Topamiento of comothers in the eve of the carnival jujeño

The comothers of the Branch jujeño, will concentrate in the Audio Cable corner Vision to live the traditional “topamiento?.

Like every year, the comadritas, after a year of silence and arduous work, will give loose rein to the joy and will arrive with their colorful presence, dancing to the rate of anatas. Native Comadres who integrates different comparsas next to others from the department, would arrive until the corner of San Martin and Páterson to reedit the encounter in his 18° edition.

After to pass through FM Satellite, where the first part of the Topamiento will be fulfilled, they will arrive having danced until the scene chosen from 18 years, where it waits the Cipriana Mamaní next to its compadrito Alexander Montero.

There it will be the topamiento, that like every year, congregate to one nourished and enthusiastic concurrence, that infected by the overflowing joy of the comadritas is added to the festive encounter in which it does not lack the basil, the serpentine and the perforated paper

The comothers take like every year, besides their friendship and respect, the infaltables offerings: sweet and salty breads symbol of the work gained with the effort and the conjugation of joys and sadnesses; the branches of basils and flowers; chicha of maize; the serpentines and the paper pricked in each “chuspa?. All this for the interchange between the moved songs, counterpoints, hugs and desires of well-being for the course of the year.

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