Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances

A festival in tribute to the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle

They will act Jose Garci'a, the “Shovel? Aguilera and Gastón Lamb, among others.

The last details for the great musical appointment of next Saturday in the vestibule of the Cathedral are polishing Basilica of Jumps. The festival will be realized Saturday 31, in tribute to the Gentleman and the Virgin of the Miracle, at the end of the enthronement of the holy employers. The entrance will be free and gratuitous and is predicted that it begins to 20.30.

In the billboard of artists who will participate in the spectacle appear Jose Garci'a, Gastón Lamb, the “Shovel? Eyrie, the lyrical singer Mountain Claudia, Luján Peñalva, Eduardo Madeo (h) and the band of the Army the Infernal ones, with its director Walter Mariet. Also it will be the Contempo group, integrated by Alfredo Villegas, Jorge Omen, Enrique Albarracín, Adrián Lopez and Cristian Lopez. A platform will be armed in center of the vestibule, with the majestic basic cathedral. Chairs, lights will be placed, four giant screens and towers of sound in different sectors from place 9 of Julio, so that the public one enjoys east musical tribute to the holy employers Jumps.

“My very small letters? will present/display the book

The appointment will be tomorrow in the Popular Library, to 19.30. It is a poem compendium of Alicia Soria de Torres Aparicio.
Tomorrow to 19,30, in halls the Popular Library of our city, the poemario will appear “My very small letters? of the Alicia writer Soria de Torres Aparicio.

The work, east form year in very taken care of edition of the author, contains part of the literary history of the writer, of intimist character, testimonial and essentially affective.

The design of the cover and layout are of Candlemas Aparicio Towers, and the book was dedicated by Alicia to its children Javier and Gladys, their grandsons, and Mr. Normando Zamboni of that indicates: “it tended his hand to us disinterested friend and… and continues making it with the same commitment, respect and enthusiasm from the first day?.

Alicia Soria de Torres Aparicio, native of Hillocks, province of Jumps, from very young lived with its family in Jujuy, accompanying to its mother, rural director of an institution.

There the love by the north recognizes to have shortage jujeño, particularly the Gorge of Humahuaca, where years later, would train its family when contracting marriage with the prestigious doctor, folklorólogo, author and composer, Justiniano Aparicio Towers, of that were untiring inspiring permanent companion and of their artistic activity. Quiet, next to the enormous personality of his husband, it was keeping his creations throughout his life.

When dying gift Justiniano, followed with the task of raising the life of the musician/doctor and founded with concerted effort the Museum that takes its name in anthropological, archaeological and folkloric the city of Humahuaca where the artistic works are conserved.

Nevertheless, the literary vein expressed and Alicia de Torres Aparicio finally, obtained, mentions of honor and literary anthology publications, between which they honored as finalist of the sort Poetry without rhyme, of Editorial in 1999 of honor of 7º National Poetry contest 2001 their inclusion and mention, Argenta Stories in the anthology “Cortázar?.

The writer, deeply simple and solidly supported in her feelings offers this book to the jujeños, from her roots sunk in Humahuaca, and all the Gorge, city and region where she nourishes of all the forts and unforgettable sensations accompanied that it from the adolescence to the total maturity.

I Festival folkloric for rural schools

Ample solidarity and collaboration of the hand gaucha and the community, with the presence of musical sets.

The objective to offer to a aid to the children and young people of the Rural Schools, was made specific successful during the I Shared in common Festival Folkloric “a hand gaucha? made specific recently in the ex- station of trains.

Reunited in family, the community gaucha and the public attended with nonperishable foods and clothes to participate in this activity with shared in common characteristics.

From the 18, mateada was a great one offered by the institutions gauchas and the festival folkloric, began with the action and collaboration of different local groups like the Infernal ones, the Strangers of the Chaco, the Creoles, the Carperos, the Gauchería, Carpera Illusion, the Quebrachales, Captive Moon, Zenón Claure and the Tilcareño Castle, the Puesteros, Those Of the Payment, the Torcaceños, the Alders and the Voices of San Javier.

It is important to emphasize that the collected thing was acquired by the First Shared in common Runner, Ocloyas: Schools of Suipacha; Tilquiza; of Ocloyas and San Bernardo.

Accompanied by the senator Gerald Morals, councilman Santiago Jubert, the intendant of San Salvador de Jujuy, Raul Jorge, the initiative stood out of those who have to its position programs folkloric in different radios, like thus also of councilman Santiago Jubert and the capital municipality.

“A festival totally dedicated to our rural schools, consequently is becoming a work of good where important grants have arrived and an impressive participation? expressed.

In as much, the senator Gerald Morals, emphasized like special the shared in common activity organized by the gauchaje jujeño.

“With the participation of sets folkloric and a delegation of the municipality of the Slaughter, that not only came to visit our province as many people but offer a pretty spectacle us through their dance?.

Then, affirming that the aim is to integrate the family and to transmit some values that are being lost in the society, Jubert councilman said that through gauchaje the comradeship is also seen and the municipal management for these shared in common activities.

“Every two months will be realized, with the work of radios gauchas, taking a hand to all the rural schools, that next will be running the Jujuy-Spas of Kings, the Targets, among others?.

