Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entered with the label Theater. To show the oldest entrances

“The angel and demon of the spectacle?

Number one of the spectacle, Jorge Rial, already arrived at the theater with a show in which it surprises.
The Newspaper of the Spectacle advances the dates to you of September, October, November and December. In addition the new presentations.

As of Friday 4 of September, the conductor initiated a tour by all the country with this spectacle that he gives that to speak.

The work, that counts on the putting in scene of the recognized playwright Manuel González Gil, music of Martin Bianchedi and choreography of Rubén Neck, is already causing great repercussion in the public who turned upside down massively to the ticket offices of the theater to obtain his ticket for the debut of Rial.

In “the Angel and Demon of the spectacle? Rial it represents a journalist who, by error, leaves the Earth before time and that is in the dilemma between counting everything what knows of the national nonsense to be able to save its life and to return to the Earth or not to do it. This fact will be the trigger for the revelation of the secrets better kept from the nonsense, with a surprising end where the public will decide the luck of the personage.

They accompany to Jorge Rial two actresses - dancing and singing in this spectacle, that in addition will have musical moments with choreographies of Rubén Neck, music especially composed by Martin Bianchedi, and the putting in scene in charge of prestigious Director Manuel González Gil. The general production is of Javier Faroni.

This next weekend, “the angel and demon of the spectacle? will be:

- Friday 25: It jumps, Theater Of the Orchard, Pueyrredón 175.
- Saturday 26: Jujuy, Cinema Theater Alpha, Patricias Argentine 360.
- Domingo 27: Tucuman, Alberdi Theater, Crisostomo Alvarez and Jujuy.

The Symphony orchestra will interpret works of Beriloz, Gounod and Massenet

21,30 Friday 25 to hs. in the Provincial Theater of It jumps, the Symphony orchestra of Jumps will offer a concert under the baton of invited director Mario Perusso. Overture will be interpreted Roman Carnival Op.9 de Héctor Berlioz, Extracts of the opera Romeo and Julieta de Charles Gounod and Extractos of the opera Manon de Jules Massenet.
In this one occasion Enrique Folger (tenor) and Paula Almerares stand out like soloists (soprano).

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater from Monday 21: It silverplates $10 and $8, Theater box $15, Pullman and Super pullman $5.

Theater marathon from Monday, for all the pleasures

The official launching of both events was realized yesterday. There will be functions until the 11 of October.

As of Monday, the salteños will be able to enjoy a varied theater work fan of two events within the framework concatenated: the First National Runner of Theater “the country in the country? (from the 28/09 to the 4/10) and XV the Provincial Celebration of the Theater Jumps 2009 (from the 7 to the 11 of October). The official launching of both events was carried out yesterday, in the House of the Culture, with the presence of the secretary of Culture, Mariano Ovejero; the undersecretary, Claudius Garci'a You see, and the representative of the INT in Jumps, Cristina Idiarte. In the opportunity, the participation of the theater community stood out salteña in the provincial competition that will give to the winners happens for the regional instance. Idiarte also emphasized that the Celebration will be a propitious scene to remember the protagonists of the theater task in Jumps, “particularly to Claudia Bonini?, actress and passed away director east year.

“The country in the country? will put in scene to national lists. Monday 28 will begin, to 20, with the Writing presentation “in the mud?, the Mecano Room; and “the loved ones?, to 22, in the Room Juan Carlos Dávalos de Caseros 460. The Provincial Celebration will inaugurate Wednesday 7 with “Rights and humans?, of the Labyrinth, to 18,30 and 20,30, in the Mecano Room; “Comedy and woman? ?, of Majarete Theater, to 17, in the Auditorium (Belgrano 1349); “Erase once a king?, of the Threshold, in the Association of Actors (Alvarado 551), to 20,30 and 22. Outside competition, the Loved ones will present/display “Rutilantes?, to 21,30, in Caretakers 460.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

All to the scene, concert of camera music

Noa events
Wednesday 23 to 21,30 in the Provincial Theater of Jumps (Zuviría 70), will take place the gratuitous concert All to the scene, a propose innovator of the Department of Music of Camera that will give closing to the gratuitous factories dictated by Haydée Seibert and Néstor Tedesco.

