Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances

Citizen music with the Mainetti-Angeleri pair

The tango spectacle, with guitar and bandoneón, will be carried out today, from the 21,30, in the room of Miter 331.

The public salteño will be able to enjoy an attractive spectacle of tango today, in charge of the outstanding Mainetti-Angeleri pair, within the framework of the Cultural April. The show will begin to 21, in the room Beer Jumps of Pro Culture, Miter 331.

Caesar Angeleri is inheriting of the Argentine guitarrística tradition, directed to the spectacle “Red Tango?, with the actress and singer Cecilia Rossetto. One evolved like member in groupings of citizen music, under the direction of prestigious teachers, like Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Atilio Stampone, Antonio Agri and Oscar Cardozo Ocampo.

At the moment he concentrates his activities in the Quintet of Daniel Binelli, who with the Tangometrópolis company crosses the European scenes. In addition, Integra the Quintet Gust of wind.

On the other hand, Pablo Mainetti is bandoneonista, composer, arreglador and orquestador. By weight own, it is the most outstanding figure of the tanguera renovation of the last years. He develops his activity like bandoneonista in different orchestras, under the direction of teachers like Atilio Stampone, Osvaldo Berligieri, Daniel Binelli, Néstor Marconi, Julio Pane, Raul Garello, Leopoldo Federico, Orchestra Juan de God Filiberto, Two Quintet of the Foundation Astor Piazzolla, Tango For Ever, Tango X and Gustavo Santaolalla, among others. The repertoire of tonight will be varied, with great classic of citizen music.

“Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? in the Miter

The appointment is east Sunday to 21 in the greater room of the coliseo, with this putting that arrives from the National Theater Cervantes.

In the year of the Bicentennial, the Miter Theater chose for the official Opening of its Season 2010, the presentation of the work “Rodolfo Walsh and Gardel? of David Vines, with the unipersonal action of I move away the Pinto Garci'as, and the direction of Jorge Graciosi.

The work narrates the last hours of the author of “Operation massacre?, “Who killed to Rosendo? and “Last hours?, Graciosi says, the director “that in fact could be those of any O-Man woman that in those Seventies were jeopardizes with a project of different country?.

The putting in scene of Jorge Graciosi values of almost onírica way, and until deluded, to a personage cornered by those beings who dedicated themselves to threaten from the power and the terror. The preparation of its last and perhaps greater denunciation against the terrorism of State translated in the historical letter to the Meeting, is the trigger of this one story.

The direction attendance is in the hands of Marcelo Méndez and original music is of Malena Graciosi.

The entrances are on sale to $30, with discount for schools and students.

Raul Olarte in the first concert of the Miter Theater

The presentation has shared in common characteristics since it will collect bottoms to carry out works in the sanctuary of Liberator.

Tonight to 22, recognized vientista quebradeño Raul Olarte will appear like first artistic number of season 2010, in the greater scene of the Miter Theater.

Due to the participation flood of feligresía in this religious space, it is that Ortiz father is working for the construction of the “House of the Sanctuary?, destined to serve to pilgrims, priests and the equipment of pastoral.

With the aim of presenting/displaying this work and collecting bottoms for its accomplishment, this encounter in the coliseo was organized jujeño, with the action of the musician jujeño of international prestige Raul Olarte who will offer his spectacle dedicated to the folklore of the Argentine and Latin American plateau next to special guests.

“The idea arose from the father and friend mine Fernando Ortiz and is a special concert, the reason is the construction of a work in Ledesma for the pilgrims of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a work that is going to resort sanitary services because people every time add themselves more? expressed Olarte that will share its art after five years with the local public.

The compositions of Ricardo Vilca, Justiniano Aparicio Towers and “Nail? Branches will be the great proposals for a loaded evening of surprises and Andean rates.

“One of the guests at night will be bishop Marcelino Palentini and singing he since we have been able to see that zambas has a very pretty voice for some jujeñas and a subject especially; also it comes a pianist from the Silver, Eva Carranza, the guitarist Norberto Pereira; Leonel Key in charango and Alexander Vilte de Purmamarca and Gustavo Cross of capital? said the artist of winds.
The concert will be the first spectacle of season 2010, for this reason, is everything a pride the folclorista abrir the artistic billboard of the year.

“I always consider that the public jujeño is very demanding and, on the spectacles that the Miter Theater presents/displays, the public jujeño knows and knows that we are going to propose the best thing to him. We are trusting in which we are going to offer a little while of relaxation, to enjoy the sounds of quena, the piano, the song and of the instruments which they form part of our patrimony? emphasized.

In reference to his previous presentations, the musician commented that he was in different scenes from Humahuaca, his native earth; in Hornaditas in support for a native community, the Festival of the Churqui and the Teasel and in the province of Buenos Aires.
However, the immediate projects of the vientista are two, on the one hand the new album of study that is in recording and, on the other, a trip to Japan in the month of October to which it will go like guest of the embassy of Argentina in the Eastern country. The entrances will cost 20 and 30 pesos.

Shared in common festival “Jujuy helps Chile?

The entrance will be a nonperishable food for the affected ones by the earthquake that shook to the neighboring country in February.

In order to collect shared in common aid for the victims by the earthquake that whipped to the neighboring country of Chile during the month of February, the next Sunday the festival “Jujuy will be carried out helps to Chile? in the ex- Station of Trains.

The musical encounter, that it will initiate to 11 and it will extend until the 21, is organized by Damián Paco and Juan Carlos Ribolini, neighbors of our city which “they took brings back to consciousness? of the situation that suffers the inhabitants of the center and the Chilean south; and they count on the support of the Honorary Consulate of Chile in Jujuy, the Center of Chilean Residents and the Direction of Culture of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy. Besides diverse ocal centers.