This first shared in common festival was coordinated by diverse traditionalistic radial and televising programs of our city, among them Cooked Mate; Gauchas traditions; Under Eaves; Fattening mate pa the gauchos; Gaucha earth; Pulpería; Creole Tardecita and With the Hat to the Wind.

Wagner, Brahms and Mozart, the today repertoire

The concert will take place today, to 21,30, in the Provincial Theater. It will direct Roel, with Karina Mora'n like soloist in fagot.

With works of Wagner, Mozart and Brahms will return to raise today the scene of the Provincial Theater (Zuviría 70) the Symphony orchestra of Jumps.

The concert will take place to 21,30, under the direction of Enrique Roel and with Karina Mora'n like soloist in fagot. This presentation will mark the beginning of a cycle that will extend during the season, whose objective will be to emphasize the work and professionalism of the integral soloists of the Orchestra.

After to have realized, to full room, the Patriotic Finery and the Réquiem de Verdi, the grouping returns to the scene to interpret Overture Tannhaüser de Wagner, the Concert for Fagot and Orchestra of Mozart with the solística action of Mora'n and, Symphony 4 of Brahms.

The entrances for the concert can be acquired in the ticket office of the theater: it silverplates $20 and $16, theater box $30, pullman and superpullman $10. Pensioners, disabled and students can accede to a 50% of discount with the corresponding accreditation (membership cards, certainties of students, etc).

This benefit had by means of resolution -09 of the Institute 84 Music and Dance.

“Improcrash? in Jujuy

The art to improvise arrives through all the senses.
The Company Argentina de outstanding Improvisación in its sort “Improcrash? will appear the 16 of the current to 22 in the Miter Theater.
Improcrash! Multimedia is game, emotion, adrenalin and creativity. Humor is the main axis of this vertiginous show nourished multimedia of live improvisations, added to captivating special and musical effects.
Four actors improvise on titles invented by the public, in a style or sort also selected by the spectators, between a twenty of possibilities (police officer, slow motion, gauchesco, soap opera, rhyme, suspension and science fiction, among others).

The artists enter scene without previous agreement among them and create brief histories, without utilería, music, clothes nor choreography. The objects and effects that are included in each improvisation are represented by they themselves. During the show, a conductor unfolds his audio-visual creativity in the advance payment and closes of histories.

“Improcrash? it is the creation of infinite personages to the service of multiple histories that arise from riquísimo feedback (connection) between the public and undergone professional of the improvisation.

The entrances on sale are 50 pesos (it silverplates), 40 pesos (social gathering).

Sergio Galleguillo and the Friendly in Jujuy

Next to the La Riojan folclorista different jujeños sets like Coroico, Diableros and Caesar Maráz will appear.
Tonight, from the 22, in the Gaucha Association Sergio Galleguillo will act and the Friendly, next to outstanding jujeños groups like the group Coroico, Diableros and Caesar Maráz.

The native artist of La Rioja will present/display in the great rock folkloric his last record work “February?, of which in his official site she shows a way to us where we found “the love? (zamba); “Nostalgia? (song); “The joy? (saya); “The lack of affection? (taquirari); “The essence? (chaya); “Feelings? (farmer); experiences and thus also transmit in each musical subject Latin American landscapes, for that reason, its song and its passion, make different and very special. February is much more that a simple month, is the life summarized in a word, is the magic of the things that surround to us. Rusito Productions that are the organizer of the evening anticipated that it will be a spectacle of first level. The anticipated entrances on sale are in Zorba Belgrano Necochea corner, ex- Planet 8, in Juana Manuela Gorriti, and the Mansion Barbecue, Admiral Brown 741.

The Encounter comes III from Inclusive Dance in Jujuy

This activity, that counts on the coordination of Cecilia Ortega and Olga Chiabrando, will be carried out in two spaces.

9 and 10 of July in the schedule from 10 to 13 the Encounter of Inclusive Dance will be realized III in Jujuy, in the Spanish Society located in Senator Perez Belgrano corner.

In the occasion, the students and people with incapacities motorboats and interested in undergoing this discipline will be able to construct a “common earth?, cradle in the communication, confidence in the group, listens, the movement from the potentialities of the group, the attention to the sensation, the contact with the other, the Earth and the space, to give and to receive weight and structures of improvisation.

Another activity that will be realized within the framework of the encounter will be the denominated course “the Authentic Movement like recreational practice?, that will be place the same, from 15 to 19,30 in the School Superior of Dances “Fontenla Norm? of Madrid 438.

From listening and not to say to him to the body what must do, the movement arises from a different root, the individual will less undergo new expressions, that will make possible the opening and communication of new forms, more original and stereotyped.

As it forms creative, Authentic Movement will facilitate the connection with the capacity to create inherent to the nature.

The educational ones that will be in charge of this activity will be Sandra Martinez (Rosary), certified in DanceAbility Teacher Training (Eugene, Oregon; The United States). In addition, it organized and it participated in different Workshop de DanceAbility with Alito Alessi.

She is professor of Yoga, instructor of Therapeutic Esferodinamia (Research center and Corporal Study of Techniques and Languages in Buenos Aires), Popular Educator (Popular University “Mothers of Place of May?), Psicodramatista (School Port Rosary, Society Argentina de Psicodra-ma), instructor of the Pilates Method (Mat Work) and at the moment attends the third year of the race of Eutonia, in the Latin American Association of Eutonia.

