Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances
Showing more entering with the Tribuno label. To show the oldest entrances

The Faranda will replace all their repertoire

The company of puppets will tomorrow offer several functions and Saturday, to 19 and 22, in the House of the Culture.

Before the opening of its new work “Question of I devise?, the company of puppets the Faranda will present/display all their repertoire, during this one and the next weekend.

Tomorrow and Friday, to 19 and 22, in the Mecano room of the House of the Culture love works “One of and one of adventures? and “Fedro and dragoon? will recover, respectively.

On the other hand, the next Friday and Saturday, in the same schedule and place, it will return to offer functions of “One of love and another one of adventures? and “Fedro and the dragoon?, next to “Of Iron? and the opening “Question of I devise?.

“Fedro and the dragoon? is a tragedy acclimated in the Average Age. Fedro, the main personage, is a young enthusiastic escudero that dreams about being a horseman, but something will make change its destiny and will have to face the danger and the treason. In this work, Fernando Arancibia and Claudia Rock they use a giant mechanical dragoon. In “One of love and another one of adventures? two histories are counted. In the one of love, a good looking prince will be forced to marry with a frog; and in the one of adventure a tiger will look for a man to be moderate with him. A putting in dynamic scene that will serve to amuse to smallest.

Divided it will touch again in Tilcara

Next the 27 of March Ricardo Mollo, Diego Arrendó and Catriel Ciavarella will present/display in our landscapes, their new disc “Poppy of the 66?.

The mythical group of rocck Contarán as it bathes support with Gallego, band jujeña conformed by Juan Acosta, in voice and electrical guitar; Vernal Luis, in low electrical; and Rafael Lohrengel, in action. They also will present/display the songs of their album, first, sent the past year.

The first presentation of Divided in Tilcara was in the year 2000, in hours of afternoon when the hills could be appraised in their maximum splendor. In the occasion the band was showing to its disc “narigón of the century?, that had been recorded and mixed completely in the Studies Abbey Road of London, with production of Green Afo.

This disc was noticeable in the history of Divided by the inclusion of new sounds, like adjustments of cords and acoustic guitars. The Best Disc of the Year in several publications was chosen.

It was the occasion in which also it knew and it touched with jujeños musicians, with that Mollo was really surprised. Its admiration by our musicians, especially Ricardo Vilca took, it to return very many times to Tilcara, to be with him and this earth had enamored that it.

It is possible to remember that Divided it invited to several of his recitales, Ricardo Vilca and Fortunato Branches, that next to them were brilliant in national scenes.

The next disc of the band will be sent right by those days in which it returns to visit Tilcara.

A route by Latin America through the dance

The Ballet Folkloric “Santiago of the Matting? will put in scene typical dances of different countries from the continent.

The Ballet Folkloric Latin American “Santiago of the Matting? will put in scene a spectacle that proposes to redescubrir, to value and to recognize the history of our continent. “Racially mixed America? is the name of this proposal that will raise the scene of the Foundation Jumps, today from the 21.30.

Under the direction of Mercedes Ballerini de Messad, the dance body will undertake an imaginary trip by different countries from Latin America. It will do it through his more representative dances. The route will begin in Argentina, with a picture titled “Bursts of as much? until disembarking in Popular Cuba and Dominican Republic with “Caribbean?. In Chile they will make a representation symbolic of the National Park “Rapi Nui?, in the island of Passover; whereas the culture of Bolivia is shaped in choreography of saya. The following destiny will be Peru, where the dancers will make a representation of “huaylas?, an Andean dance, executed in the locality of Huancayo. In addition, the public will be able to delight with the putting in scene of traditional “joropo Eastern?, a national symbol of Venezuela. For the end of the spectacle, the company will arrive at Colombia to put in scene his “bullerengue?, a music and dances of the Atlantic coast, like cumbia Colombian. The last destiny will be Mexico with dances of Baja California, Nayarit and sones of the Mexican coast. For the goodbye, “Racially mixed America? will present/display an impressive denominated number “the Argentinidad?.

Varieté to the cap, an agile and stretched proposal

Net weight Theater will replace its work “Bar and three? today, to 23, in Ameghino 596.

Net weight Theater will offer a new function of its work “Bar and three, tremendous varieté?, today from the 23 in the rest bar C-Positive (Ameghino 596). Reserves to telephone 4228218.

Varieté is a spectacle conformed by short, consecutive and independent numbers to each other, with an agile and stretched dynamics.

In “Bar and three, tremendous varieté? follows one another a history of infidelity in real time; an appointment of little happy pair; a particular generational conflict; and three castings of improbable talents.

The esthetic one of the spectacle responds to the characteristics that they identify to varieté: the actors develop in a nonconventional and informal space, in this case a bar; and they put between the hearing, that is located in the tables.

The piece is carried out by Marcelo Cioffi, Pablo Dragone and Daniel Chacón, with the special participation, like guest, of the actress Paula Ferrer. The technical operation is in charge of “Tasting Col?.