The initiative taken by both neighboring must to that “as jujeños we see ourselves in the necessity to collaborate since by our geography we were not other people's to that it happens the same? it indicated Ribolini.
As entertainers of the event participate the group of mariachis “Toluca?, Marcelo Branches and their set, the dancers of the School of Dance and Ballet “the Jujeño?, the group of Latin music “Locoto? and the Infernal ones of Güemes that stops the opportunity will present/display a new disc, among others artistic numbers.

Important donations
Until the moment without number of institutions they collaborated and they continue it making with shared in common collections of foods and diapers to be sent to the cordillerano country.

It is why the holder of the Center of Chilean Residents, Ana Aha Gual, was thankful by the donations of the associations of Armenia, Greek, Switzerland and Siciliana, among others.
In addition it emphasized the work of the students and of the managers of the school Remedies of Scaling that realized the day of food collection under the motto “solidarity does not have borders?.

Like thus also of the members of Rotary Club Jujuy by the campaign where they throughout received diapers the month of March in the pedestrian Belgrano.

While by he was thankful for the donations realized by the schools of the Orchard and Jose Hernandez, like thus also of all the people who anonymously collaborate on a daily basis.

Theater piece on the legend of the soul in pain

To call “Hortensia, a soul stone? and will appear east Saturday to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century.

“Hortensia, a soul stone? is a history based on the northern legend of the Soul in Pain, that Flavia Oil mill took to a theater script some years ago, as a result of a scholarship that it obtained to specialize in Theater Anthropology with the group the Wasteland of Buenos Aires.

After some years and delays of the project for personal reasons, the actress jujeña of great talent retook east work, that came working with Sergio Diaz Fernandez, and finally the last year, began itself to work in the definitive putting under the direction of another great artist of our means, Maria Peace.

The result is a work of theater dances, that arrived at this point without seting out it, which east Saturday to 22 in the Theater of the Return of the Century will be released (Senator Perez 178), and the next Saturday 17 will recover to the same hour.

It says the synopsis of this work: “A vague soul that, that suffers, that calls. A lost soul, almost transparent crosses the way that it has left in the earthly world to go towards beyond. It is watched in the mirror than it was his life next to his godmother and the pain his dead boy.

At the end of the way one is with the old Anastasia, with gifts of divination and a miner in his daily work, like predestining his death. No longer there is more weeping in his bones, no longer there are more complaints, no longer to vagar more by hills, no longer are but pains ".

The Tribuno de Jujuy talked with the artists of this putting to know details the work. “After the scholarship, the theater script was ready and spent long time?, tells to Flavia Oil mill and makes a small parenthesis to mention its maternity and the care of a small daughter, that was some of the reasons for impasse, “until the last year, sharing a work of training with Maria (Peace), took to me to propose to him that it directs this work?. In addition Diaz counted on the collaboration of Sergio Fernandez and Safe Diego, comments this actress, who promises with this work to return to give all their talent, that she is much, after to have consecrated at national level with the unipersonal interpretation of “Jamuychis? in the National Celebration of the Theater of year 2003, where she arrived representing Tucuman, province in which she was studying at that time. In this piece, Flavia Oil mill, unfolded an impeccable work of action, expression, song, color, lights, that took the applause standing up to their professionalism.

At his time of study in Tucuman, or it shared training with Maria Peace, that is worth to stress that it comes from the wood of the dance, but that also or penetrated in numerous proposals related to the theater.

For that reason this encounter in an extremely promising putting. Although Maria Peace recognizes, that antecedent of “Jamuychis?, did of some form “more difficult to do' Hortensia', but this actress (by Flavia) that sings, it acts and it causes that a pile of things in scene happens, causes that it transforms itself into a spectacle that the public has to do, mainly because we spoke of a legend of the Argentine north, who we felt like whom we must rescue, the legend of the Soul in Pain?.

“The Hortensia name was a whim because mine is related to the name of an aunt but is not its history. I chose that name because liked as she sounded I?, explains Flavio, “and' a soul stone' arose later because when I began to work with the first text, I occurred whereupon they appeared the stones like detonating element and the soul in pain much that is a legend of Jujuy. Both concepts were conjugated in this spectacle, still being very antagonistic. The soul like a etéreo being, and the stone like an Earth element, hard, cold?.

The language
On the other hand Maria explaya in the chosen language, the one of the theater dances. “It seems to Me that the language of the theater dances, very it is controverted, and we decided to put east language to him because sumatoria of events is one that are in scene. It appears the plastic, the line of vision, and everything fused with the work of the actor who in the case of Flavia is also half dancing because he has conditions practices and it. The language is sumatoria of these two arts, and it can very solve it to Flavia or in scene, it gives all their talent to us, and that does not make think us about every moment of the work if it is dance or theater. We work the dramatic art like a strong tool that cost to construct it to us enough?, assured.

And finally it defined this work like “a great poetry, because it has much metaphor, does not have much spoken text, but other textualidades that are crossed?.

The particularitity
The putting counts on a resource of music in Japanese, that needed the aid in the translation Mariano Yamada. Thus Maria explains: “Anthropology is a search of world-wide ethnic groups. It fell in my hands makes like fifteen years, a Japanese music because I have relatives who live in Japan, and is because it served to this music and a text to us that by back of her says something on this viejita Anastasia. It is a music that transports to you but that simultaneously it is like very ours, we used that music and that text in Japanese. It is like saying that the borders are but they vanish when to compose?.

National festival of the Chicha in the Boiler

The Chaqueño Palavecino will act in the evening morning of the encounter that will conclude Sunday with a great taming.