Also he is educational of corporal techniques such as Pilates, Esferodinamia, Contact Improvisation, DanceAbility, Authentic Movement.

It is Popular and alfabetizadora Educator of adults, since it dictates to classes in the Gabriela Study Morals and in the Study of Art and Movement of It devours Abecasis, both of Rosary province of Santa Fe; and Lozano participates in the educational equipment of the Formation of Esferodinamia for the Position with professor Anabella.

By information and inscription, the interested ones will be able to communicate to 0388-4315114

The Factory of theater replaces Tupac Amaru

One is a version of Osvaldo Dragún, with direction and putting in scene of Edmundo Asfora.
Today and tomorrow to 21,30 the University Factory of Jujuy (Tunju) will replace the version of Osvaldo Dragún of the work “Tupac Amaru?. It will do it in his own room of avenue Bolivia 1685 of this capital. The direction and putting in scene are of Edmundo Asfora.

From 1985 Tunju it offers theater tools to the university students, like also to the interested ones in the discipline. And indeed the final work of factory 2009 is the putting “Tupac Amaru?.

The actoral list is integrated by Sonia Juárez, Mario Calisaya, Carlos Tereñes, Oscar Galdo, Carlos Lee, Diego Aima, Ciro Montaño, Juan Jose Visich and Carlos Bustamante.

The work deals with aspects the life of Tupac Amaru and his wife Micaela Bastidas and her revolt against the Spanish oppression during years 1780 and 1781. It approaches the battles that followed one another, the prison of Tupac and its family, the torments undergone and their death next to his wife. The scenes pass in a nonconventional space.

Recital of the hands of Filipi in the reclaimed sheds

Hard Stand for casks will act next to the bands jujeñas locoto and Coyas.
Within the framework of the tour “the Piqueteros Methods?, the hands of Filipi will offer today from the 23 a concert in the reclaimed sheds of Urquiza avenue, behind National School 1. Organized by Yaswa Art and Culture, the Commission of Human rights and the movement Tupaj Katari, the spectacle will count on the presence of the bands jujeñas “hard Stand for casks locoto? and “Coyas?.

The slogan of the recital will be “Against the criminalization of the protest? and the elucidation of the deaths of “Papilo? Condori and “Rabbit? Vargas.

The entrances anticipated already are on sale.

Veintiún artists salteña unmasks the ideology of the society

Local artists took their reading on our idiosyncrasy, boarded from original perspective.
The salteños we are preservative, people of family, lovers of prejudiced, shared in common, conformistas, chauvinistic the traditions, collectors of old and unsuitable, siesteros, loving things of the good wine and the served tables good, politically predictable, good hosts… The list could continue and thicken until unimaginable dimensions, because the idiosyncrasy of a town is constructed with logs that are added on a daily basis.

The autoreflexiva glance can be born with or without invitation. In this case there was, it and it was directed to the artists. “Invention-Construction? is the name of the sample that will be inaugurated today, to 20, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460) and that was armed with an objective: to unmask imaginary salteño.

The ideologists were lawyer Esteban Drincovich and Mercedes Ruiz of the Level ones, and counted on the support of House of the Culture and of Pro Culture He jumps.

The artists who participate in this project are Maria Laura Buccianti, Rolando Aryan, Leonardo Pellegrini, Romina Shutter, Virginia Montaldi, Roxana Branches, Andrea Fernandez, Mario Cordova, Julian Garci'a, Mercedes Ruiz of the Level ones, Andres Mountain range, Marcela Lopez Tailor, Luis Bushhammer, Santiago Alvarez, Jose Maria Martinelli, Mariano Gusils, Andrea Elías, Cecilia Garci'a Ruffini, Jose Luis Saporiti and Maria Perez.

“The proposal of the sample was to work from imaginary salteño. That is to say, that the invited artists produced an artistic work from the symbolic system that each perceived of our reality. The title of the sample, `Invention - Construction', part exactly of this subject trigger?, commented Mercedes Ruiz of the Level ones.

“The symbolic systems of a society are armed or they are constructed from an invention. Without doubts, that invention has like departure point and establishment the reality. Thus we can say that the identity also is something that is constructed from data verified or verifiable by science or, in some cases, not?, added.

The organizers of the sample use the word “to unmask? because - they explain “the art is, without doubts, a sensible observer of things that happen in a society, is a signaller advanced or acute of those things. The artists we worked in a constant commitment with the reality that surrounds to us, with our context?.

Deconstruir speeches is, for the artist, a vital impulse. “It is there where we spoke of invention. When a speech deconstruye changes of form and sense, it stops being to mean another thing. There we return to the title of the sample: a constant invention-construction?, added Ruiz of the Level ones.

Those that participated in this sample, 21 watched are 21 artists on imaginary salteño. “Some more critics than others - the manager needed the sample in the sense that work on prejudices or stereotypes. Some are easier to read than others, but in all there is fine cautious of the reality salteña. Sandal from the picture to the landscape, of the religion to epic history, from the ironic thing to the ingenuous thing, from which it is covered to which it is discovered?.
“To imaginary salteño, constructed from as much, the territorial thing, the social thing and from the historical thing, it corresponds representations that condense the landscape, the ethnic diversity, the devotion, music and the gastronomy, among others things?, added Esteban Drincovich.

