Tigers in Concert

The next Sunday 20 of September to 20,30 in the room of Juan Carlos Dávalos (Homemade 460), the second edition of Tigers in Concert, a recital organized by sub will be carried out commission of hockey of Rugby Tigers club. This singular musical event in which players of the club and their relatives will be in charge of the spectacle, is one of so many organized by this institution that comes continuously working in the generation from bottoms for works of infrastructure and purchase of equipment. In all the developed events, Rugby Tigers Club look for to reproduce the values learned within the field, to the activity outside her. They stand out in each one of the events: the work in equipment, the responsibility, solidarity and the respect.

By means of this musical proposal, Rugby Tigers Club also look for to promote the art like expression way and to generate a space so that small and great they share a little while of relaxation and they are amused together.

In this occasion like in the first edition of Tigers in Concert, drawings realized by the players of the club will be exposed in the hall of the House of the Culture who give account how they live the sport that realizes.

The cost of the entrance is a Bond Contribution of $15 + 1 nonperishable element that will be given to neighbors of the San jOse District in San Lorenzo.

The Bonds Contribution can be acquired in the ticket office of House of the Culture or in Garci'a soothes of the Virgilio Club s/n Villa San Lorenzo.

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