Humor and celebration improvised with “tremendous varieté? of Net Weight

The actors Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi will put in scene their new theater piece “Bar and three…?.

“Varieté is a succession of numbers that do not have anything to do one with the other, but always must be present the celebration proposal. There is no director, there is no puestista, there is no author. The undisputed subject is the actor and the one that everything maintains?. This phrase him belongs to dramatist and educational Argentinean, Leandro Rosati, who in his artistic trajectory dedicated itself to this theater sort, that was born in Europe a century ago and that in Argentina reached popularity in the decade of `60, of the hand of great figures like Carlos Perciavalle and Antonio Gasalla.

This nonconventional form “to make theater? was taken by the members of the independent group Net Weight; Daniel Chacón, Pablo Dragone and Marcelo Cioffi, to create its new theater spectacle “Bar and three, tremendous varieté?. The work, that will count on the special participation of the actress Paula Ferrer, will be released tomorrow, from the 23, in the rest bar C-Positive (Ameghino 965).

Humor in key of absurd

After surprising the public with “Oniria?, a psychological drama of Martin Giner, Net Weight Theater returns with a totally different proposal, that it bets to the humor and the search of a direct bonding with the spectator.

Without advancing too many details on the performance, one of his protagonists, Marcelo Cioffi, it commented that “one is a spectacle made up of seven independent numbers but that at the same time they are successive. During the putting we dare to play within the scenic space and to break the barrier that divides to the actor of its public, something that the conventional theater does not allow you?.

“Bar and three, tremenso varieté? is a collective creation, that arose from the reading from texts, theater improvisations and games.

The esthetic one of the spectacle responds to the characteristics that they identify to varieté: the actors develop in a nonconventional and informal space, in this case a bar; and they put between the hearing, that is located in the tables.

“Varieté has innate a question associated to the festive thing and generally the bars or coffees are lent for this type of improvisations where the actor takes what happens in the place for incorporalo to the work, even the errors. What has of individual is that in spite of having a format related to easy humor, we followed more with a way of elaborated work. We like much to approach our creations from the absurd thing, which allows the actor to play its potential yet. It amuses much everything to us what has to do with the dissosciation of the reality?, added Cioffi.

A communion with the public

Without more stage scene than the one than it offers the bar (chairs, tables and a counter) and accidental clothes, Net Weight Theater will look for to make laugh to the spectator through corporal gestures, words and movements. On the matter, Marcelo Cioffi emphasized that “we wanted to prioritize the actoral work not as much and the ornamental question, because varieté has a certain dynamics that if you do many clothes changes or stage scene decays and bores. Us to work with this sort he is very funny because a climate more relaxed is generated than in a conventional work. The fantastic thing of varieté is that it renews the expectations, as much of the protagonists as of the public?.

The opening of “Bar and three…? it will be tomorrow, but the idea of the list is to give him to a continuity the next Fridays of this month to manage to install varieté within the artistic proposals of the theater billboard salteña. It will be a spectacle of humor to the cap. Reserves to the 4228218.

Successful Festive beginning of XXXIV the Folkloric one of the Huancar

The launching was with an act the past Mondays, in which there were words, and activities of first level, that anticipate the encounter.

From the night of the last Monday, already everything knows to folklore, because the centric streets of old Siberia Argentina embriagan of music and songs for all time, is that the thirty fourth edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar started up, but the aged one of the festivales of its type that are realized in the territory jujeño.

Without comparison, without pride, but with unrestricted respect to the expressions that arise from the popular culture, It abra Pampas or it abrió the doors of his generous heart to receive the singers and popular musicians on the one hand, and by another one to tourists which or they overwhelmed the hotel infrastructure with the capital of the puneños, it is that the mysterious call of the Huancar and his salamancas has precise obedience of own and visitors.

The launching

As it was anticipated, at night of Monday one became serious with the tourist launching of this new edition of the Folkloric Festival of the Huancar in a special ceremony that the municipal intendant Ariel presided over Adolph Crusher next to members of his cabinet and accompanied by the holder of the Deliberative Council, Juan Isidro Vilca, and they could not lack the workers of the culture, neighbors and an important amount of tourists.

After words of Director Municipal of Culture and Tourism, Wilfredo Viterman Valdivieso, who emphasized the importance of the extension of the activities that they half-close to the central celebration of the festivalero Huancar, was presented/displayed the person in charge of the flaming Office of Tourism, Gabriel Tolaba, son of the folklorista outstanding Alfredo Héctor Tolaba; he must stand out that with the qualification of this office the work is fortified that is realized in favor of the tourism.

Also the intendant Ariel Machaca spoke, who was thankful for the disinterested sample of support of the community abra-pampeña to the benefit of the Festival of the Huancar.