The proposal consists of which the musicians and the public are in the same physical space during the concert: the scene. In an intimist atmosphere, it is obtained a experience of participation and acercamineto between the artist and the spectator, distinguishing characteristic of the camera music.

Recognized violinista and the educator Haydée Seibert, concertino of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, offers the past from Sunday in our city, factories of gratuitous music of camera, organized by the Department of Music of Camera of the Secretariat of Culture.

Néstor Tedesco, cellista outstanding and soloist of the Stable Orchestra of the Theater Columbus, also participate in the dictation of these factories that concentrate on four instruments: violin, violates, hoop and piano.

In the first part of the concert, the smaller sun Quintet Nº 4 for two violins, two violas and hoop of Mozart will be interpreted. The Martinez Haza in violins, Mariel Leloutre and Hernando will participate to Haydée Seibert and Angel Ore in violas and Martin D´Elía in hoop.

The program will continue with the action of the joint of hoops that will be integrated by Néstor Tedesco and musicians of the Symphony orchestra of Jump, the Infantile and Youthful Orchestra and the factories of Music of Camera.

The concert will finalize with the Quintet for piano, two violins, violates and hoop of Schumann. Maria Dark brown Fernanda in piano, Haydée Seibert and Angel will participate Martinez Haza in violins, Mariel Leloutre in viola and Romina Granata in hoop.

Concert Tribute to the Immigrants

Wednesday 23 of September to 21.30 in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460), the Joint Choral Art of Italian Society XX° of September will offer to a Concert Tribute to the Immigrants, with the participation like soloist of the tenor Juan Jose Sources and the direction of Luis Benavídez
The program of the concert will include works of: Steve Dobrogosz for choir, piano and orchestra of cords. Introitus, Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus and Agnus Dei will stand out. And also European pop music, of Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Greece, among others: Caruso, Poppy, Zorba, the Greek, ual Alfarashi Zahra and more…

Every year, in the first week of the month of September the day of the immigrants is commemorated in Argentina, evoking that one 4 of September of 1812 in that the First Triunvirato signs an historical decree that says: “(…) the government offers his immediate protection to the individuals of all the nations and their families who wish to determine their address to the territory (…)?. Thus, this nation abre its doors to all the citizens of the world who wish to live in this earth.

Today, almost two centuries later, we affirmed with pride that in this ground coexists, in true harmony, great diversity of originating colectivities of the recondite places but, and that watered this earth with their work, its effort and its hopes.

With such reason, Italian Society XX° of September and the Spanish Society of Mutual Aids will offer this concert to render deserved tribute to all the people who a day arrived at the country, leaving back a part of their lives, to write with great value the decorosas pages of our history.

General entrance to $ 20 in the ticket office of House of the Culture.

They will send to the First National Circuit of Theater “the Country in the Country?

The National Institute of the Theater and the Secretariat of Culture will present/display the First National Circuit of Theater the Country in the Country. The press conference will be realized Wednesday 23 of September, to 11, in the conference hall of House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Under the concept the theater Annoys stop, the festival will bring to Jumps best theater works at national level, from the 28 of September to the 4 of October, in the House of the Culture.

Within the framework of an agreement of cooperation between the National Institute of the Theater and the Secretariat of Culture, It jumps was chosen to initiate the First National Circuit of Theater, that will approach the public the best lists at national level, extending to the provinces of Santiago of the Matting, Jujuy and Tucuman.

To be designated as it soothes of opening means, for the Secretariat of Culture, an important credit on the part of the National Institute of the Theater because it demonstrates that It jumps has suitable rooms and enthusiastic public who goes to enjoy the proposals of high level which they arrive at the city.