The inauguration will count on the presentation of Fernando Subelza (Quantum, Qaqtu Lab, Ostinato), who will interpret electronic music live.

All meetings and separately

The call was open to any artistic format. Thus, some artists presented/displayed photographies, other videos, paintings, drawings, objects or facilities.

The sample is diverse and gives testimony of the freedom that causes the contemporary art.

“For the elaboration of the work, some took control of religious subjects, scenes or mineral even typical of It jumps?, commented the Level Ruizes of, the managing one of the sample.

With respect to the possible relations that can settle down enters different works, it indicated: “There are points common between some. They would be possible to be grouped in sets and subgroups. For example, there is who worked on the picture, each with its point of view, perhaps, very different among them, but somehow part of the strong connotation that has that subject?.

Despite comprising of a set, “each one of the works speak by itself and with great forcefulness?, it honored Ruiz of the Level ones.

“Baraka? will step on the scene

The work is carried out by the artists Darío Grandinetti, Juan Leyrado, Hugo Arana and Jorge Marrale.

“Baraka? is the piece that will put to scene the trajectory of great national actors at level in the greater scene of the Miter Theater.

The appointment for the jujeños spectators will be tonight to 21,30, when Darío Grandinetti, Juan Leyrado, Hugo Arana and Jorge Marrale spill in the coliseo jujeño their prestigious trajectory within the framework of a national tour with this “Baraka? approaches the passage of the friendship in four adult men and what he remains common among them when life and commitments takes the assumed them to be in different positions of life. Four men, friendly from the childhood, reunited under a maturity that supported as much by the hope as by the disappointment.

The work examines with humor and emotion the enjoyment and the obstacles of the masculine friendship, as well as as the men can put in risk their emotional health by the constant search of money, power and reputation.

Darío Grandinetti is Pedro, a government official of the cultural area with twenty-two years on watch that a solitary life lives and whose main pleasure is to hoard paintings discarded by the museums that the Ministry manages. Faced before a surprise telephone call that him report that those paintings have acquired an unexpected value of market, and the fact to have to give back them in submissive form, Pedro enters crisis; and it is where their friendly of the childhood go in their aid.

Juan Leyrado is Juan, an ambitious politician, permanently in the hope of a position in agreement with his ego, surrounded as well in a marriage in free fall; and who when inquiring into the misfortunes of his friend, generates an encounter with Takings - Jorge Marrale - another one of the friendly; an unbalanced lawyer who with great difficulty manages to maintain certain sense of notion of the reality in his life, so that one is in charge of the case. The quartet is completed with Martin - Hugo Spider - adorable, arrogant and slightly a perverse theater director of vanguard, that loads so much with a record of event by his first creative years as well as a later record of considerable compromising personal episodes.

Four great artists will carry out the national and international tour of the successful theater work “Baraka?. The tour began in Rosary and includes the rear area, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile.

The list of the piece is completed with the actress Paula Kohan and the direction is in charge of Javier Daulte, under the general production is of Pablo Kompel.

“Baraka? culminated a solid summer season in Mar del Plata, where it received the prizes Starfish to the best dramatic comedy, better actor (Jorge Marrale), better director (Javier Daulte) and Revelation (Paula Kohan). Previously, one appeared during a year and a half in poster in the Metropolitan Theater of Buenos Aires, being admired by more than 200,000 spectators.

“If the world is finished in the 2012, better not to waste the time in stupidities?

The astrologer Ludovica Squirru, famous by her predictions, will appear in Jumps tomorrow, from the 20, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps (Gral. Güemes 434).

The astrologer spoke with the Tribuno shortly before her presentation in Jumps. It needed that during his conference one will talk about the “spiritual refundación? of Argentina, because the date of birth of our country, the 9 of 1816 July, was a day “with a very bad real astrological aspectación?. Also it shared his interpretation of 21 of December of 2012, date indicated by some like the “end of the world?. And it responded in addition to the predictable question on the future to the national Selection in South Africa.

Of what salteño will consist your encounter with the public?

We are going to speak a little exceeds how he is safari in the year of the Tiger, under horóscopo Chinese, that is my specialty. I am going to give a panorama of the cosmovisión of the planet, the world, the country; of how we are and how to follow; of alignment and balance; of the I Ching… In my char them, generally, I expose, but before we go to happen video over moved that we are doing for seven years, with Foundation Spiritual of Argentina, that is something that was generated where I live, in Traslasierra (Cordova). Our objective is to return to found the country spiritually, with a good astrological aspectación, under the Mayan cosmovisión, mapuche, asirio heats and the I Ching. In this Miguel Grinberg collaborates with me, specialist in ecology. Later I am going to speak envelope which I counted before and soon I am going to listen to questions of people, but will not be an interchange of private consultations. That must be clear. The idea is not that people personalice, for that is the books.

Public your book of horóscopo Chinese from 1983, and always has been best to seller. Why creés that people are so eager for this direction?