This last one weighed the commitment of the Director of Culture and Tourism, of flaming designation, indicating that Valdivieso will know to continue by the difficult footpath abierta by Facundo Raul Crusher, footpath that exactly leads to the revaluation of the cultural manifestations of the towns of the north jujeño.

The songs thrown to flight in the sweet voice of Paula Aryan, and the regional poetry next to the dances set out by dancers of the Cultural Group Takin Tusuy, comprised of the ceremony of launching of the Festival of the Huancar, which became serious with the traditional tape cut to leave inaugurated the Museum of the regional customes and the samples of photographies of the zone in charge of Raul Tabarcache and Reinaldo Alexander Waiter, exhibitions that will be qualified to the public until next Saturday.

But all the Fist waits for the night of Friday that comes, day of the first festivalera day, and the most waited for it is Saturday since the presence of the national figure of Victor Heredia, singer of the deepest truths of our nation, already causes such commotion that the hotel reserves are overwhelmed.

And nor what to think than it will be Sunday in the natural scene there that is the Huancar for the song jujeño that scatters from these heights towards all the country and this part of brown America.

“The Cerrillana? closes the season in the Theater of the Foundation

The spectacle will count on the presence of Marina and Hugo Jiménez.

The academy and ballet of folkloric dances “the Cerrillana? will celebrate its 20 years. With such reason it will today offer a spectacle of conclusion of activities, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps - General Güemes 434-. The appointment will begin to the 21 hours.

The academy was founded the 4 of August of 1989 on Villa Balcony, Hillocks, by Carolina Cuevas and Sergio Gramajo. They are filial of the Ballet Jumps, of Marina and Hugo Jiménez. At present it is directed by professor Rodrigo Gramajo. From year 2007 it abrió a new academy in Jumps Capital.

“In this sample of year end we want to leave in the scene the essence of the folklore ours, fused with the modern thing, for it we will cross the different regions from our country emphasizing in each place its more popular dances, embellished with figures and clothes?, affirmed Gramajo director.

Besides being celebrating the 20 years with the dance, the academy will give the title to the 4 new ones withdrawn like Professors of Argentine Dances Folkloric: Lourdes Daher, Eliana Yañez, Noelia Beltrán and Virginia Barboza.

“We will count on the outstanding presence of our Marina godfathers and Hugo Jiménez, professors and directors of the Ballet Jump and great exponents of our Argentine dances all over the world.

They would accompany to us in addition: Dance Jazz Ballet, directed by Professor Iván Barrientos, presenting/displaying a winning choreography of gold medal in interpretation; and Studio Dance, of professor Small Adriana. The tango will say present with professors Roberto Lazo and Fernanda Michel, directors of the Black Ballet Tango, and the sauce rate will arrive with the Ballet Latin Fusion, directed by professor Alexander Garci'a, dancer who participated in Dancing by a dream and in Argentine Talent, next to his ballet?, he added.

The Minga will offer “Matter and Spirit Edition 2009?

The spectacle will be carried out today, in the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

The study of dances the Minga will present/display his second annual sample today, to 22, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture (Homemade 460), with the spectacle “Matter and Spirit Edition 2009?. In this occasion, salteño will be the public the process of a full year of profits obtained by the students of the institution in the different areas: folklore, malambo, tango, contemporary, Arab dance and sauce. The spectacle also is an advance payment of the ten years of the study, that will be marked in 2010.

The show will be under the general coordination of professors Rocío Saavedra, Ezequiel Branches, Lucas Cardozo and Fernando Montero; and under the direction of Pablo Guantay and Diego Guantay.
One will count on the participation of dancers invited of General the Theater Complex San Martin of Buenos Aires: Jose Luis Chaile (salteño) ex- student of the Study the Minga; Agostina Escarafia, recently integrated to the Company of Contemporary Dance of the Theater San Martin; Eduardo Virasoro and Daiana Vuconich, recently integrated to the Tangokinesis company directed by Ana Maria Stekelman; Elina Marchini, that the Minga participated next to the study in 2008 in Tango x Salta, and Rodolfo Santamarina.

During the course of these years, the Study the Minga participated in events private public and to provincial and national level.

Dance Jazz Ballet offers a show From the Soul

The spectacle will be carried out, from the 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

Everything is ready to today live the spectacle “From Soul 2009?, of the group Dance Jazz Ballet, that directs the dancer, professor and coreógrafo salteño Iván Barrientos. The appointment will be carried out from the 21,30, in the room Juan Carlos Davalos of the House of the Culture, Caretakers 460.

“This year we come however, aside from presenting/displaying choreographies that obtained first prizes and gold medals as interpreters and gold medal to the best choreography in VIII the Inter-American Contest of Dance in Jump 2009, also we obtained the first prize to the best choreography in the Modern contest Jazz, that will allow us to dance in the Luna Park stage, of Buenos Aires. In addition, we were invited again by Valeria Lynch to participate in 5º Congress the International of Musical comedies and You operate Rock, that will be realized the next year?, commented Barrientos.