In this first runner, the salteños will have the opportunity to enjoy spectacles of great hierarchy and proven artistic quality, chosen carefully by specialists of the National Institute of the Theater. The Circuit is conformed by 46 spectacles of different regions from the country, that will turn by 40 you soothe of North to the South of Argentina

The agenda

Are 14 selected lists that will appear within the framework of this festival in agreement with the following program:

Monday 28|09:
- The Loved ones. Of Alexander It violates | Versus Ace
- Written in the mud. Of Andres Bazzalo | Versus Ace

Tuesday 29|09:
- Acassuso. Of Rafael Spregelburd | Versus Ace
- Brig. Collective creation | Versus Ace

Wednesday 30|09:
- I spin a top metallic. Of Heidi Steinhardt | Versus Ace
- Inclemency. Based on the Square de Marguerite Duras | Versus Ace

Thursday 01|10:
- Stefano. Of Arming Discépolo. Group Barrow | Versus Ace
- Flia. Of the Fronda and Matías Mendez. Company the Fronda | Versus Ace

Friday 02|10:
- Unfortunate delight of the destiny. Of Perinelli Robert | Versus Ace
- The invisible girl. Group Attacked… (by the art) | Neuquén

Saturday 03|10:
- Orsini Marionettes. Of Rubén Orsini | Santa Fe
- Modestly with big drums and subjects of gossip

Domingo 04|10:
- Rolling. Of Alexander Acobino and Germa'n Rodriguez
- Payasadas. Collective creation. Payasadas group| Tucuman

Special guest
JOB. Directed by Darío Pantaleón | Mexico

This work appears in Jumps as advance of a runner who begins again in our province and extends until Pachuca, Mexico.

Hearing for scholarships of the Bocca Foundation

The Provincial Theater of Jumps informs that, within the framework of the program Artistic Project of Interchange that directs Julio Bocca, Ricky Pashkus and Chet Walter in the Funcación Julio Bocca, Saturday 24 of October hearing will be carried out stops to the denominated scholarships a year in Buenos Aires edition 2010.

The same are destined dancing students, actors, and singers. The requirements to appear are to have between 18 and 24 years, a base of formation in dance and to reside to more than 300 km of the Federal Capital.

Hearing consists of a class of classic dance of intermediate level and a routine of jazz (obligatory disciplines) dictated by our teachers who will travel to each city. When finalizing both classes, the student who wants to present/display a song (to take track in CD) or theater routine, can do it since this possibility is optional.

This scholarship grants to its winners a training program in the School, especially formulated for each winner, passage roundtrip to its city of residence, lodging in Federal Capital and a weekly money for its maintenance. Duration of the same: March/December.

Six cities were only chosen for this one selection. In It jumps, hearing to preselect the candidates will be realized in the Provincial Theater of Jumps Saturday 24 of October in schedule to confirm.

FINAL HEARING will be realized Sunday 6 of December to 12 in the Study Julio Bocca, soothes center: Cultural center Borges. Viamonte esq. San Martin. 3º level. Federal capital.

In order to accede to the inscription form it enters to The same also can be sent via fax to (011) the 4322-5667 or by postal mail to Foundation “Julio Bocca?, 449 Emerald 5° floor, Federal Capital (C1007ABA). For more information on this hearing of Project Interchange to go a: to This direction of electronic mail is protected against robots of Spam, needs to have activated Javascript to be able to see it.

Political theater about a human drama

The work shows the art as half for the rescue of the memory.

Three actors realize this putting of the dramatist and actress salteña Romina Chávez Diaz.

Juan Cross Cárrega (like Marbell), Gerald Milessi Diaz (Ribonetti) and Ana Sun Rizzoli (Moriana), unfolds human conflicts and of ideological contents that propose a theater, militant and esthetic drama.

The personages locate the story on the eve of the arrival of the Process of National Reorganization.

The author wrote and directed the putting with the eagerness to denounce the violation of the human rights, that at that time was as soon as an advance payment than it would come later. Exactly, that vulnerability - that narrates the death of two people it jeopardize with the human rights allows to know how they were the historical and cultural structures that Argentina institutionalized to use the selective violence.