Because I believe that people also identify themselves, or no, with certain philosophy of life. She is discovering through time that the work that I do is a self-knowledge tool. The books are written with the poetic tone that to the readers they like, and contain the descriptions of the signs who also people hope, with wonderful illustrations of plastic artists. It is a work of equipment and every year, each book is a challenge.

You define to you as “a galactic gypsy with base in Buenos Aires?. Which is your place in the world?

My place in the world, the one that I chose, is Traslasierra. There I made my house, and there alive for ten years. I come to Buenos Aires because God takes care of sometimes here, and because I have friendly and family to visit. All ways, thanks to my work I know great part the country and master Jumps, master the Argentine North. I have been going for thousand years, by work or own initiative. I have gone to the Train of Clouds, Cachi, Cafayate… To Jujuy also always I go. When it was 17 years old I went for the first time to the Gorge of Humahuaca, in my withdrawn trip of. The 26 I present/display my book in that province and also I will give to char it.

When elaborás horóscopo Chinese, to what extent take part your personal interpretations? Or it is that the stars speak single?

The two things take part. I am like a pianist that touches the piano every day, then I have much more oiled the intuition, I know more than it occurs, I know more the sincronicidad and the time… But, in any case, I have also had great contemporary teachers, another already died, as much in the I Ching as in the Mayan astrology. Also I am in permanent contact with Miguel Grinberg, pioneer of the ecology at world-wide level. Mine he is something creative and also demand much study. That mixture gives like result my books.

You found many connections between the Chinese astrology and the Mayan…

Yes. I entered the subject by the Chinese astrology. But when I was in Mexico, the Mayan Teotihuacán and routes, one awoke in me a great curiosity, fascination and interest to spread the Mayan prophecies. In addition, I am the person who brought to Argentina to Jose Arg5uelles, who is the one who brought to light these millenarian knowledge. I am in this movement for 25 years, when nobody still spoke of the 2012.

Indeed, it is spoken much of the 21 of December of the 2012, date in which finalizes the Mayan calendar, like the stated time for the “end of the world?. Which is your interpretation on the matter?

That date has to do with the purpose of a great cycle. The Mayans measure the time with periods of 26 thousand years (that are marked right in that date, for that reason is everybody so scared) and in other smaller periods. If people took the positive part from this change, instead of be so scared, she would make everything what has slope to date. Because if the world in the 2012 is finished, better not to waste the time in stupidities. First point.

Nobody knows if in that date will be the end of the world. I do not know either if that day the Earth axes will occur to return, if the poles will melt or if a meteorite bursts to us. But the idea of the 2012 in the Mayan calendar is not that one, for nothing, but of a change of it brings back to consciousness by a planetary alignment between the sun of the galaxy with our sun. That is going to produce, in the people who are doing a work of light and following a way spiritual, a jump of brings back to consciousness very important that it will allow them not to follow become attached to the useless things that tie to us in this world, because sooner or later we are going to die and to disappear.

People have forgotten to make her own trip spiritual, that is what it will allow him to be prepared more so it comes.

Thus you see the Argentine society?

The values are very trastocados. If people dedicate themselves to see all the day Tinelli, and the goal of the youngsters is to get to be vedettes or models and to dance in the sewer, and the one of the boys to only get to be soccer players, it means that the study and the formation were of side. There is principles nor no direction. If something does not become from the government or from the places where the education and the culture are channeled, it is very difficult that a town, a country or the humanity find their course. Unless you have the luck to have in your family to whom it orients to you. Those examples must come from above downwards.

Which is the then message with respect to this so special date?

The 2012 are going to you to surprise according to has been your route. It does not mean that until that date some natural catastrophe cannot happen, because also the Earth has a cycle, and imbalances can accelerate the ecological it. In addition, our sun has spots and it is said that there will be an explosion very hard, worse than all the catastrophes than happened until now. All that is feasible, but it is not necessary to scare people. It is necessary to say to him: what you did until now with your life? You are contented? If pensás that the 2012 is the end of the world dejá everything what it does not serve to you or does not make and ponete happy the batteries. That is my message.

Recital of Manolo Galván in the Miter

The Spanish will interpret the subjects took that it to the fame. Manolo Galván will raise 21,30 to the tables of the Miter today, to interpret its better subjects.

The singer gained a position in the heart of the Argentineans from the same moment at which she took root between 1972 and 1973. But its long trajectory moves much more back, in its beginnings with the group the Sonor, considered pioneering of “modern music? in Spain.

Manolo Galván was born in Alicante and to the fifteen years it announced his family who wanted to be singing, finding like answer a great rejection. But the insistence was so much that finally obtained that they gave a guitar to him, with that began to interpret social and political subjects fashionable by those years.

In his race as soloist participated in several festivales and with the subject “So that I want to you so much? the doors of Argentina were abrieron to him. Later the subject “I wanted to You, I want to you and I will want to you located? it in the top.

Between its more outstanding subjects they are “the Return? of 1971, “Vagabond one? of 1972, “It leaves De Llorar? and “Small Sparrow? of 1973. In 1974 I popularize “Woman? and “Our House?, in 1975 “Your Silence?, “Acuérdate Of My? and others more.

The entrances for the recital tonight paid attention to 50 pesos.