The spectacle will be divided in two parts and different styles from dance will be able to be appreciated: modern, lyrical, hip hop and contemporary. Also professors Eugenia Simesen and Karina Médici will present/display choreographies.

Dance Jazz Ballet is integrated by: Gabriela Herbas, Veronica Turin Aráoz, Daniela Chávez, Eliana Aryan, Yesica Villarubia, Eugenia Simesen, Karina Médici, Julieta Teruel, Victory Morals, Fátima Gil, Paola Espinoza, Pablo Dimitracoff, Javier Villagra, Sebastián Toconás, Pablo Aguirre, Exequiel Archimot and Diego Dominate. Also students of initial and intermediate level will participate.


Iván Barrientos also will have to its position the work “They… only want to amuse itself?, to be fulfilled tomorrow, from the 22, in the Theater of the Foundation Jumps - General Güemes 434-.

One is a group of boys who want to present/display a spectacle and they do not leave them end up, them persecuting the police, but “They…? they achieve its objective and is to be able to make the show in a theater. The show has choreographies, numbers of transformismo, live songs and a quota of theater, that is the nexus of desopilante history.

They will recreate musical pictures of great artists, like being: Isabel Pantoja, Dove San Basilio, Chita Creek, Sara Brigtman, Rafaella Carrá, Nicole Kidman, Cristina Eyrie, Fever, Lady Marmalade, etc.

The artists of this history are: Paul Diamond, Gustavo the Diaz, Georgina Mons, Ariel Vega and Cristan Rivas, who give life to the personages of Mine D Ricci, Lola Hawn, Shirley and Dominique Star.

Music and mateada gaucha in Belgrano place

The activity will be made today and, Sunday. One will choose the Mother Gaucha 2009.

This behind schedule to 16 a gauchesca demonstration in charge of the of the same country candidates to Gaucha Mother will be carried out mateada and in the Belgrano Place.

In this activity they will be able to participate to all the mothers gauchas of our province and the public generally is invited to happen pleasant a little while in afternoon of today.
With the special support of local carperos sets, which will offer in their repertoire, the mothers gauchas will be able to demonstrate to their qualities for the dance and other own customs of our traditionalistic and Argentine culture.

For this reason, she invites herself to participate to all the population, but to the gauchaje especially of this day especially dedicated to his figure.

Also, Sunday from the 12 to the midnight the Election of the Countrywoman will be realized “the Gaucha Mother? in the facilities of the Lavalle Club of Brown the Mariano district.

The musical day will have like protagonists to groups folkloric of first level like the Strangers of the Chaco, the Carperos de Jujuy, “the Chango? Arrueta and the Salamanqueros, Alexander Towers and their Chamameceros, Aldo Quispe, Mendoza Solitude and “the Chango? Vázquez, among others.

Both activities were organized by the members of the foundation New Beginnings that the folclorista Mendoza Solitude presides over and that it has been having by objective to attend the children of our Fist from this proposal carried out for several years.
Mendoza has predicted the concretion of a show for the day of Kings Magos, with chocolate, inflatable treats, toys, clowns, magicians, castles.

“Our thought always is put in the children of the north of our province, in sad his caritas and hopeful? the organizers expressed, who requested the collaboration of the town jujeño to take nonperishable food solidarity to the facilities of the Lavalle Club.

The general entrance will have a value of 10 pesos in the mentioned sport space.

The “Chaqueño? will close the year

Also Gustavo Cordova, Sap and the Group will act Sour cherry.

The veiled one comes last from the year for the Dance Cacharpaya and the main figure will be nothing less than the “Chaqueño? Palavecino. The night folkloric Thursday 17 of December will be crystallized, from the 23, in the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800). The artistic billboard will complete with the Group Sour cherry, the soloist Gustavo Cordova and the ascending set Sap.

The occasion will be propitious to celebrate the birthday of “Chaqueño? -18 of December and surely many followers will appear themselves to happy birthday to you sing to this convoking artist salteño to him, that comes to realize two successful recitales in the Great Rex, of Buenos Aires, to full room.

The anticipated general entrances of 35 pesos will be on sale from today in the Cacharpaya - Balcarce 922-, Gieco Bar - Sarmiento and Santiago of the Matting, small square IV Centuries - Alberdi and Caseros- and Integral Optica - High NOA Shopping-.

Recital of Jujeña Soul in the stops of the Miter

Its repertoire is inspired the Tekis and by other interpreters.

The youthful group Jujeña Soul will appear tomorrow (Friday) to 22 in the room “Martin Raul Gallant? of the Miter Theater.

The members of this grouping are Fernando Echenique (first voice), “Flat? Lucas Ruiz (second voice and first guitar), Agustín Labruna (second guitar and choir), Expensive Franc Flowers (winds and choir), Joaquin Arellano (winds and choir), Julian Ferretti (charango) and Francisco Ferretti (percussion).