The real death in Jumps of a political militant (Eduardo Fronda) and of the journalist investigates who it (Luciano Jaime), they are the test of how the victims chose themselves to discipline the questionings to the history of then.

The three actors represent ideas (difficult scenic work by itself), recreate political and conspirative atmospheres of the same history, show cruel plots, passions and meanness of the ambitions brought by the setentino political power. The scenic construction has force and credibility.

Gentility Tribuno de Salta

Adela Guerrero and a fulfilled dream

Today from the 22, the greater scene of Jujuy will be the host of a voice that always was, but today it rises.

“This is the really good news for music?, I thought while entrevistaba to Adela Guerrero, that presents/displays its disc “To live tonight singing? to 22 in the Miter Theater, and to Jose Simón, main mentor and producer of this challenge.

And it is that she is owner of an exceptional voice, with an ample trajectory that stayed with low profile of diffusion, except for when it mentions that jujeño was part of the emblematic group of folklore, the Carriers of Yavi, with those who it remembers there to have gained the First National Festival of the Folklore of Cosquín, per 1961.

Before it had belonged to Glad the Cholitas of the Plateau, but as she says “it was to amuse to us just in carnival?.

It deserved a disc yet, but the present conditions for a recording, and the times of a woman of 72 years, were not conjugated to obtain it. Until he passed through his life Jose Simón, great connoisseur to this height of the questions of production of discs and spectacles of first then nivelà and came together the necessary conditions.

Jose, worthy to emphasize by his generosity and its work jeopardizes with music in serious, not only he lately dedicated himself to grow and to evolve from his aspect of singer, but also he was pawned on recovering those values that we have forgotten, and that they would not have to stop registering itself, because they are part of the history of music in Jujuy. Before the disc of Adela, he also recorded the one of the Simón Brothers, that to this height of their trajectory did, it for the first time.

Adela in fact, never let sing, but it could not dedicate itself completely to music, because “I chose to marry?, says also satisfied by his five children. We know that the children imply some resignations, and Adela continued singing in different scopes, but it moved away of the Carriers of Yavi. He lived in Mendoza where he was singing stable of one radio; also in Buenos Aires where he comprised of the Juglares; and of return to Jujuy, in 1969, he was singing stable of Jujuy Radio.

Although always he loved the folklore, counts like anecdote that in Buenos Aires, even sang boleros.

In the 74, it did impasse important in his dedication like singer, because it already had three children, and the familiar obligations were their priority.

To so many years of his beginnings, and with much experience in his salary, Adela Guerrero it speaks of the concretion of this disc: “It was a dream of years that I have had the possibility of doing it. Partly this time of delay was fault mine because I retired, I preferred to marry?, assures, “and today I am happy I could do because it now. Thanks to God that put in my way Jose whom it drove to me to do this. Also I had very many support of my friendly, that are musical, singing, etc.?.

The majority of the subjects of the disc is of their responsibility, and in addition it also included Atahualpa Yupanqui, recording “the Humpa?, and works of anonymous authors.

Finally, Jose Simón, commented: “This disc with Adela has been a beautiful challenge doing. The idea is born from to have gone to have dinner one night to its house, and guitar of by means we began to sing. When it abrió the mouth to sing was impressive. I already had listened to the disc of grazes that she had recorded, but had listened to never it live. It is incredible how it has conserved that voice. When it presented/displayed the list of subjects to record, two just were of her, we convinced and it that it includes more.

The spectacle

Tonight, Adela Guerrero, will have invited artists to the spectacle as they are own Jose Simón and the bandoneonista Daniel Vedia.

The musicians accompany who it are Ramon Cordova, in guitars; Eliseo Alvarez Prado, in charango; Left Tony, in action; Dario Lozano, in trompeta; Gabriel Lozano, in trombón; Javier Claure and Alomías Lizárraga, in saxofón; Pablo Aybar, in trompeta; Elías Abalos, in accordion; Jose Luis Alfaro, Jorge Guari and White Fabian, in quenas and sikus; and Luis Stairs, in low.