XX the National Festival of the Chicha will be developed to east weekend in the beautiful locality salteña of the Boiler, counting on the action of the Chaqueño Palavecino.

Tonight from the 21, the billboard anticipates the action of the Jayitas, Guitarreros, the Huayra, Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly, of the body dances “Earth Gaucha?, Samuel Garci'a, Seedtime, Valesa Peace, the Chaya Flowers, the body of dances “Earth gaucha?, Julio Holy, the Clown Watercolor, Turns Turns, with the animation of Carmen Lía and Jose To sweep.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of the Chaqueño Palavecino, ballet “Gaucha Earth? of the Boiler; The Change, Salamanca, the Changos of Bermejo, Juan Wheel, the Ñaños, Sumaj Dawn, the Sandro salteño, the body of dances “Gaucha Earth?, the Marucho, Those of the Vine, Nicholas Membriani, Pujllay and Fernando Aimo, with the animation of Rodolfo Soria and Oscar Humacata.

Sunday at noon will be realized a tribute to the Pachamama and topamiento of comothers.

To 14,30 one will leave the great taming with forty sums and three finishing touches, counting on the special participation of the rider the Palomo Calvet, recent winner of the Diamond Festival. The encounter will be animated by the Track and the Moldeños, Nicholas Membriani (payador) and the stories of Javier Cross, the animation of Marcelo Mur. They will participate tropillas “palenque?, of Pablo Darfe; “The slippery one?, of Agustín Holes; “The nochera?, of Martin Marinaro; “The return of Martin Iron?, Sanchez and Martinez, and “the cowbell? of Rollari. The entrances for the today festival and tomorrow will cost 60 pesos the preferential ones; 45 you silverplate and the 30 popular ones. For the taming of Sunday, the general entrance paid attention 15 more to 15 pesos and for the dance.

The invitation
Days back, in Culturarte the Edition of the Festival of the Chicha appeared XX that will take place in the polideportivo complex of the locality salteña. To the details the intendant of that commune, Miguel Calabro offered them, next to people in charge of the organization, a delegation of the center gaucho “the Palenque? and the payador Nicholas Membriani. They emphasized that the festival includes skills gauchas, eaten traditional, small caldereña and an ample musical billboard. Also Calabró thanked for to the authorities jujeñas that abrieron their doors to the people of the interior of Jumps, “understanding to us like brothers, since San Antonio, the Carmen and others are brother towns of the Boiler?.

Manyines tucumanos, arranged to give chair

The humoristic group of the neighboring province will present/display its imperdible basic parade of personages and one clasede " tucumano ".

Manyines carries out in Tucuman a popular televising program that emits Saturdays, by channel 13 of CCC.

Manyines. For Tucumanos export is a humoristic group that comes hard being above in the Garden from the Republic. Between borders, they work like seven people, but the actors who put themselves in the skin of desopilantes personages inspired by their own comprovincianos are two: Miguel Martin and Gabriel Races. The key of the success of these tucumanos is a well-known formula, but that few can solve on a scene: the capacity to ***reflx mng itself of one same one. The humorists will appear in Jumps tomorrow, to 22, in Scene Jet Seth (Necochea 737). The general entrance bond $30.

“Manyín? is an own term of the neighboring province. “Besides making reference to the garronero, it looks for, to the vividor, is used it to define the delinquent and, in spite of it, for the tucumanos he is a graceful personage?, it defined Martin, the actor whom it interprets to the Hetor; to professor Sabelounpomo, expert in “basic tucumano?; and to the Gordillo official, polesía of Tucuman. Gabriel Races, on the other hand, gives life him to the Ether, the operator; The Irma, one lady who resides in a tucumana town; and to the Masi, student of basic tucumano.

Both actors come from a successful experience: “Republic of Tucuman?, another humoristic proposal of great success in the neighboring province. ? `Republic' was a program type magazine; it had music, humor, information, etc. Within that proposal éramos we a segment. We separated to direct an own project, based on humor in 100%, with sketches new ones, and to grow more in the interpretations overturning us to the production, to offer a better product ", Martin explained, in dialog with the Tribuno.

The strategy of Manyines is based, essentially, in the caricaturización of certain common personages, of district, explaining faithfuls of the tucumano dialect. The “harvest? of linguistic material - Martin-not counts demands too much effort. “People contribute very many through anecdotes. The day to day in Tucuman always adds to you at the time of writing a script. The tucumano is very ocurrente with the nicknames and, at the time of answering or discussing, sometimes is very desopilante. Obvious - separate humility one must have a high sense of observation to be able to arm a history in paper and soon to act it?.

Guest to give a pair of examples of “basic tucumano?, the actor of Manyines proposes, defines and puts in use: “Chuy, expression of cold, `Chuy, tá helao'; Tuy, extreme heat expression, `Tuy, tá that peels'; Ramiá, to drag against the pavement a person does not burnish, `You vuá ramiá of the wicks'?.

With respect to the spectacle that will offer tomorrow, Martin offered diversion guarantee. “To salteño they enchant to him and he ***reflxes mng himself much of the forms that the tucumano has. Sometimes also they bother a little to him - we are going to be sincere, but generally we fall to them well, although the Buenosaireans of the north call `to us'?, adds ironic. And he returns to the subject: “He will be very dynamic, with videos and sketches of the Operator, who has a love history complicated good wave. Also we will learn `tucumano basic' and we will see a police situation between Gordillo (polesía) and the Irma?.

Finally, consulted about which it is the key of the humor of Manyines, Miguel Martin summarized: “I believe that the routine character and the simpleza of sketches. These resources cause that people feel identified. There is the secret of this success: we try to show a reality but with humor?.

Martin Zambrano turns “scrap irons? into art works

The plastic artist will set out his new series of iron sculptures with metal recycling in the gallery of Mamoré art.