Jujeña soul formed the 23 of August of the last year, in the meetings between friendly; and it takes that name to demonstrate according to his members that its song is realized from the soul and inspired by the heroic gesture of our town.

The musicians have between 14 and 15 years and, deeply feeling the roots of the folklore of our region, adopted songs with rates of carnavalitos, sayas, takiraris, huaynos, cuecas, tinkus, like thus also farmers and zambas.
Its repertoire is inspired by its main referring one that is the Tekis, although also admire several interpreters.

Under the conduction and advising of great teachers of the folklore jujeño among them the brother mystics Chañi Amaranth, Luis and Foro, realized his first steps and still they continue kind to its advice.

Also they received in the School of El Salvador where they concur to classes, in the Factories of Native Instruments the contribution of the professor Loving Fidel and children, director and creator as well of the Symphony orchestra of Andean Instruments.
Jujeña soul appeared in different scenes from the province.

Tomorrow “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? is released

Members of Penal Unit 1, their university managers and students were united to realize this work.

Familiar tangles, humorous situations and variable generations to the passage of time, are some of the subjects that will show east Friday to 21 in humorous the piece and reflective “Eduardo Buenosairean Barrientos of the 900? of Germa'n Zicus in the greater room of the Miter Theater.

Immersed in the dawn of other times, the actors pertaining to the factory of theater of the Penitentiary Service Unit 1 and two managers of the same, absorbed the essence of the suburb of Buenos Aires and raised in each test, the birth of an funny work of love in which are manifolds personages.

Accompanying the accomplishment by the argument and theatricality, it was added to the proposal directed by Néstor “Yiyi? Maidana, a feminine list integrated by students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and of the Department of Education.

For this reason, assembled in three acts, this piece sets out to consolidate the familiar union, but also another particular union that takes place in the theater scene and that was perceived in one of the tests realized in the coliseo jujeño.

United by the theater, the members of the artistic list were united in this artistic discipline that manages to break with the social differences and responds to the work with people who play on the scene and try to change their daily situation.

“It is a beautiful experience, with a good group that armed itself. It is to share between all this pretty work? expressed Nilda Delia Cuellar de Martinez, one of the actresses who, next to Liliana Ester Rodriguez comprise of Department of Education.

“It is the first time that I participate in theater. At the outset I was scared, fear but later many expectations. We mainly live an atmosphere on respect and patience. Later a good coexistence in these three months took place that we had tests? declared Rodriguez.

The voice of Fabian Tolaba, one of the protagonists of the work, also was made feel and defined to the theater like an art social leveller and.

“I am in theater for six years in the Penitentiary Unit, is one more a experience to demonstrate the good thing that she does the art to us like people.

First it cost to me to integrate me to the group but everything what one learns is positive. All we are human beings without distinction and we formed a good group " expressed the intern.
Also, two students of the race of Sciences of the Education the Faculty of Humanities also will act in this putting and they were happy for working in a heterogenous group.

“The invitation arrived to Us to be part of the work through a work in facu. What I rescue is the extension activity that allows us to know other institutions? said to Alejandra Julian who included to Cecilia Shutter in his declaration. “Since they invited to us we have many desire to act. In my case it is the first time that I participate in a play. A pretty group with spectacular people armed itself? finalized Shutter.

“The Rebellion of the Dreams?

The piece interpreted by three actors will recover tonight and tomorrow.

The theater piece “the Rebellion of the Dreams? will recover today and tomorrow to 20,30 in the museum and cultural center “Culturarte? of San Martin corner Vine shoot.

The work, that is carried out by Daniel Saldaño, Rubén Fleita and Carlos Teñeres, raises thematic deep that will take to the watching public to the reflection.

The argument analyzes discovering how the ambition without limits of being able and the necessity to reach it, takes to some few men to administer to desire of a whole town, region or country and on how the own one to be human would make any thing to arrive at its objective.

“Of tango we are?, an appointment with citizen music

Directed by Miguel Quiroga and the Ana Saavedra they will present/display its show next to the orchestra High Tango.

The Ballet Jumps Tango next to the orchestra High Tango present/display the tango spectacle “we are?, a proposal that fuses the dance of 2x4 in his but varied styles and characteristics. They will be two functions: the first today to the 21,15 in small square IV Centuries of our city, with free entrance. The other, tomorrow to 21 in the room Juan Carlos Dávalos of the House of the Culture, with entrance to $25. Both supported by the Direction of Culture of the Municipality.

One is two different spectacles, although both have a common denominator, that it is citizen music, a rate that already is very spread in our province and also in the northwest.

On the matter, the director of the Ballet Jumps Tango, Miguel Quiroga, expressed to the Tribuno
: “For eleven years that we come mainly working and teaching tango in our academies. But most important of this he is that it was a constant work not only in which to education talks about, but also in which it does to the diffusion of this rate in a province as folkloric as It jumps. Nowadays the boys are numerous who approach our body of dance to learn and to specialize in tango, I I would say almost to the same level that in the folklore academies?.