Gentility of the Tribuno of jujuy

It returns “the Fitito? from Bajofondo Theater Club

Bajofondo Theater Club will replace the Fitito, of Cecilia Propato, 18 Friday and Saturday 19 of September to 22 in the Mecano room (Homemade 460). Under the Thin direction of Carlos, they carry out the work Natasia Rivero, Carolina Sató, Andrea Yacuzzi, Rafael Amado and Joti Hernandez. Account with design and operation of lights of Manuel Omen and stage scene of Raul Costaguta.

This work relates passing of five personages who while “they travel?, are speaking of their daily activities and verifying when, where and how the facts happened. Its form to have a discussion is fragmented, skipped, where the digresión like esthetic speech is used.

The general entrance has a value of $15. For pensioners, students and teatristas $10. They already are on sale in the ticket office of the House of the Cultural one.

Facundo Spider in Jujuy and a commitment with the life

The awareness about the early detection of the cancer was the message that left the actor yesterday.

The early prevention of the cancer and the importance of a serious and responsible campaign to concientizar to the population were the central subject of the press conference offered by actors Facundo Arana and Nicholas Scarpino next to the president of the Association of the north jujeño Warmi Sayajsungo, Quispe Rosary and doctor Jorge Gronda.

As the actors said “we are here presenting/displaying a play, Power… can, but we are not going to speak indeed of the work?, but the intention was to insist on the campaign of awareness takes that them by all the country to speak of the prevention, the early halting of the cancer and of the importance and necessity of the blood donation. Tonight they will present/display “To be able. .se can? in the Miter Theater from the 21.30.

At noon they yesterday took contact with the press in the confectionery from the Airport the International “Horacio Guzmán?. Spider very had expressions felt by Quispe Rosary since it emphasized that “when beginning to cross this way we saw that there is much people who for years are fighting in this sense and in Jujuy we were with Rosary, that she is a person internationally recognized, name to the Nobel prize, a person who with talent, dedication, humility and the daily fight realizes a wonderful work in the north?.

Nicholas Scarpino maintained that he is wonderful what is happening to them to found with transcendental people, that does so much by the life, as much by its town and people.

Tonight in the hand program two leaves with information will be included on the cancer.

The proposal includes a collaboration of 10 pesos by each entrance that is destined to Fundaleu and to another social organization, in this case, it will be for Warmi Sayajsungo. Quispe rosary indicated that “it is very important for us that two actors so recognized are here?.

Gentility Tribuno de Jujuy

Greek theater with Okypus

Saturday 19 of September to hours 21.30, the Greek group Okypus will present/display the work the incredible history of the lost suitcase and its magical adventure in the hall Miguel Wayar the Cultural Center America (Miter 23). The work counts the history of a lost suitcase that arrives at its destiny after many years. It receives it to a niñita and as he is a little peculiar….it abre it. What hides the suitcase? Unknown objects lead to a trip by Latin America and its myths. Happening through Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua and Mexico.

The same will present/display some passages in the Greek language and others in Spanish, being apt for all public and of free and gratuitous entrance, especially invite to schools and schools to participate.

Then, Monday 21 of September to 19, a conference will appear in the same place on the Epidauro Theater, Greek old theater in which until today, different expressions from art appear. Also reading to poetries of Greek authors in the origin language will occur, with the corresponding translation.

These activities are organized of joint way between the Ministry of Culture of Greece, the Greek Society of Jumps, the Cultural Center dependant America of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Province and the Municipality of the City of Jumps.

Reprogramó the “Recital Flute Traversa and Piano?

For reasons other people's to the administration of the Provincial Theater and to AMG productions, reprogramó for Saturday 26 of September to 22 in the Hall Victory the Theater Province, the concert of camera music Recital Flute Traversa and Piano.

Hugo Varela will present/display “To whom it touches to him… touches to him?

