic Spectacle�.

After a summer of great satisfactions, the tucumano trio began a tour of presentations by the national territory to harvest applause in different provinces.

The entrances on sale are from 50 pesos in the Cinema Theater Alpha.

QV4, is a trio integrated by Gustavo Parrado, Daniel Saldaño and Agustín Perez Albert, who is born in Tucuman when these three versatile artists decide to be united and to work in a project that completes three diciplinas; the theater, humor and music.

His first presentations sesuceden in bars and pubs of Tucuman; later, the increasing popularity of the trio made foretell that this new proposal, arisen like an alternative to its individual races like musicians, would be constituted in a new promising artistic course.

Thus they perceived the Cordovan producers of Villa Productions, that in the summer season of year 2006 promoted the disembarkation of QV4 for the first time to Villa Carlos Peace with the work “With… certain Humor�.

QV4 hit completely in the heart of the theater season, just by a weekly function, receiving the prizes “Carlos 2006� like “Revelation� and “Better imitador� by Gustavo Parrado.

During summer 2006/2007, the trio presented/displayed its second show denominated “In… singers�, thanks to whom the artists were distinguished as “Consecration of the season� and “Better design of illumination� in the prizes “Carlos 2007�.
It would also arrive the recognition in the National Festival from Taming and Folklore of Jesus Maria who was worth the prize to them “Consecration�.

And if challenges one is, year past QV4 made debut more with work “QV4 than 3�, in the Theater Freedom constructed by Villa Productions, producer of the group, with technology of last generation and innovating design.

Soon they crossed different places obtaining the national recognition once again in its artistic race.

In past April they arrived at our province where they unfolded a great show for the local public.

This spectacle “Déjà vu�, will become the encounter of the trio with the jujeños spectators who requested their return.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

25Âş Provincial Celebration of the Theater Jujuy 2009

It will be developed with the participation of fifteen works that will compete by a place in the regional instance.

Yesterday in press conference, the organizers of 25Âş Provincial Celebration of the Theater, gave details of this annual competition that sets out to select the works will represent that us in the two instances following of the greater encounter of independent theater, the Regional Celebration (that this year is made in Jujuy) and the National Celebration that place in some province not yet confirmed will take earlier next year.

The celebration is a competitive encounter that promotes the National Institute of the Theater and counts on the coorganization of the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of the Province of Jujuy.

This year the encounter will extend from the 8 to the 13 of this month in our capital city, and the functions of participant works will be realized in the room of the Theater Miter (greater and “Raul Gallant�), in the Theater of the Return of the Century, in center Cultural “Pasquini Lopez�, in the Belgrano place, in center Cultural Culturarte, and in the School Province of Theater “Tito War�.

“This year we want to celebrate the 25 years of the celebration, arriving at 25 cities�, explained Rodolfo Pacheco, “for that different programs from theater have been integrated that has the province and the municipality inhabitant of the capital, to rotate by the interior the works that comprise of the work�.

Also they have been integrated to the celebration, programs of theater of the National Institute of the Theater as “INT presents/displays� and “the theater invites�; social programs like the activities that we developed in the Penitentiary Service and the social dining rooms and the School “Sun and Art�; and activities of the Provincial School of Theater “Tito War� and of the Teaching staff of Theater, that this year turn the tenth anniversary; etc.

It is possible to mention that basically the Provincial Celebration of Theater is the presentation of productions jujeñas of independent theater, to choose the three best ones than they will go to the regional instance, but that the activities are completed with qualifications, work presentations invited of other provinces, work presentations jujeñas in adhesion (which they do not enter the competition), tributes to outstanding jujeños actors in these 25 years of the celebration, etc.

Pacheco announced that this year a total of fifteen puttings participates in competitive form, and six more in adhesion.

The qualifications

The qualification proposals extend beyond the days that the competitive programming lasts. The Factory of Music in the Theater began yesterday, and more ahead they will dictate also to the denominated factories the Theater in the School (on the discipline of the theater in the education), Theater Dances and a Training for Actors.
The celebration will finish with the presentation of one of acclaimed works and with very good critics to national level more, of the prestigious director Rafael Spregelburd who arrives with an important list from Buenos Aires, “Acasuso�.

The provincial director of Culture of Jujuy, Cristina Tula, also participated in the conference, and expressed: “It is important to emphasize the presence of the theater inside the province, when we spoke of federalism, than she happens to us from Jujuy with respect to Buenos Aires, I believe that is important it management to be able to be present in twenty-five cities, in this opportunity�.

In addition she insisted on which this celebration means for the public “to be able to enjoy the theater, an art that transforms to us and it gives the possibility us of growing in many senses, paying a very economic entrance of $8, and $5 for retired students and�.

Daniel Saldaño, coordinator of Program Puqueyuva (Fist, Gorge, Yungas and Valles) that develops Culture of the Province, explained that this proposal also adds to celebration, and which they are going to arrive at many places where never the theater arrived, even some on the back of mule.

Also they were present in the conference, Luis Manero (Miter Theater); Ariel Monterrubianesi (Area Groups of Theater), Erwin Ruiz (Organization Celebration in the Interior) and Ariel Posse Varela (Area Presses and Diffusion).

Gentility of the Tribuno de Jujuy

Tonight they replace “the state of the neutral one�

Work of the group Pupil Zero, written and directed by Jimena Soza Sybil.

The theater group Pupil Zero presents/displays again tonight, the work “the state of the neutral one�, of Jimena Soza Sybil.

The appointment is to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century (Senator Perez 178).

The putting shows the intense privacy of women recently turned into friendly.

The author says, that “it is a personal biography and grupalà is a cut of situations, of real materials and bonds�. And the question is: “how is clear the friendship between people, when nothing terrible nor beautiful happens? �, and without doubts it is raised with all the necessary ingredients that they count a history, of every day, without nothing extraordinary, with the tone and the subjects that at first never would finish in a play. The certain thing is that it is exactly from that novel perspective, that Soza Sybil works who in addition directs east spectacle.

The work will also recover the next Thursday and Friday to 22.

Account with the activities of Orchard Rivadineira, Lorraine Hill, Beatriz Fernandez Salinas and Gerald AlbarracĂ­n.

The putting allows a capacity of 45 spectators. The sale of entrances abre two hours before each function.
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