In his necessity to find an identity within the art, the young plastic artist Martin Zambrano Echenique discovered in the work with the metal an ideal form of expression, mainly because it is an element that allows him to play to create animal sculptures with a deep and interesting esthetic sense. The last year, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, exhibited “Between roosters and midnight?, a sample of figurative pieces in iron with metal recycling of great expressive level and interesting dynamics; now it will exhibit his works in a reduced scope more, like the gallery of Mamoré art. The artist chose to call to this new exhibition, composed of five sculptures of fish of medium format, with his same name, Martin Zambrano Echenique because “through these works I look for my own essence?. The inauguration will be tomorrow, to 20,30, in Carolinos 407 (Three district Cerritos).

He makes a pair of years, Martin Zambrano Echenique discovered in the metal an element with a great esthetic potential and ductility. “The metal always drew attention to me but I began to use it two years ago when I realized of which uniting one or more pieces of chatarrería could create an interesting work of art. But beyond the plastic effect, the challenge is to resignificar the object in disuse without it loses his beauty nor its form. The idea is to add value to him, that is to say, that what one adds or the use that one gives him is always in search of the beautiful thing, opposite case is better than the object follows its way as it is, without modifying not even to use it?, expressed the artist, who followed the passages of his mother, Ines Echenique.

For his new proposal, Martin changed the roosters by the fish because simply he feels a special affection towards this species. “I enlisted with the animal by different questions, one from them because I always liked and because I believe that somehow the human beings we felt identified with them. I began with these `almost tiny beasts' like a game, like a diversion in my free short whiles, but to little by little it was absorbing me. From the beginning I realized of which it amused much to me making this type of work and that helps me to that everything flows more easily?, added Zambrano.

It crosses “chatarrerías? like that goes to the supermarket. The idea to turn a simple left piece and oxidized in an art work because gets passionate to him while gives him form to those objects feels that it is discovered to itself. “One as artist is looking for the type of technique that it has left more comfortable. It is a search that can take all the life to you but when you discover what you like to do, leaves to you better, you feel to you more comfortable and you put more enthusiasm to him. In my case, my work identifies with the metal and the sculptures that arise from the union of the different pieces?, emphasized Zambrano, whose sample will be qualified in the Mamoré galleries (Carolinos 407) until the 10 of April.

A life with great profits

Withdrawn of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Catholic University of It jumps, Martin Zambrano followed the passages of his mother Ines Echenique and he was committed with the plastic arts from very small.

In its short incursion in the art Format was summoned to present/display its work in the Medium hall the Museum of Beautiful Arts “Claudius L. Sempere? (Burzaco); in VIII Annual Hall 2003 the Association Plastic Artists (Quilmes); in the university hall the Popular University of the Mouth; among others. In He jumps exhibited his works in the Provincial Hall Photography 2001; in the Museum of the City; in the School of Notary publics and the House of the Culture; among others spaces.

An exquisite fusion of aerobatics with music and theater

The Aeroniñas company will present/display its spectacle “Arjé? in the Teatrino.

From Buenos Aires and in It jumps for the first time, the Aeroniñas company will present/display his spectacle of dance and trapeze “Arjé?, Saturday 13, to 21,30, and Sunday 14, to 20, in the Teatrino (To turn white and 12 of October).

Besides Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13, Victory Toledo, member and director of Aeroniñas, will dictate to a seminary of hoop and trapeze.

This activity is directed to men and women as of the 10 years and the five better students of the factory will participate in the functions of “Arjé?. Information in Multiespacio Salta Dance or to telephone 4210995.

From 1999, Aeroniñas dedicates to the investigation of the aerobatics and its fusion with the theater. The company uses the trapezes, the fabrics and cords like expresivas tools, turning them into theater spaces. In its Integra presentations the circus traditional spectacle, the dance, the poetry and the theater.

This presentation of dance and aerobatics is framed within the cycle of cultural and acoustic spectacles that will throughout be realized the year in the Teatrino, the room located within the multispace Salta Dance, directed by Sabrina Sansone. The room is turning two years of its opening in our city.

Theater and sample of digital art in Jujuy

Tonight it will return to scene the Cordovan piece and the artistic exhibition.

Tonight to 21,30 the titled work will recover “the Way of the Puma? in the Theater of the Return of the Century, of Senator Perez 178.

The work is a unipersonal one of Juan Villegas and is based on works of James Arevalo Merejildo Chaski.

“Waking up of puma initiatory way? is the story of the life of kolla that undertakes the dream of being writer and to travel with winds to know all the skies, the lessons of its ancestors and the ways of its race.

The theater group the Life is a Boat was created in 2005, in the province of Cordova. At present, it reunites to several plastic actors, musicians and artists who create in the experimentation and search of new theater languages.

It shows in the Coffee
“Corpses? are the title of the sample that Rodrigo Moltoni, artist and graphical designer, it recently inaugurated in the Coffee of the Return of the Century, I mention in Senator Perez 178.

“The exhibition conceptualiza the idea of died corpses or that we have in the locker and that for some reason costs to remove to us and to dust.

These corpses, metaphorically, are those pending subjects that we cannot remove from above " explained Rodrigo Moltoni on its exhibition that has 17 pieces under the technique of the transported digital art to the paper.

It is important to emphasize that the format of each picture has as measured 1 x 0,20 M. and their technique missionary takes place on paper through the impression to red spurt, according to explained Moltoni. “Corpses? the 11 of March to 21.30 will have a reinauguración.

The sample will be exposed until the month of April.

New proposal of the Suburban Teátrico

The work “the daughters of the aspirineta…? it will be released tomorrow, to 22, in the local Jet Seth (Necochea 737).