… And it touched to the Argentine North, to be the center of celebrations. Hugo Varela this next one to turn 30 years of race will celebrate and them in the Provincial Theater of Jumps Friday 18 of September to 22.

“I began in the dictatorship: bad weather to walk with beard and taking strange cases of a side the other?, Varela tells Hugo, whom she defines to his work like “a fine humor that not note, that she looks for not to seem fine?.

Now, at its better moment, with thirty years of trajectory and all the I devise and the humor characterizes that it, Hugo Varela presents/displays its new spectacle to us: To that it touches to him… touches to him, a show integrated by unpublished poems, sonorous songs and devices, that were created especially for this new unipersonal spectacle of the humorist, singer, musician and luthier.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: you silverplate with location $70, $60, $50, theater box $60, they pullman and they súperpullman $25.

“The Bybys? this Friday appears

Great expectation lives the public salteño by the presentation on the Mexican grouping the Bybys, that will be realized Friday 11 of September to 22 in the greater room of the Provincial Theater of Jumps. The Bybys is a Mexican band of cumbia, that arose in 1991, when they recorded his first titled record production Returns. Little by little the successes went away presenting/displaying with but frequency, in such a way that with his second production, Punishment, obtained great acceptance with subjects like Crying to cry, cheap Heart and That woman.

With this material they made the phrase famous of Punishment, apart from which first tour of work abrió the doors to them of South America to realize his in 1992 by Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay.

Time later, record materials as You are woman and Cumbias with love have taken them to gain the distinction of “the kings of cumbia?.

In a unique occasion, It jumps will be scene of this international presentation.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: You silverplate $ 80 and $ 60, Theater boxes $ 50, Pullman $ 40 and Super ones pullman $ 30

Imperdible cycle of Latin American experimental cinema

of the 11 of next September to the 6 of October, one will appear in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 992) the cycle of cinema and Latin American experimental video Visionaries. The entrance will be gratuitous.

Produced by Cultural Itaú and with the auspice of the Museum of Beautiful Arts of It jumps, the UNSa and the Area of experimentation and spreading in Culture and Arte (AEDCA), this muetsra presents/displays 73 works organized in nine programs, including the countries of Central America, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela.

Visionaries are the result of an investigation process and curaduría in charge of: Arlindo Machado (historical anthology), Elias Levin (Mexico, America Central and the Caribbean), Jorge the Fer it (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay), Marta Vélez (Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela) and Robert Moreira S. Cross (Brazil).

This itinera sample by different countries between which are Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico.

The presentation of Visionaries will count on Presencia de Jorge the Fer it, (Professor of the University of the Cinema and the GRAPE) and Ana Claudia Garci'a (Professor of the School of Cinema of the UNT).


11 of September - 18,30 hs
Presentation of Jorge the Fer it

• Program: Stories in the Border. Curador: Jorge the Fer it

12 of September - 11 hs.
Conference of Ana Claudia Garci'a

• Program: Imaginary machines and. Curador: Jorge the Fer it

• Program: Paradigms of the Experimental thing. Curador: Arlindo Machado

22 of September - 19 hs.

• Program: Paradigms of the Latinidad. Curador: Arlindo Machado

• Program: Altered states. Curadora: Marta Vélez

29 of September - 19 hs.

• Program: Of Public Dominion. Curadora: Marta Vélez

• Program: In the Zapping. Curador: Elias Levin

6 of October - 19 hs.

• Program: Other Convergences. Curador: Elías Levin

• Program: Audio-visual tropical. Curador: Robert Moreira S. Cross

About Cultural Itaú

Cultural Itaú is a for charity tie institution to Itaú Bank. It was founded on 1987 and from 2008 he is present with activities in Argentina. The artistic activity includes/understands all the disciplines and has national reach. Throughout these years it has been transformed into one of the main cultural institutions of referring Brazil and of Latin America.