On this spectacle that presents/displays today and tomorrow, he added Quiroga, “we had the idea to join salteños artists that they prevail in the world and for it we summoned to the Orchestra `High Tango', that is directed by salteño, Sworn the Rubén teacher, who in addition is musical recognizing that develops to its activity in the Theater Columbus? maintained Quiroga.

“We proposed to Him to make a show like in Buenos Aires, with production of the Ballet Tango Jumps, and acceded immediately?.

The one of today in small square IV Centuries will include classic pictures of dance and as “What is going to speak to me of love?, “Bad meeting?, “the voice of Buenos Aires? “Bird of passage? “Nonino Goodbye? and “the Cumparsita?, in charge of the soloists Robert Minondi and Soledad Flowers.

Quiroga added that this evening looks for, in addition, “to show the public salteño to him that does not have opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires to appreciate shows which they appear there, with musicians of high level. The evening of today Monday will be an advance of which it will appear tomorrow in the House of the Culture?, maintained Miguel Quiroga.

Bond to mention that the orchestra High Tango is conformed by six Argentine musicians of international trajectory and in this opportunity will be accompanied by two vocalistas of reputation.


The Ballet Jumps Tango has 28 dancers, between young people and majors, that will mount a show of international level where diverse styles of the most traditional tango will unfold crossing from at the most modern, respecting each style.

“It cost much to impose to us and to attract youth towards our group. Today we counted even on people of very short age within the ballet whose average is of 22 years. We have dancers not only of capital, but also of several points of the interior salteño, like Metán, Oran, Rosary of the Border, Cafayate, places where the public is very enthusiastic?, asserted the director of the Ballet Jumps Tango.

It added that “it was obtained during eleven years that we took of artistic life with the ballet that the youth of Jumps inclines anywhere in the world by this dance so venerated. It is certain that in It jumps breathes folklore and that this heading dominates the essence of the popular culture in our province. But the tango wins more and more adept and this demonstrates in diverse tanguerías and academies that spread this rate, that is more and more?.

“With Ana Saavedra we had been 15 years working together, reason why it is our passion: the tango?.

On the matter, Quiroga expressed with satisfaction that both were declared correspondents in Jumps of the National Academy of the Tango. “An honor us to represent that prestigious organization?.

Finally, Miguel Quiroga thanked for to the Direction of Culture of the Municipality and his holder, poet Hugo Ovalle, by the received support.

The entrances for the morning show are for sale in House of the Culture, to a value of 25 pesos.

One night of folklore with Luis Leguizamón

The son of the remembered “Cuchi? Leguizamón will offer his repertoire in the premises of street Esteco 117, from the 23.

“One night of folklore with Luis Leguizamón?, will be denominated to the evening in which the mentioned artist will return to eet again itself with his public. The appointment with the popular song book will be carried out from the 23, in the Tinthaya premises (Esteco 117).

Luis crosses, for several years, the circuit folkloric all over the country, always obstinate to an exquisite repertoire devised by his father: the remembered Gustavo “Cuchi? Leguizamón.
He tells that his father, when appeared it to its friendly in the coffees, said: “And this it is Luisito, the last volume without binding?.

Luis, the minor of the four children men of the creator of “the Pomeña?, “Balderrama? and a monumental work folkloric, will offer a review of his extensive repertoire.

He claims that weight to him not to be the son of the “Cuchi?, that anyone has not had that privilege, “The one to grow every day listening how his father removes from his hands the beauty of the things, from the Earth and the men. I am a lucky type and I have total conscience of that?. Him note when Pisa the scene, moves, speaks and sings with a seriousness shows that it like a man happy for being the one who is.

Luis Leguizamón sings the subjects of his father with a delivery that he shakes. The applause rains to him prodigal on the smile populated with infinity of teeth. One that is looked much like the one of the legendary composer.

Today it will be an excellent opportunity to listen to this soloist salteño.

The Izkierdos of the Cave presents/displays the disc “to enamor?

They will within the framework make of the Mega Rock that will take place in the Rural one tonight, where also Abel will act Pinto.

The second disc of the Izkierdos of the Cave was made hope, but finally today it will see the light in which jujeña will be its official presentation in the capital. Within the framework of the Mega Rock that will be realized today in the Rural one, where they will share scene with Abel Pinto and the Diablero Pair, Tony Izquierdo and Daniel Caves will show “to enamor?.

They spent seven years since the Izkierdos showed their first son to us. Nevertheless, the time without recording was not idling, jujeño Left Tony grew very many like artistic and musical producer of many artists and groups who had their support and counted on their knowledge in all this time. And on the other hand, salteño Daniel Caves, was given to the composition and was very I proliferate.