Festival of the Great Mother country

The singer Victor Heredia will comprise of the artistic billboard.

The Festival of the Great Mother country, in tribute to the hero gaucho, denominated “Jumps sings to him to Güemes?, it will tomorrow carry out in the corner of Güemes Stroll and Virrey avenue Toledo. The musical appointment will be developed from the 14,30 and it will extend until the 22. Figures of the stature of Victor Heredia will march past on the scene. The cantautor recognized one will arrive to add itself to this important celebration of the salteños. Also the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino was confirmed. The billboard also will include/understand the action of the Huayra, Facundo Saravia, Mariana Cayón, Mariana Reed, Guitarreros, Federico Maldonado, Gabriel Morals, the Five Voices, the Ceibales, Jose Garci'a, the Norteñita, Yamal, Group Generation of Paraguay and Bolivia Group.

The eleventh edition of the Serenade to the Hero is fulfilled today Gaucho

The evening will begin to 21, in the municipal estate. The “Chaqueño? will be the central attraction.

With the stellar action of the convoking Oscar “Chaqueño? Palavecino Serenade to the Hero will rise to the curtain of the eleventh edition of the festival today folkloric Gaucho, who has like scene the locality of Cattle tenders, the appointment is predicted from the 21.

The evening folkloric will be developed, as already it is custom, in the municipal estate of Cattle tenders.
It was already confirmed that the “Chaqueño? will act to the 1,30 of the dawn, whereas the closing is in charge of the Guitarreros group.

The Huayra will raise the scene to 12,20 and jujeño Tomás Lipán will appear to 23. In the first part of the festival they will act Mariana Cayón, Gustavo Cordova, Pullay and Seedtime.
Also Nougat? Juárez will participate to the tucumano humorist “. The outstanding soloist Ana Issa will sing the National anthem, to the midnight.

XI the Serenade to the Hero Gaucho, summons every year to a great amount of public attracted by the popular feeling, the traditions and the outstanding regional gastronomy. With running of the time it was acquiring much importance. Its identification with the figure of the hero gaucho demonstrates every year an original picture of traditional identity, in addition, its objective is to rescue the legitimacy salteña with its cultural and historical value.

Every year, the central figure is the one of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino, but in addition an important billboard will accompany the night by Cattle tenders. They will not either lack the traditional furnaces with the quebracho firewood, that stay ignitions to alleviate the low temperatures during the dawn of the 17 of June.

The point of contact has gained importance by this serenade. The covered scene is extensive, of 180 meters square. In addition there is a special sector for the press, another one for the artists and groups, toilets distributed by all the estate for the comfort of the public and a covered giant shed you silverplate for them. Also an important gastronomical movement of the region is registered, of families of the place who, through the traditional meals like the pasties, choripanes, roast and locro, are contributor of this popular celebration.

The “Chaqueño? does not need presentations. Its figure was growing in each of his ignited presentations. Days ago, during the launching of the festival of Cattle tenders it said: “What it is lived in the scene, singing with people, he is unique. I am a singer of the town, my public is my landlord, my head?.

Also the presentation of the Huayra woke up enormous expectation. Juan Sources, Juan Jose Vasconcellos, Sebastián Giménez, Luis Benavídez, Alvaro Plaza and Hernando Mónico promised to sing the people to him of Cattle tenders, and these salteños boys never fail. Endorsed by a long crossed way, today they are proud of to have gained the musical respect of his pairs and the recognition of the public of all the country. The artists consecration of the last edition of Cosquín also will say present. Cafayateña Mariana Cayón will arrive with his quena to give its exquisite Latin American repertoire. On the other hand, Guitarreros will show why a place of privilege within the national popular song book gained. Gustavo Cordova also will participate in this encounter folkloric.

A police officer of black humor that will not happen unnoticed in Jumps

Luis Caram is an original adaptation of the director, of a text of the Venezuelan Gustavo Ott.

A police officer of esthetic black humor with a very particular one is what Luis Caram in “Pavlov promises to the director, 2 seconds before the crime?, the theater putting that will be released the 18 of June in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps (Gral. Güemes 434), with an outstanding local list.

“One is a novel, agile work and attractive from the visual, interpretative and sensorial point of view?, he anticipated the director. “In It jumps we can make theater with the same category that the one that comes from Buenos Aires, or better even in some cases?, sent Caram.

With the glance put in this horizon the novel proposal based on a text of the Venezuelan dramatist Gustavo Ott was designed.

“I released this work in Washington, like actor, several years ago. But he had esthetic the more traditional, most realistic one?, counted Caram. The putting, in the version salteña, has boldness appearances: Caram, like chief of a main directorate, and Miguel Astudillo, like art director, seted out to print the esthetic one to him of cómics of the magazines of years 50 and 60. Thus, the scenic structure will consider in three emblems, with the stage scene drawn in black and white. In resistance, the personages will have wigs and clothes of strident colors.

The action, unlike which it is visually, will be absolutely neutral. “The idea is that people put of her imagination to complete the personage, as she happens to cómic?, explained Astudillo.

The sound also will have the strong protagonism: “It will be almost the band of a film, because the work has a very cinematographic vision?, the art director added.