“The daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation? are the name of the new proposal with which Suburban the Teátrico group promises to make reflect to the spectator through humor.

The work, written by the actress and dramatist Cristina Idiarte, will be released Friday tomorrow, to 22, in Scene Jet Seth (Necochea 737, Balcarce Stroll).

“The educational incentive does not reach to us and the educandos do not do case to us. The unique thing that we have left is the brightness of the theater. That it would happen if we realize of which aspirinetas consumed throughout all our life is not as inoffensive as we thought? How we demonstrated our mental health?. This is the phrase that summarizes the sense of this work, that is to say, the relation between aspirinetas and consumes that them, in this case, the educational ones.

Diego Barrier, Gabriela Vázquez, Pablo Aguierre and Cristina Idiarte puts itself in the skin of four educational ones, like those of before, to offer a critical and humoristic glance to the educative system.

“This spectacle is impregnated of many characteristics that make it at the same time interesting and funny. Speech on the search of the power, the ephemeral thing of the fame and makes a critic to the mass media, that exert an enormous influence in our lives. History has like protagonists to four educational ones, because the idea is also to remember those teachers of our childhood, who somehow gave a course them to our lives, and at the same time to offer a critical vision of the education?, advanced the author of “the daughters of the aspirineta, sequels of a automedicada generation?, Cristina Idiarte.

The actors who carry out this piece, that gives continuity him to the theater cycles that are being developed in Jet Seth, are integral of Suburban Teátrico for a time. Diego Barrier shared scene with Cristina Idiarte in “Therapy: comedy in three sessions and a diagnosis?; Gabriela Vázquez incarnated to the Vilca end in “80 Rococo roses? and Pablo Aguierre was coreógrafo of “Glamuuuuur, privacies of a single cow?.

Tonight, a “ace? of the subjects of gossip appears in Jumps

The young drummer will offer a clinic and will invite to raise local instrumentalist outstanding scene.

The musician, who at the moment touches in the band of Diego Towers, will include in his repertoire some own subjects.

The passion of a musician generates the necessity to take each agreed one to all the possible places.

With this motivation, the young musician Ezequiel Ghilardi will tonight offer a battery clinic, that will begin to 21 in Beelzebul (Necochea 748). “The idea of the clinic is that it is an informal encounter, but that essentially serves as incentive for all those people to whom they like to touch, so that they decide to face this profession seriously. It is important to pay attention to him to the vocation?, enunciated Ezequiel Ghilardi during an interview granted to the Tribuno.

The basic proposal is to arm a meeting between the drummer, the become fond of public and the local musicians. Ghilardi, artist supported by the Sabian companies and Evans (of subjects of gossip and patches), will touch the battery on tracks recorded with a repertoire that will include own subjects like “Buenosairean Melody?, “Free Way? and “Latinando?. Then, the spectators will be able to realize questions to him on the musical technique and its great professional experience. Also, there will be time so that the lovers of the percussion raise the scene and accompany to the musician in their battery.

He jumps is the departure point of this project. The musician assured that he wants to take the clinic by all the country. “I am going to try to travel by other provinces in the free time that I have left, after to initiate the tour with Diego (Towers). It likes to be able to offer me to people an incentive, telling my experience?, affirmed Ezequiel them.

Ghilardi is musical sesionista, that is to say, participates in different projects for which it is invited. It forces it to this to adapt to varied musical sorts, which, doubtlessly, enriches its professional race.

At the moment, the santafesino form leaves from the band of Diego Towers, to that comes accompanying for six years. As drummer of that grouping participated in the recording of the discs “MTV unplugged? and “Walking?. The next months he will on sale leave another material in which also Ghilardi took part and will begin a promotion tour.

The santafesino drummer is a mutifacético artist. He also touched for Vilma Palm and Vampires, realizing recordings in study and shows live. “With `Vilma…', I began to work in 2000, was the first work that gave the possibility me of recording a disc and of leaving tour by many places?, Ghilardi remembered.

Also it accompanied to Saline artists like Luis, Magalí Bachor and the Young Simphony Orchestra. This way, it shared scenes with Dave Weckl, Morelli J and Jorge Araujo, among others. “Very pretty things throughout my race have passed Me; I have known people who have helped me much. They are those things that spend at the right moment and the indicated place. It is necessary to be convinced of that, is necessary to believe in God and to follow ahead?, asserted Ghilardi. And it added: “The possibility of working with so many artists took to me to know much people and different cultures that helped that it abriera to new things?.

Beyond the musical diversity and the sorts taken root in the different cultures from the world “the musical language is one only?, defined the drummer. “You go to another country and although you do not know to speak to a foreign language you ponés to listen to music with anybody of there and the rest flows?, explained.
The opening like slogan

A sesionista musician must be preparation to penetrate in different rates and to participate to each other in completely different projects. Ghilardi has that capacity, we have seen for that reason it working in different musical proposals with equal enthusiasm. “Obvious one always feels an inclination towards a certain sort. Always there is a part that throws more. In my case, I like much music fusion, mixture of jazz, rock and MGP, and the Latin music of the coast this of the United States. My disc, that will leave in the next months, follows the line of those styles?, anticipated the artist.

“In this race always there are moments at which one classifies within certain sort or style, but arrive a little while in that unfailingly must look for other ways?, it added.

Ghilardi spoke of the necessity to face different projects that allow the musician to adapt e, even, to be changing its profile. Also, it emphasized that it is very important to know itself integral of a set. That is to say, “to be placed in relation to the other, to touch knowing that one does not only touch and that are other instruments with which it is coexisted. It is necessary to learn to listen?, affirmed Ezequiel Ghilardi.