The disc that today presents/displays has a great amount of own subjects, which gives the touch him of identity so wished by the new artists. Even, one of the subjects of this work, was chosen by the Nocheros also to be recorded by them “what it is going to much also help to us?, recognized Left in conversation with the Tribuno de Jujuy.

The work includes fourteen songs, and important artists invited to the recording like the Chaqueño Palavecino, the Nocheros, the Huayras and the Tekis. “They are tastes that we occur the popular singers of this time, following the slug than takes control of the folklore?, commented Tony talking about to the fact of being able to sing and to record with artists consecrated at national level. The humility of the Chaqueño stood out, to that it defined as the “Michael Jackson of the folklore for us because it summons multitudes every day?, to come to not only sing with them, but with all the groups look for who it. “It always is, just as the Nocheros, the Tekis and the Huayras?, it commented.

In addition it told that also it was the intention to sing in this disc with Abel Pinto, and one did not occur by the tour that the singer with his last disc was fulfilling, “the Key?.

“These encounter? - it says of the mentioned joined ones “engrandecen the bet?.

Speaking of the time of delay between a disc and another one, it said that “the truth that we were made hope, and goes the excuses of the case, but it was perhaps because we began of independent way in 2001, when the financial question of the country was very uncertain, and the part of the culture and the art much more were struck. And we began in regional form to journey the ways. Suddenly it appeared a record company that it reedited that disc, and proposed to us to make the production of the second. Then we already saw as old the first disc, but the company considered that we had to return to do the diffusion extending the phantom, and we understood the proposal?, counted. Until that moment the first disc was known in Jujuy, Jumps and the south of Bolivia, with the record one, the diffusion extended to Tucuman, La Rioja, Buenos Aires, the south of the country, and Chile, country where they found a good market for his music. By all this work, was that the exit of the second material was delayed.

“Now, already directed and in agreement with the proposal of the record one, we hoped that the times of delay are smaller?, it concluded.

The name of the CD
A day, when already they had the masters of the disc in hand, Left Tony visited an aunt hers, and the material in its house forgot.

When one noticed that it did not have it, one did not remember where it had left it or lost, until days later to his aunt it called it to apologize not to warn to him before. “What happens it is that I sat down to listen to all the day the disc and I say the truth to you I believe that it is the love in all the forms, the love to the landscape, the love that goes away, the love that arrives, the love to the old women, is a disc really to enamor?, the woman said, and the folclorista took this conclusion as a seal that was in the title “to enamor?.

How it follows
The presentations of the disc will follow by different scenes of our province and the country.

The Izkierdos of the Cave is confirmed already for the Festival of the Gaucho in Single Palm, National Festival of the Folklore of Cosquín, National Festival of Taming and Folklore in Jesus Maria, Festival of the Poncho de Catamarca, among others.

They appear Song today the 4 and Five Voices

The artistic billboard is completed with the consecrated Abel Pinto. The spectacle will begin to 23 in the Station Mega.

The curtain of the Dance Cacharpaya will rise to take passage to great artists. The meeting folkloric, that will have like scene the Station Mega (Balcarce to the 800), will begin to 23.
Abel Pinto will arrive with all successes to add to this proposal of Mario Teruel and Alexander Palaces. The young singer also will take advantage of the occasion to present/display the subjects of his last record material titled “the key?.

Song 4 will be another strong bet of the organizers. During the past few years, this group salteño comes gaining space in the most important festivales from the country.

The formation is composed by Juan Peñalva (big drum and voice), Facundo Rufino (guitar and voice), Rodrigo Villarreal (guitar and voice) and Iván Side (guitar and voice).

The group was born in `99 when the young people were students of the Tomasini school. By those years they gained a called contest “Is born a star? and it encouraged that them to put completely in the world of music.

The 2003 were a decisive year for them. The dreams governed their minds and they did not doubt in betting hard to its talent. They took root in Buenos Aires, after being declared Consecration of the Serenade to Cafayate. From they were evolving there, without stopping working an own style.

As if this outside little, the program will include the action of the feminine set the Five Voices. The group is integrated by Veronica Marks, Issa Solitude, Calabrian Melina, Jimena Teruel and Estefanía Niewolski. The girls appeared successfully in diverse festivales folkloric of the country. Its new disc calls “the Five Voices? and the first cut, whose letter composed Veronica Marcos and Jimena Teruel and that has music of Issa Solitude, denominates “lofty Caminito?.

This work includes ten subjects, the majority of responsibility of the group. In the repertoire of songs Latin rates megre folkloric and, with the unquestionable seal of these fresh voices salteñas.
In, Abel as much Pinto it will offer a show integrated with all successes and also the key will present the subjects its last record material “?.

One is a spectacle of great technical quality and puttings in scene of first level.

Night of sauce with the group Locoto Stand for casks

In the occasion he will be Walter Mendoza like musical guest.

Tonight from the 22, the group Locoto Stand for casks will within the framework offer a recital of “Thursday of Sauce? in a bar of Güemes street to the 600.