Caram maintained that “the idea was to take a subject that is very attractive: a police officer of black humor, and adds an interesting resource to him from the point of view of the dramatic art, that is that the author goes and returns in the time. The work begins with a murder, it passes to which it would be chronological the end of history and returns to a scene located two hours before the crime?, it described the director.

Theater for all

The version salteña of “Pavlov, 2 seconds before the crime? yearns for an adressee of thousand faces. “We think that the theater is for everybody, for that reason make works of very good quality and very popular?, it needed Luis Caram.

About the personages, it anticipated that they are psychologically very delimited, very marked: “Each has its symptoms and their traumas. You rule of how they had to be made up the personages were very well put, that contributed to that the actoral task was excellent?.

Caram needed that although the work has humoristic ingredients, the public leaves thinking. “A reading can be made superficial or to read between lines?, limited.

The Retirement Productions is working in this theater project for almost a year. About the challenges that the art direction raised, Astudillo specified that he was not simple to technically shape on a scene a comic strip format. “We do not want to remove a centimeter than initially we imagined. A fear that we had with Luis was what would happen with the personages which they are so exaggerated in his esthetic one, with those great wigs of cartapesta and those so exotic and colorful dresses. As we are having the objects, we realize of which everything fits. We have not had to resign to any of the artistic licenses that we devised. By all means that accompanies the actors, who adapt to work with a wig of an average kilo and in the head, or with shoes of 20 centimeters of height… Personages are really composing who are going to be for a long time in the memory of the spectators?, concluded.

Legal Sandra exhibits its “Northern Mystic?

The pictorial sample will exhibit in the stops of the coliseo jujeño until the 30 of this month, with free and gratuitous entrance.

Northern landscapes and religious institutions are main the thematic ones that Legal Sandra in its exhibited pictorial sample in the stops of the Miter Theater approaches.

“Master my province, respect and I have learned to love its customs and traditions, its idiosyncrasy to the different regions from Jujuy. The Gorge enchants and Fist affects, me until the most intimate fiber? expressed the artist to the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The work of Legal began in the painting factory of Delia Mud wall that taught the bases to him to know the world the art.

“I began to create my madnesses, pinto according to which it is born to me from the heart and I put the colors to him that I wish, I put my I touch personal to him because she is what I feel? explained.

The painter defined that their pieces are constituted in a great challenge for their artistic life.

As far as a next exhibition, plastic the native one of San Pedro affirmed that the natural thing in the Yungas will be the main topic to approach.

“I have seen the joy in the people who have visited the rooms, thus she is that she would enchant to me to do after this sample, on the Yungas where I live. I want to paint to the city of San Salvador, that has its strolls and I believe that to this it serves exhibition to give me me to more desire and more forces?.

It is important to emphasize that it enters the artistic and realized pieces the oil, are “the band of sikuris?, “River of Purmamarca?, “Dancing in hills?, “Chapel of Purmamarca?, “the weaver?, “Chapel of Tilcara?, “Encounter of copleras?, “the lapachos?, “Naivete?, “Spirit coya?, “the small village puneño?, “the song in carnival?, “Temple of Small furnaces?, “Whisper of siesta?, “Touching the sky?, “the delay?, “Nostalgia?, “Between hills?, “ corner?, “Chapel of Rinconada?, “the comothers?, “the daily thing?, “Chapel of Uquía?, “the potter? and “I goad of the hairband?.

On the inauguration
The inauguration of the sample was realized days back and counted on the participation of a musical soloist.

A painting exhibition clarified with musical art of accompanied “Me in the inauguration, a singing friend who with a jujeños guitar and subjects good of Broken and Fist was what motivated and sensitized to all, until ended up dancing, something that he is to us usual in this type of painting exhibitions?.

, Finally Legal it mentioned that one feels very been thankful to those who were contributor of this experience.

“This cheered the soul to me because it was what tried, that goes away with a smile?.

Gaucho sent itself to the Serenade to the Hero

The launching carried out yesterday in the Hotel President.

With the presence of the “Chaqueño? Palavecino the press conference with a view to the eleventh edition of the festival was carried out folkloric Serenade to the Hero yesterday Gaucho, who every year is fulfilled in the locality of Cattle tenders. Also Federico Put, minister of Tourism and Hacienda were present; the senator Juan Moreira, Marcelo Vine shoot - organizing and integral of the Guitarreros set.

The official launching was realized in the Hotel President (Belgrano 353) and during the appointment details of the spectacle offered to be developed Wednesday 16 of June.

The “Chaqueño? was like staunch defender of Martin de Güemes. “I always felt like pride to have heroes who fought by our country, especially Güemes that battled to give a better future us?, said to the convoking artist salteño.

The billboard will be completed with the Huayra, Mariana Cayón, Guitarreros, Lipán Takings, Gustavo Cordova, Pullay, Seedtime, “Nougat? Juárez, and Ana Issa. Entrances for sale in Belgrano 870.

The feminine song raises the scene to pay tribute to him to Güemes

Ana Issa, the Five Voices and the Group Magnet will today appear in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture.