The artist finishes finishing recording his first record material, that will leave on sale in the next months. “It is an instrumental disc where I conjugate all the music that I have listened and with which I have grown. He is a mix of jazz, fusion and MGP. It is the result of a long year of work?, said the rosarino drummer.

Tonight, Ezequiel Ghilardi disembarks in Jumps to share its music with the local public. The invitation is done, the advice is not to fail to take advantage of it.

The good folklore moves to the Boiler

The entrances anticipated already are sold in Pesao Gym. The “Chaqueño? will be the central attraction.

Past Monday began the sale of entrances for the twentieth edition of the National Festival of the Chicha, in the locality of the Boiler, that once again will count on important figures of the popular song book. The appointment will carry out between the 12 and the 14 of March.

The entrances are being sold in avenue Belgrano 870 - gymnasium Pesao Gym- and the prices are the following: Friday and Saturday, preferential, $60; you silverplate, $45; popular, $30. Domingo: general $15.

As it is custom, the “Chaqueño? Palavecino will be the main attraction at night of Saturday and surely it will arrive with his contagious repertoire to animate to the celebration caldereña.

Many people remained with the desire to listen to in Cafayate the artist of the Chaco salteño, and surely this one will be a superb opportunity to fulfill the assignment.

On the other hand, Friday 12 will arrive chaya at the Boiler, with the presence of the La Riojan Sergio Galleguillo, a permanent entertainer in the festivales of greater prestige of the country. Without doubts, it will not lack the flour in the action of this artist.

The public also will arrive in great number to be present at perfomance of the Huayra, a set that already has followers all over the country. Luis, Juan, Sebastián and the “Colo? will return to mix themselves enters their people.

Guitarreros will share with the assistants their prize Consecration of Cosquín. The young salteños artists come lately raising “cloud?.

A luxury establishment will have the animation of the Festival of the Chicha. First guarded it will count on the presence of Carmen Lía and Jose To sweep, whereas on the following day the figures of Rolando glimpse Soria and Oscar Humacata.

Sunday a great one will be carried out jineteada and also it will be realized a tribute to the Pachamama and a topamiento of comothers. It has been anticipated that will be 40 sums, with three finishing touches carried out by the most outstanding riders of the country.

The celebration will begin from the 14,30, with the presentation of several artistic numbers.

The accreditations of press must be confirmed until the day Tuesday 9 of March, via email to, with note directed to Carlos Funes, ordered of press of the municipality. In her name is due to brief, national identity document, means, task (journalist, operator, producer, etc.), telephone and email of contact.

The Great Dance of Small Carnival

The invitation was realized by comparsas of the town quebradeño.

Tonight, from the 20, in the Municipal Shed of Maimará, the Great Dance of Small Carnival will be carried out, giving him to a frame of closing to the celebrations carnestolendas of this year.

For this, the activities of Bandy2, the Timid ones, Group Inheritance, America, the Quebradeños and Sonido are predicted Miracle.

Group Inheritance.

The group conformed for several years has been coming proposing the best Andean folklore in the province.

Its first disc that contains thirteen subjects, among them cuecas, carnavalitos and huainos, reflects the calidez of the voices of the members of Inheritance: India Mariela, first voice, Alejandra Go'mez, percussion; Natalia Go'mez, low and second voice, Andrea Lopez, wind; Gabriela Go'mez, guitar and third voice and Gisela Vantage point, charango.

The celebration in the mythical scene “Single Payó? untied

Sergio Galleguillo and Nacho and Daniel were the people in charge of the outbreak of joy in the Enchanted Warehouse.

How beautiful serenatera moon was lived in the Enchanted Warehouse! The night vió “empachada? of good folklore with artists who stood out on the scene “Single Payo?. It was not needed the phrase Alegrate, Cafayate! The public danced and sang until the dawn.

Zambas, farmers, huaynos, carnavalitos and chayas sweetened the ear of the presents. Accidentally, this last La Riojan rate was the one that untied to the celebration in its maximum expression in the estate “Hunting Caesar?. Everything dyed of target between the foam and the flour that flew by the air in the middle of an overflowed concurrence of joy. Sergio Galleguillo, who is a classic one in the most important festivales of the country, did not keep anything and unfolded his carpero repertoire to the maximum.

The folklore in addition was represented with one of his more genuine exponents: the pair Nacho and Daniel (ex- Guaraníes). The artists left in clear why they gained as much respect within the circuit of the popular song book. They showed his recent elaborations and also they brought to the memory to the Singers of the Dawn, interpreting unforgettable the classic ones of remembered joint salteño.

The first ovación was for Paola Aryan, that with its charisma put in the “pocket? to the presents. When “the Gauchita? took leave of its action and the speakers prepared themselves to present/display the next number, people reverted the situation and, asking twice, the native young person of Rosary of the Border returned to the scene to give another subject.

From the Fist jujeña lowered legendary the Lipán Takings to sentence that the use is its “permanent partner? and who, while its voice resonates between hills, it will continue plotting the course in the festivales.

ace of La Rioja

What singer the “Sorceress? Salguero! The La Riojan did not have disadvantages in conquering the silence and the respect of the Enchanted Warehouse. Although it counts on a remarkable trajectory on his backs, very not very often its figure glimpsed in this part of the country. Without doubts, now it will be noticeable with a label of “great?.

Also Toledo caused to joy the return of the “Tufa?, who for years took root in Commodore Rivadavia. Its voice follows intact and added widely to the spectacle.

The public encariñó also with Nando “the Salteño?, but the great guarded surprise of third was the young person Federico Maldonado, to whom did not concern the schedule nor the fatigue to him of people. The singer salteño raised with the first light of the day and returned to ignite the celebration in the estate. His first experience in the Serenade did not weigh to him for anything, quite the opposite: it showed soltura and it enjoyed this magical evening.