Cumbia, saya, Latin rates and reggae will be the musical sorts that will be combined to give like result own songs like “Immoral?, “the velociraptor?, “blue Night? and “Legs of plant?.

However, also the public will be able to listen to compositions of Oscar of Leon, Rubén Blades and Buena Social Vista Club, among others artists.

“Locoto Stand for casks has east generic name since it is “a whole? like the bands of sauce, and locoto by the strong “Andean thing jujeña? and that we tried to show. We have a good reception of the public? expressed Garci'a.

As far as the referring musical comedies, Garci'a explained that the proposal as band is varied.

“We have a strong musical influence of Bob Marley, the Black Mir them and Blades, Celso Piña and Adrián and Dices?.

The members of Stand for casks are “Toti? Rivers (guitar and trompeta), Francisco Leme (trombón), Isaac Garci'a (conga), “Leather? Strap (under), Hernán Paganini (timbals), Marcelo Estrada (percussion) and “Vicu? Rivers (winds).

Abel Pinto in Jujuy spoke of its growth

The Argentine artist of the folklore in the last had years a evolution towards the contents and in their voice, thanks to the study.

The key is finishing to the promotional tour of its last disc “? and for that reason it prepared for this new presentation (second in the year) in Jujuy, a different spectacle, that it will count not only on the subjects of this work, but also those of all their production.

“The concert is based on touching songs of all the discs. The Key no longer is going to be so protagonist. Reversioné the concept of the presentation so that people are not with just like she saw in May (its previous visit to the province)?, commented Abel Pinto in the press conference that it gave yesterday in Culturarte to announce the Mega Rock that will tomorrow take place in Rural, and in which it will act next to Left of the Cave and the Diablero Pair, among others the local artists.

Abel Pinto was happy for returning for the second time to Jujuy in the same year, mainly after having been long time without visiting our scenes. “In addition very I am been thankful of being able to share the scene with them (talking about to Left and the Diablero Pair), because I admire much?, expressed.

The tour of promotion of “the Key? will conclude in next March, and then, the Argentine folclorista has thought to begin to record a new material.

But year 2010 not only will find it singing in studies and scenes like until now, but also that will put it in the great screen. Abel Pinto made the voice of the protagonist of the film animated in three dimensions, cradle in stories of Horacio Quiroga, that will be published the next year. In the film in addition it sings some songs. “It is very important because besides being directed to the infantile public, it has a fundamental message on the care of the ecology and the forest?, it thought on the production.

On the other hand, it announced also that a series of books is finishing that is writing, and that hopes to be able to present/display in 2011 or 2012. “I want that the presentation has a special form that draws attention, it would like because me to be able to stimulate to youth to the sport of the reading, that is really very important. I was not a great reader, they taught to me to read and they gave a good one me why. To learn to read a book is really very interesting and it abre the head to you of a different way. For that reason I want to stimulate to youth to the same?, told to the press jujeña.

One of books is of poetry. “They are songs that I finished when them did not see the esthetic one him of song, I compiled then them and they became a book because they were enough in amount?, commented. The other book is a novel on a police historical drama; and there is a third party that it defined as “a simple one and humble opinion of experiences of the life that have touched to me. I speak of the happiness, the time, etc.?.

Recently, Abel fulfilled a dream, as he were the one to record as invited in the disc of the Four of Cordova, one of the preferred gruidos of my father, in my house there are vinyls and cassettes of them.

Artistic maturation

Abel Pinto demonstrated on the scene and with its last disc, mainly in both last years, a growth very pronounced in its voice, its esthetic one, its music, its compositions, their proposal generally. It showed a serious musical art with foundations and contents, beyond the popularity was accompanying that it.

This growth, for the public who watches “it after TV? can seem to be due only one question of time and luck (question that is certain in many other more commercial cases), but when the growth has a touch of beauty and depth, it speaks more of something. We asked on its training or its preparation to him for this, and it told us that: “My training began first in vocal form. The fourteen years I began to study song and itself until today (it has twenty-five). Ever since I began to compose I began to also study the technical part, because although one does from a place intuitive, it is good for having theoretical knowledge mainly for repetirte and for not falling always in the same. In addition, for two years I have been studying something of Letters, not from the race, but simply from the intention to introduce me in the world of Literature and the same in the part of the composition from the piano and the guitar. I look for the enrichment of concepts, harmony, and others, even though I create much in the spiritual and emotional nutrition, that gives the intuitive thing me?.

For eleven years it has been in the world of music. “All the stages of to my I lived them life in music. The most eclectic disc in the order of music I in the heat of recorded to the 17 years, at the most eclectic moment of my life, adolescence, when it did not know that it wanted of my life, nor what I liked, and in expressed it to music of that way. Today I am a little more based and more centering in which it has to do with my person and my spirit, and note in music?, explained.

“Music is a channel that I must to express what happens in me?, concluded the young artist.
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