The Provincial Celebration of Theater begins

Tonight it will be the act opening of the competitive encounter, that will close with the stellar presentation of the Loved ones.

Today the Provincial Celebration of the Theater begins XXV. On the one hand one prepares the allegorical parade of murgas and personages by the centric streets of our city, that will conclude in the front of the Miter Theater, and will begin to 21. They will participate murgas “Lacking a Tone?, “the Decided ones of Corchito?, “the novices of the Stop? and “Glorious madness?.

To the same hour but in Culturarte (Vine shoot corner San Martin), a performance will appear, as adhesion of the Forum of Theater Jujuy Dance to the celebration.

To 21,30 it will be the act of official opening in the Miter Theater, in which it will be realized a projection of photographies and newspaper notes of the theater production jujeña.
Soon one will appear like special guest to the celebration, the group the Loved ones of Buenos Aires, of music and action.

The provincial celebration is made every year with the purpose of to select to the three better productions jujeñas of independent theater, so that they represent the province in the Regional Celebration of the Theater. This year 15 works in competition appear, and the celebration will extend until the next Sunday.

The organization is in charge of the National Institute of the Theater Jujuy representation and the Secretariat of Tourism and Culture of the Province.

Also work presentations will be realized in adhesion (that do not compete), and this edition is characterized to take to the theater jujeño to 25 cities or localities with reference to the 25 years.

The theater performance dance that announces in Culturarte, is a performance coordinated by Szeimblum Morning call, like final work of its Seminary of Contemporary Dance and Composition in Theater Dance.

They participate in this performance Veronica Aramayo, Nidia Aramburu, Bernardine Brunetti, Bethlehem Calapeña, Luciana Cancio, Mariana Echenique Cross, Alejandra Of the Castle, Marcela Gonzalez Cortes, Natacha Kepokkki, Ruben Moon, Javier Medina, Maria Cecilia Grouse, Maria Graciela Peace, Ines Porcel, Paula Recchiuto, Veronica Rosemary, Adriana Rooms, Cecilia Tarcaya, Ana Teitelbaun, Olga Toconás and Maria Angelica Toro.

Saturday they arrive the Backyardigans

One arrives from the animated series more popular of the channel Discovery Kid. The Backyardigans will appear Saturday 12 of September, to 19, in the Provincial Theater of Jumps. Pablo, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha and Austin, will come to share next to all the family one of his greater adventures, through creative learning and to the compass of music and the dance.

In Escape of the Magical Village, Tyrone will be the newspaper distributer that it will have to cross a new neighborhood without knowledge that the same is qualified by personages who seem removed from fantastic stories. A series of bad understood will cause that Tyrone wants to flee terrified from this “Magical Village?. The children of the public will be very important at the time of helping Tyrone to fulfill their objective.

The show is an original production of Nickelodeon. “Backyard? (patio of back) is the place dreamed for the Backyardigans. There all adventures are made reality, transforming itself into a scene that serves to them to recreate its own musical narrations and epics. Histories are focused through choreographies and hits of the series, songs that all the children know. The musical sorts go from Bossa Nova to Hip-Hop.

Entrances on sale in ticket office of the Theater: It silverplates $80, $70 and $60; Theater boxes $50, Pullman and Súper pullman $40.

Music of Camera with a Recital of Flute Traversa and Piano

Reprogramó the concert of music of AMG camera Productions for Saturday 12 of September to 22 in the Hall Victory the Provincial Theater. In the opportunity a Recital will be offered Flute Traversa and Piano.

The concert will be interpreted by Rita Corces in Flute Traversa, Maria Eugenia Pacheco in piano and Marcelo Gutiérrez in Clarinete. Works of Johann S. Bach, André Caplet will be interpreted, Sergei Rachmaninov, Francis Poulenc and Astor Piazzolla.

AMG Productions is a emprendimiento headed and presided over by the clarinetista Marcelo Gutiérrez, next to the flautista Rita Corces. Its objective is to recreate the music of the great teachers being offered an ample phantom for the public salteño and the tourists.