The billboard was completed with Pancho Acosta, Echoes of my Earth, Yalo Cuéllar, Copleros, the Yunta, Inti Kari, Yacones, Quorum, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

Today they will act Red Jorge and the Huayra

Fifth guarded from the Serenade to Cafayate it will be tempting for any lover of the folklore, since the scene they will today raise to Red Jorge and the consecrated group the Huayra. In addition, the billboard will be completed with important artists.

From its separation of the Nocheros, its race as soloist were widely successful. It was born in Cutral Co, Neuquén, but from small salteño moved next to its family to the Chaco. Fan to music and the folklore, grew in a family of singers and poets, reason why from boy he was undergoing all the feeling of national music. Surrounded by zambas, farmers, vidalas and bagualas, it began to dream and to sing for its people.

It participated in a called pair Those of the Hill, but it was just in 1992 when the Nocheros knew the group, integrated then by Rubén Ehizaguirre, Quique Eyrie and the brothers Kike and Mario Teruel. All the nights one delighted with its presentations in the General Rock Güemes and one imagined that it was member of the group. For that reason great it was its surprise when one of its members, Quique Eyrie, decided to leave the set and was invited to replace it. Its first great emotion was in 1994, when the Nocheros obtained the greater aspiration of all artist folkloric: the consecration in Cosquín. But a day got tired to share poster and decided to direct like soloist, being obtained innumerable successes.

In as much, Luis Benavídez, Juan Sources, the “Colo? Vasconcellos and Sebastián Jiménez also will contribute his tonight to the Serenade. Surely many supporters will arrive from different provinces from the NOA, since this set, in the last years, gained the label of convoking. The billboard also will count on: Rafael Love, Mariana Reed, Marcela Ceballos, the Group Magnet, the Bandeños, Nicholas Mathey and his set, Rosita Jiménez, Leandro Robin, the Gold Mariachis, the delegation of Jujuy, Contempo, Those of Cafayate and the Bad Moon Ballet.

The Faranda will release “Question of I devise?

The company of puppets will present/display its new work the next Saturday 20, to 19, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture.

The company of puppets the Faranda will release a new work. One is “Question of I devise?, a creation of Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock. The theater piece will raise for the first time scene Saturday 20 of this month, to 19, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture. Next, to 22, the titiriteros will replace “Of iron?, recommended for majors of 10 years.

The opening of “Question of I devise? will comprise of the program of functions that the group has thought to realize the next weekend. Friday 19, to 19, will present/display “One of love and another one of adventure? and then, to 22, will be the turn of “Fedro and the dragoon, a medieval tragedy?.
“Question of I devise? is a spectacle of small format that contains all those elements that characterize to this separate company, that is to say the putting in scene of dolls articulated and complete (with hands and feet) in a stage scene acclimated within a laboratory.

Claudia Peña and Fernando Arancibia always prevail new challenges with regard to the creation of the personages and to the elaboration of histories that soon take to the schools and theaters. This time the one will be Fernando that will manipulate the protagonists of “Question of I devise? and Claudia will be in charge of the direction.

“The work poses a problem that could only be solved if it is used I devise. History is carried out by an inventor and his young daughter, besides other personages who will take part in this relation between father and daughter. Everything will be developed within a mechanical factory?, explained Rock, to which it added: “This it is our first spectacle in small format using new mechanisms to give expresividad to our puppets?.

The Faranda is integrated solely by Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock, a pair of titiriteros that dedicate their life to him to this activity. Considered of the more talented theater groups of It jumps, the Faranda harvested sinfín of applause in 2009. It presented/displayed his spectacles in important scenes, the National Celebration of the Theater in the Chaco, the Circuit 11 Circularte in the province of Santa Fe, the National Circuit of Theater the Country in the Country (Misiones and Buenos Aires) and the Cultural April in Tarija (Bolivia), among others.

Young actors of Tucuman present/display a work in Jumps

The piece “Rotary, exclusive theater for partners? will raise scene tonight and tomorrow in the House of the Culture.

A group of students of the fourth year of the race of Theater of the National University of Tucuman will raise the scene today and tomorrow, from the 22, in the Mecano Room, of the House of the Culture - Homemade 460-.

The young people will interpret “Rotary, exclusive theater for partners?, who are a work of Hernán Mora'n, directed by Sergio Prina. He tries on a group of artists who one night, while they return from an art sample, talk on their dissatisfaction with respect to which they see in the different rooms that, unfailingly, do not surpass their expectations. From there, they decide to form innovating an artistic movement that does not group in fact to that they are producing works, but, this new group produces nothing either, only criticism. It is an irony on the world of the art. The work counts this history through daily and desopilantes situations that, besides making laugh, they invite to the reflection. The script leaves space for the improvisation, does not have a defined text, reason why the resolutions of each one of the situations maintain the expectant public. “We enjoyed very many this work because beyond the great repercussion that we had in Tucuman, the work amuses much to us and it allows reírnos us of we ourself?, the actor expressed Guillermo Katz.
The group of young actors is integrated by Car it Breslin, Rodrigo Herrera, Illuminato Flora, Guillermo Katz and Flavia Rodriguez. “We are companions from first year and come making several things in the faculty, but it is the first time that we left to show a work outside Tucuman. We are very contentments because in addition we are consolidating like group?, said the actress Car it Breslin.

A challenge

The work is the result of the final examination of the chairs Practical of Action I and Theater Direction, that the actors rendered in the Faculty of Arts of the UNT. The examination consisted of three functions that offered the public and which they had very good results, because besides obtaining a good qualification, they were praised and many applause of the tucumano public took.
“In Tucuman there is one moved of very interesting theater and that, for example, allows that we pruned to resolve the expenses that imply to mount a work and thus we pruned to undertake projects like this one, to come to act to It jumps?, commented the Flavia actress Rodriguez.