With a luxury spectacle, that will include/understand the activities of the soloist Ana Issa, the Five Voices and Group Magnet “Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? will begin today, the cycle of gratuitous activities who the Secretariat of Culture of the Province will put within reach of all the community with the purpose of to homenajear, to remember and to know history our hero gaucho, in the Bicentennial of its fight in defense of national independence.

The cycle will be developed in different cultural spaces: museums, libraries, House of the Culture, monument to Güemes and will include diverse and attractive activities, from projections of films to conferences, concerts, spectacles of dance, exhibitions, contests and proposals for smallest.

Today the opening of the exhibition will be realized “Facsimiles?, in the museum House of Rengel Aryans (Florida 20). Also Martin will be the opening of the book exhibition on the historical epic of the General hero Miguel de Güemes. In addition, the Day of the Writer will be celebrated, with a tribute to poets Jacobo Regen and Teresa Leonardi, to 11, in the Complex of Libraries and Archives (Belgrano 1002).

The day will conclude to 22, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), with the joint musical spectacle of Ana Issa, the Five Voices and the Group Magnet, with free and gratuitous entrance. “It will be a taste to participate in this evening, first because the Secretary of Culture considered in this so important date for the country and the province to us, and soon to share the scene with artists of remarkable recognition. In the personnel, I am embarked in the recording of two discs, the one next to “the Black? outstanding Chagra and rest like soloist. Also it flatters the challenge to me that I will have Wednesday 16 of June in the Festival of Cattle tenders, where I will sing the Argentine National anthem. Recently I offered a successful recital in the House of the Culture. The answer of the public will force to me to reedit the spectacle in the next months. Just I arrive from Buenos Aires, where I participated in the acts of Güemes in the House of Jumps. There I was with `Black' Chagra and Sara Mamaní?, commented Ana Issa.

The Five Voices also are on the verge of publishing his second record plate, “Soon will go out “the Five live Voices?, a work that takes a walk by the Latin American repertoire, with songs with which we felt identified all the members. It is an interactive disc, that surely will be to the liking of people. Some weeks ago we lived a beautiful experience in Brazil, where we acted in an international fair. The truth, we are crossing an excellent professional moment?, limited Veronica Marks, member of the Five Voices.
“It is important when it give account you of which people begin to you to recognize in the diverse festivales of the country. One must have the feet on the Earth and redouble the work and the sacrifice to surpass itself. I believe that it is the unique form to grow, of parallel way, in artistic and the human. Of all ways, the objective of the group is to surpass the borders and until the present one already we have realized right performances in Chile and the United States?, asserted Estefanía Niewolsky. The Five Voices are completed with Jimena Teruel, Calabrian Melina and Issa Solitude.

Music cheers and carpera will have like protagonists to the Group Magnet. “We will abriremos the spectacle, soon she will raise to Ana and later the Five Voices. Also we are going to interpret meetings `Song with all'. We had one season shining that it made possible to lay to us way to us in different scenes from the country?, indicated Marta Tello, that next to Silvana Alvarez, Dew Formellano and Claudia Tello they conform the successful quartet that already has harvested innumerable followers in all the country.

The cycle “Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? will begin

It will include cinematographic projections concerts, spectacles of dance, exhibitions and contests.

From morning and to Thursday 16 of June “Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? will be developed, the cycle of gratuitous activities that the Secretariat of Culture of the Province puts within reach of all the community with the purpose of to homenajear, to remember and to know history our hero gaucho, in the Bicentennial of its fight in defense of national independence.

The cycle will be realized in different cultural spaces: museums, libraries, the House of the Culture, the Monument to the Gral. Güemes, and will include diverse and attractive activities, from projections of films to conferences, concerts, spectacles of dance, exhibitions, contests and proposals for children.

In this frame, it will be place also of the Museums extraordinary, Sunday 13 of June. The provincial museums will remain open, from 11 to 18, free and will propose varied referred activities to Güemes, thought to attract all the family. In the same way, days 11 and 15 of June, tributes to the Day of the Writer and the Day of Libro will be made, respectively.

“Güemes in the Bicentennial of the Mother country? is added to the many other activities that, with the same objective, organize different areas from the Government of the Province.
Until month end they will give to laminae of general Martin Miguel de Güemes, hero of the Argentina Nation, in the Provincial Library Dr. Atilio Cornejo (Cordova 36), donated by the Güemesiano Institute.

In order to visit

The sample will be able to be crossed on the Revolution of May in the Bicentennial and a exhibition on general Martin Miguel de Güemes, in the Provincial Library Dr. Atilio Cornejo (Cordova 36).
They will be exposed Imprenta of the Mother country and a selection of forms and periodic publications of Jumps in century XIX, in the House of the Culture (Homemade 460). Also the picture of the Martin will be able to be appraised Miguel de Güemes realized by the artist Eduardo Schiafino, in the Museum of Beautiful Arts of Jumps (Belgrano 299). In addition they will exhibit the original uniform and saber, that belonged to Güemes, in the Historical Museum of the North, (Homemade 549).

The public will be able to know the breast collar, the mandil and other properties of Güemes, in the Historical Museum of 5 the Slight Cavalry regiment Gral. Güemes, (Sandy grounds s/n).

Tomorrow the spectacle that will offer Ana Issa, the Five Voices and Group Magnet, in the House of the Culture stands out (Homemade 460), to 22.
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