This independent organism had its beginnings in November of year 2004 making presentations of outstanding performance. It has offered concerts in diverse places like the House of the Culture of the National Bottom of the Arts (Independent City of Buenos Aires), Cultural Center Holver Martinez dependant Borelli of the National University of Jumps, Museum of the City House Jose Hernandez, Foundation Jumps, Church the Vine, among others.

General entrance to $ 10 and can be acquired in the ticket office of the Theater.

Edith Piaf arrives at a scene salteño from the hand from the dance and the theater

The work “Edith? will be presented/displayed the 24 of September, with script of the writer Victor Fernandez Esteban. Also Cristina Idiarte will participate to the actress. The paper of “the Sparrow of Paris? in the dance will be to cargode Sandra Rearte.

47 years of their disappearance, the figure and the voice of Edith Piaf throughout the world continue being a symbol of the French culture and a memory unforgettable. In It jumps, “the Sparrow of Paris? also mobilized the memory and the creativity of artists who embarked in the task of rewriting - to traverse of the dance, the action and the word the life of this exceptional singer. The result: “Edith?, a dance work - theater that will release Sandra Píccolo with its contemporary ballet, the 24 of September, in the House of the Culture.

The spectacle will recover the 25 of September and the 30 of October and will count on the special participation of Cristina Idiarte, who will thread the danced sequences are her action.

The biographical story required, in this occasion, that the spectacle directed by Píccolo counted on an original script. The text is a free version of the life of Edith Piaf and takes the company/signature of Victor Fernandez Esteban.

Through the mixture of dance and theater, the public will be able to enjoy a new version of the life of “the Piaf?, personage who by these days shines in the marquees of Buenos Aires thanks to the interpretation of the singer Elena Roger.

He counts the history that Piaf was born in a culvert of Paris, in December of 1915. Daughter of

an alcoholic street singer and of an artist who left soon it, left a dark brothel to captivate to the world with his broken and strident voice.

Nothing was easy for her, nor still in the top of the fame. Besides undergoing an accelerated physical deterioration as a result of its addiction to the alcohol and morphine, “the Sparrow? lavishly squandered its love in men who never knew to correspond to him. Its solitude was dreadful in the middle of the success and the outcry of the public.

In “Edith?, Píccolo will try to reflect each one of the shades of the anxious life of Piaf with a structure of five scenes and ruptures generated by break weather that it pushes towards the evocation. “The route of the life of Edith includes from its childhood to its early death. The scenes approach certain landmarks of their existence, because hers has been an overflowing life?, advanced Píccolo.

During the putting the unmistakable voice of “the Sparrow? will be able also to be listened and music of classic like Mozart and Beethoven.

“Although ours it is the contemporary dance, the work also has reminiscences of the folklore and other ingredients that one is enlanzando?, explained the director.

Píccolo added that the personage of Edith was boarded from a very particular vision, frees. “Because I do not want that he is comparable - it limited. In this adventure I have the luck to be accompanied by very talented people as Victor Fernandez Esteban, Cristina Idiarte, I watch Barraza (stage scene) and Jorge Mimessi (lights)?.

Mixture of languages

It is the first time that the Contemporary Ballet of Sandra Píccolo presents/displays a guionada work. “I believe that the use of another language enriches the text much, or choreographic or literary?, it indicated the director.

On the other hand, the writer Victor Fernandez Esteban told that the script of “Edith? is written from the impact that meant for him the voice of the singer: “He is to go and to come from the memories, that are still dramatic in spite of their overwhelming brightness?.

For Idiarte, in as much, to incarnate to Edith is “an incredible pride?.

“I see a nostalgic dream in this Piaf that, for any actress, is a great challenge?, it added. He emphasized that his personage will have a deployment: “It is the Piaf that its life reviews and the Piaf that dances, incarnated skillfully by Sandra Rearte. Three, four could or thousands Piaf, because when the public sees the work it will be able to complete the final sense of this stirring history?, concluded the actress salteña.

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