Three “black Women? in a scenic therapy

The work, directed by the actress Ana Maria Parodi, will be released today, to 21,30, in the Hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349).

“Black Women? are the name of the theater piece of Luis Mansilla who the actress salteña Ana Maria Parodi chose to lower of the tables and to put itself in a place that enjoys much, but that very not very often had the opportunity to occupy: the direction. An agile text that allowed to shoot its imagination and next to three great actresses like Mary Gervino, Solitude Perez the Fernandez and Graciela him Valls, who give life him to the protagonists of the work, it headed an artistic project that was developed two months ago and that, after several weekly hours of reading and tests, east weekend will be able to be enjoyed. “Black Women? will be released today, to 21,30, in the Hall Auditorium (Belgrano 1349), and will recover Saturday, to 22 and Sunday, 20.

Ana Maria Parodi is synonymous of theater experienced in Jumps; an actress recognized in our means and a cultural manager who not only reopened the doors of the forgotten Hall Auditorium, but also that maintain it alive. A woman who in her years of trajectory incarnated the diverse personages and than, this time, chose to put itself across and to direct.

By third time, after “gypsy Moon? (2006) and “Hormones? (2008), she returns to the roll of director to the front of three women, Gervino, Perez the Fernandez and Valls, who developed each personage perfectly. “Itself experimenting in the direction because it enchants to me, I do not know I do if it or or not because the approval must to me give it the public. To direct is like acting: it is learned walking in the scene?, emphasized.

“Black Women? reflect about the lived thing: the frustration of the dreams, the sleeplessness, the personal devaluation and the direct relation with the sexual and existential dissatisfaction of three women: Mrs of Mández (Mary Gervino), Mrs of Godoy (Solitude Perez Fernandez) and Mrs of the Garci'as (Graciela Valls), who hide their own weaknesses after a mercy mask and devotion. The work presents/displays situations seen with a humor touch that allows “to pass the warning? over daily events lived by men and women, during many effective generations and in some homes pertaining to ancestrally chauvinistic societies. The reality and the imaginary one constructed by prejudices and repressions in each one of the protagonists and the daily conjugal insults, construct the thread of dramatic tension, to never show a violence of so common sort that always it happens inadvertent and is the mediatic news.

An agile and stirring text

“I liked much the argument of the work because she helped to shoot the imagination me. It is a quite agile text to which it is possible to be put I touch to him of humor although it does not approach a graceful subject. These problematic ones, that is so barren, if you do not pass them with humor you do not pass them?, commented Ana Maria, who in addition emphasized the commitment that the actresses assumed she summoned since them to work together. “The idea of the director is always complemented with the contributions of the actors. Like actress, it liked never me they direct that me like a puppet that she must copy to others, I always preferred to make my contribution creative?, added.

Behind the putting in scene a team of people exists that is in charge of the technical part. Manuel Omen is in charge of the illumination and Jorge Aragon of maquillaje, whereas the clothes were designed by the list.

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