The clothes and the stage scene are designed and produced completely by the group of students who tonight will act for the first time in a scene salteño.
The first function is predicted for tonight from the 22, in Caretakers 460. The general entrance will be of $15.

Topamiento of comothers in the eve of the carnival jujeño

The comothers of the Branch jujeño, will concentrate in the Audio Cable corner Vision to live the traditional “topamiento?.

Like every year, the comadritas, after a year of silence and arduous work, will give loose rein to the joy and will arrive with their colorful presence, dancing to the rate of anatas. Native Comadres who integrates different comparsas next to others from the department, would arrive until the corner of San Martin and Páterson to reedit the encounter in his 18° edition.

After to pass through FM Satellite, where the first part of the Topamiento will be fulfilled, they will arrive having danced until the scene chosen from 18 years, where it waits the Cipriana Mamaní next to its compadrito Alexander Montero.

There it will be the topamiento, that like every year, congregate to one nourished and enthusiastic concurrence, that infected by the overflowing joy of the comadritas is added to the festive encounter in which it does not lack the basil, the serpentine and the perforated paper

The comothers take like every year, besides their friendship and respect, the infaltables offerings: sweet and salty breads symbol of the work gained with the effort and the conjugation of joys and sadnesses; the branches of basils and flowers; chicha of maize; the serpentines and the paper pricked in each “chuspa?. All this for the interchange between the moved songs, counterpoints, hugs and desires of well-being for the course of the year.

The Chilean group Gondwana touches today in the Saltá Reggae

The celebration “rasta? will begin to 21,30 in the Station Mega. Also Reggae will act Holy, of Formosa.

With more than 20 years of race, in which it consolidated like one of the great names of reggae in Latin America, the Chilean band Gondwana will arrive at Jumps to participate in a new edition of the Saltá Reggae, one of moved more important of the culture “rasta? of the NOA.

The festival will have as scene to the Station Mega and will start to 21,30 with the Holy action of the group Reggae, of Formosa. Also there will be live music in charge of DJ Morokiox, classic of moved reggae salteña.

The anticipated entrances are on sale in Cachimbo Da Peace (Alvarado and Pellegrini), Pony (Virrey Toledo 490), M 51 (Alberdi 222), Morrison (San Martin and Buenos Aires, the premises 2), Soul Mater (Pellegrini 125) and Chaco (Cordova 235).


For a pair of weeks, the musicians of Gondwana are realizing a tour by the country to promote their first DVD, that was registered in August of the past year live, in Buenos Aires, and to integrate grilla of bands that will touch to this weekend in the tenth edition of the Cosquín Rock.
Gondwana was born like a band from reggae in a peripheral population from called Santiago from Chile the Pincoya, where it was known this musical sort very little. The artists joined themselves for the first time in 1987, but just in 1998 they published its first album, titleholder “Gondwana?, whom soon they followed “Phat?, “Praise? and “Made to him in Jamaica?.

New singer

With his fifth disc “Grows? consolidated its international presence. In 2007, the band lassoed its last album, “Resiliente?, and made debut a new vocalista, Maxi Vargas.

With more than 1,000 concerts, Gondwana - at the moment integrated by “Yayo? Loyola, Ronni Alvarez, I read Dread, Luco Duck, I Locks, “Cat? Branches, Maxi Vargas, Hugo Prado and Fabian Cordova is one of the Chilean groupings with more international presence.

The Carnavalera in Humahuaca is abre tomorrow

The most outstanding names are added to this proposal of Jose Simón, who will extend until the next Sunday.

On the initiative of the singer humahuaqueño, Jose Simón, a new space in “the historical city? will be inaugurated tomorrow, to celebrate the Carnival.

The Carnavalera is called and will work by four days until Sunday as it soothes of the greatest celebration of the north, with most important presences. Four nights of carnival, will reunite to the most famous exponents of music folkloric jujeña.

“We hoped that it is an encounter that can be continued doing in the coming years, so that this name settles in the country like the place to live the carnival on the province?, commented in conversation with our matutinal one, “we want that people take a good memory of this rock so that she can count it in any place where she lives?.

It is thought with a billboard mainly of local artists, although also folcloristas friendly of Tucuman, Santiago and Buenos Aires will be added, according to explained Simón.

The intention is “to create a space all the jujeños artists to celebrate a celebration that stops we is very symbolic, is most important of the calendar, of something are in favor outstanding in the almanacs who give ourselves in the jujeños commerce, the dates of carnival?, comments the artist, “one that the luck had to cross different places from the country, realizes that the carnival jujeño is incomparable?.

The appointment is in street Buenos Aires 179, of Humahuaca.

Imperdible billboard

The billboard is integrated by Dark brown Aryans, Daniel Vedia, the Cat Garci'a, the Simón Brothers and Jose Simón, that will inaugurate the first night, with Thursday of Comadre. Friday, the artists in the scene will be Takings Lipán, Daniel Vedia, Elías Abalos, Tiny beast Diaz and Jose Simón. Saturday will continue the celebration with Dark brown Aryans, Jujeña Moon, Diableros, Tiny beast Diaz, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and from Tucuman, the Simple one.

Finally, the evening of Sunday will count in the scene of the Carnavalera with Gustavo Patiño, Lipán Takings, Diableros, Daniel Vedia, Jose Simón and the Simple one. In addition, Jose Simón commented that he exists the possibility that adds the santiagueños of Glimpse, and the Tierral of Buenos Aires.
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